PhotoModeler Updates and Latest Version

As part of our ongoing customer support, upgrades are released periodically. These upgrades contain new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Upgrades are free with up-to-date Maintenance¹ or with an active Subscription.

To update, use the “Check for Updates” feature on the File / Version and License panel (or the Options menu on older versions). Alternatively, use the links below (download and run the executable).

See highlights of new features and enhancements included in the latest version.


Update installers will update software to the new version, and in most cases keep all your settings and customization (caveats below). Full installers do a full reset.

Release & Date : Version 2023.1.0 : Jan. 17, 2023 **


** Notes on the 2023.0 and 2023.1 updates: Normally, update installers are designed to keep your setting changes and customizations (vs. full installer, which is a full reset). For 2023.0, the update and the full installer reset any toolbar and shortcut key customizations. This is due to the addition of the Outlines toolbar tab and shortcuts. You will have to reset your customizations after the installation. Any Preference settings remain, though, with the update installer. For 2023.1, table layouts are reset, and table customizations you might have will have to redo after the installation.

  • Use an Update installer (top) if you have installed a previous version of the software. The differences between an update installer and a full installer are: the update installer leaves your settings alone, and the update install file tends to be smaller to download.
  • If your Maintenance Agreement has expired, you can get older upgrades on the Archived PhotoModeler Upgrades page.
  • For permanent licenses, if you install an upgrade or full version that is newer than your maintenance agreement expiry, the installer will warn and prevent installation. See the Maintenance Agreement page for more detail. Instead, you may want to download and install an older update.
  • If you have a license of PhotoModeler Scanner or PhotoModeler UAS with active maintenance, please use the Premium full install found above.  Your Scanner or UAS license will be converted automatically to a Premium license.
  • To read about PhotoModeler PMR project file backward compatibility, visit this page.