Privacy Policy for PhotoModeler Customers

Eos Systems / PhotoModeler Technologies is committed to the protection of our customers and web visitors’ privacy. Here we explain the exact terms and conditions surrounding the use of all the information we gather. Read below to see what information we gather, how we use it, and how you can correct or change it.

We are working to follow GDPR (for all customers around the world). Please read our specific policies on What we do with your email address.

Please be aware that other Web Sites that may be linked to or from our sites may collect personally identifiable information about you. Our privacy statement only applies to our websites and our internal procedures.

Overview of the information we collect

  • Name
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Mailing address
  • Account login credentials
  • Billing and Payment information
  • Customer sales support inquiries
  • Time zone
  • IP Address
  • Cookies

Forms and Anti-Spam

This site and its user entry forms are protected by one or more anti-spam techniques. These may involve sending your submitted form data to external services solely for the purpose of determining if you are a person or a bot.

Web forms voluntarily filled out by you

Our “download forms” ask for a name and an email address. If the visitor optionally chooses to be informed of news updates, then the email address is added to a newsletter list. This list is used for providing PhotoModeler product and website update notices to you. The newsletter list addition is a double opt-in. The email list is never used for “spam”, nor is it provided or sold to any outside party. The information on the download form will be forwarded to our internal or international PhotoModeler sales group for possible follow-up.

Our “Information request form” asks customers to enter their name and address information so that we can mail demos and other information to them. This information will be forwarded to our internal or international PhotoModeler sales group for follow-up and may be forwarded to a dealer who is representing PhotoModeler Technologies in a particular country. Otherwise, the information is kept strictly private.

Our “registration form” asks existing customers to provide contact information and a product serial number in order for the customers to qualify for technical support and future upgrades. This information is kept strictly private.

Tracking information collected by the web server and analytics

The servers running our websites keep logs to help us analyze traffic and trends. IP addresses and/or domain names of browsers’ machines and the referring page are stored but no other personal information. In addition, we use Google Analytics tracking on our website. This information is used for internal analysis only and is never provided to any outside party.

Web cookies

The website uses short-term cookies to help with user tracking. This information is used to track a user, in an anonymous sense, through the site to see which pages and paths are popular or not. This information is only used internally to help us optimize our websites.

We use Google Analytics that places cookies on your computer but we do not use Google Remarketing, Advertising Reporting, nor Google ID (which can store personally identifying information in the cookie for tracking between sites). Our lead tracking system can also use cookies but will also not store any personal information (like IP address, email address, name, etc.) in the cookies so they can be used for tracking.

When you are using the web store or logged into our web store at, a cookie is used to provide persistence to your shopping sessions and to keep your session secure.

Personal information submitted during online purchasing

Customers ordering products online will provide their name, shipping address, billing address, and credit card information. Eos stores the customer name and shipping address information in our internal private database and uses this information to ship the product to the end customer. This information may also be used in the future to send out upgrade notices, maintenance renewal notices, and to provide support.

Credit Card Data

Using an iframe, our online store sends credit card data (name, address, number, expiry date, cvn) directly to our 3rd party credit card processor who has passed the highest standard of PCI compliance (currently Moneris). Eos Systems / PMT systems do not see, nor store the full credit card information at any time during the transaction. If our transaction systems were breached somehow, all that would be exposed are your name, your address, and if you are a subscription customer (or requested your card to be saved for future orders): the card expiry date, and the truncated credit card number (last four digits of your card).

Project data & crash reports submitted for Technical Support

Customers may on occasion forward PhotoModeler project data to us (in the form of project files, images, text descriptions, emails, and other relevant information), or crash reports generated by the program, so that we may assist with a technical support issue. This data is kept in the strictest of confidence and it is not shared with any party outside of Eos Systems Inc. (PhotoModeler Technologies). At the customer’s request, we can also delete all copies of such data when the support issue has been resolved. We have a strict policy of only publishing customers’ examples, signature projects, and/or quotes after permission to do so has been granted by the customer in writing.

Who do we share this information with?

The personal contact information we receive via web forms, email, fax, and telephone is not sold nor provided to outside parties. Contact information from customers in certain countries may be forwarded to our dealer-representative in that country. This forwarded information will include the customer’s name, company name, address, telephone numbers, and email address only. If you do not wish us to forward your information to a reseller in your territory please let us know at the time of contact. All other personal information is either kept electronically in a database on servers in locked premises behind a firewall or in hard copy form in file cabinets.

Data storage and processing countries

Our data processing and storage servers are located in two countries:  Canada and the USA. Customer purchase information (such as name, address, email address, and products ordered) is stored on our eCommerce server in the USA as well as in internal databases in Canada. We do not see nor store customers’ full credit card information (that is managed by linked forms to the credit card processor Moneris, who, to the best of our knowledge, stores this information on servers in Canada). The web server in the USA does store the first and last four digits of credit cards and the expiry dates. Other contact information (email contents, names, addresses, history) is stored on servers in Canada. Lastly, when using the online software activation system, a unique computer identifier, your email address, and the date of contact are stored and processed on a server in the USA.

Opt-out policy

You can opt-out of providing certain personal information by not filling in the fields when submitting any of the various forms. Opting out of the email lists is as easy as sending an email or visiting the email list’s web configuration form.

Correcting, updating, or removing your information

For further details on any of the above policies or to view, change, modify, and remove your personal information, please send an email with your request to