PhotoModeler Older Changes Log (changes up to v2018)

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Highlights: Green - new features/significant changes, Orange - changes affecting backwards file compatibility.

Number Change Type Product Specific
  From Release 2017.1.1 to 2018.0.0 [Dec 14, 2017]   (53 changes)    
8798 Smart Orientation has been improved to support the orientation of coded target projects. Automated target projects, that are run through the wizard, now use Smart Orient by default. This means that coded target projects are now more stable and easier to run (less hunting around for mis-coded points). Significant  
8809 The orthophoto export dialog now includes an option to output a gridded DEM (Digital Elevation Model). The output format can be a sparse text XYZ file, or a GeoTIFF file (32-bit floating point or 16-bit integer). The sampling for the DEM can match the orthophoto or adjusted to only output an evenly spaced sub-set of the points (eg. every 10th point). This output can be loaded into a GIS package (and optionally combined with the orthophoto) to provide height information at each pixel location. Significant PMU only
8755 When importing a file via the External Geometry Explorer, the Add dialog now includes an option to 'Merge Vertices'. With this option on only one point will be created at each xyz location even if it appears in the file multiple times. By default the option is off as it will slow down the import. With the option off (was on by default and hidden before), large file imports (such as laser scans) will now be much faster. Improve  
8758 The end points of 3D Cylinders displayed on photos now have a higher selection precedence so can be selected when lying on top of a Cylinder. Improve  
8760 When a project is selected on the 'send files to support' dialog, the dialog now defaults to including the image data. Improve  
8764 When using the Backup Project tool, the option to upload the backup zip file is now off by default. Improve  
8769 A new preference setting (defaults to on) allows points projected on photos to be selected during line mode. This means lines can be attached to points (including imported points, cylinder end points, etc.) that are visible on a photo even if the point is not marked on it. Improve  
8777 Ortho export can now write GeoTIFF files even when the defined coordinate system is not geographic. No projection or datum will be included with the file, but the offset and scale information for the Cartesian/orthographic coordinate system will be defined. Improve  
8787 Coded target automated projects now launch automatically once the set up in the New Project Wizard is complete. Improve  
8793 The Demo intro dialog has been reformatted for better readability. Improve  
8794 The Export Orthophoto dialog now shows the Input Photo Pixel size range, and the Output Image pixel size, allowing you to better customize the orthophoto output resolution to match approximate input photo resolution. Improve  
8795 There is now an option (Preferences, Texture and Orthophoto) to show a scale bar on the Orthophoto exported image. Improve  
8796 When a check For Updates shows that an update is available, new information is shown outlining notable changes and changes affecting backwards file compatibility. Improve  
8806 The License Management dialog has been changed to make online activation more obvious. Improve  
8788 Added a check to automatically detect certain makes of UAV cameras during Smart Project Wizard setup, and then set appropriate GPS geo-coordinate precision settings. For example, if camera EXIF says DJI, PhotoModeler assumes it is a copter UAV with barometric height precision. Improve PMU only
8786 The Modify PointMesh dialog now shows the number of selected items, to point out what is the target of the meshing actions. Improve Scanner/PMU
8789 RGB texture generation can be time consuming, especially when the PointMesh has a high triangle count. If a texture needs to be rebuilt and if triangle counts are high, there is now an option to delay the texture build and leave the surface non-textured (usually white). Improve Scanner/PMU
8799 Smart Orientation has had some small improvements to make it more robust, and quite a bit faster on large projects. Improve Scanner/PMU
8756 When re-running a single sheet calibration and choosing the option to remove the existing marks, the automatic reference stage now runs correctly. Fix  
8761 When selecting a cylinder end point, the status bar now correctly displays the cylinder ID and which end point is selected. Fix  
8763 Fixed a problem with the placement of the Alt-zoom window when using mulitple monitors and the primary one to the right. Fix  
8765 The Dimensions-Annotations table can now be properly customized and saved. Fix  
8766 A confirmation now appears when a camera is uploaded. Fix  
8771 Corrected a problem introduced with version 2017.1.0 where independent photos each with sufficient control points would not process together in one project. Fix  
8772 Fixed a case where some control points could lose their 3D positions when processing with a photo that had fewer than 4 points. Fix  
8773 Fixed a case where excess memory would be consumed when exporting an ortho photo using the advanced blending setting when the input image type was NOT a .jpg, .png, .tif, or .bmp. Fix  
8775 The Point Table now correctly displays the coded target bit set in Target Bit Set column. Fix  
8776 If the resolution of the images used to calibrate a camera does not match the resolution of the images assigned to that camera on import in a new project, the dialog displaying the warning now correctly highlights the image resolution columns. Fix  
8778 GeoTiff exports now include the linear units (meters, feet, or US survey feet). Fix  
8779 Processing while a 3D view has objects selected no longer leaves the selected objects displaying the reference match color. Fix  
8783 Fixed a problem where the file filter on the Import file selector didn't show the XYZ file format for certain formats where the .xyz format is acceptable. Fix  
8784 Various licensing warnings reworded for clarity. Fix  
8791 A warning will now appear if a camera selected for a new project does not match the project's image resolution, even if the images matches in aspect ratio. Stored cameras must now match in both resolution and aspect ratio. Fix  
8785 New message appear during the New Project Wizard while in Demo mode, to clarify save/export demo restrictions Fix  
8790 Fixed a bug introduced in previous release that caused problems for the launch error log writer. Fix  
8797 Fixed a problem where the prompt to save unsaved changes in a project could interrupt the Backup or Upload of a project. Fix  
8800 When both stages of processing (Orientation and Optimization) are being run, if the orientation succeeds but the optimization fails, then the whole result would be thrown out. This has been changed so even if optimization fails, the successful orientation result will be kept. It might not be a good solution but it might help regardless. There is a hidden setting to switch it back to how it used to work. Fix  
8804 Fixed a problem with importing text files with certain invalid line formatting. Fix  
8807 The Export Orthophoto dialog now shows a warning and will not open if the project has no surfaces or triangulated point meshes. This saves time as these are a requirement of orthophoto export. Fix  
8782 Fixed a problem with cropping triangulated meshes when using certain geo-coordinates. Fix PMU only
8801 The PPK Geo location data source option is now deprecated. If you need to use, please contact support. Fix PMU only
8757 Points selected from imported point clouds to be used as control points, now appear in the Check Point Table. Fix Scanner/PMU
8759 Triangled Meshes showing color by height now update when the height range changes. Fix Scanner/PMU
8762 Improved warnings when trying to create contours on a non-triangulated mesh or with zero spacing. Fix Scanner/PMU
8770 The PointMesh table '# of contours' column now updates as individual contours are deleted or added. Fix Scanner/PMU
8774 Improved how Smart Orientation works with control points. The problem was more obvious when there was a large change in coordinate system when control points (GCPs) were introduced. Fix Scanner/PMU
8767 Fixed a crash that could happen when the preference setting to display non-rendered projected points was active and 3D ID photo visibility is turned on. Crash Fix  
8780 Hitting quit while resizing the project thumbnails would put program in an unstable state. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
8802 Inverse Camera in some cases would solve a negative focal length for a camera when the input control were incorrectly defined or in a strange configuration. Later processes in PhotoModeler might then assert crash when encountering this negative focal length. Now Inverse Camera fails with a warning instead of producing this bogus situation. Crash Fix  
8803 Quitting the upload of files to Tech Support could cause PhotoModeler to eventually get into an unstable state - this is fixed. Crash Fix  
8805 Fixed a crash that could happen when processing a project with a scale defined between offset points while the check distance table was open. Crash Fix  
8808 Fixed a crash that could happen while entering an email address on the Send Files To Support dialog (applies to the 32bit version of PhotoModeler only). Crash Fix  
8781 Fixed a crash that could happen when choosing the option to "Add contours to existing mesh (remove current contours first)" was chosen when a contour table was open. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2017.1.0 to 2017.1.1 [Sep 25, 2017]   (28 changes)    
8728 When the Photo List is resized, the first selected photo chip will remain on screen. Improve  
8734 Improved the progress indicator when exporting 3D contours. Improve  
8735 A new preference setting on the Imports/Control pane determines if the Locate button opens photos tiled or tabbed. Improve  
8739 When importing column data from a file, if there are fewer columns in the file than the default for that type, the text file importer will default to the minimum columns. Eg. for a point format the default would be X,Y,Z. Improve  
8742 The color by height 3D view option has been improved, made faster, and now includes an option to define the height range min and max values. Improve  
8744 The Check Point Table has 7 new columns displaying the X,Y,Z,Delta,DeltaX, DeltaY, and DeltaZ of control points based on their uncontrolled and unprocessed positions. When updating to this version, all columns are visible (full installers install a new configuration and only limited columns are shown). You may want to hide columns after an update by clicking a column header and dragging off the top header row. Improve  
8747 The Modify Import dialog box has a new control to rename points in the project that are assigned to import points, which facilitates re-import and assignment. Improve  
8750 Camera calibration information can now be shared online with the PhotoModeler community. When a calibration is complete (either a regular or field calibration/camera optimization), a prompt appears to upload the calibration project to PhotoModeler. The project file, without images or other personal data, will be uploaded. This information is used to help those in the community using similar cameras in PhotoModeler. If requested, PhotoModeler will provide expert feedback. Improve  
8754 A minor improvement to the speed of importing non-mesh files. Improve  
8733 For projects with a geographical coordinate system (especially when defined via an EPSG code), certain operations that perform extensive coordinate conversions (eg. 3D export, large table views, etc.) will be much faster. Improve PMU only
8737 The default major contour spacing is now rounded to the nearest whole number. Improve Scanner/PMU
8746 When creating contours, if it is the only modify mesh option selected, a new prompt allows you to choose between adding the contours to the selected mesh, or creating a new copy of the mesh with contours added. Improve Scanner/PMU
8732 Fixed a problem when using the Send Files to Support tool when uploading relatively large zip files. Fix  
8749 Improvements made to the check for running on a virtual machine. Fix  
8753 When defining the columns for a text file import if a column is set to ignore it now shades the column indicating it won't be used and the column will be correctly ignored. Fix  
8730 Improved how contours are created when the project had geographic control points and the coordinate system was not UTM. The status bar and table now show correct heights of each contour and the contours are on correct intervals. Fix PMU only
8738 Importing files into a project with an EPSG geo-coordinate system, that uses non-meter units, will now correctly apply the correct unit conversion to elevations. Fix PMU only
8740 Fixed a problem where the Geo-units dialog comes up twice when setting up a SPCS coordinate system - it now just appears once. Fix PMU only
8752 Fixed a typo in an activation failure warning message. Fix PMU only
8736 The default contour spacing is now set correctly after a SmartMatch automated project is run from the wizard. Fix Scanner/PMU
8745 Setting the Center About point from a point mesh imported into the External Geometry Explorer now works after the initial selection without needing to reset the 3D view. Fix Scanner/PMU
8727 Fixed a crash that could occur when an existing Surface Draw Curve was being extended, and while extending, the 'remove last point' option was used. Crash Fix  
8751 Fixed a crash that could happen while generating quality textures for certain projects with a specific surface shape. Crash Fix  
8741 Fixed a crash when manually activating with a registration key in certain improper formats. Crash Fix  
8743 By default, all images assigned to a camera must now share the exact same image size. Crash Fix  
8748 Fixed a crash that would happen when opening a 3D viewer with camera station image planes enabled when photos are missing from the project. Crash Fix  
8729 Fixed a crash that would occur when an invalid file name was entered for a camera being loaded from disk during the automatic SmartMatch wizard. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8731 Fixed a case where creating a large number of contours could produce an out of memory error. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2017.0.2 to 2017.1.0 [Aug 22, 2017]   (37 changes)    
8697 The External Geometry Explorer now allows a project to contain multiple rotation objects. Only one can be active at a time, but switching between them can make it easier to switch between various rotation definitions. Significant  
8698 Cylinder center-line end points are now 'top level' objects and can be selected, have lines and surfaces attached to them, be measured, exported, etc. A setting is available to turn the end point display off, contact for more information. Significant  
8713 It is now easier to send files to Technical Support. The Help menu has "Send Files to Support..." which opens a dialog box where you can upload the current project (with or without images), license/configuration files, or any file off disk. PhotoModeler Tech Support staff automatically receive a notification about the upload. The Backup Project dialog also has the controls to upload the backup file. Significant  
8714 New DDE command and functionality: a) A text file, containing DDE commands, can be placed on the PhotoModeler exe command line -the commands from the file are run on program launch and the program shuts down when complete. Great for external script control. b) A BackUpProject DDE command has been added. Significant  
8715 The Mark Surface Points - Curve Mode right click menu now includes a new Create Corner Point option. When this is selected the current curve ends and a new curve starts from the existing point. This can be used to create sharp corners when outlining/tracing a combination of lines and curves on a surface. Significant  
8725 The Help document in .pdf format (PM7Help.pdf) is now installed alongside the original .chm version in the Program Files install location. For some readers, the .pdf format is easier to scan/read. Significant  
8705 There have been some significant improvements to Smart projects. There are improvements to Matching, Robust Orientation, and Auto Calibration. The end result is that Automated Smart Projects are far more consistent (if you run them multiple times with same input), they tend to be faster, and they tend to orient more photos in difficult cases. Significant Scanner/PMU
8694 SurfaceDraw photo marks are now larger. The old size can be restored using a configuration setting. Contact for more information. Improve  
8695 A new Preference setting, on the Image panel, controls if the scale, rotate, and translate tags are always displayed with their photo marks regardless if the External Geometry Explorer is open or not. Prevents you from deleting or changing these key points without knowing. Improve  
8696 Added a group of new settings so all new projects will be setup with an empty Scale, Rotate, and Translate object. This can save time setting up new projects if the coordinate system is always defined using a Scale, Rotate, and Translate. Contact to find out more. Improve  
8700 The photo connectivity bubble graph now has a settings for minimum number of references. This means the graph can show how many points are shared between sets of photos that are also connected to X other photos. Improve  
8712 The Tutorials dialog now has a button to start a new tutorial project as shown in the associated tutorial video. Improve  
8716 When drawing a curve, using either the Mark Curves Mode or Mark Surface Points - Curve Mode, the right click menu includes a new "Remove Last Curve Point" option. This tool will remove the last point added to the curve making it easy to step back and adjust the curve. Improve  
8723 Optimization has two small improvements: a) The starting error in the system is displayed as the first error bar (instead of first bar being after the first iteration). This means Total Error dialog appears sooner and you'll see one or two more bars compared to before. b) Optimize can complete successfully with more unstable projects when the error has decreased significantly overall and final error is low enough. Before, an unstable (but not bad) project may fail optimization in the last iteration giving you no chance to see if the optimization was an improvement or not. Improve  
8726 References to 3 new tutorials have been added to the 'Welcome to PhotoModeler - Tutorial Projects and Videos' dialog. The tutorials highlight dense surface creation, contours and profiles, and point marking using Point Auto-detect, using tools specific to PhotoModeler UAS (and to some extent PhotoModeler Scanner). Improve  
8718 Handling of geo-coordinate imports that contain erroneous duplicate positions has changed and improved. a) Geo-imports from EXIF image headers, and geo-imports from files (control or n-point transform) are now handled the same way. Now in both cases all positions are imported. b) When duplicated imported geo positions were detected you were given a choice of ignoring the whole import (even if only part of it was wrong), or continuing with the whole import. Now the duplicated positions are imported but they are automatically deactivated. This is useful where gps precision of your device may not be high and only some position are duplicated. Now you can use the rest of the import, skipping just the duplicated ones. Improve PMU only
8721 Some fine tuning of GPS default precision values was done. Improve PMU only
8691 3D projections are now included when using Print or Output Open View on a photo view using the current window size option. Fix  
8719 When the add photos pane of the new project wizard is showing a list (non-thumbnail) view the Remove button now re-enables after the first set of photos has been removed. Fix  
8699 When project auto-save is enabled, it no longer attempts to save a project if the project is being closed with the changes discarded. Fix  
8703 The reset settings buttons on the Preferences dialog no longer improperly disables the Automatic Check For Updates (at launch time) tool. Fix  
8707 In case where a project has photos that are not well referenced to other photos, and also has at least one photograph with 4+ control points, the message about bad control will no longer appear before processing. Instead processing will be allowed to proceed. Some photos may not orient but that is no different than cases where there are gaps in referencing. Fix  
8724 Referencing points or adding Control points to a large project no longer has a short delay after the point is created. Fix  
8709 Selection of a large number of rows in big tables (with thousands or 10's of thousands of rows) is now considerably faster. Fix  
8711 Reworded various warnings and progress indicator text for clarification (SmartMatch, Ortho Export, Add/Remove Photos etc). Fix  
8722 There is no longer a long delay when adding photos in the new project wizard, if opting to not use a camera stored in your camera library. Fix  
8692 Projects processed with control points extracted from imported PointMeshes now align the mesh with the project. Fix Scanner/PMU
8693 Re-running an already oriented SmartMatch project with the 'orient none' option selected, no longer forces a re-orient all. Fix Scanner/PMU
8704 Changes to the warning that appear when re-running SmartMatch - reworded and no longer appears if the Orient All Photos option is selected. Fix Scanner/PMU
8708 Smart Orient would sometimes not orient all possible photos when the project was very small (under 5 photos), or very weak (very little overlap between photos). This has been improved. Fix Scanner/PMU
8717 Minor changes to how the MVS progress dialog updates. Fix Scanner/PMU
8690 Fixed a case where deleting a Shape Edge Mark from a photo and then performing some undo-able action before closing the photo could lead to a crash. Crash Fix  
8701 Fixed crash that would happen if a multi-point transform was assigned to different project points with the exact same positions. Crash Fix  
8702 Fixed a crash that could occur when setting up a Shapes (or other inverse camera project), if a camera stored in the camera library was selected. Crash Fix  
8710 Fixed a crash that could occur when projected 3D curves are displayed on a photo and a curve loses it's 3D state. Crash Fix  
8689 When a Material assigned to a mesh is assigned both the planar texture and the 'occlusion checking' property, a warning comes up when generating quality textures explaining this is not recommended. Choosing the option to abort creation resulted in a crash. This has been fixed, and the warning text has been expanded to indicate this applies to both texture and orthophoto creation. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8706 Fixed a SmartMatch crash that could happen when matching photos with a very small number of keypoints/features. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2017.0.1 to 2017.0.2 [May 26, 2017]   (26 changes)    
8667 The advanced material settings dialog has a new option "Meshes use planar texture for quality". This setting (on by default for PhotoModeler UAS) will mean quality texture display in the 3D view will use an algorithm similar to advanced blended ortho-photos. This provides faster and higher quality texture results for 2.5D surfaces. Significant Scanner/PMU
8684 A new tool has been added to the DSM toolbar and menu to triangulate points (SmartPoints and/or regular points, selected or all), using default settings suited to lower density clouds, to generate a PointMesh Surface. Avoids having to work with the more complex Meshing dialog when not needed. Significant Scanner/PMU
8668 The 'SurfaceDefault' material is added to projects now only when a surface is created. The 'MVSDefault' material has been renamed 'MeshDefault'. The 'MeshDefault' material is added to projects now only when a PointMesh or SmartPoint is created. Improve  
8672 Minor rewording of subscription license information in various dialog boxes. Improve  
8673 A new button on the Define Geographic Coordinate System dialog, when pressed, will display the name of the geo system corresponding to the entered EPSG code. Improve PMU only
8688 The UAV tutorial videos and projects have been updated to match the latest version. The tutorial video is now broken into smaller segments and shows creating a georeferenced ortho mosaic. Improve PMU only
8663 Significantly improved the speed when inverting a PointMesh edit mode selection. Improve Scanner/PMU
8669 New settings for calculating the normals used for SmartPoint triangulation have been added to the Meshing Options dialog. Normals can be calculated based XY plane, YZ plane, XZ plane, best fit plane and the view from camera vector (the previous method). Also an XY cut plane now improves cropping. Improve Scanner/PMU
8675 The PointMesh status bar now uses the system locale formatting when displaying the number of points and triangles in a mesh. (eg. 2,342,535 instead of 2342535) Improve Scanner/PMU
8664 A camera's calibration area now includes any single photo control points. This means field calibrating a single photo project now displays the correct calibration area. Fix  
8665 Removed an unused control on the photo projections preferences pane. Fix  
8676 The processing report now lists the correct min/max/average delta for check points in projects with non-meter units. Fix  
8678 Fixed a problem where a few of the Preference pages didn't display properly when running certain versions of PhotoModeler Standard. Fix  
8681 Removed a resource hogging warning that could come up when photos with 3D data projected on them were zoomed way out. Fix  
8683 The netfloat license check should now be more tolerant to changes to a user's system. Fix  
8671 Since it produces conflicting coordinate values, geographic and non-geographic control points can no longer be active at the same time. Fix PMU only
8674 When a project is solved using geographic control, the measure pane now displays the correct normal vector when measuring a plane surface. Fix PMU only
8686 Fixed a bug introduced in v2017.0.0 where the Global Geo-control Precision dialog would not display when importing geo-control positions from a file. Fix PMU only
8687 Adding a multipoint geo-transform to a project via a file no longer causes a warning to come up if the project has no active multipoint transform. Fix PMU only
8662 Inverting the selection of the triangles in a mesh now works as expected. Fix Scanner/PMU
8680 The 3D Viewer now resets (re-centers) properly after running SmartMatch when a triangulated mesh is formed automatically. Fix Scanner/PMU
8677 Selecting assigned check point objects on the check point table no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
8682 A new check and repair has been added to catch some corruptions in projects. Crash Fix  
8685 Fixed a crash that could happen when hitting quit during a specific step of orthophoto creation. Crash Fix  
