Email Address Policy for PhotoModeler

Eos Systems / PhotoModeler Technologies (PMT) is committed to the protection of our customers’ names and email addresses and to follow best practices for storing and using those email addresses.

We also follow Permission Marketing principles and we are working to follow GDPR (for all customers around the world). We try our best to meet those ideals. Our goal is to help you, our customer, make informed decisions, while not sending you email you don’t want to see or did not request.

The methods we use, and these email policies, were updated in May 2018 to help us get closer to the dual goals above.

Please also read our more general Privacy Policies.

How we collect your name and email addresses

PMT can obtain your name and email address in these ways:

  1. You initiated a contact via email to ask a question of our Sales group (, or our Support group (
  2. You filled in a form to obtain the software download and to receive an evaluation code.
  3. You filled in a form to view a white paper.
  4. You filled in a form to be added to the newsletter list.
  5. You purchased a product on our store or created a store account.
  6. You filled in a product registration.
  7. You activated the installed PhotoModeler software and provided your email address.

Please refer to the number above and how that collected email address is handled below. Note we do not purchase lists of email addresses nor do we do that form of bulk email marketing.

Where the email address submission is mandatory, or not mandatory, and why

We require email addresses:

  1. When you download the software – we need it to email you the evaluation code automatically.
  2. When you purchase a product in the store – we need it to send you confirmation of your order, and in some cases an activation code for the product.
  3. When you send an email asking a question that you require an answer to.

Submission of your name and email address is optional in all other cases. Please see the table below what we do with mandatory and optional email address submissions.

Where a form has an optional ‘add to the PhotoModeler newsletter list’, the default is always ‘no’. That is, if you make no choice when you see the newsletter join controls on a form, then you will not be added to the list. If you do ask to be added, you will receive an additional opt-in email for final confirmation.

What we do with your name and email address

We store your name and email addresses in various secure databases, and we may use them to send you additional information.

See the details below.

Eos Systems / PMT never has, nor never will, publish or sell your personal information or email addresses. This information is collected solely so we can serve you better in conjunction with our PhotoModeler product line.

The only case where we may send your name and email address to a 3rd party is when you are in a geographic territory where there is a PhotoModeler reseller and we feel that reseller can help you with gathering information or buying the product. If you wish us to not forward this information to one of our authorized resellers please let us know during the first contact. We will then ask you to make direct contact with that reseller.

We do reserve the right to disclose personal information if we have reason to believe that one of the following conditions are met: a) we have a legal obligation to do so, b) it is necessary to protect our rights, c) to investigate fraud, or d) it is in the interest of our safety, your safety, or public safety.


We store your email address, name, and other personal information in:

  • Our local CRM database (not accessible on the internet).
  • Our local email clients and mail server (not accessible on the internet).
  • Our licensing activation server (store email address, name, and your license code).
  • Our store and marketing database.
  • Local network backups, and high-security cloud-based backup system (data is transmitted encrypted and stored encrypted)

Sending email to submitted email addresses

These are the type of emails we may send to you:

  • Evaluation code – email a code immediately when you fill in the download form.
  • Answer to a direct question – within a day we answer your question and then may follow up at later dates if needed.
  • Store order reply – immediately when you order a confirmation email is sent, and then optionally to complete the order additional email is sent within one business day.
  • Newsletter list – if you are subscribed to the double opt-in newsletter list you will receive the occasional news email (unless you unsubscribe).
  • Automated follow-ups – when you downloaded the software and requested an evaluation code, a number of follow-up emails are sent to ensure your code is working and to see if you have any questions (unless you unsubscribe).
  • Activation reminders – if you provided an email address with your software activation, then reminder emails are sent around the one-year time when your maintenance is about to expire.

Summary of storage and actions based on how we got your email address

Your action Stored Consent Type Used How
1. You initiated a contact via email PS direct We reply with answers to your questions. We may follow up later to ensure you have all your answers.
2. You downloaded software and requested evaluation code PS, AS direct An evaluation code is emailed to you. Follow up support questions periodically emailed to you.†
3. You downloaded a white paper PS direct Stored but not used. Optional case 4.
4. You asked to be added to the newsletter list MD, PS double opt-in When new blog posts and newsletter articles are published, a notification email is sent. Emailed articles on various topics.†
5. You purchased a product on our store or created a store account PS, SD direct The store sends confirm email. PMT may send a further email to deliver the product purchased.
6. You filled in a product registration PS direct Used to update the database, no subsequent emails.
7. You activated the software PS, AS direct, optional Stored with activation codes and used to email reminders of expiring maintenance.‡


  • Stored: PS – PMT internal email Servers, Clients, and CRM database, MD – Mail automation database, SD – PMT online Store Database, AS – PhotoModeler’s Activation Server.
  • Consent type: direct=by entering your email address in a form or your email client you consented for the particular use; double opt-in=you responded to the opt-in email asking if you want to be on the list.
  • Used How: describes how we subsequently use your email address and personal information

Unsubscribe and Removal Notes

  • † you can easily unsubscribe to any follow up automated email by following a link in any email you receive.
  • ‡ you can request your email address be removed from the AS – activation server by sending an email to

Right of Access, and Right of Erasure

If you are the owner of an email address (and can prove it via a double opt-in method), then you have the right to request information on where your email and your other private information is stored, and what is in those records. You also have the right to request complete erasure of all your information. Please send an email with your request to

Also, note for the automated email systems described above, you also have free access to that service to opt-out at any time and under your control. The link to unsubscribe to these services comes with the first sign up, and as well with every automated email.

Please also read our more general Privacy Policies.