New Enhancements and Fixes

We are committed to the on-going support and improvement of our products. We regularly release upgrades containing fixes and new features/enhancements. The Support Upgrades page describes how to get the latest versions.

Listed below are significant changes since the 2018 release.  Click on each section to expand to see details.

See below for older releases, or see a complete list of all the changes listed by version.

PhotoModeler's Major Enhancements List

2020 Changes

2020.1.0 (Mar. 18, 2020)

  • New Coded Target Presets System. Addition of a new, flexible and powerful system for defining groups of Coded Targets actions. It is easy to apply a set of actions (such as setting scales, setting offsets, creating lines, and planes) automatically to all new projects, or semi-automatically to existing projects, based on predetermined Coded Target Id numbers. Multiple groups of presets can be defined and saved for different scenarios.
  • SVG Export.  The Scalable Vector Graphics format (svg) can now be used to export 2D graphic data.
  • New DXF Export Method. The export of 2D and 3D .DXF files now produces a newer format that supports spline curves, circles, and increased compatibility with some applications.
  • Surface Draw Point Convert. The Surface/Template Curve draw mode right-click menu has a new tool that allows you to convert an existing curve point into a corner point.
  • Photo Projections Visibility Improvement. 3D objects being displayed on photos as projections can now have their Material overridden with a fixed color, which can make them much easier to see.
  • Referencing Improvements. There have been a number of improvements to point referencing to improve efficiency.
  • In total there were 5 significant changes, 21 improvements, and 32 fixes.

2020.0.1 (Dec. 17, 2019)

  • Bug fixes and stability. This pre-holiday release is mostly about stability improvements and fixes.
  • Processing improvements and fixes.  There were a few significant improvements with Processing (esp. in the Orientation and Smart Orient stages). A problem with Smart Orient not correctly handling the addition of control points or frozen points to already-oriented projects has been fixed.  The stability and ability of Smart Orient with low-count coded target projects has improved and is also more consistent now.
  • Show Surface Draw related Surface. Now when a Surface Draw item (point, line, curve) is selected, the associated surface is highlighted in the 3D view and table to help identify the association.
  • In total there were 8 improvements, and 18 fixes

2020.0.0 (Nov. 14, 2019)

View the PhotoModeler 2020 Introduction and New Features Video. Major improvements also listed below.

  • New Target System. A new system of targets has been introduced for use with Automated Coded Target projects. Sheets of 6 targets, called 'Lettered Sheets', can be printed, or purchased (date tbd), laid out in a scene on flat surfaces, and used to automatically set up the coordinate system (including multiple scales), best fit planes (typically for use with Surface Draw), and multiple offset points.
  • Merged 3D Model and Ortho-photo.  The 3D model can now optionally be overlaid on top of an exported orthophoto. Great for ortho-mosaics with contour lines, facades with vectors, etc..
  • Extending Surface Draw. You can now extend Surface Draw Lines or Curves across photos. 
  • Automatic Project Preset Scales and Planes. Coded Target Automated Projects can now generate preset scales, and planes using Coded Target ID ranges. Settings in Preferences.
  • Coded Target Smart Orientation and Calibration. Automated coded target projects with EXIF cameras now use Smart Orientation and Auto-calibration by default - this allows non-calibrated EXIF cameras in coded target projects to solve more robustly and getting a camera calibration if possible. Very useful for remote site measurement tasks where you might not have access to the camera.
  • Advanced Point Offsets. Point Offset Revamp: Multiple offsets (of any type) can now be assigned to points. For example, you can add an X-axis offset and a 2 Point offset to the same point in the project to define new 3D points. 
  • In total there were 6 significant changes, 44 improvements, and 76 fixes.

2019 Changes

2019.1.2 (Jun. 10, 2019)

2019.1.1 (May 13, 2019)

2019.1.0 (Mar. 25, 2019)

2019.0.1 (Dec. 13, 2018)

2019.0.0 (Nov. 19, 2018)

2018 Changes

2018.1.2 (Jul. 17, 2018)

2018.1.1 (Jun. 27, 2018)

2018.1.0 (Apr. 11, 2018)

2018.0.1 (Jan. 23, 2018)

2018.00 (Dec. 14, 2017)

PhotoModeler Technologies recommends you download and install the most recent patch in order to have the most powerful and stable version of PhotoModeler.