8666 Using the Dense Surface -> Export Contours ... menu command no longer crashes when exporting a DXF file. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8679 Fixed a problem with the RunSmartMatch script/DDE command which could cause a crash if the process took long enough to cause a progress dialog to appear. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2017.0.0 to 2017.0.1 [May 4, 2017]   (30 changes)    
8637 When coloring surfaces based on photo overlap the range will now be smaller providing a greater range of colors ('minimum number of photos used' - 'maximum number of photos used' instead of zero - number of photos oriented). Improve  
8644 When exporting a 3D model using the planar texture option the new advanced blending algorithm used by ortho photo is now available. Improve  
8652 Added a new preference to define when control photo marks will only display their control name when IDs are visible on photos. Improve  
8658 Multipoint transform points projected on photos can now be selected. Improve  
8659 Improved how 3D projected objects on photos highlight, sometimes highlight would only update after a zoom change. Improve  
8649 The measure pane will now display extra decimal places for projects setup in a geographic (lat/lon) coordinate system. Improve PMU only
8651 The PPK system of assigning geo-coordinates to camera stations has been updated with upgraded synchronization tools. Improve PMU only
8660 When starting an "Automated Point Clouds & Meshes (SmartPoints)" project with the new project wizard, the "Create low density approximate surface from SmartPoints" setting (slightly reworded in this release) is now on by default and 3D Viewer SmartPoint visibility is off by default in PhotoModeler UAS. This default behavior can be controlled on the SmartMatch tab on Preferences. Improve PMU only
8638 Since it will slow down the ortho-photo creation, a warning message was added when exporting an ortho-photo generated from meshes with a material has the occlusion checking enabled. Improve Scanner/PMU
8633 Measurements of zero (or very close to zero) will now display using the locale. Fix  
8634 When importing a file into the External Geometry Explorer, changing the dxf file name no longer duplicates the dxf specific controls. Fix  
8640 The Open Project Folder tool will now open the containing folder in Windows File Explorer even if the project has not yet been saved. Before the file has been saved it will choose the folder containing the first image in the project. Fix  
8641 Fixed a problem where certain warnings would not always appear if an activation or renewal attempt failed due to a license problem. Fix  
8643 The file filter for the Replace Photo (retain orientation) dialog now defaults to all valid image types. Fix  
8648 Converting between multi-point transform and control types (and vice versa) now retains the active state of each individual point. Fix  
8653 A warning now properly appears when switching from an active Multipoint Transform to a Control object (and vice versa) in the External Geometry Explorer. Fix  
8655 Point residuals now properly update after converting an import from control to multi-point transform. Fix  
8656 Turning on visibility for IDs of 3D imported points in photos or 3d views now works correctly. Previously they would only display on newly opened 3D views, or on photos after the project was re-processed or re-opened. Fix  
8654 The world file export option on ortho-photo creation now correctly handles more coordinate systems including geo systems that are not UTM. Fix PMU only
8647 The PPK dialog box's OK button may not enable after a certain sequence of clicks/edits on the dialog. This has been fixed. Fix PMU only
8650 The 'constrain to height' option no longer enables on the Geo-location Data Source pane of the new project wizard when the PPK option is selected. Also, when going back to the pane the previous selection is properly restored. Fix PMU only
8661 The "Use GPS Assisted Matching Setup" option was occasionally getting set even if the photos in the project did not contain appropriate GPS position data. This has been fixed. Fix PMU only
8631 When a triangulated mesh is edited (eg. PointMesh edit mode, or crop) while quality textures are displayed the new texture file will now be reloaded. Fix Scanner/PMU
8632 Switching out of crop mode will reset any partly drawn crop rectangles. Fix Scanner/PMU
8635 The Reset Optional Warning Messages command now resets the re-orient warning that comes up when re-running a SmartMatch project with no new photos. Fix Scanner/PMU
8639 When using the Modify Mesh tool on a mesh with no normals nor an assigned source photo, the warning now only appears when Triangulation is selected. Fix Scanner/PMU
8646 Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when re-launching after activating the 32bit version of PhotoModeler. Crash Fix  
8642 Fixed a crash that could happen after using the Open Map Locating Selected with a project in a non Lat/Long coordinate system. Crash Fix PMU only
8657 Fixed a crash that would happen when exporting in KMZ with geographic control. Crash Fix PMU only
8636 If the project contains fewer photos than the minimum selected for MVS, the text on the warning is now formatted to fit the summary dialog and the close button on the summary dialog correctly enables. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2016.2.1 to 2017.0.0 [Apr 10, 2017]   (40 changes)    
8593 Optimize and Field Calibration options are now available for single photo projects with control points. When a good set of control points are used to process a single photo, turning on the calibration option can improve an inverse solution by accounting for additional camera parameters such as lens distortion. Very useful for forensics work with surveillance cameras and optionally laser scan data! Significant  
8610 A new advanced blending ortho- photo algorithm has been added. On by default, this new setting will create crisper and more uniform ortho-photos faster and with fewer resources than before. Much higher quality and much higher resolution ortho-photos / mosaics are now possible. Significant  
8622 The PhotoModeler products can now be licensed by monthly and yearly subscription. The permanent license is still available. Significant  
8615 It is now easier to create a low density textured surface in Smart projects. There is a new option (off by default) to create a low density surface from the SmartPoints so you can more quickly see the texture surface or ortho-photo/ortho-mosaic result. For higher quality the MVS capability remains available and the preferred choice for the end product. There are options to generate these new low density, SmartPoint-based surface in the New Project wizard, on the SmartPoints Project Options, and on the Meshing dialog. Along with this change is a new mesh cropping setting that uses the approximate bounding box of the input point cloud to cut out the mesh like a cookie cutter - Best Fit Box. Significant Scanner/PMU
5564 The measure pane formats numbers based on the Windows localization settings adding the appropriate symbols, eg. commas and decimals. This makes larger values easier to read and better matches standards in non-US countries. A setting is available to return to the old style formatting, contact technical support for more information. Improve  
8597 The 'Include Constraints' check box on the Optimize processing dialog defaults to 'checked' only if there are active constraints in the project. Good feedback that there are constraints defined and active. Improve  
8599 Added an option to allow Cylinders to be used with Surface Draw. Contact support to learn how to activate this option. Improve  
8607 Improved the speed of the "Undistort" stage that runs when various operations are selected. Improve  
8621 The default toolbar theme has been changed to display toolbars and panes in a lighter tone which has improved clarity for a number tools and captions. Improve  
8626 Improvements for how point RGB calculations are handled after processing. Improve  
8619 There is now an option to not show the Multi-spectral imaging settings pane when setting up SmartMatch/DSM projects in PhotoModeler UAS. The settings are for a very specialized use, and so the pane does not need to appear for all users. Improve PMU only
8620 A new pane has been added to the new project wizard, for SmartMatch projects using geo-control. The pane simplifies and replaces the geo control precisions dialog box that was used in previous versions. Improve PMU only
8627 The warning that comes up when rerunning SmartMatch with no new photos now provides the option to rerun orientation to allow for point filtering. Improve Scanner/PMU
8592 Importing wavefront (.obj) files 'as objects' now supports relative indexing for line and face vertices. Fix  
8602 When importing a DXF file in a non-geographic coordinate system, the TEXT entities (if chosen) will now be assigned to the point names correctly. Fix  
8605 Fixed a problem with the controls on the Create Masks dialog, where certain controls wouldn't always enable when required. Fix  
8614 Three previously hidden Preference settings relating to Coded Target projects are now properly shown in PhotoModeler standard. Fix  
8617 Open Next/Previous photos are enabled during Referencing and other modes. Fix  
8618 Fixed a warning when trying to activate standard PhotoModeler while improperly using a UAS activation code. Fix  
8629 Fixed a problem with manually extracting video frames where it would appear that two copies of the same frame/image would be added to the project. Fix  
8591 Fixed the position of axis-based plane surfaces and the base plane of volume objects when a project is solved using geographic control points. Fix PMU only
8594 The 'Open Map Locating Selected' tool now properly enables and works when a camera station or an imported object is selected (i.e. the green sphere of an imported geo control or geo-transform assigned to camera stations) in a project with a geographic coordinate system. Fix PMU only
8595 Table fixes: Select All now works in the Volume table. Volume data and other measurement info in some other tables now updates immediately when new objects object are created. Fix PMU only
8596 The Geo-precision dialog now opens showing the current precision values set in the project and not the value restored from the last time it was used (which could differ from the current saved project settings). Fix PMU only
8600 3D Export of projects in a geographical coordinate system with other than meter units, will now be in the correct unit system (and not always meters). Fix PMU only
8601 Measuring an individual point from a mesh in a non-lat/long geo system, now labels coordinates 'Northing/Easting' instead of always 'Lat/Lon'. Fix PMU only
8606 If the first geographic coordinate system encountered was an EPSG code it would not be recognized. This has been resolved. Fix PMU only
8611 Static Imported Objects now display in the correct position when imported into a project with a geographic coordinate system. Fix PMU only
8612 The Global Geo-precisions dialog revamped internally to allow for customized configurations. Fix PMU only
8625 Area and volume measurements using non-mesh surfaces now work correctly with geographic coordinates. Fix PMU only
8590 Assigning a new material to a PointMesh with cached quality textures now clears the texture cache. Fix Scanner/PMU
8604 The export summary dialog now shows the correct count for contours when exported to a DXF format. Fix Scanner/PMU
8598 Fixed a crash that could happen when importing certain .obj files. Crash Fix  
8603 Fixed a crash that would happen when removing a photo with few points while a point table is open. Crash Fix  
8616 Fixed a 32bit only crash that could happen during certain (rare) referencing or merge actions. Crash Fix  
8613 Fixed a problem with the PPK dialog causing a crash on certain 32bit versions. Crash Fix PMU only
8589 Fixed a crash that would happen when adding a non-textured triangulated PointMesh to a 3D view displaying quality textures. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8609 Fixed a crash that could happen during Point Auto-detect line mode after creating a point with a line attached in one photo and then clicking on the matching auto-detected mark in a second photo. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8628 Fixed a problem where re-running SmartMatch could cause the matched photo list to get out of sync with the threads running during multi-thread Matching. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8630 Fixed a crash that could happen when undoing the a delete of triangles in PointMesh Edit Mode while textures were displayed in a 3D view. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2016.2.0 to 2016.2.1 [Dec 9, 2016]   (13 changes)    
8580 A Volume Table has been added showing each Volume Object's properties: volume above and below plane, plane type, plane level, PointMesh ID, Material and Layer. Significant PMU only
8585 The "Welcome to PhotoModeler Demo" screen has been revamped to provide clearer instructions to new users of PhotoModeler. Improve  
8576 When calculating a point's RGB value unoriented photos are no longer considered. This will speed up some operations. Fix  
8577 DXF exports now correctly apply the project units. Fix  
8581 Improved memory handling while generating ortho-photos. Uses less peak memory. May reduce crashes with big orthos or with lots of source photos. Fix  
8583 Dimension and annotation objects will no longer interfere when running Renumber of line objects. All lines will renumber starting at one and all gaps between numbers will be filled. Fix  
8582 When changing the geographic system to UTM of a project that has not yet been processed, the UTM zone will now be based on imported geo coordinates (if they exist) instead of lat / long of 0,0. Fix PMU only
8587 Fixed an issue due to an installation problem causing EPSG codes to report they are were not supported Fix PMU only
8584 Fixed a problem where the Progress bar would appear to be unresponsive when SmartMatch reruns automatically at higher density settings. Fix Scanner/PMU
8575 Fixed a crash that could happen after re-opening a project with check points or editing a geo control point. Crash Fix  
8578 Fix for a crash that could happen when changing a project's coordinate system when an active static import has IDs displayed on photos or in an open 3D view. Crash Fix  
8579 Fixed a crash that happened when sending an email request for evaluation code on the Demo introduction screen. This applies to the 32bit version of the PhotoModeler Demo only. Crash Fix  
8588 Fixed a crash that could happen during Matching Setup when running a larger project, single threaded, with GPS-assist matching enabled. Crash Fix PMU only
  From Release 2016.1.2 to 2016.2.0 [Nov 28, 2016]   (35 changes)    
8568 A new capability for doing PPK GPS processing within PMU. Significant PMU only
8569 A new tutorial on the use of PhotoModeler UAS for solving a typical UAV project with ground control has been added. Significant PMU only
8545 If a project has a geographic coordinate system, all 3D exports are now in that system. A warning will appear if the project's geo-coordinate system is locally non-Cartesian (such as lat/long), and the chosen export format only supports Cartesian coordinates. Improve  
8548 Renamed the surface display style from "Direct Photo Mapping" to "Direct Photo Textures" so it is more obvious this view style is a textured one. Improve  
8551 A new preference setting allows you to adjust the opening zoom level for images opened with the Locate command. Improve  
8557 The Demo introduction dialog, that appears on program launch for Demos and Evaluations, has been revamped to simplify and to allow users to request a Evaluation Code by email directly. Improve  
8559 Updates can now be downloaded and installed while in Demo and Evaluation mode. Improve  
8565 If it's turned on, autosave will run right after processing and DSM have finished instead of triggering at a potentially less convenient time later (with-in the autosave time period). Improve  
8566 The default layouts for the Open View and Zoom sub-toolbars have been simplified to remove duplicate tools and reword tool names/descriptions. Improve  
8563 Creating ortho photos using PhotoModeler UAS now defaults to have blending turned on. Improve PMU only
8546 Improved how the External Geometry Explorer handles the import of meshes with large coordinates. Improve Scanner/PMU
8547 Points selected on imported meshes used as part of Control or a Multi-point transform now work with the Locate action in EGE. Improve Scanner/PMU
8549 If a triangulated PointMesh has been saved with a cached texture file and the project data is moved, PhotoModeler will look for the texture file using the relative project path. Improve Scanner/PMU
8554 SmartOrient has improved speed and stability. As well a certain small percentage of photos are allowed to remain un-oriented at the end (a hidden preference) to allow for overlap issues and to exit earlier. Improve Scanner/PMU
8562 Improved the speed and memory usage when points calculate their initial RGB values after processing. Improve Scanner/PMU
8543 Fixed a couple issues with importing data via text files. Default column layouts are more intuitive for various imports and the column selector menu no longer shows inappropriate columns when reimporting data. Fix  
8544 When using the Smart Orient option on the Processing dialog, the Processing Done dialog will now display the number of photos it attempted to orient at the start instead of only counting the photos that remain set to Use and Adjust. Fix  
8556 Improved the import of point data when the text file contains rows with incomplete point coordinates. Bad rows are now automatically skipped. Fix  
8558 Fixed a problem when resetting toolbar layouts where tools would be disabled until a project reopened. Fix  
8561 Fixed a bug when importing data from certain unicode text files that contain a BOM leading character. Fix  
8564 Fixed a problem with setting the default 3D Viewer background. Fix  
8570 The Online Maintenance Renewal dialog's Help button now correctly brings up the Help document. Fix  
8574 Fixed a problem when exporting points (.pts and .txt formats) with RGB color data, where the Red and Blue values would be reversed in the file. Fix  
8542 Fixed a problem where multiple identical warnings would appear when auto-assigning multiple geo-control to points in a project with a defined coordinate system. Fix PMU only
8552 The Global geo-coordinate precision dialog correctly uses the Z precision instead of using the XY value for all axis. Fix PMU only
8567 The tool to bring up the Geo-units dialog now appears right after importing geo-control or geo-transform objects. Fix PMU only
8571 The Project units now get set properly when setting up a geo-coordinate system via image EXIF GPS in the New Project Wizard. Fix PMU only
8539 Fixed a case that could cause a crash after closing a project. Crash Fix  
8541 Fixed a crash that would happen when the GPS control data assigned only comes from 2 positions. Crash Fix  
8553 Fixed a crash that would happen when autosaving an untitled project with zero photos. Crash Fix  
8560 Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when using the subtract mask tool (introduced in v2016.1.0). Crash Fix  
8573 Fixed a crash that would happen when referencing to a point with a dimension attached while a 3D view was open. Crash Fix  
8540 Fixed a crash that could happen when creating certain Volumes with unusual base shapes. Crash Fix PMU only
8550 Fixed a crash that could happen when reloading some projects and displaying their volume objects. Crash Fix PMU only
8572 Fixed a potential problem where a certain set of steps in the wizard could result in a problem assigning geo-coordinates to camera stations. Crash Fix PMU only
  From Release 2016.1.1 to 2016.1.2 [Oct 19, 2016]   (6 changes)    
8534 The outline created by region selections in the 3D viewer once again connect to the current mouse position. Fix  
8535 Fixed an issue where .txt and .csv export formats would not apply non-geographic coordinate systems. Fix  
8537 Fixed a problem where re-importing control into an older project could cause control coordinates to be scaled inappropriately. Fix  
8555 Projects that are processed with a large control coordinate system and then re-processed with a different set of control points will now update correctly without needing to re-open the project. Fix  
8536 Loading a pmr with only multi-point transform objects would crash. Having a project with a mix of EGE objects, would crash when a multi-point transform was selected in the EGE. These have been fixed. Crash Fix  
8538 Fixed a crash that could occur when a project is setup with unusual control data where no coordinate system fit could be applied. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2016.1.0 to 2016.1.1 [Oct 11, 2016]   (26 changes)    
8513 PhotoModeler UAS now supports a more extensive set of input and output Geographic Coordinate Systems - which can now be defined using EPSG codes. Significant PMU only
8530 You can now open a location in Google Maps by selecting a geo point, and using the new tool Edit / Open Map Locating Selected. Great to confirm your geo coordinate system, or point, is where you expect it to be in the world. Significant PMU only
8518 One can now easily create a triangulated PointMesh from a collection of SmartPoints (sometimes removing the need to do full MVS). Select the SmartPoints and bring up the Modify Mesh tool. Significant Scanner/PMU
8506 The 'Open photos showing selected' command now works with assigned Imported Points. For an import point assigned to a 3D point, the command will open all photos showing the assigned point's marks. For an import point assigned to a camera station, the command opens the associated photo. Improve  
8526 When importing a file with duplicate points, a user-optional warning now provides the option to abort the import, or proceed with the duplicate points. Improve  
8529 The Zoom All tool's bitmap has been modified to make it more obvious when the mode is active. Improve  
8504 When a PDF report is output with an author listed, the name will be saved and restored when future reports are created. Improve PMU only
8520 Major and minor contours are now added to specific layers making it easier to turn on/off just the major or minor contours. This setting can be control on the preferences dialog. Improve PMU only
8525 A new control has been added to allow setting of precision values for geo-control (points and camera stations). A dialog appears when adding geo-control prompting for precision values, or can be accessed via the Project menu. Preset UAV type based precision values can be selected. Improve PMU only
8505 When a new project is created, 3D Views now default to having Contours and Volume objects visible. Improve Scanner/PMU
8510 The default spacing for contours is now based on the length of the default axis instead of the project's diagonal, so will default to a smaller spacing, creating more contours. Improve Scanner/PMU
8508 When a project's coordinate system is defined using offset points, the coordinate system now updates correctly when the offset point positions change. Fix  
8509 Improved support for importing unicode text files. Fix  
8521 When the properties pane is open and two objects of the same type are selected one after the other, and a field shows a different type, the fields type now updates correctly. E.g. Selecting a non-3D point displays n/a for the Frozen property, when selecting a 3D point right after it now correctly displays a check box. Fix  
8522 When a 3D view is set to 'Color from photo overlap', the scale displayed minimizes it's use of decimal places. Fix  
8523 Fixed a case when processing a project using control points, where a photo did not have sufficient control to orient but did have enough references to solve, the control points would be disabled. Fix  
8524 Fixed a problem when importing a file ('as points, lines, surfaces...") where an error message indicating duplicate points would inappropriately block the import. Fix  
8528 Reworded warnings/progress bars during automatic check for updates. Fix  
8503 The image displayed on the PDF report title page has been moved up. And it will change position based on if the author and description fields are included. Fix PMU only
8507 If a project contains only Volume objects and no PointMesh objects, the fly-outs for '3D view visibility' and 'visibility on photos', will now display the PointMesh group of visibility controls (where Volumes reside). Fix PMU only
8519 If their spacing is such that both a major and minor contour would be created at the same interval, only the major contour will be created at that overlapping interval. Fix PMU only
8527 The External Geometry Explorer now shows the geo-control precisions both before and after the points have been assigned. Fix PMU only
8533 Fixed a problem where warning message could pop up hidden behind and a New Project Wizard pane during geo-coordinate import. Fix PMU only
8531 In some cases Control points extracted from a PointMesh would display offset from the mesh with-in the External Geometry Explorer, this has been fixed. Fix Scanner/PMU
8532 Fixed a crash that would happen when removing a photo added during the new project wizard. Crash Fix  
8502 The properties pane no longer lists Surface properties along with selected Volume objects. Previously adjusting some of the Surface properties could result in a crash. Crash Fix PMU only
  From Release 2016.0.13 to 2016.1.0 [Sep 26, 2016]   (23 changes)    
8514 Changed the photo visibility pane size control description from "Vector size" to 'Line size". Improve  
8517 Loading projects with a large number of imported points is now faster. Improve  
8490 A warning appears when the EXIF GPS altitude values read from images appear to be inaccurate (e.g. missing, all zero or all identical). As well a larger Elevation/Z precision is set in this case. Improve PMU only
8487 When a project uses a geographic coordinate system, distance measurements along an axis now show the difference in lat/long/elevation or difference in easting/northing/elevation. Fix  
8489 The toolbar 'layout' is loaded and 'theme' is set earlier to prevent a delay loading and painting toolbars. Fix  
8493 The Renumber dialog now works correctly when points are selected as an object to renumber. Fix  
8499 Fixed a case where after control orienting some projects measurements would display as undefined. Fix  
8500 The output 3D point precision values were not being computed in Optimize. Fixed. Applies to Beta 2016.1 only. Fix  
8492 Fixed output of textures and orthos when using the multi-spectral option for NDVI (and similar) output. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8497 In projects with a mix of geographic and non-geographic control imports, the geographic units will only be used if the geographic control are active. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8498 When min or max point angle cannot be calculated (eg. single photo project) the PDF report will now display n/a. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8515 When the 'New' button is used to manually enter a new geographic coordinate the position edit boxes now default to blank. With some coordinate systems the default values of 0,0,0 were not valid. Fix PMU only
