PhotoModeler Software Version Numbering System

Starting October 2010, PhotoModeler version numbers are based on the year of release.

Version numbers look like: yyyy.jj.nn

  • yyyy is the year of the release (e.g. first update/release of 2011 will start with ‘2011’ regardless of how many changes/fixes in that release)
  • jj is the major release version number – it is updated when there are significant new features. Starts at 0.
  • nn is the minor release version number – it is incremented every new release. Resets to 0 when jj is incremented. Starts at 0.

2010.0.7 – 7th minor fix release in 2010
2011.0.0 – first release of 2011
2011.0.1 – second release with minor changes in 2011
2011.1.0 – first release of 2011 with one or more significant changes

You may also see a 4th series of digits – this is the build number and is an internal number we use to track the program ‘build’ sequence.

Release Philosophy

With the introduction of Maintenance Agreements, there will be no more paid upgrades for customers with the 2010 version or later. PhotoModeler Technologies will continue to add major improvements to the products but these major improvements will no longer be held back to the next major release. As soon as a major feature is ready it will be released. If you have an active maintenance agreement you can get the new feature right away.

In this way, the first number of the release version no longer signifies a major new release (as it did in the past for v3, v4, v5, v6) but instead indicates the year of the release. Other advantages, with the year-based version numbering, are that you can tell quickly if your version is recent, and you can see if Eos is keeping up with its updates! Occasionally a release near the end of the year will be dated the next year (just like car models!) – so a release in Nov. 2021, might be called 2022.0.