Academic, Research, and Education Applications with Photogrammetry

Do you teach, do research in, or are a student of?

  • Metrology or Photogrammetry
  • Forensics link
  • Biological Morphology Measurement link
  • Archaeological Surveying link
  • Geomatics / GIS / Surveying link
Yes? PhotoModeler is the perfect tool for photogrammetry education and research in college and university.

Here are some of the benefits of using PhotoModeler for post-secondary education and research in photogrammetry:

PhotoModeler is a powerful and flexible photogrammetry tool. 
PhotoModeler handles a wide application scope, from small object modeling, to terrestrial surveying, and to UAV/drone projects. 
PhotoModeler includes comprehensive manual tools that are great for learning basics, all the way to full automation, as would be used in industry. 
PhotoModeler Premium product contains all the capabilities of the PhotoModeler Standard product, with additional features. 
PhotoModeler includes some unique capabilities such as: 
  • CAD objects
  • NURBS curves and surfaces
  • Point clouds and surfaces
  • Automated coded target detection
  • Motion tracking
  • Photo textures
  • Single photo support
  • Full geographic coordinate system support
  • Camera calibration
PhotoModeler is programmable and scriptable. 
PhotoModeler has excellent educational pricing: 
  • Educators and students get an 80% discount off the full price!
  • Get PhotoModeler in a lab for up to 30 seats for the price of a single seat!

Click on links below for some specific information on photogrammetry in:

Archaeology or  Biology