8516 The 'New' button used to manually enter a geographic control point now works correctly. Fix PMU only
8491 When Quit is hit during the Orientation phase of a large Smart project, it now exits faster and the dialog asking if you want to keep the largest set of currently oriented photos comes up sooner. Fix Scanner/PMU
8485 During new project creation, when a camera is matched in the camera library but you select not to use, the project would be corrupted and could cause a crash. Now fixed. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Crash Fix  
8488 Fixed a crash that would happen when loading projects that have incomplete exif data when the images are no longer available. Crash Fix  
8496 Fixed a crash that would happen when the 'Open 3D View (show options)' tool was used and the "Lock light to side of camera" button is pressed. Crash Fix  
8501 Fixed a crash when clicking the Auto-advance button on the Shapes sub-toolbar. Crash Fix  
8511 Fixed a crash that would happen when the animation export 3D view was set to orthographic and the Keyframes from photo positions option was used. Crash Fix  
8512 Fixed a case where some corrupt projects would crash when turning on CameraStations in a 3D view. Crash Fix  
8486 Fixed a crash that could potential occur after deleting a geographic control point from the External Geometry Explorer. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Crash Fix PMU only
8495 Fixed a crash that could happen when a Volume object's base plane is displayed as a rectangle and the outline starts with a linear point set. Crash Fix PMU only
8494 Fixed a crash that would happen when Imported Points were selected and the' Include selected object point's option was selected under the Register and Merge step of the Modify Mesh dialog. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2016.0.12 to 2016.0.13 - BETA [Sep 13, 2016]   (27 changes)    
8458 A warning now comes up when trying to use the Locate button on the External Geometry Explorer with no coordinate system defined. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Improve  
8464 Sped up the regeneration of SmartPoints in the 3D Viewer after processing. Improve  
8466 Revamped the New Project Wizard's Geo-coordinate Usage pane - it should now be simpler and more readable. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Improve  
8467 The Imports sections of Visibility controls (Photo Visibility, 3D Viewer Options) now uses the text "Positions" to denote imported 3D locations - instead of text "Points" (as it now applies to both points and camera positions). Improve  
8469 When setting up a new project in the wizard, there is now an option to override an automatically matched camera from the camera library. Improve  
8475 Exporting in .csv or .txt format will now output the data in the active geographical coordinate system. Improve  
8479 The "Optimize" stage is no longer need and is therefore disabled when re-processing a SmartMatch project. Improve  
8481 The photo visibility now defaults to showing projected points as "solid color". With the previous "from photo" default it was often very hard to see the projected points. Improve  
8463 A new PMU specific preference (defaults to off) can be enabled so that when a volume perimeter point is created it's 3D position is displayed in a popup window in the lower right corner. This can be used to determine if the point location is at the expected elevation. Improve PMU only
8459 When the Locate tool finds 10+ photos the choice to only open already marked or unmarked photos now works correctly. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8465 The Status Report no longer reports a problem about an approximate camera when auto-calibration has run during SmartMatch. Fix  
8473 Fixed several small issues with control marking mode, when the do not use cursor is displayed and how the esc key advances through the list of points to mark. Fix  
8476 Fixed a case where some actions (such as opening a point table) would corrupt the coordinate system of projects processed with large control values. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8484 Fixed a problem with the Text File Importer dialog box, where the Sample Output section wouldn't show point data. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8461 Robust orientation did not work if geo ground control points were marked before orientation started. Fixed. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8470 Fixed a problem in the wizard where multiple imports would be added to project when moving back and forth in wizard. Now only a single geo-control or multi-point geo-transform is added to the project. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8477 The geographic control pane in the External Geometry Explorer now updates if the coordinate system is changed. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8478 Warnings now show when setting a SmartMatch project if the imported geo-coordinates have duplicate geo-locations. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8462 Orientation of weaker projects and projects with geo stn control will work a bit better with fewer join errors and mis-orients. Fix Scanner/PMU
8471 Auto-calibrated cameras now correctly list "n/a (auto-calib)" under the quality metrics on the Cameras Dialog. Fix Scanner/PMU
8468 Fixed a potential crash when selecting and removing certain photos from the grid during the Add/Remove photos stage of the new project wizard. Crash Fix  
8472 Fixed a crash that would happen if the measure pane was open and a control object was disabled, then a measurement was done. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Crash Fix  
8480 Fixed a crash that could happen sometimes when updating 3D objects projected on photos. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Crash Fix  
8482 Fixed a case that could cause a crash when selecting or using 3D objects projected on photos. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Crash Fix  
8483 Fixed a crash that could happen when photo 3D projected objects were turned on and the load time of a photo caused a progress to appear. Crash Fix  
8474 Fixed a crash that would happen when hitting cancel on the browse for GPS import file in the new project wizard. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Crash Fix PMU only
8460 An assert crash that could occur during orientation of bigger and weaker projects has been fixed. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2016.0.11 to 2016.0.12 - BETA [Aug 26, 2016]   (5 changes)    
8452 When the active state of an imported object changes, the Check Point table now updates to reflect the change in state. Fix  
8453 When in control marking mode, with a geographic control object selected, the External Geometry Explorer's 3D view now shows the control select cursor. Fix  
8454 At windows scaling settings >100% some buttons on the External Geometry Explorer would be cut off or hidden. This has been fixed. Fix  
8455 When a point assignment is done in the External Geometry Explorer the highlight will no longer be cleared. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8457 Selecting a volume with the measure pane open no longer treats it as if a surface and volume object were selected. And hence the correct volume measurement will now appear in Measure. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
  From Release 2016.0.10 to 2016.0.11 - BETA [Aug 25, 2016]   (23 changes)    
8435 Select one or more 3D objects in a photo, a 3d view, or a table, and a new tool on the Edit / Open Photos Showing sub-menu called "Open Photos Showing Projected" will be available. This tool will open photos that the selected objects project onto (the 3D location may be imaged by the photo (if there are no obstructions)). This can be useful when trying to locate other photos where a point could be marked. Significant  
8441 A new 'Locate' button on the External Geometry Explorer will open photos where the highlighted point could be marked. Once you have a preliminary coordinate system defined this tool will help speed up finding locations to mark ground control points - by opening photos and centering them on the projected locations of the highlighted control or multi-point transform point. Significant  
8430 Added support for major and minor contours. The contour table now has a column displaying the type making it easy to sort by major and minor contours to adjust their material, layer, etc.The draw style and thickness of each can be controlled on the preferences dialog. Significant PMU only
8438 The Items tab on the Export dialog now only shows items that have been defined/created in the project, to simplify the dialog. Also, the counts are updated based on the layers to export selections. Improve  
8439 Since the generation speed improvements of "Quality" textures, "Fast" textures have been renamed to the more descriptive "Direct Photo Mapping" (or "Direct" where space limited). Improve  
8440 Tables/grids/controls containing image thumbnails now load more quickly. Improve  
8442 If a project's geographic coordinate system is switched from lat/long to UTM the zone number will be automatically selected based on geo data currently in the ege. Improve  
8444 The dialog that comes up when an 'open photos showing' command would open up ten or more photos, has a new layout and includes icons to help identify the various options. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Improve  
8445 The ortho photo export dialog saves and restores the values entered in the image size fields. Improve  
8446 Ortho-photos are now created with better sub-pixel resampling. This means when zooming an ortho photo, it will look less jagged and pixelated. The resampling method can be changed by a hidden setting. Improve  
8432 The triangles of Volume objects and their base can now be exported. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Improve PMU only
8443 The PDF report now has an optional contours section that includes 3D views and contours overlaid on photos. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Improve PMU only
8447 The Show Thumbnails option is now unchecked by default when displaying project photos in the Project Wizard for PhotoModeler UAS users. This allows for quicker display of the project photos. The improvement is most noticeable for UAS/aerial projects that typically contain a large number of photos. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Improve PMU only
8429 When certain combinations of objects were selected the Measure pane would not handle geographic coordinates correctly - this has been fixed. Fix  
8433 Highlighting multi-point transform points in the External Geometry Explorers 3D view works again. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8434 Import ID visibility now can be enabled/disabled properly on the 3D Viewer. Fix  
8448 When setting a scale and/or rotate using the Scale/Rotate Wizard on a project that was previously processed with control data with large coordinates (eg. geographic), the new transform would not take place until the project was re-loaded or the transform objects were disabled and then re-enabled. This made measurements seem incorrect temporarily. This has been fixed. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8450 Fixed a potential problem with the Automatic Check for Updates where a portion of the version would not be read properly. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8451 When the External Geometry Explorer is resized it's highlights will no longer be cleared. Fix  
8437 The option to use GPS Assisted Matching is now disabled in projects where there is insufficient imported geographic data. The state of the option is now also shown on the SmartMatch summary. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8428 Very long warning messages no longer lead to crashes. Crash Fix  
8431 Fixed a crash that would happen when hitting quit during the 'Mapping' stage of fast textures. Crash Fix  
8449 Fixed a case where using the edit or delete button on the External Geometry Explorer when no item was highlighted could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2016.0.9 to 2016.0.10 - BETA [Aug 10, 2016]   (28 changes)    
8402 Clicking on a row in the Check Point table will select any model object assigned to the check object clicked. Similarly, when a model object is selected any assigned check object in the table will be highlighted. Improve  
8404 The Geo-Units dialog now has text to summarize how the units will be applied, whether for input/imported units, or output/displayed units. Improve  
8416 When the Open Photos Showing Selected command will open more than 9 photos a prompt will come up with options to only open a sub-set of the photos. Improve  
8417 Selecting a row on the photo table will select the associated camera station object and vice versa. Improve  
8405 The option to use geo/gps assisted matching during SmartMatch is now always an option on the SmartMatch Options dialog, and the setting is shown on the summary (PMU only). Improve PMU only
8400 The External Geometry Explorer 'Assign' button now allows the highlighted control point to be assigned to a selected camera station. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8401 Non-geographic control assigned to camera stations now display as spheres in the 3D view. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8403 One redundant level of progress was removed during SmartMatch Matching setup. Fix  
8406 The Geo-units tool on External Geometry toolbar is now properly shown after setting up a SmartMatch project with geo-control or geo transform (and not just after reopening the project). Fix  
8407 When PM goes online (to check for updates, licenses etc.) it times-out if there is no connection. a) A shorter time-out has been set (5 seconds default) so you don't have to wait as long if no connection, and b) this time-out is now a variable and can be set in the ini file. Fix  
8410 In some cases in-active multi-point transform points could be displayed in a 3D view. This has been resolved, only active imports will be displayed. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8411 The Modify Import convert button now converts all control points to multi-point transform points even the unassigned ones. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8418 Because they would often obscure the whole photo, projected imported points assigned to camera stations no longer display as spheres in photo projections. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8420 The External Geometry Explorer's Control and Transform Marking/Assignment tool now properly stays in the pressed position when in the marking or assignment modes. Fix  
8424 The Move button is enabled in Demo and Eval modes to allow for offline license transfers using a USB memory stick, in rare circumstances. Fix  
8423 Photo visibility updates when a multi-point transform object is added or removed from project. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8427 Fixed a problem where the date of the last check for updates could be stored to the PhotoModeler configuration file incorrectly. This could affect the frequency of the automatic check for updates. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix  
8408 In control point marking mode the Drive to point location command now works with projects solved using geographic control points. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8422 GPS-assisted Matching Setup now only runs if the project photo count is larger than a threshold (default = 50 photos- set in the PhotoModeler ini configuration file). The speed benefit of GPS-assisted matching is more apparent the higher the photo count. Fix PMU only
8426 If the coordinate system is set up using photo EXIF GPS data in the new project wizard, the geo-coordinate system is assumed to be lat/long WGS84. This prevents the project from potentially getting into a strange state with inappropriate UTM geo-coordinates assigned to camera stations. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix PMU only
8413 When a geographic coordinate system is defined, coloring a point clouds by height now uses the correct axis. Fix Scanner/PMU
8421 Fixed a problem when assigning a DSM after being prompted during the texture mask assignment. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Fix Scanner/PMU
8409 Fixed a crash that would happen when displaying imported point IDs in a 3D viewer for projects with multi-point transform objects. Applies to 2016.1 beta only. Crash Fix  
8414 Added support for importing UNICODE text files. Crash Fix  
8419 Large projects (over 400 photos approx) would sometimes fail to process or robust orient with an assert failure message. This has been improved. Crash Fix  
8412 Fixed a rare crash that could happen when multiple MVS groups are running at the same time. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8415 When removing a layer or material from a project any contours assigned to the deleted layer or material will update correctly. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8425 In some projects running smart orientation and AC (autocalibration) the camera's focal length would end up at a bogus small value (and camera stations could be seen at ground level). Focal length is now weighted in AC minimizing possibility of this. There is an ini setting for weight. Applies to beta only. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
  From Release 2016.0.8 to 2016.0.9 - BETA [July 20, 2016]   (40 changes)    
8397 In order to ensure PhotoModeler users are fully up-to-date with their software, the Check for Updates tool now automatically checks for available updates when you launch PhotoModeler. You can still use the Check for Updates tools, but the check will prompt you to update if an update is found on the PhotoModeler website. The check only occurs once per day, regardless of the number of launches. The automatic update check can be disabled on the general pane of Preferences. Significant  
8382 A new mode allows the creation of Volume objects. Volume objects define portions of a triangulated mesh to be used for a volume calculation. Selecting a volume object with the measure pane open will display the volume. The Volume object is persistent and is saved with the project. Volume objects are great for defining regions of a mesh, like stockpiles, where a volume measurement is needed. Significant PMU only
8399 Support for multi-spectral imagery for loading, texturing and ortho-photo export. Including ability to create image class outputs such as NDVI. Significant PMU only
8383 A new report summarizing key elements of a project can now be output in PDF format. Significant PMU only
8388 Processing can now carry camera station positions as weighted observations. Information provided by a GNSS/GPS receiver in a drone for example can be used to improve accuracy, reduce the need for ground control (sometimes remove the need), and remove the dreaded 'umbrella project' during Auto-calibration of wide angle cameras with nadir uav photography. As well has capability of using a constraint of height (or z) equals a constant. This can be a useful option in calibration of UAV wide angle cameras where there is no GNSS/GPS position data. Significant PMU only
8395 As part of the geographical coordinate improvements, the SmartMatch/DSM project setup wizard now allows you to set up a geographical coordinate system, either as a transform or as control. You can now use import files during the wizard, or rely on the georaphical data in the images' EXIF headers. Optionally this geographical data can be used during the early matching phase of SmartMatch to help determine photo overlap and therefore optimize matching photo pairs. The Modify Import dialog can therefore now allow the conversion between geo-transforms and geo-control. Significant PMU only
8361 Improved the speed of quality texture generation. Improve  
8371 To indicate the item can be assigned to a variety of objects (not just points) the External Geometry Explorer column name "OP Id" has been changed to "Assigned To". Improve  
8389 Processing improvements: robust orientation and optimization now handle geographic control (lat/long, utm, state plane) as points and camera stations. As well robust orientation is generally faster (esp. for large projects). And Smart Auto-calibration is generally faster and more accurate. Improve  
8390 In non Smart orient, if there are control points but less than 4 on any one photo, the transform into the final coordinate system is now done with a multi-point fit instead of a closed-form 3 point solution. This may improve alignment and reduce check distance errors with low control counts and non-Smart orient projects. Improve  
8392 The File menu's default set of tool order has been reordered based on typical frequency of use. Improve  
8393 The default column order for various imports in the Text File import filter dialog is now more intuitive and should require fewer changes when importing typical import data files. Improve  
8396 A prompt now appears when defining a texture mask, asking whether to also apply it as a DSM Photo mask. Improve  
8398 As part of the new geographical coordinate system improvements, when assigning geo-coordinates to camera stations, the 3D Viewer displays the assigned positions as selectable spheres, in addition to the camera station symbols. Enabling Imports visibility will show the spheres. Improve PMU only
8358 Quality textured triangulated PointMeshes now store and cache their own textures. This means once a mesh texture is built any quality texture views opened will be much faster. Also, projects with multiple meshes will have increased texture resolution. Improve Scanner/PMU
8378 In PhotoModeler Scanner any new materials default to having occlusion checking off. Improve Scanner/PMU
7736 Wavefront (.obj) export materials and texture file names no longer contain spaces. This works around fixes an issue with MeshLab not loading the textures in this format. Fix  
8362 Improved the speed of drag rotate (when clicking on a 3D view and rotating the model, not using the control in the lower right corner) and zoom (when using the mouse scroll wheel) for large projects. Fix  
8363 Improved quality textures when the project contains lots of small flat sections. Fix  
8373 The 3D export texture size now defaults to the same resolution as the last open 3D view. Fix  
8374 Several fixes for KML export. Fix  
8375 If a geographic coordinate system is defined the check point table now displays values in the appropriate coordinate system/units. Fix  
8377 Changing the photo visibility surface display style now updates the photos right away. Fix  
8379 Selecting a 3D SurfaceDraw point now shows the correct associated surface ID. Fix  
8380 Tables displaying the precision X,Y,Z will now open faster when a project is in a geographical coordinate system. Fix  
8381 Improved how some 3D view texture options calculate the angle between a triangle and the each photo. This will mean fewer gray or untextured triangles for surfaces that are more perpendicular to the cameras. Fix  
8386 The default width of the name column on the left hand side of the External Geometry Explorer has been increased. Fix  
8391 Multi-select no longer allowed in the External Geometry table viewers, as the pane's tools can only act on a single imported item. Fix  
8394 Fixed a problem with the External Geometry Explorer's 'Auto-assign' button which would not always enable. Fix  
8360 The sphere size for multi-point transform points created from imported PointMeshes in the External Geometry Explorer will now default to a more reasonable size and remain a constant screen size regardless of the 3D view zoom. Fix Scanner/PMU
8372 Exporting just contours no longer creates an unneeded texture file. Fix Scanner/PMU
8359 Fixed several areas where PhotoModeler would crash when encountering an unusual program or file state Crash Fix  
8364 Fixed a crash that could happen occasionally when creating quality textures. Crash Fix  
8366 Fixed a crash that could happen when adding/adjusting marks on a photo, especially with curves. Crash Fix  
8367 Fixed a crash that could occur when 3D objects were projected on a photo. Crash Fix  
8369 Fixed a crash that could happen when closing a textured 3D viewer. Crash Fix  
8370 Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to edit a control point. Crash Fix  
8376 Fixed a crash that would happen when performing a potentially lengthy operation and the "3D views have non-modal visibility tab" preference was unchecked. Crash Fix  
8384 Fixed a crash that would happen when using the Uncontrol/Unpin command on a point with a pinned import. Crash Fix  
8387 Fixed a crash that could happen in some cases during the painting of the reference connector line. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2016.0.7 to 2016.0.8 [May 9, 2016]   (29 changes)    
8344 The 3D viewer wire-frame and dot display is now shaded. Improve  
8338 The DDE/Scripting "Process" command now has parameters to 1) control the type of orientation (regular or robust), and 2) whether auto-calibration is enabled. Improve Scanner/Motion
8327 Fixed some minor issues with the rotate and zoom around location when using the right click and drag over 3D viewer option, and in the animation export 3D view. Fix  
8328 The reset view button in the 3D viewer and External Geometry 3D view now act the same and will reset both the view and to rotate around the model center. Fix  
8332 Improved the handling of malformed exif focal length information found in some DJI image headers. Fix  
8336 Fixed a problem where the application Title bar displayed 'Demo' inappropriately at certain times. Fix  
8339 Objects with a black material (0,0,0 rgb) now correctly appear in 3D projections on photos. Fix  
8340 The Run Script and DDE command to open a project no longer prompts asking about saving any changes. This means scripts can load projects without being interrupted, if a save is needed a SaveProject command should be added to the script. Fix  
8341 The default feature matching threshold for video frame extraction is now set correctly if the Reset tools are used on the Preferences dialog. Fix  
8343 The 3D viewer wire-frame and dot display styles now work with cylinders and imported surfaces. Fix  
8349 Due to an occasional problem with installation and PhotoModeler component registration (usually due to certain Windows Account permissions), a small utility is now installed that can be used to resolve the issue. Warnings pertaining to these types of errors now refer to this new utility. Fix  
8354 Fixed a bug when implicitly referencing a point by renumbering it. The correct ID now is assigned while referencing. Fix  
