PhotoModeler Support

We are dedicated to ensuring that our products work properly and meet your needs. Available support resources include:

Search in PhotoModeler’s extensive internal Help file or PDF that is installed with the software.
If you are unsure how a feature works, watch:

Check the Knowledge base. You can quickly find questions and answers to common issues brought up by our customers.
Make sure you have the latest upgrade version. Your problem may already be solved.
Get technical support from your reseller or PhotoModeler Technologies. Contact Support: and supply your serial number.

To get technical support from us you must either have purchased directly from us (so you are in our database) or be Registered.

Please review the PhotoModeler Support Policy to see what is included in your purchase. We pride ourselves on excellent support and our customers think so too! Read comments from our customers on the Our Support Reviews page.

  • When contacting technical support, please provide your PhotoModeler Serial/Support Number:
  • In PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner versions 6, and 2010 (or later), your serial number appears on the Help / About box, or is the first 10 characters (up to the 2nd – dash) of the activation code which can be found on the labels on the box or cd case. It looks like p713-12345.
  • In Pro 5, your Serial/Support Number can be found on labels on the top of your PhotoModeler box and on the CD jacket.

Customer Information

Our Privacy Policy outlines what we do with the information we collect from customers, including form contents, cookies, customer projects, etc. In addition, our PhotoModeler Software License Agreement may be of interest.