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Tip 71: Using Landscape and Portrait Oriented Photos

Did you know that you can use landscape-oriented and portrait-oriented photos in PhotoModeler, and use both types mixed in the same project if needed? Sometimes the object/scene being modeled is a shape that is best captured using a mix of portrait and landscape photos. This can help improve scene coverage, which is important when trying […]

3D Printing from Photos

In recent years 3D printing technology has become much more accessible in terms of required technical skills and cost. Printing an actual 3D object is now easily achievable if you have a digital model. In this, our 70th tip, we show that with PhotoModeler you can create accurate 3D models from photographs of real objects, […]

Tip 69: Using 3D Glasses with the 3D Viewer

Did you know that you can set up the PhotoModeler 3D Viewer to display your model as a 3D stereo view for use with 3D glasses? It’s a neat to way to visualize your model by increasing the perception of depth, and it’s simple to set up in PhotoModeler. PhotoModeler uses the red/blue style of […]

Tip 68: Precise Camera Alignment in 3D Studio Max

An interesting use for photogrammetry is determining the location and angles of a camera when a photo was taken and then using that information in 3D rendering and animation software to provide an accurate background image. The 3D software will know where the camera was located and how it was oriented so additional 3D objects […]

Tip 65: PhotoModeler Help Resources

There are a number of very useful resources available to assist with learning PhotoModeler (whether it is first time use or an expert learning about a new feature). This tip video outlines a number of these resources and how to access them. Some of the resources described are: the tutorial summary dialog that opens at […]

Tip 64: Relating Camera Stations and Photos in PhotoModeler

Screen shot of tip 64 video

In PhotoModeler a Camera takes a Photo. The location and orientation of the Camera in space when the Photo was taken is called a Camera Station. Photos and Camera Stations are central concepts in PhotoModeler and photogrammetry. There is a one-to-one relationship between a Photo and a Camera Station. In the PhotoModeler user interface Camera […]