8335 Fixed a problem in PhotoModeler Motion that prevented proper point Tracking. Fix Motion only
8333 Some Dense Surface menu names were updated to indicate they activate a new mode. Fix Scanner/Motion
8337 Fixed a problem introduced in v2016.0.7 where the SmartMatch and Dense Surface panels on the Preferences dialog would not display when running PhotoModeler Scanner. Fix Scanner/Motion
8355 Improved the default sphere size for control points extracted from imported point clouds. Fix Scanner/Motion
8076 Fixed a crash that could happen when processing with high residual removal turned on. Crash Fix  
8342 Fixed crash that happened when setting 3D viewer surface display to "Color from photo overlap" when no photos are oriented. Crash Fix  
8346 Fixed a case where clicking on the active check box of an item in the External Geometry Explorer would not select the item leaving the right hand pane empty. When in this state some actions could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
8347 Fixed a problem that could occur when an activation is attempted with an expired online Maintenance Subscription. PhotoModeler now closes properly. Crash Fix  
8348 A crash no longer happens when adding a shape object while in Sweep Mode. Crash Fix  
8350 Fixed a crash that would happen when closing a project that contains silhouettes. Crash Fix  
8352 Merging a project that contains control data and accessing it using the External Geometry Explorer without first saving and re-opening the merged project no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
8353 When selecting the animation export keyframes to be from photo positions the layers to be included in the export are now set correctly. In some cases with textured surfaces this could also cause a crash. Crash Fix  
8356 Using the 'Previous point' command on the referencing destination right click menu now works correctly. Crash Fix  
8330 Fixed two crashes related to having imported a point cloud as control, extracting some control from it and then deleting the mesh. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
8331 Fixed a case that could cause a crash when converting a control mesh to a multi-point transform mesh or vice-versa. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
8334 Fixed a problem with SmartMatch when re-running with one or more new (or cleared of points) photos and matching using only the new photos. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
8351 Fixed a crash that would happen when importing mesh files that were larger than ~2GB. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2016.0.6 to 2016.0.7 [Apr 15, 2016]   (18 changes)    
7944 Rotation and zoom in the 3d Viewer has changed to be more intuitive and more powerful at the same time. When rotating or zooming, when the mouse is over a model object, the rotation or zoom will be done centered on that position. This is similar to the rotate around selected ('a' key) but works based on the object under the mouse without changing selection. This esp. helpful when viewing a large mesh. If you would prefer the 3D Viewer to operate as in previous releases contact to learn how to disable this new feature. Improve  
8310 When zooming or rotating a 3D view an orange sphere now displays the point the zoom or rotation is being centered on. If you would prefer to operate like previous releases contact to learn how to disable this new feature. Improve  
8323 The Define Geographic Units dialog now has a control to set the Project units (for elevation when using lat/long, and XYZ for other coordinate systems). Improve  
8325 PhotoModeler starts a bit faster now. Improve  
8315 If a point is already highlighted in the External Geometry Explorer, and then you switch to Multi-point Auto-detect Mode, the Auto-detect will start with the selected point instead of the top of the list. Improve Scanner/Motion
8316 When using Multi-point or Control Auto-detect mode the Zoom and Center all button is now enabled. Improve Scanner/Motion
8312 Fixed a camera station sizing issue with projects containing static (non-transformed) imports. Fix  
8313 When a 3D camera station symbol has more than one highlight color the one deemed to be more significant is displayed. Fix  
8321 Fixed an issue that, after idealizing a project, would put up a warning about assigning a non-idealized camera to an idealized photo. Fix  
8324 Plugged a small memory leak in the Run Script Dialog. Fix  
8314 The spheres that indicate which points in an imported PointMesh have been used as Control now remain a fixed screen size regardless of the zoom. Fix Scanner/Motion
8322 Fixed an issue that could cause quality textures to have grey artifacts when using idealized images. Fix Scanner/Motion
8309 Fixed a crash that could happen when 3D curve photo projections were turned on and a new referenced curve was created that only has a single point in it. Crash Fix  
8317 Fixed a crash that could occur in some situations when 3D objects were projected on photos. Crash Fix  
8318 Fixed a crash that could happen when closing a project containing curves through points. Crash Fix  
8319 Fixed a case where a crash could happen when 5+ levels of progress were displayed. This includes a case where crashes could occur when processing weak non-smart projects. Crash Fix  
8320 Fixed a hang that could happen when automarking noisy images. Crash Fix  
8311 Running the SmartMatch process from the Project menu, when control points are already marked in the project, would cause a crash during the Orient stage. This is fixed. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2016.0.5 to 2016.0.6 [Mar 24, 2016]   (21 changes)    
8288 Added additional information (like CPU type) to the crash report file. Improve  
8295 A new 3 pixel tolerance has been added to lower the sensitivity of click-drag mouse navigation in 3D Viewer. This helps when selecting items at a fine scale. The tolerance can be set with a new PhotoModeler configuration file (PhotoModeler.ini) setting. Improve  
8303 Add .xyzrgb as a possible file extension for import. Improve  
8306 The list of project types on the Getting Started panel - for creating a new project - has been ordered more logically based on the more typical projects created. Improve  
8307 Added text to the 'Choose Camera dialog' (for when it comes up during project setup in the wizard) to clarify what happens when the Cancel button is pressed. As well changed the order of buttons for clarity. Improve  
8299 Small improvement to the speed of mesh volume calculations. Improve Scanner/Motion
8304 A message now appears when a new PointMesh is created - to help with isolating PointMeshes and keep the number of unneeded meshes to a minimum. The message has two options: a) to remove all existing meshes and/or b) open the PointMesh table (so existing meshes can be reviewed). Improve Scanner/Motion
8289 Fixed some small typos in some warning messages. Fix  
8298 Updated how the 3D view selection works - improving some cases where it was hard to select overlapping features. Fix  
8290 Added some additional error checking and feedback when setting up type 2 projects. Fix Motion only
7710 Improved speed of exporting large triangulated meshes to .obj, .wrl, .3ds, and .fbx formats. Fix Scanner/Motion
8300 The External Geometry Explorer's 'valid'/green-check-mark icons now update when the SmartMatch process orients a photo assigned to a transform point. Fix Scanner/Motion
8291 Fixed a crash that could happen when an invalid file name or file was selected when loading a camera in the new project wizard. Crash Fix  
8292 Fixed a crash that would happen when using the Convert Import tool to adjust the precision of imported control points before at least 3 control points have been marked, or when the coordinate system was defined by a non-control object. Crash Fix  
8294 Creating a new camera from the Cameras dialog is now only allowed when a valid sample image has been selected. Crash Fix  
8296 Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting a scale object from the External Geometry Explorer. Crash Fix  
8297 Fixed a crash that could happen when referencing with a 3D viewer open. Crash Fix  
8301 Fixed a potential problem when generating a new table layout in certain unusual circumstances. Crash Fix  
8305 Fixed a problem when using the Page Up/Page Down keys to open photos when sequencing through the beginning or end of the photo list. Crash Fix  
8308 When an installation issue leaves the tutorial list blank, clicking on the "Stream video" button now gives a warning explaining there has been an issue with the install. Crash Fix  
8302 Fixed a crash that occurred when importing a point cloud with very few points. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2016.0.4 to 2016.0.5 [Feb 11, 2016]   (19 changes)    
8280 Replaced various graphics (tab icons, wizard graphic) with the flat style icon. Improve  
8284 When creating a manual project in the wizard the warning about working with too many photos at once now comes up if more than 10 photos are added. Improve  
8271 Minor improvement when running MVS on a non-smart match project. Improve Scanner/Motion
8281 1. The Progress dialog has a new spinner display to replace the moving bars in the bottom left corner. 2. The Orientation stage of Smart Match now updates the Progress display more often so the "Not Responding" Windows message no longer appears. 3. The Progress Dialog no longer shows the Pause or Help buttons. In modern multi-core computers having the ability to pause and get control over cpu resources is no longer needed. Also in multi-threaded code the pause action is not as well defined. The Help button is not often used here as well (and requires Pause to work). There is a setting to turn them back on if you use Pause often - contact support. Improve Scanner/Motion
8278 Fixed a problem with PhotoModeler (does not apply to Scanner and Motion) where the "Create Coded Targets" tool was missing from the File menu, and and manual coded target marking was disabled. Fix  
8279 Fixed a problem with Reset Toolbar Layouts, where the correct state of the toolbars wouldn't load fully until PhotoModeler was restarted. Fix  
8275 Changes to video frame extraction and settings to improve the extracted frame count. Fix Scanner/Motion
8286 When the setting to run MVS after SmartMatching was selected on the SmartMatch settings dialog (was ok when run from the wizard), the downsample level was always forced to 1. The setting on the dialog or the automatically computed setting will now be used. Fix Scanner/Motion
8293 When parts of multiple meshes are selected in PointMesh Edit Mode the split command will no longer combine these into a single mesh. Instead the parts of each mesh selected will be split into their own mesh. Fix Scanner/Motion
8269 Fixed a crash that could happen when a 3D viewer was open in referencing mode and a highlight was updated. Crash Fix  
8272 Fixed a crash that happens if a new project is started in the wizard and without saving the project a project is loaded from the view tutorials dialog. Then, when prompted asking if the untitled project should be saved, it is canceled. Crash Fix  
8274 A crash no longer happens after deactivating. Crash Fix  
8276 If an installation issues causes the tutorial dialog list to be empty clicking on the download tutorials will no longer cause a crash. Instead a warning will come up explaining the installation issue and the tutorial download page will open successfully. Crash Fix  
8282 Fixed a crash that could happen if a calibration project was started with a set of photos that did not share the same properties. For example if some photos were rotated. Crash Fix  
8283 Fixed a crash that could happen when the "< Back" button was used in the new project wizard and photos were removed from the project. Crash Fix  
8285 Fixed a crash that would happen if a control point was marked on a photo and that photo was either deleted from the project or a new project was loaded, then a control mark was placed in a 3D view. Crash Fix  
8270 Fixed two places in MVS and Smart Orientation that could potentially cause a crash when multiple threads are running Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
8273 Fixed a crash that could happen when using PointMesh edit mode to split or delete all triangles in a mesh followed by another PointMesh edit mode selection without switching to a different mode in between. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
8277 Prevented a potential crash when running SmartMatch with an unusual set of images, eg with no points detected during video frame extraction. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2016.0.3 to 2016.0.4 [Jan 25, 2016]   (7 changes)    
8266 Updates to various icons that appear on pane tabs. Improve  
8264 Added additional checks to assist finding an issue when running processing with high residual removal enabled. Fix  
8265 Fixed and reworded warnings when re-auto-assigning import points in certain failure cases. Applies to 2016.0.3 beta version only. Fix  
8267 Minor rewording on the Project Status Report. Fix  
8262 When a SmartMatch project includes running MVS the down sample rate defaults to the same as the MVS dialog would. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8263 Fixed a crash that could happen when an offset point is updated while a photo is open and 3D offsets are visible. Crash Fix  
8268 Fixed a crash that could happen when a 3D viewer was set to be the reference source view. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2016.0.2 to 2016.0.3 [Jan 14, 2016] [Non-public BETA release]   (33 changes)    
8236 Added a new tool to automatically assign control, pinned and multi-point transform points to associated points in the project. Points can be assigned by matching user name or point IDs. Significant  
8258 The PhotoModeler toolbar and menu icons have undergone a facelift. The new, more modern, 'flat' look is crisper and should make it easier to pick out tools. Though the look has changed, for the most part, tool positions and ordering have remained constant to avoid confusion. Significant  
8231 The color of the body of the camera station symbol can now be adjusted on the Preferences dialog. Improve  
8235 Added the user license serial number SN to the crash report log.Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Improve  
8244 Added a new configuration setting to control the near clipping plane for rendered projections of 3D data on photos. If the rendered projections seem cropped or missing something in a photo contact to find out how to use this setting. Improve  
8246 If using Quick Referencing, and multiple points are selected that are marked on the same photo, a warning dialog now gives the option of continuing with the reference keeping only one of the marks. Improve  
8248 The 'Zoom and Center All' tool now works with the Point Review Pane. When the Point Review Pane is active, the tool's button will be enabled and clicking it will cause all review windows to zoom to the same level as the active one and center around the reviewed point. Improve  
8252 Improvement to the speed of deleting points from a 3D viewer, updating highlights, opening tables, and other areas. Improve  
8229 PointMesh Edit mode now supports Open Photos Showing Selected. Any photos that the selected sub-points project onto and are under 90 degrees to the points normal will be opened. Improve Scanner/Motion
8243 Minor improvements to speed of point auto-detect. Improve Scanner/Motion
8245 A new setting "Increase window size each iteration" is now available in the MVS advanced settings group. This setting controls how the search window size is handled each iteration. With the setting on more matches are likely to be found but there is potential for more incorrect noise matches. Improve Scanner/Motion
8256 The SmartMatch details report now displays the status of auto-calibration. Improve Scanner/Motion
8260 A few more small improvements in speed to the robust orientation stage in smart projects. Improve Scanner/Motion
8230 When removing photos from a project, if a warning appears about the effect of the removal on the coordinate system, it will now only appear once, rather than for each image removed. Fix  
8233 If PhotoModeler was closed while a pane was floating when it re-opens the panes title bar will now correctly display [Floating]. Fix  
8234 Improvements to 3D viewer navigation speed after changing a visibility setting. Fix  
8241 When loading a text file in the Run Script dialog, the file filter is now correctly set up for text files, so that only text files can be selected. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix  
8247 The 3D viewer fly-out visibility pane now only has one settings group header. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix  
8251 Point and Camera position data is restricted to one decimal on Point and Photo tables and in Photo Properties while in Demo mode. Applies to PhotoModeler v2016 only. Fix  
8254 If a project had 3D projections turned on and lots of surface draw points any open photos would flicker while doing updates after processing. This has been fixed. Fix  
8228 When Smart Orient is selected on the Processing Dialog if Auto-calibration is unchecked it will now force auto-calibration off. Previously it would run auto-calibration on uncalibrated cameras. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8232 The summary display now shows the correct Smoothing/Sharpness setting used by triangulation. Fix Scanner/Motion
8238 Fixed a minor issue where a point could be tagged during SmartMatch in rare circumstances. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8240 When removing photos from a project with a GPS geo coord system set up, the warning about a potential coordinate system change now only comes up once. Fix Scanner/Motion
8250 The orientation stage of smart projects that had few photos (less than 7) or had poor overlap would sometimes result in just 2 photos being oriented. This has been improved/fixed. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8237 Fixed a problem where unassigning then re-assigning a pinned import point could cause a crash if done in a certain order. Crash Fix  
8239 Fixed problem when running processing from a script, where a progress dialog could inappropriately appear and stay open. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix  
8255 A crash no longer happens when deleting a mark when two 2D point mark tables are open. Crash Fix  
8257 Fixed an occasional problem with the Open Next Photo tool when using the tool with the last photo in the project set. Crash Fix  
8259 Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting a project transform with a table view open after deleting another project object. Crash Fix  
8249 Fixed a case where Smart processing with control points could cause a crash. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
8253 Fixed a crash that could happen during the SmartMatch project marking and matching phase. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
8261 Fixed a crash that could happen when re-running a SmartMatch project with an open 3D viewer. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2016.0.1 to 2016.0.2 [Dec 16, 2015] [Non-public BETA release]   (7 changes)    
8223 The 3D viewer point display style now defaults to 'color from photo'. This default is controlled by your configuration file - if you prefer the old solid color default contact Improve Scanner/Motion
8224 Fixed a problem with the SmartMatch photo status summary when the photo sequence didn't start at Photo #1. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix  
8225 Default Update check interval resets to 14 days on full install. Fix  
8221 The spacing of photo IDs on the SmartMatch summary dialog now works correctly for projects with fewer than 10 photos and the photos are numbered something other than 1-9. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8226 Fixed a problem with SmartMatch Auto-calibration where it was setting the calibrated flag but not correctly performing the calibration. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8227 Project units are set to Meters when setting up a GPS coordinate system from image EXIF headers during the SmartMatch project setup. Applies to v2016.0.1/2 only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8222 Fixed an assert crash that would happen when running SmartMatch on a project with photo numbers starting at a number other than one. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2016.0.0 to 2016.0.1 [Dec 14, 2015] [Non-public BETA release]   (30 changes)    
8194 Improved performance of operations that would cause a full update of any open point tables. (eg. changing a point responsible for defining the coordinate system) Improve  
8195 Large improvement to the closing speed of a 3D viewer when lots of items are displayed, plus a smaller improvement to loading time. Improve  
8196 The 3D viewer visibility fly-out pane now has a control for the camera station size. Improve  
8198 Changed the short form name for US survey feet to USft. Improve  
8200 The number of decimal places used in the External Geometry list views is now a preference, defaulting to 4. Improve  
8204 An alert popup dialog is now displayed while the project auto-save is happening. Improve  
8207 The default number of recent projects shown on the File menu has increased to 20. Improve  
8208 Added the ability to set a time range (in seconds) for automatic video frame extraction. Improve  
8205 When there is insufficient free RAM for MVS to run on all cores (or to run at all) the message will now display the expected amount of free memory. Improve Scanner/Motion
8192 The 3D viewer option to color surfaces by height now works correctly for non-mesh surfaces. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix  
8193 The 3D viewer color surfaces by number of photos now takes into account not only the view angle, but also which side of the surface the camera is positioned. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix  
8197 If show frustums only on select is chosen and then frustums are turned off they no longer continue to show on selection. Fix  
8199 The units available for imported files now matches the full set of units available in PhotoModeler, adding US survey feet. Fix  
8206 Changed a few places that said "autocalibration" to "auto-calibration". Fix  
8209 The 3D viewer 'Update' button will now also update surfaces colored by height or by number of photos. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix  
8210 Fixed a problem where the Shape Edge Marking tool wouldn't enable. Fix  
8211 Fixed a problem that could cause the certain warnings or progress dialogs from hiding behind the SmartMatch Summary dialog. Fix  
8212 Fixed a problem where the Demo Intro dialog would show that the initial trial was expired when in fact there was part of a day remaining. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix  
8213 Minor changes to certain restrictions during Demo mode. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix  
8191 When running a SmartMatch project from the wizard the top level progress bar now correctly reflects the number of steps selected. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8217 Fixed some memory leaks in new orientation alg. These leaks could greatly affect larger projects and could cause large loss of memory, slow downs, and possibly crashes. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Fix Scanner/Motion
8201 Fixed a crash with 2D point table when loading old (pre-2010) projects. Crash Fix  
8202 Fixed crash when using the 2D Mark table during referencing. Crash Fix  
8203 Fixed a case where processing (background, or manual) could remove points referenced on only one photo. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix  
8214 Starting a manual project with photos containing GPS EXIF data, no longer prompts to set up a GPS coordinate system (project like this usually aren't appropriate due to their typical smaller scale). GPS is only assigned during project setup for SmartMatch projects. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix  
8216 Fixed a crash that would happen when switching to multi-point transform assign mode with a geographic transform selected. Crash Fix  
8218 Fixed a crash when rerunning SmartMatch with certain photos set to Do Not Use. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix  
8220 Fixed a crash that could happen when closing the license dialog box after opening demo project via the Tutorials dialog. Crash Fix  
8215 Fixed a crash that would happen when DSM masks with the same file name as the images of a project were being automatically assigned. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
8219 Fixed a potential problem if a 3D Viewer does not open during a SmartMatch project. Applies to 2016.0 beta only. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2015.1.1 to 2016.0.0 [Dec 1, 2015] [Non-public BETA release]   (85 changes)    
8065 Added the "Run Script" tool to the File menu to run a script from within PhotoModeler, using the API commands. This allows for batch processing and helps with automation. As well, 'DDE Commands' have been renamed 'API Commands' as they can now be called from scripts or via the DDE interface. Significant  
8178 The Demo/Evaluation system has been revamped to allow for an initial unlocked evaluation period, after which PhotoModeler goes into a restricted Demo state. A Trial/Evaluation code can still also be requested. The Demo/Evaluation Welcome screen has also been revamped. Significant  
8115 The photo orientation algorithm used in Smart Projects has undergone a complete rewrite. The major objective was speed improvements - esp. with projects with large numbers of photos (such as UAS projects). The improvements with this new algorithm are: - speed - orders of magnitude faster for bigger projects (100+ photos). - greater capability with weak projects (poor photo overlap). - improved camera auto-calibration - more parameters solved and now decides, based on project geometry, which are correct camera params to solve. - improve handling of control points (looser restrictions - don't need 4 control on a single photo now - just 4+ control spread across project). - can now terminate orientation processing early and you are given choice to keep the largest set of photos oriented so far - great for large projects that are taking time. Significant Scanner/Motion
8128 Triangulated PointMeshes have two new display styles "Color from height" and "Color from photo overlap". These 'false color' textures provide visual feedback. Significant Scanner/Motion
8184 When setting up a new SmartMatch project, and the loaded photos contain EXIF GPS (geographic) tags, a new wizard pane allows you to set up a coordinate system automatically based on this GPS information. As well, until the photos are oriented, new selectable spherical GPS camera station symbols are displayed in the 3D Viewer showing the gps data graphically. When at least one photo is oriented, the GPS camera station symbols are replaced with the regular camera symbols. Great feature for UAS/UAV/drone photography with embedded gps. Significant Scanner/Motion
