Forensics and Reconstruction Applications

Use Your Camera to Diagram, Reconstruct, and Measure

PhotoModeler software provides accurate measurement and diagramming for many accident reconstruction and forensic tasks. Use the measurements and diagrams to help reconstruct accident and crime scenes from photos. Used by law enforcement and by forensic engineers around the world. See the application areas below.

Police Car

A Successful Case and Court History

PhotoModeler has a long and successful history in forensics and accident reconstruction, covering many years. PhotoModeler has been used in many court cases, and has successfully passed Daubert and Frye trials. Please contact our sales team if you need a case list.


There are a number of applications for photogrammetry in accident reconstruction and forensics. We have divided them into four categories. Click on one of the links below to get further detail.

Surveillance, Dash Cam, Body Cam : recover position, speed, suspect height, etc. as well as combine with LIDAR.

Vehicle Crush Measurement : measuring crush of vehicles from either your camera or from unknown cameras.

Accident Scene Diagrams : generating diagrams and maps of existing scenes using your camera.

Crime Scenes : crime scene diagramming, 3D bullet trajectory determination, shoe and tire print scanning, and blood spatter measurement.

Also see the SAE papers on crush measurement on the Case Studies page