PhotoModeler Standard

PhotoModeler Standard helps you create accurate, high-quality 2D and 3D models and measurements from photographs using your own camera.

PhotoModeler is the base product. PhotoModeler Premium contains all the capabilities of PhotoModeler Standard, and adds scanning and dense surface modeling (along with LIDAR/Point Cloud handling, Idealize, Geographic Systems, Volumes, Contours, Motion, and UAV/drone support). See the chart on the product overview page for a quick comparison of the products, and Compare PhotoModeler Premium and Standard for more detail.

PhotoModeler Standard, as the base product, is a powerful and affordable tool to build accurate models and get measurements from your photos. Use PhotoModeler Standard to build:

  • CAD-like models of a wide variety of objects and scenes.
  • Models using points, lines, edges, surfaces (photo textured or shaded) and other entities.
  • Automated projects, using the included target detection features or SmartMatch
  • 2D Template and Pattern digitizing for CNC fabric and material cutting.  

PhotoModeler Standard is widely used in these areas:

Manufacturing, Refit, Renovation

  • measurements for kitchen and bath countertops
  • stair measurement and modeling
  • boat and template digiziting

Public Safety, Accident Reconstruction, Forensics

  • collision diagrams, vehicle crush measurement
  • crime scene diagramming
  • security camera and single photo analysis

Architecture, Engineering

  • modeling for visualization, massing, and view studies
  • surveying existing structures
  • reverse engineer equipment
  • stress and deformation analysis


  • architectural and industry surveying
  • site surveying
  • collision and crime scene surveying