7876 Improved the speed of a) project loading (especially newly saved projects), b) adding of photos to the project, and c) opening of the processing report. Improve  
8045 During auto-detect mode for multi-point transform and control point marking, the delete menu (and delete key) is now available making it easier to delete a mis-marked point in the review pane. Improve  
8062 All graphs/charts can now be zoomed. Click on the graph and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom. Once zoomed the left mouse button can be used to pan. Additionally, a wait cursor now comes up when building larger graphs/charts. Improve  
8089 The check point table now correctly displays the deltas for active and inactive control points and updates when individual control points active state changes. Improve  
8095 The best fit plane tool is now available when imported and offset points are selected. Improve  
8097 Reworded various items on the License Management dialog and confirmations for clarification. Improve  
8106 If a project's photos have had their image format changed (eg. converted from .tif to .jpg), and the project is opened and PM is looking for the missing images, once one of the images has been identified the rest will automatically be found. Improve  
8120 A progress dialog now comes up while photos are being added to a project. Improve  
8123 Offset points can now be used as part of multipoint transforms. Improve  
8132 The API/DDE 'AddLayer' command now has an optional extra parameter to set the newly added layer as the default for all newly created objects. Syntax: AddLayer LayerName [Set as Default] Example: AddLayer EastSide 1 Improve  
8135 The 3D viewer Camera Station symbol has been improved with a more realistic look. If you prefer the old symbol contact to find out how to restore it. Improve  
8148 When an unexpected exit or crash occurs, PhotoModeler will now create a log of the error and a prompt to send the crash report by e-mail to PhotoModeler support to aid with debugging. Improve  
8153 Minor improvements to the loading speed of large imports. Improve  
8157 Added a new option for running auto calibration when Smart orientation is turned on via the processing dialog. Improve  
8160 The 2D Point Marks table now shows the point's layer and material. Improve  
8161 Various licensing dialog boxes have been reworded for clarification. Improve  
8163 Add various Preference settings for SmartMatch and EXIF GPS default settings. Improve  
8172 Improved the speed of selecting a large number of items. Improve  
8186 When an image's EXIF header contains an invalid format size units entry, the format size will now be estimated using the 35mm focal length. Improve  
8048 When using the modify mesh steps to create a point cloud, the resulting mesh will now share the same material as the mesh selected for modification. Improve Scanner/Motion
8060 The PointMesh Point Cloud display style now defaults to "color from photo" Improve Scanner/Motion
8064 Various DSM MVS parameters are now stored when the project is saved. Improve Scanner/Motion
8118 The Smart Project Summary dialog for feature detection, matching and orientation has progress feedback in the form of photo numbers that change color. This has been cleaned up a bit, colors changed, and a new form is used that should remove the occasional issue with larger projects that the numbers would not all appear. Improve Scanner/Motion
8119 Added a warning when trimming a triangulated mesh fails. Improve Scanner/Motion
8147 The DDE "TriangulatePointMesh" command now defaults to include trimming. Improve Scanner/Motion
8151 Sped up the selection of points from a mesh in the External Geometry Explorer. Improve Scanner/Motion
8165 Rarely used columns (related to Pair-based DSM) have been hidden by default from the PointMesh table (for new installations). Improve Scanner/Motion
8180 Error codes added to certain error messages that could appear during problematic video extraction. Improve Scanner/Motion
3219 Improved the message and help links explaining why a project cannot process if an inverse camera solution was selected and no control points have been added, or when no photos are set to be used. Fix  
7835 Some parallel sections would treat the number of cores to use preference as either an all or 1 setting. These sections now use the correct number of cores set by the preference. Fix  
7878 The check point table 'ID' column is now called 'Name' to match the title used in the External Geometry Explorer. Fix  
8023 The tab order of the renumber dialog has been improved. Fix  
8024 The help link on the warning that comes up when trying to add a RAD offset to a non-coded point now links to the correct section in the help file. Fix  
8032 When a new Coded Target Offset Group is added, it is now automatically selected - making it easier to edit right away. Fix  
8039 The average point angle displayed on the processing report now correctly ignores referenced but non-3D points. Fix  
8041 The "T. Surfaces" progress title has been changed to "Texture", a better description of the task. Fix  
8047 Fixed a problem in the External Geometry Explorer with setting the scale using the Preference settings when certain units used. Fix  
8053 Improved the error handling when running with an installation that has been corrupted or incomplete. Fix  
8061 With some projects, the Photo Connectivity Chart would show the photo numbers out of order. This has been fix so both the X and Y axis will always be ordered by photo number. In addition this chart is now filled by default (instead of just the lower triangle) - this makes it easier to see gaps in overlap with a quick glance. There is an ini setting to change back to the lower triangular form. Fix  
8066 Fixed a problem where the Windows file selector dialog (eg Open Project) would revert to a simpler form in certain situations, limiting selection options. Fix  
8067 Fixed a problem in the New Project Wizard for Inverse Camera projects with multiple mismatching photos. You can now properly create an Inverse Camera for each of the mismatched images. Fix  
8072 When exporting to DXF certain characters that are not supported by AutoCAD in layer names were replaced by spaces. These spaces are sometimes not supported either so are now removed. A layer "Name: with a space" is exported as "Namewithaspace". Fix  
8079 Coded Target Projects no longer use the "Smart Orient" option by default. Fix  
8081 Fixed a minor problem that could cause a memory leak when clicking the Apply Transform button on the Convert Import dialog box. Fix  
8082 Added a warning message when volume measurements aren't available when certain lat/long coordinate systems are in use. Fix  
8091 When adding photos with different properties (eg. different resolutions) to a manual modelling project choosing the 'Select a single camera source in the net pane (or if this is an Inverse Camera project)" option on the Camera Assignment dialog will now advance to the choose cameras wizard pane. Fix  
8100 Points set to 'Frozen' no longer show precision values in Point Table. Fix  
8108 Manually adding a new control point to an existing imported file will now display the point in the correct position in any open 3D views (including the External Geometry Explorer). Fix  
8109 Editing a control point's position now updates all open 3D views. Fix  
8122 Removed some unused controls/text from the export settings tab. Fix  
8126 The External Geometry Explorer now displays the state of the multi-point transform more clearly and updates when points are assigned/unassigned or edited. Fix  
8138 When a 3D Viewer is open before any photos are oriented, once photos are oriented, the Camera Station visibility settings are correctly added to the visibility fly-out pane. Fix  
8142 When the 3D Viewer Visibility dialog is used to update the state of a setting, any corresponding setting on the 3D Viewer Visibility fly-out pane that has dependencies now correctly enables/disables the appropriate controls. Fix  
8146 The units display for "survey feet" is now "US survey feet" to clarify. Fix  
8155 After 4 control points have been marked the External Geometry Explorer 3D view and any open 3D views reset to account for the coordinate system shift. Fix  
8159 The Point Table now shows "n/a" for Precision values if the point is frozen. Fix  
8166 Fixed a problem with the Renew Subscription utility that could cause the update to write to the wrong configuration file, when multiple versions of PhotoModeler were installed. Fix  
8169 Targeted auto-projects run through the wizard no longer default to using Smart Orientation. Fix  
8174 Using the DDE OpenProject command will now close any already open projects which could have resulting in a check and repair error. Fix  
7755 When marking control points from a mesh after a project orients the control point spheres could be displayed in the wrong location or very large. Fix Scanner/Motion
8016 PointMesh Edge Region Mode is much faster with large point or triangle selections. Fix Scanner/Motion
8018 The alert pop-up that appears after using Slice mode while holding CTRL down now explains only one new mesh was created. Fix Scanner/Motion
8036 Left-click mouse-drag type rotation in the 3D viewer is now disabled during Crop, Slice, and Profile Contour modes to make these modes and actions clearer. Fix Scanner/Motion
8038 Fixed cases where slicing a PointMesh Surface with a flipped plane would keep the part of the mesh on the wrong side of the plane. Fix Scanner/Motion
8042 When a new MVS downsample level is entered it will be saved with the project and used as the default for future MVS runs. Fix Scanner/Motion
8069 Added a message to the Measure pane when a mesh is selected for volume measurement with a lat/long geographic coordinate system in place - the volume cannot be calculated with this type of coordinate system, at this time. Fix Scanner/Motion
8141 The 3D Point count displayed on the summary dialog after automated projects now accounts for only oriented photos. Fix Scanner/Motion
8152 The point visibility setting on the External Geometry Explorer now applies to control points created from meshes as well as regular control points. Fix Scanner/Motion
8162 Fixed a rare issue when generating a PointMesh with points selected. Fix Scanner/Motion
8057 Fixed a crash that could occur with weak inverse camera projects when both focal length and principal point inverse solutions were requested. Crash Fix  
8080 Fixed a problem with the Shapes Viewer where adding certain shapes to a project with existing shapes could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
8101 Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the material or layer of an imported object. Crash Fix  
8121 Converting an imported control object to a multi-point transform when part of the imported object is selected no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
8124 Fixed a crash that could happen when an offset point was used to define the coordinate system and it's type was changed from RAD. Crash Fix  
8164 Fixed a problem that could cause a crash if an image's mask image had been moved and the project reopened. Crash Fix  
8187 Importing an invalid text file (with no valid data lines) no longer can cause a crash. Crash Fix  
8189 Fixed a case where, after drawing several curves, the right click curve menu could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
8190 Fixed a case where referencing a closed curve between photos where the match is so wrong that none of the destination curve points project onto the source photo could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
8056 Fixed a crash that could happen when LSM tracking some specific target types. Crash Fix Motion only
8188 If the option to remove PointMeshes before processing is chosen the selection will now be cleared. Previously if a contour was selected it could lead to a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2015.1.0 to 2015.1.1 [May 4, 2015]   (56 changes)    
7910 The External Geometry Explorer (EGE) has 3 new modes: Multi-point Transform assign mode: Highlight a multi-point transform coordinate in the EGE and then select a point in a photo to assign the transform coordinates. Multi-point Transform auto-detect mode: Highlight a multi-point transform coordinate in the EGE and then click on a photo to create a new point that will be automatically detected across other photos. If you click on an existing point while in this mode it will act like assign mode. Control auto-detect: A new control marking mode that uses point-auto detect. Click on one photo to mark a control point and it will be detected on other photos, like point auto-detect mode. Significant Scanner/Motion
7959 New PointMesh editing tools: two new modes - 'Slice PointMesh Surface' and 'Crop PointMesh Surface'; and a new action button 'Slice PointMesh Surface by Plane'. In Slice mode you draw a line in a 3D view - that line defines a clean cut dividing a mesh in two (will sub-divide triangles at cut line). Holding the Ctrl key in Slice mode will leave only the largest of the two slices. In Crop mode you draw a box in a 3D view - the box defines a clean-edge rectangular crop of any underlying meshes. Any parts of the mesh outside the box will be discarded leaving a clean rectangular edge. The Slice by Plane action enables when a Plane Surface and one or more triangulated PointMesh Surfaces are selected. Pressing the button will Slice the selected PointMeshes creating clean cut leaving only the parts above the plane. Significant Scanner/Motion
7983 A new "Seal PointMesh Surface" tool has been added. Select one or more triangulated meshes and use this tool to create closed watertight meshes. The tool tries to close all meshes but works best with well formed meshes. Creating clean edges before using Seal, e.g. using the new slice or crop modes, can help. Significant Scanner/Motion
7409 A new pane in Preferences, called "Measure", has settings to enable/disable what measurement types appear in the Measure Pane. Improve  
7888 The information window, showing a point's properties, that displays as you mouse over a point on a photo, now highlights the IDs of all open photos in green. Improve  
7916 Renumber dialog's tool to renumber photos now has an option to renumber using the photo filename for sorting. Improve  
7931 Added configuration file settings (ie PhotoModeler.ini file settings) to control the number of decimals in return values of DDE commands. Improve  
7949 The mouse scroll wheel will now zoom the 3D view while over the bottom left corner controls. If you are using the buttons in the corner to rotate, you can now zoom using the scroll wheel at the same time. Improve  
7956 The Auto-save Project feature will now save the project in Photo 1's folder (as "Unititled_AutoSave.pmr") if the autosave is initiated before the project has been actually saved. Improve  
7960 Open Next and Open Previous Photo buttons are now on the Window menu, are customisable, and have the Page Up and Page Down shortcut keyboard keys. Improve  
7961 The 3D Viewer Scroll Zoom is now more sensitive at higher zoom levels, making scroll zooming smoother when zoomed close in. Improve  
7977 Added a way to set the coordinate system (Scale, Rotate, Translate) using predefined Coded Targets in the External Geometry Explorer using the RAD Project Preference settings. Improve  
7984 Changed how surface smoothing normals work to better account for sharp edges. Improve  
8006 The default 3D Viewer mouse navigation no longer needs the Alt key depressed when the cursor is not on the bottom controls. That is, click and drag (in the 3d viewer window) with the left mouse button down now rotates the scene (click on an item with no mouse movement will select), click and drag mouse middle button(scroll wheel) pans, and click and drag (up/down) the mouse right button zooms. This makes 3D Viewer interaction more like other 3D applications. The navigation controls at bottom right of the 3D Viewer can still be used. The Preferences dialog still has settings to require the Alt key; this change just affects the default settings for new installations. Existing users can use the "Reset to default values" button on Preferences' 3D Viewer "Selection and Navigation" page. Improve  
7939 The number of decimal places on the export settings dialog now applies to DXF contours. Improve Scanner/Motion
7953 The prompt warning that meshes will not be updated after processing now includes an option to remove all meshes before re-processing. Improve Scanner/Motion
7962 When a PointMesh surface is selected, the Measure Pane now displays a new tye of volume: "Volume above/below auto-close plane". This value is often a good way to calculate the volume of an open 2.5D mesh, such as a stockpile. The value is computed by taking the points along the largest open area of the mesh, creating a best fit plane, closing the mesh with that plane, and then computing volume of the closed shape. Improve Scanner/Motion
7982 On the Modify Mesh dialog if one of the additional triangle options is selected that group will now be expanded by default. Improve Scanner/Motion
7680 Minor improvements to speed when using CTRL or Shift on a table view. This change also fixes a case where the measure pane would display multiple copies of the same measurement when using either modifier key on a table. Fix  
7853 Renaming the top level or individual points on a geographic or multi-point transform now works as expected. Fix  
7887 The value column of the Offset Table now displays n/a for RAD offsets. The offset value for RAD offsets is calculated, rather than entered as a user property. Fix  
7923 As it will never run, the automatic processing icon on the status bar and Project Information Dialog can no longer be set active for non-regular point projects. Fix  
7932 Small improvement to speed of deleting a project which may also help with some small delays in processing. Fix  
7933 When the Photo List has a row with fewer than half the number of thumbnails per row, the scroll bar now allows scrolling all the way to the bottom so this partial row will be visible. Fix  
7934 The Photo List now updates on the fly as it's scroll bar slider is dragged - instead of just on release of the mouse button. Fix  
7935 Fixed a problem where no scroll bars would appear on a photo window after using the zoom-to-region tool. Fix  
7954 Reset the 'tab order' on various dialog boxes to make mouse-free interaction more intuitive and efficient. Fix  
7958 Control Marking Mode right click menu tools are now properly enabled. Fix  
7963 Revamped various popup/right click menus and tools for clarity. Fix  
7964 There were times that the 'A' key command (to center the 3D Viewer about a selected item) would not work - depending on how the 3D Viewer was activated. This has been fixed. Fix  
7965 Fixed an issue with photos scroll bars positioning and the thumb grip size now reflect the image zoom and pan position. Fix  
7966 Fixed a problem where an error message ("A error message "Unable to read in image") would come up when loading a project after updating to v2015.1.0, when a problem during installation would prevent the installer from writing to certain files/folders *usually due to a Windows Account permissions issue). Fix  
7967 Removed the non-functional Shift-Alt-A shortcut from the Referencing Toolbar due to a conflict in the Alt key command. Fix  
7971 When changing which layers to include in a 3D export now only the count of items to export on the Items tab will update. Previously the check boxes on the Items tab would be reset as well. Fix  
7973 Added a return code for manual deactivation of licenses - for troubleshooting and confirmation the deactivation. Fix  
7974 Fixed a problem where text file imports with a name/description field at the end of lines could cause problems for eventual exports. Fix  
7976 Fixed a problem with the PM Motion Point Report, where two Delta Y columns were showing. The column header label typo has been fixed. Fix  
7986 Added a suggestion to the warning that appears when a "CoCreateInstance" error appears (applies to installs where there was restricted user rights). Fix  
7989 There were a few issues with the Alt-zoom window not working - not centered on cursor and just scrolls. Sometimes happened with floating windows. Fixed. Fix  
7992 Fixed a problem with the "Enable Variable Thumbnail Sizes" setting on Preferences dialog. Fix  
8022 Improved the handling of exif camera make and model in cases where the firmware does not null terminate the strings. This fixes rare cases with specific cameras where mis-match errors would prevent a set of images from being loaded for calibration and matching problems would happen between images and the camera library. Fix  
7921 In Point Auto-detect mode the 3D viewer would show a no action cursor but clicking would still select objects. This has been resolved. Fix Scanner/Motion
7928 Fixed a case where the surface table highlighting vs selection would be out of sync when a PointMesh was selected. Fix Scanner/Motion
7951 When a volume calculation has a hard time closing the mesh the volume is now listed as being questionable. Fix Scanner/Motion
7994 Splitting a PointMesh no longer improperly activates DSM Trim mode. Fix Scanner/Motion
8005 The PointMesh cloud RGB calculation no longer considers unoriented photos - resulting in a minor speed improvement for some projects. Fix Scanner/Motion
7862 Selecting two curves created through points and using quick reference no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
7937 Fixed several cases where crashes or warning messages would come up when non-point objects were added or updated after a photo was viewed on the Point Review Pane. Crash Fix  
7950 In some situations if an auto-save takes too long the warning for this could appear under the 3D viewer options dialog making it look like the application had hung. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
7969 Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking certain rows in a table while in 'group sort' mode. Crash Fix  
7978 Fixed a problem where an assert error could appear when closing a Shapes-based project containing Surface Draw points with axis offset properties set. Crash Fix  
7980 Fixed a problem with the Camera Library drop-down list not populating in certain paths of the New Project Wizard. Crash Fix  
7985 Fixed a crash that could happen when 3D photo projections were turned on and an object was selected that projects outside of a photo boundary. Crash Fix  
7998 Deleting a point assigned to an imported control point and then undoing the delete and redoing the delete no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
8030 Fixed a crash that would happen when loading a project with an existing set of animation keyframes and then switching back and forth between manually selected keyframes and keyframes from photo positions. Crash Fix  
7918 Fixed a crash that could happen during MVS if a project was setup incorrectly with images assigned to a camera calibration done at a different resolution. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2015.0.0 to 2015.1.0 [Mar 3, 2015]   (24 changes)    
7905 Added +/- controls to the Photo List pane to increase and decrease photo thumbnail/chip size. Significant  
7908 The new Point Review Mode shows zoomed in views of each photo a point appears on. This provides a quick way to review the point placement. Fixes to point placement can be done by dragging or deleting the mark on the review pane. Significant  
7655 A new mode "Point Auto-detect" provides a quick way to model objects. Clicking on a single photo creates a 3D point at the position selected by searching across other images and automatically finding the matching location. Significant Scanner/Motion
7866 Added checks to activation to help prevent invalid attempts. Improve  
7871 The "Modify/Convert the Selected Import" dialog now has a "Apply Transform" feature that applies and assigns the transform coordinates to the model points. Improve  
7882 There are two new tools on the photo Right Click menu to open photos - Open Next and Open Previous. These tools open either the Next or Previous photo in the list and close any currently open photos by default. Improve  
7893 The Add/Remove Photos dialog now has a way to add photos to a project "By folder...", where you select a folder and all valid images are added. Improve  
7895 A yes/no warning dialog now appears when setting up a new project if the project folder has a previously set up 'Masks' subfolder from which mask files are to be automatically assigned. Improve  
7907 The thumb grip on some scroll bars now sizes dynamically to indicate how much scrolling can be done. Improve  
7909 The New Project Wizard and Getting Started panel have been revamped. The project types on the Getting Started panel (from which the Wizard is launched) are more logically differentiated, and the setup process is more automated. Improve  
7911 The Project Review Status tool is disabled by default to help improve performance on large projects. There is a new Preferences Setting to control this on the Project pane. Improve  
7913 The Referencing tools (Reference Mode, Quick Reference and Point Auto-detect) have been consolidated into a single drop down selector on the toolbar. Improve  
7906 Added configuration (.ini) file settings to control the parameters solved by SmartMatch Auto-calibration. Improve Scanner/Motion
7631 Opening a project with 3D photo items visible and hitting the 'No 3D' button on the photo visibility pane now causes the photos to update. Fix  
7823 Fixed a problem saving a PointMesh point cloud as a text file (with RGB) where the RGB values could get out of sync with the points in certain PointMeshes. Fix  
7861 Calibration projects now default to 'not set' units, instead of meters. Fix  
7867 An inappropriate "No internet connection" warning no longer displays after certain steps with offline activation. Fix  
7875 Pinned objects now take into account the active status of each individual point. Additionally some cases where the pinned object position did not update in any open 3D views have been fixed. Fix  
7891 When setting the Z offset for the ground plane when measuring volumes,open 3D Viewer windows will now update to show the new ground plane position. Fix  
7902 The "Text File Import Filter" dialog now shows a note to clarify that only the first 20 rows of the file are shown in the summary. Fix  
7912 Removed various tools from the customizable list to prevent certain mode actions if clicked at inappropriate times. Fix  
7917 In rare situations with a very weak project, the DDE Process command could cause a warning to come up. This has been fixed so that warnings do not appear to keep the command free of user interaction. Fix  
7896 Fixed a problem that could cause a crash on some systems when clicking the "New" button on the Camera Viewer dialog. Crash Fix  
7915 PointMesh Edit mode now has two separate modes - single and region select on a drop down tool on the DSM toolbar and menu. When using the PointMesh Edit Region Select mode, you no longer have to enter a separate temporary region select sub-mode. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2014.1.1 to 2015.0.0 [Dec 3, 2014]   (58 changes)    
7838 MVS Dense Surface creation is now optimized to use multiple CPU cores. Depending on the project size and number of cores, the time to create point meshes may be as much as 5 times faster. Significant Scanner/Motion
169 When a camera is created using DDE the calibration type is now listed as "Created via DDE" and the camera is consdered to be calibrated. Improve  
5752 Selecting any combination of lines, curves, edges, cylinders, and shape edges will now display a sum of their lengths on the Measure pane. Improve  
7520 The orthophoto export dialog now supports print scales less than 1:1. If you are outputting a small object the print size can be set to a ratio such as 1:0.5 so the output size would be twice the object's size. Improve  
7672 The 'Open Photos Showing Selected' command now works with offset points and lines between offset points. Improve  
7726 A new preference setting controls if the Camera Undistort cache file (.ldl) is written to disc and saved with the project, or recreated each time it is needed. Default it to save to disc. Turning this off saves disc space (the ldl files can be large) but increases the time to recreate the map file sometimes. Improve  
7752 The 3D model export overview tab now indicates when RGB values will be exported with Points, SmartPoints, and PointMeshes. Improve  
7759 Updated the Scale/Rotate wizard to help idenfity which axis is being selected and fixed a case where the next button could tempoarily disable druing axis selection. Improve  
7787 The Processing Report now displays the product name (PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner, or PhotoModeler Motion) as well as the version. Improve  
7789 Mask mode improvements: - Added an 'Invert Mask' tool to the Mask mode right click menu. - Added a 'Cancel Mask' command which allows one to restart the mask -same as hitting Esc on keyboard. - Fixed a problem where the right click menu went out of sync when switching photos while in Mask mode. - Reworded the right click menu for clarity. Improve  
7791 Using the mouse scroll wheel when the cursor is over a photo or 3D view, when other panes (such as the External Geometry Explorer) are active, will now activate the view the cursor is over - allowing scroll zooming. Improve  
7795 Minor optimizations to various 3D exports. Improve  
7813 The raw .txt export format now includes point IDs. By defualt Point entities will be output as: PointID X Y Z R G B To match the previous format uncheck Point IDs on the items tab before exporting. Improve  
7817 The multipoint transform summary displays a warning if the transformation cannot be computed after valid points have been assigned. This can happen when the points are all linear or the assigned x,y,z locations are significantly different from the relative positions of the assigned points. Improve  
7818 On the processing dialog the top level Orientation group label now adds the text "(Smart)"when the Smart Orientation option is selected. Improve  
7826 Changed the default flat section angle for quality textures. With most projects this produces better and faster texture results. Also added a preference for a bounding box flat section angle that can be used to speed up texture creation for surfaces that do not overlap each other. Improve  
7854 Optimize speed has been improved for projects with a large number of points. Since bundle optimized is used heavily in orientation phase of Smart Projects this can also speed up the orientation of large projects (for example a 250 photo project's orientation stage went from 13hrs to 3hrs). Improve  
7830 The Add External Geometry dialog option to add 3D data without transforming now includes an option to create an empty object where points can be added manually later. Improve  
7840 Auto-saving of projects can now be faster as the .ldl cache file will no longer be created. Improve  
7843 Improved speed of loading large projects, opening photos, 3D views, and tables. Improve  
7844 Sped up camera assignment when setting up a new project with a large number of photos. A wait cursor now also appears during the assignment process. Improve  
7848 Mask files are now checked to confirm their resolution and aspect ratio matches their associated photo. Improve  
7849 When importing a PointMesh via a PTS file, the RGB fields are now enabled by default. Improve  
7859 Improvement to the speed of operations applied to a large number of objects, such as delete. Improve  
7768 Minor optimizations to MVS. Improve Scanner/Motion
7773 The SmartPoints Project options dialog now has an option to orient all photos or just unoriented photos. Improve Scanner/Motion
7793 The Create Dense Mesh group on the SmartPoints Project options dialog now defaults to being expanded. Improve Scanner/Motion
7820 RGB color values assigned to points in a point cloud now account for associated Mask files. Improve Scanner/Motion
7832 Changes to the triangulation algorithm to improve speed, memory usage and stability. Improve Scanner/Motion
6400 The Save As... dialog now correctly adds any missing file extensions to projects that have periods in their file name. Fix  
7593 Improved the speed of selecting a large number of items in the 3D Viewer. Fix  
7627 Deleting the secondary point of a 2 point offset now also deletes the offset point. Fix  
7713 If a 3D view is open and displaying offset points the offset positions will now update correctly after processing. Fix  
7770 Preference groups with an & character in them would fail to display the 'and' in the group title. The group title now replaces the blank space with a + symbol. Fix  
7781 After changing a cylinder mark position, projected cylinders would only update if projected surfaces were also turned on. Projected cylinders now update regardless of the surface visibility state. Fix  
7790 When using the 'Print or Output Open View...' command to output a point table to the clipboard, the Red, Blue, and Green columns now display the correct values. Fix  
7794 The export 3D setting for number decimal places is now enabled for all formats it applies to. Fix  
7802 The preference setting for the orthophoto background color is now applied correctly. Fix  
7804 If a project does not meet the minimums for control processing the warning message no long comes up when cancel is selected on the processing dialog. Fix  
7808 Fixed a problem with control points in a merged project where the control points' coordinates wouldn't match original coordinates after the merge. Fix  
7811 The "Max. Residual" status bar button is now disabled when in Control Point marking mode to prevent inadvertent assignment of control points to the wrong points (ie highest residual point). Fix  
7812 When a project's coordinate system updates (new scale, rotate, translate for example), static imports now update their position relative to the new coordinate system. Fix  
7822 The offset property for Plane surfaces that have been flipped now accounts for the change in facing direction. Fix  
7824 Minor wording change to the hide setting on the Layers dialog to indicate the the layer will be hidden in 'open' 3D Views. Fix  
7827 When a static (non-transformed) object is imported into a control-oriented project, the EGE now displays the correct coordinate positions. Fix  
7831 Improved the speed of saving a mask file in Draw Mask mode. Fix  
7837 The geographic coordinate type and units can now be set after a blank 'define geographic coordinate system (added manually later)' has been created. Fix  
7839 When a geographic coordinate system is defined the meaure pane now correctly displays the elevations for camera stations and point mesh points when using units other than meters. Fix  
7845 Fixed a problem updating tooltips for the Max Residual status bar button. Fix  
7797 The 'All 3D on/off' buttons on the Photo Visibility pane now also turn SmartPoints visibility on or off. Fix Scanner/Motion
7798 Triangulating a point cloud that was created from a split mesh command would sometimes create triangles facing the wrong direction. This has been fixed. Fix Scanner/Motion
7799 Using point mesh edit mode to split or delete a sub-set of triangles from a mesh now removes any points no longer used as triangle vertices. Fix Scanner/Motion
7855 The "Max Group Size" setting on the Advanced DSM Settings property grid now has a minimum value of 4 to prevent problems with pointmesh coverage. Fix Scanner/Motion
7800 The saving of ICC color profiles with exported images (eg. via Idealizing or saving an image's enhancements) is now controlled by a preference in the Image group, and now defaults to off (ICC not saved). In some cases this save of ICC profile would cause a crash. Crash Fix  
7810 A crash could occur when a large number of multi-point transform objects were added to a project. Now if more than 5,000 points are imported the valid column displays a check box instead of an icon. Crash Fix  
7805 Fixed a rare assert (sigma == 0.0) that could happen during unstable optimization. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7821 The MVS point spacing field now enforces a minimum value of 1. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7858 Fixed a case where the grouping stage of MVS could cause a hang, especially with lower max. group sizes. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2014.1.0 to 2014.1.1 [Sep 15, 2014]   (37 changes)    
7739 Added a new 3D export texture format: Planar (orthographic) projection. This will output an easy to edit texture file with all output pixels projected onto a single plane. This texture format is most useful with 2.5D objects such as facades, cliffs, terrain created from UAV flight lines, etc. Significant  
7763 A new Draw Mask tool has been added to the Edit menu to draw masks directly onto photos for use with quality texture masking. The feature works by drawing a region which fills the mask area, sets the photo's Texture Mask property, and writes a mask image to disk. You can also edit existing masks by cutting out or subtracting a region. You can mask a whole photo (useful with subtracting mode), and clear a photo's mask. This allows for a quick and easy way to mask out areas that shouldn't be used for 'quality' texturing. Significant  
7766 SmartMatch is now available (in the menu) for all projects (not those just started with the SmartMatch Wizard). This can useful to generate a SmartPoint point cloud in a wider variety of projects. It also makes it easier and more efficient to add control points to a SmartMatch Project. See Help file. Significant Scanner/Motion
7546 The edit menu has two new options for opening photos showing the selected items. "Open Oriented Photos Showing Selected" and "Open Photos In Use Showing Selected". Improve  
7712 Surfaces created using auto-triangulation of 3D points will now default to facing away from the convex hull center. Improve  
7718 When non-matching images are loaded into a calibration project a dialog now shows which fields of the images do not match. Improve  
7722 When two or more points and a plane surface are selected the measure pane now displays the id and distance of the closest and farthest point as well as the mean distance of all selected points to the plane. Improve  
7732 The 'Quality' texture size default (3D Viewer) has been increased to 2048, and the setting to control it has been moved to the Display Styles page of the 3D Viewer Options dialog. Increasing the size of the texture map has been made possible with recent texture generation speed improvements. The Display Style page is also in a more logical location for the setting. Improve  
7733 Changed the threshold for when quality texture maps are swapped to disk to a a percentage of free memory. With this change, and some other minor optimization, large quality textures will swap to disk less often speeding up their the creation. Improve  
7744 Orthophoto output now works with imported surfaces and shapes. Improve  
7745 When a surface is assigned a material with occlusion checking turned on orthophoto creation will be much faster. Improve  
7760 .pts export now defaults to a single space delimiter between columns so packages such as Aras360 that do not support column formatted spacing can read the file. Improve  
7761 Improved handling of double sided surfaces when creating an orthophoto. Improve  
7767 32bit versions of PhotoModeler now show "32-bit" on various title bars, making it easier to more quickly determine the version installed and running. Improve  
7782 A new option on the processing dialog "Use Smart Orient" uses the same orientation algorithm as running a SmartMatch project. This option will be on by default for SmartMatch and Automatic Coded Target projects. Improve  
7704 When the 'Open' button on the export summary, orthophoto export, or video export does not find an application associated with the file extension/type a warning dialog will explain the file cannot be opened. Documentation  
7596 The option (Preferences dialog, General page) to save a project in the 2013.0.0 format has been removed. Fix  
7709 If a project is saved with a 3D Viewer set to a 'stored' view, and then it is re-opened, the view will now be set to 'top' as the temporarily stored view position no longer applies. Fix  
7725 The file filter for the Save As dialog now defaults to *.pmr instead of showing all files. Fix  
7737 The world file output for projects using non-meter units and in a non-geographic coordinate system is now ouptut correctly. Fix  
7738 The Set Geo Coordinate System button on the External Geometry Explorer (EGE) is now only visible/active when a geographic coordinate type is active in the EGE. Fix  
7743 Adding a second set of control data to a project already oriented using one set now correctly displays the second import in 3D views and projections imediately after import. In the previous version they would display correctly after re-opening the project or re-activating the import. Fix  
7746 Exporting a project setup using control points no longer gives a warning about the coordinate system setup. Fix  
7747 3D data added to a project without transforming (static) imports are now in the correct position when a project is oriented by control points. Fix  
7749 Exporting projects oriented using control points would sometimes be in the wrong coordinate system. This includes camera positions export to the MaxScript format. Fix  
7751 Fixed a problem where there was only partial display of point data in the External Geometry Explorer after a certain sequence of opening and closing panes. The full set of data is now shown properly. Fix  
7753 Fixed a problem with setting up the control point coordinate system when points had negative coordinate values. In some cases this could cause a problem with the display of 3D control point and/or surface projections on photos. Fix  
7754 Fixed a problem with the calculation of the LAS File export bounding box when coordinates had negative values. Fix  
7762 When outputing an orthophoto, surfaces with a single photo material will now always use the single photo at full weight regardless of the surface angle. Fix  
7765 Fixed a problem where the SmartPoints tool was enabled in Coded Target automated projects. Although the tool wouldn't create a valid set of SmartPoints, it would cause a project corruption if run in PhotoModeler (does not apply to PhotoModeler Scanner or Motion). Fix  
7772 Some improvement to the handling of control points in SmartMatch projects. More cases will now process correctly. In conjunction with this, the minimum number of control in a SmartMatch project is now 4 (from 3) for increased stability - This can be controlled through a configuration setting, contact for more information or if you have project that previously worked with only 3 control. Fix  
7723 Updated some internals to handle larger memory sizes. This improves handling of some cases, such as very large orthophotos, and prevents possible crashes. Crash Fix  
7724 Fixed a problem with the Output Current View when selecting the "To File" option. Crash Fix  
7742 When a shape is assigned both a coplanar and colinear relation a warning now comes up instead of an assert. Crash Fix  
7756 Hitting quit during the "Mapping" stage of texture creation would put the program in an unstable state that could cause crashes or prevent operations running. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
7757 Fixed a crash that could happen when opening a check point table with certain projects containing control points. Crash Fix  
7731 The PhotoModeler Motion PointMesh report no longer causes a crash and now reports the correct delta for volume above XY. Crash Fix Motion only
  From Release 2014.0.2 to 2014.1.0 [July 8, 2014]   (46 changes)    
7661 Added a new DDE command (external programming) that assigns a control point to an existing point. "AssignControl ptId importObjName ctlName" where ptId is the identifier number for the point which should have the control point assigned to it importObjName is the name of the imported object that contains the control ctlName is the name of the control point to be assigned Significant  
7685 The External Geometry Explorer's toolbar has a new Convert Import tool which allows you to modify multipoint transforms and control imports. You can change the handness of the associated points, you can convert an import between Multipoint Transform and Control, and you can set all Control point precisions. Significant  
7696 Major revamp of the orthophoto production system. Improvements include: - Faster generation (threaded and optimized). - Pixel based vs triangle based. Includes working with triangles that do not project all onto a single photo. - Optionally averages pixels from all assigned photos producing a more uniform (but potentially fuzzier) texture. This can be set from the orthophoto dialog and applied to all surfaces or set to be based on the material blend setting. - 'Feathering' between areas where photo transitions happen reducing 'hard' edges. With this set photos will 'fade' in and out of use rather than creating a sudden transition. - Optionally includes occlusion checking, based on the advanced material setting. - No longer includes back facing triangles, these areas will now be blank. - Left and right side exports match the 3D view, that is selecting 'left' will show the left side of the modeled area. - If a photo has an texture masks image assigned this will now be used during orthophoto creation. Use mask files to exclude areas of specific images from the orthophoto. E.g. cars on a road, or people walking past a building. Significant  
7467 Now when re-running a calibration with points previously marked (and the Automatic Marking stage enabled), a dialog comes up asking whether you want to re-run or skip Automatic Marking. Improve  
7481 The sensitivity/speed of 3D Viewer Mouse Wheel/Scroll Zoom can now be adjusted on the Preferences dialog's "3D Viewer - Selection and Navigation" tab using the "Scroll Wheel step size" setting. Also, the allowable range for scroll zooming on photos is now bigger to allow for more control ("Scroll zoom factor" setting on the "User Interface Photo Zoom and Pan" tab of Preferences dialog. Improve  
7597 When closing PhotoModeler with unsaved changes, the warning that comes up now has a Save as... option, to allow you to save the project without overwriting another. Improve  
7622 Added "US Survey Feet" as a new optional units setting. Note this means that default units for all new projects is back to 'not set'. If you had changed your project units default you can change it again. Improve  
7663 A new .ldl cache file is saved in the project folder to speed up some operations such as MVS PointMesh creation and PointMesh RGB coloring. Improve  
7667 Simplified the path surface properties by removing the material texture location property. Improve  
7675 Slight improvement to raw .txt export speed Improve  
7676 Improved the export speed of projects with large meshes. Improve  
7678 The default ortho photo file name now includes the view direction. Eg. Done - Top View.jpg Improve  
7681 The auto-save dialog now has a check box to make disabling auto-save easier. Improve  
7686 Links to helpful information on our website regarding Maintenance Subscription renewal appear on various warnings and the Getting Started... panel around Maintenance Subscription expiry time, and always on the License Management dialog. Improve  
7687 Added a helpful Knowledge Base article link to warnings that appear when there are control registration errors occur. The linked article lists various suggested solutions. Improve  
7689 Added a link to the Welcome to PhotoModeler dialog that appears in Demo mode. It links to a page on our website describing how to use your own images with a Trial. Improve  
7690 When Region Selecting a pointmesh (with Color from Photo display style enabled), the Display Style will switch to Single Color in order to prevent very long delays, especially with selections on very high triangle count pointmeshes. Improve  
7693 The Save As dialog no long defaults to populating the file name with "*.pmr". Improve  
7695 Improved the speed of texture creation for 3D views and exports. Improve  
7697 Conversions between measurement units (km,m,ft,in, etc.) are now calculated using more decimal places based on precise standards. Note all control files imported in a non-meter unit are converted to meters for internal storage - so this change improves non-meter/km/cm control file import precision. Improve  
7701 A warning that comes up during launch when there is a problem relating to folder write access (due to security or Windows account settings) has been reworded to list possible solutions. Improve  
7679 When importing a PointMesh for use as a multi-point transform to set the coordinate system, you can now import the point RGB information in addition to the point coordinates, which can help with identifying points to assign to points in the project. Improve Scanner/Motion
7327 Status Bar tooltips now have background shading similar to toolbar tooltips/mouse-over popup windows. Fix  
7463 The Calibration Options dialog now correctly shows that the K3 parameter will be solved (or attempted to be solved) when PhotoModeler determines that the camera's lens is relatively wide angle. Fix  
7654 Fixed a problem that could cause Calibration to fail with certain photo sets, where a "The auto referencing search distance must be greater than zero." error message would appear. Fix  
7665 The drop-down setting on the Automatic Project Wizard to select the target type of non-RAD automatic projects now shows the correct number of bits in the user set. Fix  
7669 The Check Distances table's "Delta (percent)" column now shows a percent value, instead of the decimal equivalent (eg 12% instead of 0.12). Fix  
7670 Fixed a problem with display 'fast textures' on a surface or triangulated pointmesh with 8 bit project source images. Fix  
7677 Fixed a problem with the Scale/Translate/Rotate tag/highlight on point ID's when switching between components in the External Geometry Explorer. Fix  
7682 Minor improvements to the speed and flipped the vertex order of STL exports. The exported surfaces should now face the same direction as they do within PhotoModeler. Fix  
7684 The left and right orthographic photo views have been switched to match the 3D view. Left now means view the left side of the object/scene, right means view the right side of the object/scene. Fix  
7688 Fixed a problem with a link to the Tutorial Project installer on the Tutorial List dialog, which could sometimes prevent the correct page displaying in the popup browser window. Fix  
7692 Very large control point coordinates are now handled better. Though the change is not visible to the user, internally coordinates are treated to avoid rounding of significant digits. Fix  
7694 Characters, such as ':', that AutoCAD rejects when loading .dxf files are now removed from layer names during export. Fix  
7702 The Update button on both 3D viewer visiblity dialogs will now always be enabled when the 3D view is displaying textures. Fix  
7664 Fixed case where point mesh / point cloud / contour visibility could get out of sync Fix Scanner/Motion
7698 When adding control points to a SmartPoints projects the SmartPoints are now included when checking for suitable tie between non-control photos. Fix Scanner/Motion
7673 Fixed a crash that could happen when running a Coded Target Auto-project with additional parameters and the 'show images when they are marked' option is selected. Crash Fix  
7683 Added a setting to 3D Viewer Preferences to prevent certain 3D Viewer 'buffer' errors. Crash Fix  
7691 Fixed a problem where the Check/Repair dialog would come up after processing via DDE (and also potentially in some PhotoModeler Motion projects). Crash Fix  
7699 Deleting a multi-point or geo 3D External Geometry object or individual points now updates any open Check Point tables. Previously the open Check Point tables would not update and if a row of a deleted item was selected it would cause a crash. Crash Fix  
7711 Fixed a crash that could happen when exporting specific malformed curves in the Rhino .3DM or Maya Script .ma formats. Crash Fix  
7715 Removing a photo with dimensions or annotations no longer leaves the project in a state that can lead to a crash or check and repair error. Crash Fix  
7666 Fixed a problem in the DSM Summary when running certain DSM projects in the 32Bit version of PhotoModeler Scanner or Motion. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7668 Fixed a problem with automatic video frame extraction where the attempted extraction of the last frame could be just beyond the end of the video. This rounding error could occasionally occur on videos of certain duration. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7700 Fixed a crash that could happen when hitting quit during the 'undistort' stage of MVS or point cloud RGB creation. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2014.0.1 to 2014.0.2 [Mar 18, 2014]   (8 changes)    
7649 Moved the default location of the 3D Viewer's corner axis display to the bottom left corner so it no longer conflicts with the 3D Viewer's control buttons. The axis display position can be set on the Preferences dialog. Improve  
7640 During referencing mode, when auto-focus is enabled, moving the mouse over a 3D view window while the photo alt-zoom window is up no longer switches focus to the 3D view. Fix  
7641 After a 3D view has points set to be colored from photos opening a new 3D view will also default to points colored from photos. Fix  
7642 The Renumber dialog now works correctly if the renumber SmartPoints option is selected when the renumber Points option is not. Additionally, the control for setting the start-at number now includes spin buttons. Fix  
7643 Adding photos to the end of a SmartMatch project and re-running using the 'only match new photos' option now works correctly. Fix  
7648 VRML2 export now outputs coordinates using larger precisions which is useful when using large coordinates like UTM. Fix  
7651 Fixed a problem where the "Download/Install Tutorial Project" buttons on the Tutorials dialog would stop working after uninstalling the Tutorial Projects from the Windows Control Panel. Fix  
7650 Fixed a crash that could occur during pair-based DSM creation at the end when calculating the RGB values. Similar fix when switching the photo textured material of a mesh. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2014.0.0 to 2014.0.1 [Mar 4, 2014]   (21 changes)    
7544 A new zoom tool call "Zoom and Center All" allows you to zoom all open photos to the level of the 'active' photo and center about the selected item, with a single click of the mouse. Significant  
7312 The default setting for "Texture map file" format for exports is now .jpg. This is useful when exporting to applications that only support jpg texture files, such as Sketchfab. Improve  
7315 You can now renumber SmartPoints and Lines using the Renumber dialog box. Improve  
7621 The application title bar now indicates when a project is auto-saving. Improve  
7637 Removed the preference to adjust when accurate vs fast lens distortion was used. This decision is now made internally depending on the operation being performed. Improve  
7620 The MVS undistort stage is now faster on multi-core systems. Improve Scanner/Motion
7623 The maximum triangulation smoothing/sharpness setting is now 9. This allows for sharper triangulations if needed and data supports it. Improve Scanner/Motion
7624 The matching stage of SmartMatch projects is now faster on multi-core systems. Improve Scanner/Motion
7628 The "Compute color for each mesh point during DSM extraction." Preference setting on DSM page now applies to MVS DSM creation, not just pair based. Enabling this option will paint all pointmesh point cloud points based on the photos that the point projects onto. This can be slow for very large point clouds, and therefore can be disabled in Preferences. Improve Scanner/Motion
7629 Timing summaries of various SmartMatch and DSM tasks are now sent to the Detail Summary report, and are therefore also saved with the project. Improve Scanner/Motion
7636 Significantly improved the speed of point cloud RGB color calculations. Since this step is last part of MVS as well, MVS iin projects with a large number of photos and points can be much faster. Improve Scanner/Motion
7317 The Photo Processing Actions menu items on the Photo and Photo Thumbnail right click menus, now disable when the clicked action isn't appropriate. Fix  
7595 Fixed the reference helper line not updating in the alt-zoom window when it is used a second time without the reference source point or destination window changing. Fix  
7609 When calculating a non-processed 3D position, points with low angle rays are now handled correctly Fix  
7322 The "Fit surface to selected objects" Surfacing tool now works with SmartPoints. Fix Scanner/Motion
7531 The external geometry explorer will no longer allow a scale, translate, or rotate to be active at the same time as a control mesh. Fix Scanner/Motion
7619 If a mesh is on a layer which is not visible in a 3D view and the mesh is moved to a layer that is visible the 3D view will now update correctly. Fix Scanner/Motion
7633 Switching the DSM dialog to pair based and unchecking all pairs disables the execute button. Now when the dialog is switched back to MVS the execute button becomes enabled again. Fix Scanner/Motion
7618 Fixed some cases where using offset points to define a rotation could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
7635 When a photo was added to an existing project, and that photo's camera was loaded from a pmr file (because the photo did not share the same camera as the other photos, nor was camera in the Library), a check and repair error would occur. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
7630 Fixed a crash that could occur when reselecting a mesh that has been imported into the external geometry explorer. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2013.0.3 to 2014.0.0 [Feb 4, 2014]   (47 changes)    
7566 A new method to generate Dense Surface Meshes called Multi-View Stereo has been added. PhotoModeler Scanner's DSM dialog now has two algorithm choices: 'All photo (MVS)', and 'Pair based'. The 'Pair based' method is the DSM algorithm in the past releases. The new 'All photo (MVS)' option and should be the preferred choice when using a large number of photos to create a pointmesh. The MVS option uses multiple photos when matching features across images which helps strengthen and confirm matches on the surface. MVS is easier to use and faster to setup when there are larger numbers of photos, as it does not generally need DSM Trims, and in many cases produces a superior overall mesh result. Significant Scanner/Motion
7567 SmartMatch improvements: SmartMatch has been made more robust, especially for large projects. Several internal checks have been added to help strengthen and speed up orientation. Matching has been sped up and made more accurate and many projects that failed to fully orient now do. Various new settings have added flexibility to help with orientation in large and challenging projects with less than ideal photography. As well manually-marked, non-SmartPoints are given priority during orientation making it easier to fix difficult projects by adding some manual references. Significant Scanner/Motion
7575 SmartMatch projects now have an option to automatically calibrate the camera. This auto-calibration can be used to refine an approximate EXIF camera setup, or refine an already calibrated camera (which might help if the calibration and the project are done at quite different focus distances). By default auto-calibration is run for all uncalibrated cameras during SmartPoint processing/orientation. A SmartMatch option give you control over never running it or always running it as well. It will not run at this time if there is more than one camera in the project. Significant Scanner/Motion
7577 The PointMesh 'Triangulation' and 'Trim Mesh by bounds' systems have been rewritten with significant improvements in triangulation appearance, performance, and trimming/cropping. Significant Scanner/Motion
7501 Using the 'Check all' button on the Modify Mesh dialog will also expand the options to show all items that were selected. Improve  
7583 Added a new preference setting that controls the 3D view zoom speed/step size. A smaller value will allow finer adjustment of the zoom. Improve  
7584 The 3D view zoom-in limit has been increased so you can zoom closer into the model. Improve  
7604 The exif format size estimate based on the 35mm equivalent focal length now takes into account images that are rotated to have a portrait aspect ratio. Improve  
7608 Revamped he 3D Viewer visibility and other settings. The 3D Viewer Options dialog (and fly out tab) now has controls to independently set visibility for Triangulated PointMeshes vs Point Cloud PointMeshes, and added new Display Styles specific to Point Cloud PointMeshes and Points. The page labels have been reworded and a new Display Style page added. Improve  
7549 When calculating the RGB values for point clouds only photos with-in a certain angle will be included in the averaging. This angle, defaults to 90 degrees, can be set on the preferences dialog. Improve Scanner/Motion
7552 The SmartMatch project details summary is now saved with the project and can be viewed at any time on the Project Status Report dialog. Improve Scanner/Motion
7568 Calculating the RGB values for a point cloud is now faster on a multi-core system. Improve Scanner/Motion
7576 Minor improvements to the speed of some PointMesh operations on multi-core systems. Improve Scanner/Motion
7580 In certain projects with very large PointMeshes (in terms of point or triangle counts), Region select during PointMesh Edit mode would be very slow. Improvements have been made so that Region select is now much quicker. However, shift select during Region select is no longer enabled during PointMesh Edit mode. There is a new Preference (Dense Surface page) to revert to allow shift select during Region Select in PointMesh Edit mode. Improve Scanner/Motion
7598 Added headings to the SmartMatch and DSM Summary dialogs to help distinguish various processes (ie SmartMatch vs MVS) and also to better show progress in larger projects. Improve Scanner/Motion
7607 Added a new DDE command to launch the MVS DSM generation - "CreateMVSPointMesh". Improve Scanner/Motion
7612 The order of columns in the PointMesh Table has changed due to the addition of the MVS tools. MVS-specific columns appear before the Photo Pair-based columns. For PointMeshes created with MVS, Photo Pair-based columns will show "N/A", and vice versa. As with all tables, columns can be customized (show/hide, order, width). Improve Scanner/Motion
7557 The Help file has updated to document latest improvements, additions and fixes. Documentation  
7331 Using the 'all 3D' button on the 3D viewer fly-out visibility tab now only enables the 3D items not their properties (eg. no IDs, colorize, etc.) Fix  
7488 When the 3D viewer options dialog first opens, the view from photo drop-down is no longer active. It is only active when the view from photo radio button is selected. Fix  
7528 Lowered the default Scroll Zoom Factor setting to ensure smooth scroll zooming on all mouse devices. Fix  
7538 Fixed an internal issue preventing export of mesh using the SaveMesh button. Fix  
7540 A project's transform is now applied to cylinders and curves during merge. Fix  
7547 Using the right click pop-up menu to adjust a photo's processing action is now faster. Fix  
7550 When using the Open 3D view (show options) command, like the cancel button, the red 'x' on the options dialog now cancels opening of the 3D view as well as cancelling any option changes. Fix  
7556 Increased the default number of decimal places used when editing a point on the External Geometry Explorer. Fix  
7563 The Select Points shared on open photos command now only selects visible points. Fix  
7565 A project will be autosaved only if there have been changes to the project. Fix  
7579 A very sporadic error/warning with "Re-entry condition" in the text would come up in certain situations and would prevent other toolbar actions from completing. Though subsequent toolbar actions are no longer blocked, PhotoModeler can be in an unstable state, so the wording has been changed to recommend saving the project and restarting PhotoModeler. Fix  
7589 Fixed some typos and spelling mistakes found in various places of the program. Fix  
7590 Fixed a case when ortho photo feathering was turned where the edges of images would produce black regions in the ortho output. Fix  
7606 The 3D Viewer's headlight and sidelight settings now store and restore properly, like other visibility settings. Fix  
7611 If a mesh's or surface's material is changed to a non-textured material, any open 3D Viewers showing texture will now update correctly. Fix  
7548 The Dense Surface preferences pane is now available in PhotoModeler Motion. Fix Motion only
7349 If a contour is created and then the contour's layer or material is changed, any open 3D Views will now update correctly. Fix Scanner/Motion
7553 Fixed a problem where an ini setting to control an aspect of SmartMatch orientation may not take effect in rare situations. Fix Scanner/Motion
7554 Fixed loading of old version 6 projects that contained PointMeshes. Fix Scanner/Motion
7558 Various edits and fixed typos on some warning dialogs. Fix Scanner/Motion
7542 Fixed a crash that would happen ,when using the 32-bit version, after selecting which layers to include in an ortho photo export. Crash Fix  
7578 Changes to the camera setup in the New Project Wizard to differentiate between a camera definition based on EXIF and other approximate cameras. This makes the EXIF camera setup path shorter and faster. Crash Fix  
7599 Fixed a case where using the 3D viewer multi-select menu on the 64-bit version of PhotoModeler could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
7602 Fixed a sporadic crash that could occur after processing very large projects and/or PointMeshes, in the tables, layer controls, or 3D Viewer options. Crash Fix  
7613 Fixed a crash bug on Tutorial List dialog that would occur when cancelling the open of a project if selected from a list of multiple projects. Crash Fix  
7614 Fixed a crash that could happen when auto-marking creates the very first points in a project while a 3D view is open. Crash Fix  
7559 Fixed a crash during processing of some projects when running a PMM (PhotoModeler Motion) automated project. Crash Fix Motion only
7581 Fixed a sporadic bug that could occur when opening the DSM dialog (64bit version) on certain large projects after consuming a large amount of memory. In some cases, the 're-entry' condition warning would come up, in other cases the program could crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7586 Fixed a crash that would happen when changing the layer of an imported PointMesh. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2013.0.2 to 2013.0.3 [July 16, 2013]   (20 changes)    
7408 Accessing Tutorials (projects and videos) is now significantly easier with the new start-up Tutorials Dialog. The new tutorial projects and videos dialog lists the available tutorial projects and allows you to view the tutorial videos or open a tutorial project with the click of a button. Significant  
7516 The product line up has been streamlined. a) A new product, PhotoModeler Motion (a rebranding of PMS + PMV) has been released. b) The add-on modules have been removed and combined into other products. PM has Coded Targets. PMS has Coded Targets and Idealize. PMM (new PhotoModeler Motion) has Coded Targets, Idealize and PMV. Significant Motion only
7471 The EXIF CCD size fields are now checked when doing camera matching in the library or checking a camera assignment to a photo. This field is also displayed on the camera mismatch dialog. Improve  
7519 The camera mismatch dialog has been increased in size and now highlights non-matching fields in red. Improve  
7522 Texture feathering (blending sharp edges) is now available for ortho-photos. A new setting found under Options->Preferences->[Exports and Output]->[Texture and ortho-photo] will turn on 'feathering' during ortho-photo output. With this setting on, triangles textured from different photos will have a blended edge region using data from both photos. The size of this blend region is controlled by the other new preference, "feather distance". Improve  
7442 The PMV/PMM 3D viewer video export group now has a check box to control if the video renders points using their mark symbol or just a dot. Improve Motion only
7518 When a type 2 PMV/PMM is loaded the processing dialog now has an option to propagate the processing steps. That is, run processing in the set of epochs specified (as well as the current epoch) using the options defined on the dialog. Improve Motion only
7506 Points (*.pts) files can now be imported as meshes. Improve Scanner/Motion
7523 The range of the DSM / Mesh Options / Triangulation / Mesh smoothing/sharpness has been increased to 7 from 5. The increase allows creation of more detailed meshes (while consuming more memory). Improve Scanner/Motion
7489 The file filters for control and multipoint transform import now list the extension for each file type and also includes a Text (*.txt) filter. Fix  
7498 If a 3D viewer had textures turned on, but no surfaces or meshes with a textured material were visible, assigning a textured material to one of the visible non-textured surfaces or meshes would not display the texture until the 3D view was re-opened. This has been fixed. Fix  
7521 A few fixes/improvements in the handling of projects with low number of control points. Photos with 4+ control points that don't overlap now orient correctly again. Photos that 6+ share references and a single control point with a control-oriented photo now orient correctly Fix  
5828 In PMV/PMM when one or more points is not 3D, and 3D tracking is selected, the warning that comes up now explains automarking will still be run if 'no' is selected. Fix Motion only
7500 Photo visibilty now propagates between PMV/PMM epochs. Fix Motion only
7511 All PMV/PMM epoch report columns now sort correctly (instead of sorting as text fields) and floating point columns now default to 4 decimal places. Fix Motion only
7512 Fixed cases where automatic calculation of samplng rate or certain DSM pairs do not process due to unusual geometry. Fix Scanner/Motion
7510 Adjusting the units of the translate on the project merge dialog no longer causes a crash. Also, the unit text is no longer displayed in all caps. Crash Fix  
7517 Fixed a crash that would happen when all photos were removed from a project. Crash Fix  
7458 Fixed a crash that would happen when there were fewer than 4 static points in a type 2 PMV/PMM project. Including deleting existing static points to reduce the number to less than 4 and propagating this delete. Crash Fix Motion only
7514 Fixed an assert crash that could happen when referencing a point in a type 1 PMV/PMM project in an epoch other than the first one. Crash Fix Motion only
  From Release 2013.0.1 to 2013.0.2 [June 19, 2013]   (58 changes)    
7382 Added a new .pts export format - a format commonly created by laser scanners. This allows PhotoModeler point clouds to be exported and used in more laser scanning and point cloud analysis and editing applications. Significant  
7407 The DSM dialog has new 'automatic' check boxes for sampling intervale and depth range. When these are set each pair processed will automatically calculate a value for these fields. If the box is unchecked the manually entered values will be use for all pairs. Significant Scanner/Motion
7319 The font for the image name shown on Photo thumbnails has been updated and made smaller to allow for more text. Improve  
7329 When a camera station and a plane surface are selected the measure pane now displays the x,y,z location of the camera projected onto the plane. Useful for finding the height of a camera above the ground for example. Improve  
7334 The "Unreferenced Selected" and "Show Marked Point with Highest Residual" tools are now also on the 3D Viewer right click menu. Improve  
7359 A new command on the Edit menu allows you to select all marks on the active photo that are also referenced on all other open photos. This is a handy way to find points referenced between photos that have no real overlap (as might happen in error in a SmartMatch project), and then delete them. Improve  
7412 The External Geometry Explorer's New and Edit dialogs now have a units drop down. If a projects units have not yet been set changing the units here will set the project's units. If the project's units have already been set, changing the drop down allows you to enter values using units other than the project's units (eg. for a project using meters the values could be entered in inches). Improve  
7428 Refined the descriptions of some options on the External Geometry Explorer's Add dialog to make them consistent and clarify what data types would be imported as control. Improve  
7432 When multiple pairs of photos are selected for DSM, the down-sampling factor used is now the lowest calculated for all pairs (that is the highest resolution image after down-sampling). Opposed to what it used to use - the down-sampling factor computed just for the first pair (which could adversely affect results if the first pair was a significantly different distance from the surface than other pairs). Improve  
7435 Added a button to the Dimension/Annotation text entry dialog to quickly add the Photo ID and filename to an annotation on an image. Improve  
7444 The referencing pane now displays the number of points (and SmartPoints) referenced on used photos on the source and destination photos as well as their shared references. Improve  
7451 Importing control data from a text file no longer requires an ID column. If no ID column is assigned the control point ID wills increment with each line of the file starting from 1. Improve  
7378 Added warnings when the modify mesh dialog is used when a) multiple input meshes are selected but the register and merge step is not and b) when no input meshes are selected (only points) and the register and merge step and/or the include selected object points option is not selected. Improve Scanner/Motion
7379 A warning now appears when re-running SmartMatch with existing PointMeshes in the project. This alerts you that new PointMeshes may not align with old, after processing, due to newly solved camera positions (orientation changes). Improve Scanner/Motion
7416 A new "Photos sharing the most SmartPoints" entry on the DSM 'best' dialog allows selecting of pairs that share the most common SmartPoints. This option matches each photo with another photo that is shares the most common SmartPoints with. The minimum number of shared points can also be set. The option also works when the 'Only show pairs with trims' check box is selected so only pairs that have a trim are considered when looking for the best match. Improve Scanner/Motion
7433 Improved the triangulate crop option on the Modify Mesh dialog so the resulting triangulation is cropped leaving an outer edge that is closer to the originally triangulated point cloud. Improve Scanner/Motion
7497 A minor speed and memory improvement when assigning a textured material to a triangulated mesh. Improve Scanner/Motion
7320 In the External Geometry Explorer (EGE) imported 3D points can display their ID as well as their name now. Fix  
7335 Improved the 3D Viewer's fly-out visibility tab and photo visibility pane so the layer grid paints correctly, including when both the layer grid and the parent window have a scroll bar displayed. Fix  
7346 The Preferences dialog showing 'theme' options has been reworded and allows for more theme choices. Fix  
7361 If a best fit plane surface includes some points that are not 3D using surface draw on this surface will no longer produce a warning saying the surface is not 3D. Fix  
7364 The External Geometry Explorer now updates the valid-column icons after processing. Fix  
7383 Importing a multi-point affine and check points from a text file no longer allows setting the ID column (as it will not be used for these import types). Fix  
7391 Invert selection now shows a busy cursor while the inversion is taking place. Fix  
7411 Fixed an image scroll zoom multiple monitor issue when the primary monitor was set to the right of the secondary monitor. Fix  
7419 Some table views would only update after certain property changes when the object was re-selected. Tables should now update to reflect any changes as soon as they happen. Fix  
7424 Fixed a problem where a warning about duplicate targets would appear inappropriately in some calibration projects. Fix  
7430 Fixed a case where setting up a shape relation would cause a re-entry warning to appear and the relation would not be applied. Fix  
7431 The 'x' button in the top left of the best DSM pairs dialog now does the same as cancel rather than the same as ok. Fix  
7439 The right click menu will no longer allow non-oriented photos to be set to 'use but do not adjust', a warning message will show which photos did not have their processing action adjusted. Fix  
7449 A message describing a failed orientation condition in a SmartMatch project has been replaced with a message appropriate to the project type, as shown in the Automated Project Summary Dialog. Fix  
7452 The text import dialog now calls the column "Name/Description" (instead of just description) as this field will be displayed in the external geometry explorer under the name column. Fix  
7453 Fixed a problem with the summary dialog where status indicators weren't updating correctly when rerunning SmartMatch. Fix  
7454 A click during region select mode will now cause the 3D view to become active so the selection can be applied. Fix  
7455 Added a check at startup to ensure Menu toolbar remains visible. Fix  
7459 Fixed a problem with photo-marks close to the corners of the image when taken by a camera that has extremely high distortion and a non-zero K3 parameter. These marks would show an incorrectly larger residual. Fix  
7466 The camera station orientation stage of processing now better accounts for lens distortion. This makes auto projects (Coded Target and SmartMatch) with cameras with high lens distortion (like the wide angle GoPro) more stable and potentially faster to solve. Manual projects are affected to a certain degree as well. The wider angle the lens, the bigger difference (in speed, stability, and ability) you will see. Fix  
7473 DSM processing of photos taken by cameras with wide angle lenses and strong lens distortion (like the GoPro) would sometimes fail (more often with full photo-extents (no trims)). This has been fixed. Fix  
7338 Modify PointMesh defaults to "Use Selected Object Points" when just points are selected. Fix Scanner/Motion
7350 3D views now ignore layers that are hidden. It will be faster to open a 3D View when the layer of a big PointMesh is hidden. The 3D views will delay updating until the layer becomes visible. Fix Scanner/Motion
7375 Added a warning when trying to run DSM with a sampling interval equal to or less than zero. Fix Scanner/Motion
7423 Sometimes when a project is saved and re-loaded after hitting quit during dense surface creation a warning about the photos resolution not matching would come up. This has been fixed. Fix Scanner/Motion
7426 Using the modify mesh command on a point cloud no longer clears the RGB colors from the selected source cloud(s). Fix Scanner/Motion
7483 Fixed an issue where importing meshes from .stl, .obj and .ply files would duplicate the mesh imported but in different coordinate systems. Fix Scanner/Motion
7417 Fixed PMV type 2 camera matching when epochs aranged by file name. Crash Fix  
7421 Fixed a crash when deleting a PMV type 2 static point from an epoch other than the first one and then propagating the change. Crash Fix  
7429 Fixed an assert crash that would happen when selecting multiple shapes while the shape explorer is open. Crash Fix  
7436 Fixed a crash that would happen when trying to run a calibration using images that are different resolutions right after being warned calibration images must all be the same resolution. Crash Fix  
7447 Fixed a crash that would happen if a 3D view was set as the referencing source and the 3D view was closed while still in referencing mode. Crash Fix  
7450 Fixed a crash that would happen in PhotoModeler (not scanner) when Points, Surface Draw Points and Offsets were all unchecked and a 3D view was opened. Crash Fix  
7461 A crash that could occur when using select-all on a photo with dimensions or annotations and then deleting all the selected objects has been fixed. Crash Fix  
7469 Fixed a crash that would occur when when merging multiple meshes containing RGB values Crash Fix  
7485 Added additional checks and repairs for various types of project corruptions. Crash Fix  
7486 Fixed a crash that would happen when using PMV if you opened a 3D view then switched to a different epoch while the 3D view was open and then started tracking. Crash Fix  
7495 Fixed a crash that would happen when deleting a surface that had surface draw attached to it and the surface draw points had a dimension attached to them. Crash Fix  
7457 Fixed a crash that could happen when using the "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons on the Meshing Options dialog. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7456 When generating DSM's, with the Extents by Trims option set, Trims will be used when a photo pair has a trim on one or both images, but if a pair has no Trims, the Whole Photo extents will be used. Formerly the pair without a trim would be skipped. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7496 Fixed a crash that could happen when selecting a triangulated mesh and using only the contours modify option or when selecting a mesh and using just the register/merge option. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2013.0.0 to 2013.0.1 [Apr 22, 2013]   (26 changes)    
7386 A new PointCloud meshing system has been implemented. A) The meshing steps have been simplified for minimal user input. B) An appropriately solved DSM will output a sharper/more-detailed triangulated mesh in less time than previous versions. The triangulated output is based on a state-of-the-art technique that is able to preserve sharp undulations of the surface while maintaining natural smoothness. C) The speed increase for meshing is significant - especially for large point clouds. D) The triangulated output is largely hole-free (except in certain degenerate cases). E) The extents and look of the triangulated meshes may be different in some cases. F) For the advanced user, more filtering options have been added that may help in different applications, including the ability to trade off quality for speed in large meshes. Lastly, where possible we recommend re-creating DSMs created in 2012 and earlier versions, if you are re-meshing them in this new version. Significant Scanner/Motion
7333 The External Geometry Explorer (EGE) has a new button on it's toolbar that will select the assigned object of the highlighted EGE item and open it's photos. Improve  
7343 The fit curve to selected points now includes selected SmartPoints. Improve  
7351 The resampling type radio group on the ortho photo export dialog has been replaced by a button that lets you select which layers to include in the ortho creation. Improve  
7352 A new color palette drop down on the graph/chart dialog allows the selection of different color schemes for the chart display. Improve  
7392 If the highlighted object in the External Geometry Explorer has no assigned item, and the 'Select and display associated marks' command is used, a message now explains that there are no assigned objects to select. Improve  
7394 The following DDE commands have been updated to match the new mesh modification settings: PreTriangulateMeshClean the decimate points parameter is now a vertex distance multiplier. TriangulatePointMesh now has a depth level parameter. PostTriangulateMeshClean the smoothing amount is now a number of iterations. Improve Scanner/Motion
7348 Improved the error message when printing single sheet calibration grids fails. Fix  
7354 When selecting a non-3D point the properties pane will now show all of the points properties. Fix  
7365 If a plane surface has been flipped the measure pane now correctly flips the display of the volume above and below the plane. Fix  
7367 Using the 'Reset to default values' button on the Preferences dialog now correctly sets the defaults for the two preferences: 'automatic mask assignment', and 'Max export name prefix'. Fix  
7369 Re-enabled .las export and import. Fix  
7377 Removed the unneeded extra details information from the warning dialog that comes up when a preference is changed that requires a program restart. Fix  
7388 Two panes within the installer have been removed to speed up the installation process. Fix  
7400 The first Preference setting changed after software installation now only asks to restart PhotoModeler when the change requires a restart (instead of always. Related to this, the Preference for showing textures in the External Geometry Explorer also now works correctly. Fix  
7398 On the DSM Dialog, the select 'all', 'none', 'best - ordered', and 'best - every other' photo pairs buttons are now faster to apply. Fix Scanner/Motion
7347 Fixed some cases where deleting, undoing the delete and then re-deleting or re-doing the delete of a point that is part of a scale or rotate could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
7353 When projected surface draw visibility is turned on, aborting the creation of a surface draw curve when it only has a single point added to it will no longer cause a crash. Crash Fix  
7356 Fixed a crash that could occur when assigning a translate, rotate, scale or point position to a shape vertex. Crash Fix  
7357 FBX export now works correctly. Crash Fix  
7366 Fixed a crash that could occur when changing project units after an item was already added to the exernal geometry explorer. Crash Fix  
7368 Fixed a problem with Mask assignment when assigning masks via the Create Masks dialog using a mask tag in the file name. Crash Fix  
7371 Fixed a crash that could happen when processing a project containing cylinders with an extension property while they are displayed in 3D. Crash Fix  
7373 Fixed a crash that would happen at the end of the new project wizard if photos from two different cameras were matched in the camera library. Crash Fix  
7381 Fixed a crash that could occur when doing coded target marking during a PMV track. Crash Fix  
7395 Fixed a case where rapidly performing certain actions using the keyboard, such as deleting triangles from a mesh while in point mesh edit mode or undo-redo of point mesh triangle edits, could cause a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2012.2.1 to 2013.0.0 [Feb 13, 2013]   (68 changes)    
1598 New Charts and Graphs. You can now graph specific project information and metrics (such as point and photo quality, connectivity etc.) plotted in various ways. Project->Charts / Graphs... menu. Significant  
7179 Four New DDE commands (DDE is external API): * RemovePhotoFromProject - removes a photo from the project. * AddPhotoMask - adds a mask to a photo, for DSM and/or texture masking. * GetPhotoOrientationStatus - returns whether a photo is oriented. * GetPhotoID - pass in the full image file path and it returns the photo's ID. Significant  
7243 Lines, Cylinders and Edges have a new property which extends the object in 3D by a given percentage. In the 3D viewer see dashed-line extensions on either end of the object. This is useful for visualizing where two or more lines or cylinders intersect in 3D space. Significant  
7263 Added a new Plane modelling object. Planes can be created along a specified axis or as best fit to a set of selected points, lines or contours. The Planes are trimmed by the project's bounding box or, for best fit planes, the bounding box of the selected points. Properties for the Planes allow them to be a) offset a set amount along their normal vector, and/or b) their area expanded or reduced by a percentage. Significant  
7264 New Plane measurements in Measure Pane. When a Plane is selected : plane normal, 4 bounding points and size of bound plane. The following measurements apply to the infinite plane (not bounded one). When a Plane and a Point is selected : distance to plane and closest x,y,z on plane. When a Plane and a Camera Station is selected : distance from plane. When a Plane and a Mesh/Surface is selected : volume of the surface above and below plane. Significant  
7191 When multiple lines are selected, the measure pane now shows the 3D intersection point (the closest approach point of all lines). Improve  
7211 Surface and PointMesh measurements now display the volume above, and below the plane. The previous volume calculation displayed just the sum of these two. Improve  
7219 It is now possible to automatically assign image mask files (for use with Photo Texturing, DSM and SmartMatch) by setting up mask file names with a specified 'tag', in a specified project sub folder. Mask files sharing the image name plus the 'tag' will be assigned to the image automatically. This assignment can be done during project set up, when images added, or on the Create Masks dialog box. Improve  
7235 When a project contains a used photo with an active inverse camera flag processing will default to include the orientation & inverse camera stage. Improve  
7272 PMV Type 1 projects use a new video frame extraction method, where frames are written to disk, based on a user set interval (by seconds or frames). Improve  
7273 You can now specify a video frame extraction interval (by seconds or frames) when adding video frames to a project. Improve  
7290 Added a new column to the Check Distances table showing Percentage Difference. Improve  
7295 Updated to the latest version of the FBX SDK and added FBX as a new model import format in the External Geometry Explorer. Improve  
7297 The default visual theme has been updated. Improve  
7301 Upgraded the library used for 3DS import and export. Improve  
7304 The PhotoModeler icon has been replaced with a new icon as part of the PhotoModeler brand and website revamp for 2013. Improve  
6600 DSM PointMeshes now 'remember' what photos were used to create them. This means the commands "Open photos showing selected" and "Create photo set from selected" can now be used with PointMeshes. Additionally there is a new column on the PointMesh table showing the source photos. Meshes created though the Modify or Split mesh commands will list the source photos of all meshes used by the modify or split. Improve Scanner/Motion
6964 When the 'Colorize point cloud' 3D view option is on, a color key / scale is shown on the side. Improve Scanner/Motion
7186 The Create DSM dialog has a new check box to list only photo pairs that have at least one trim. Improve Scanner/Motion
7242 To reduce the size of the user interface, two rarely used advanced DSM settings have been hidden. Improve Scanner/Motion
7271 Improvements to Modify Mesh - notably a new volumetric triangulation option, a setting to sew triangle vertices, and an option to adjust point positions to improve decimation. Improve Scanner/Motion
135 Editing photo sets now only causes an update when the change is to a set assigned to a material. Fix  
6830 When a geographic coordinate system is assigned, the properties dialog now displays point and camera station positions using that system. Fix  
6983 Fixed an issue with scroll wheel zoom in/out on certain wireless mouse models. You can now adjust the scroll zoom speed on the Preferences dialog's Photo Zoom and Pan page. Decreasing the scroll zoom factor (eg to 30) will allow for a smoother zoom for problem mouse models. Fix  
7069 Fixed an issue in 3D viewer where having a ground plane turned on could cause newly added or visible objects to be shifted relative to the current objects. Fix  
7159 Clicking on an empty area of the check point 3D view now clears the selection of the list view as well. Fix  
7218 When background processing is active for inverse camera projects when two or more photos have 4 control points marked a warning would come up explaining there are insufficient control to process. After this background processing would no longer fire and the project would need to be manually processed. This has been fixed. Fix  
7220 The photo mask properties browse dialogs now default to show all image file types. Fix  
7225 Since they do not apply, the field/self calibration and high residual removal options on the processing dialog are now disabled for single photo projects. Fix  
7237 If background processing is scheduled to run but a manual processing is run first the background processing will no longer run right after. Fix  
7239 Offset points are now correctly calculated when a project uses a geographic coordinate system. Fix  
7241 Projected and 3D lines now update when point visibility is turned off. Fix  
7244 When the properties pane is used to adjust an object's material or layer, the tool-bar material and layer drop-downs now update to reflect the change. Fix  
7245 The warning when extracting frames in a NON-Smartmatch project has been reworded appropriately. Fix  
7246 When referencing a 3D point to an already-oriented photo, the 'x' symbol indicating the projected point location will now be displayed regardless of the number of marks already referenced to the point. Fix  
7248 Fixed a problem with Surface draw point ID's where they could remain highlighted even if not selected. Fix  
7249 PhotoModeler's initial start-up time has been improved. Fix  
7250 If the last line of an imported text file was not terminated by a carriage return, the last character of the final line would not be read in. This has been fixed. Fix  
7251 Fixed a problem when importing a text file for static control points, where the point name was not correctly generated. Fix  
7260 The measure pane now shows the number of selected surfaces instead of always listing 1. Fix  
7274 Improved the loading speed of import files Fix  
7279 Fixed a problem with the High Residual Point Removal threshold, where the threshold used for point removal for non-subpixel points was too low. This would only affect processing when the High Residual Point Removal setting was enabled and there was a mix of subpixel and non-subpixel points in the project. Also fixed a problem where the threshold could get rounded down inappropriately. Fix  
7280 The default rotation for ortho-photo exports is now set to 0 degrees. Fix  
7282 When a line or dimensions material or layer is changed while a table is open they are no longer removed from the table display. Fix  
7283 If 3 points are selected when the ortho photo dialog is opened only the '3-point' option will be selected by default. Fix  
7284 When background processing is active, and a project has one or more photos with inverse camera flags set, the 'orient all' stage of processing will be run in the background to update the inverse camera flags. Fix  
7286 The state of the point cloud colorize 3D view option will be retained when new 3D views are opened. Fix  
7287 Minor memory leak fixes. Fix  
7288 When a line is selected, the measure pane now correctly shows the difference in X,Y and Z between the two ends. Fix  
7294 Various utilities included in the PhotoModeler installer package are now digitally signed, which should help prevent security features (eg AppLocker) from blocking the installation. Fix  
7296 Manually sub-pixel marking a target no longer duplicates an existing point marked there. Fix  
7314 Invalid Scale Applied... warning no longer comes up when Apply Offsets is clicked when a valid multi-point or other transform is applied. Fix  
7337 In the External Geometry Explorer, when a file is imported to define the coordinate system (using X,Y,Z points) and it has units (m,cm,in etc.) different from the project's units, the import file units were ignored (project units were used instead). This has been fixed. Fix  
7221 Fixed a problem where the undo of a DSM Profile additionally undid the action prior to the DSM Profile. Fix Scanner/Motion
7255 3D views now correctly use individual contour layers instead of the layer from the owning mesh. Fix Scanner/Motion
7256 Fixed the Help Link on SmartMatch Options dialog. Fix Scanner/Motion
7275 Adjusted the thresholds on the Select Best Photo Pairs dialog box so that suitable pairs of photos are enabled when generating DSM's in SmartMatch projects. Fix Scanner/Motion
7276 Fixed a problem with the 'Extents' label in the PointMesh table, when a pointmesh extents are confined to a mask. Fix Scanner/Motion
7265 The 'apply offsets' button on the Coded Target Offset dialog is now only enabled when a project is open. This prevents a crash. Crash Fix  
7268 Fixed a crash that could occur when the preference setting to show non-rendered projections was enabled and referencing from an already 3D point with no lines or surfaces attached to it. Crash Fix  
7240 Fixed a crash that would happen when importing a .avi file into a PMV project. Crash Fix  
7261 Fixed a crash that would occur when switching to Mark/Pin Imports mode when no items were imported and the option to just open the External Geometry Explorer was selected. Crash Fix  
7269 Fixed an assert crash that could occur if the preference setting for stage 1 auto project target marking was set type type 1. Crash Fix  
7270 Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when deleting multiple cameras from the camera library, from within PhotoModeler. Crash Fix  
7309 The Window->Link 3D Viewers Control menu item is now enabled at the appropriate times. Reducing potential for a crash. Crash Fix  
7324 Fixed a crash when trying to create a cross section contour in an empty 3D viewer. Crash Fix  
7342 Fixed a crash when deleting a shape when its vertices are used to define the project's coordinate system. Crash Fix  
7254 Deleting a PointMesh which has attached surface draw points now warns that the surface draw will be deleted and no longer leaves the project in a state that can cause crashes or project check and repair issues. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2012.2.0 to 2012.2.1 [Oct 3, 2012]   (43 changes)    
7203 Masking in SmartMatch. There is a new option to use an established "DSM Mask" for use with SmartMatching. If a DSM mask has been created, a new option on the SmartMatch Options dialog controls whether features will be detected in the masked regions. You can now also access the Generate Masks dialog box from the SmartMatch Options dialog. Significant Scanner/Motion
7123 The name of an imported multi-point transform object now defaults to the imported file name. Improve  
7136 If a project contains any type of check measurement the processing report Quality group will have a new Check Measurements sub category that displays the max, min and average deltas of check points or distances. Improve  
7201 A new "Center around (A)" button on the External Geometry Explorer will change the rotate and zoom around position to match the highlighted 3D object. This can also be done using the 'a' shortcut key. (Just like the regular 3D view). Very useful when assigning points in large imported point clouds and meshes. Improve  
7232 Improved the wording of some warning messages generated by the External Geometry Explorer. Improve  
6476 Selecting a contour when the measure pane is open displays it's length. Selecting more than one contour displays the sum of the selected contour lengths as well as the length of the longest contour. Improve Scanner/Motion
7183 The Save PointMesh command now includes the Wavefront .obj format as well as improvements to .ply (supports points and RGB colors) and .stl. Improve Scanner/Motion
7205 Added 4 new settings to the Dense Surface preferences page related to meshes in the External Geometry Explorer. 1) Display mesh textures. 2) Automatically rotate around the highlighted mesh point. 3) The color of the highlighted mesh point. 4) The size of spheres indicating which points from a mesh are used by an EGE object. Improve Scanner/Motion
7216 Check Point tables now include points that have been assigned in multi-point transform meshes. Improve Scanner/Motion
7145 A camera, with no exif data nor a matching-tag, in the Camera Library will no longer match with images with no match criteria. Fix  
7149 A progress bar can now appear when extracting GPS data from photos when selected in the Add External Geometry dialog. Fix  
7154 Editing the name on the edit/create table dialog no longer causes the column lists to flicker. Fix  
7162 Check point tables now update when the main check point object is deactivated. Fix  
7165 After adding a new object to the External Geometry Explorer, that object will now automatically be highlighted. Fix  
7174 Points which are unable to project onto a photo (eg. are not referenced) will no longer affect the mean angle calculation of the photo table. Fix  
7176 The Project Review pane`s highlight-all right-click menu command now works correctly. Fix  
7178 Fixed some obscure crashes when marking sphere targets. Fix  
7180 Fixed text on an External Geometry Viewer button when importing Point mesh data. Fix  
7184 The default widths of the left and right sides of the External Geometry Explorer have been changed to give more space to the right hand side. Fix  
7187 Importing a mesh text file where the first line of the file is significantly shorter than the others might have, a) shown the "possible memory problem" warning message, and b) stopped the latter part of the mesh from being loaded. This has been fixed. Fix  
7190 Added additional levels of progress bars during quality texture creation. Fix  
7195 Memory leaks plugged in the Text File Importer dialog, when importing various text file formats. Fix  
7200 Using the 'in 3D views hide' option on the layer dialog now also updates the non-modal 3D viewer visibility tabs. Fix  
7206 The summary text box at the top of the External Geometry Explorer is now read-only. Fix  
7213 The wording of some fields in the control solution group on the Add External Geometry dialog has been updated. Fix  
7234 Fixed a crash that could happen while switching between windows when in referencing mode. Fix  
7168 When the 'a' key (center around) is used in point mesh edit mode on a static, pinned or n-point mesh, the centered area is now correct. Fix Scanner/Motion
7189 Added new 'questionable' residual thresholds to the Create Dense Surface dialog which are specific to SmartMatch projects. Also adjusted the angle and RMS thresholds for non-SmartMatch projects. Fix Scanner/Motion
7199 If a PointMesh with no points is selected for modification it will now be ignored. Previously this would stop processing of the remaining selected meshes. Fix Scanner/Motion
7204 Minor performance improvements in SmartMatch. Fix Scanner/Motion
7209 The volume between surface and XY plane calculations now work correctly with static, n-point and pinned meshes. Fix Scanner/Motion
7210 Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting items from an External Geometry Explorer table after the sort order had been changed. Crash Fix  
7214 Fixed a crash when the camera library has multiple cameras that can be matched and one of them includes a { } differentiator tag in its name field. Crash Fix  
7217 Fixed a crash that could occur when using the scale/rotate wizard to add a new rotate when a project already has a rotate and the rotate is selected in the External Geometry Explorer. Crash Fix  
7223 Fixed a crash when using the mouse scroll wheel over an active scale, rotate or translate pane in the External Geometry Explorer. Crash Fix  
7224 Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on an geographic multi-point transform 3D view in the External Geometry Explorer. Crash Fix  
7230 Fixed an uncaught exception crash when hitting quit during an update of quality textures. Crash Fix  
7231 Fixed an assert crash when switching to a non-control EGE object type while in control marking/pin mode. Crash Fix  
7233 Fixed an assert crash that could happen when a point with a textured surface attached to it is uncontrolled while a textured 3D view is open and then processing is run. Crash Fix  
7181 With certain older projects loading a mesh into the External Geometry Explorer and selecting a point could cause a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7188 Fixed a case where deleting the last control point in an imported mesh object would cause a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7193 Fixed an assert crash that could happen when a multi-point transform and a multi-point transform mesh object were both enabled in the external geometry explorer. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7207 Fixed a case where auto-save could cause an assert crash when in the process of drawing a trim. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2012.1.1 to 2012.2.0 [Aug 29, 2012]   (42 changes)    
7084 3D View windows have a new fly-out (and pinable) window for controlling object visibility. Allows adjusting the visibility of key items without needing to open the 3D View Options dialog and the effects are immediate. Significant  
7117 Added a new Text File Import dialog to facilitate the import of model data via a text file (eg .txt, .csv, .xyz, .ctl). The dialog allows you to customize the data types in the import file without editing the file itself, adding flexibility to text file importing. Significant  
7130 The External Geometry Explorer Add Dialog has been revamped to focus on the end use of the external information. The options for import are all displayed on a single dialog instead of broken into several smaller dialogs. While a big change, in the long run, we expect it to be much easier to use and undestand. Significant  
7131 Point clouds and meshes can now be imported by the External Geometry Explorer and be used to generate control points, or multi-point transform points, or be pinned or static objects. In addition to the above functionality, the imported cloud/meshes are treated like regular PointMeshes - ie. they can be textured, re-exported, etc. This is great functionality for combining external laser scan and other point cloud data with your PhotoModeler project. Significant  
7134 A new sub-pixel target marking mode for sphere targets. Sphere targets can be placed in the scene and used in the same way dot targets are. This can be useful for aligning laser scan data (since spheres are common laser scanner alignment tools), and for targets at shallow angles. Significant  
7080 New ability to create cross-sections of Dense Point Meshes. A new 'cross section contour' mode, activated from Dense Surface->Cross section contour mode, allows you to draw a line in a 3D view window that will define a plane to be intersected with any visible underlying PointMeshes. The new contour (appears in 3D Views and on the Contour Table) shows the cross section defined by the intersection. Significant Scanner/Motion
6881 A "Reset Optional Warning Messages" tool has been added to the Options menu, to replace the series of checkboxes on the Preferences dialog. The new tool restores all warning messages with a "Do Not Show Again" checkbox. Improve  
7076 PMV export has a new tab allowing the export of a range of epochs. Improve  
7081 The update/patch installer now has a graphic pane with a link to the list of changes and improvements in the software. Improve  
7082 Added the option to show a photo's description property below the image chip in the photo list. This feature is controlled with a setting shown on Preference Dialog's 'Photo Control' page. The default description property for a photo is its image's file name. The description can be changed in Photo Properties (including being deleted). Improve  
7093 When an already assigned item is highlighted in the External Geometry Explorer, the Assign button toggles to 'Unassign' to allow the item to be unassigned from its project object. Improve  
7097 The External Geometry Explorer now displays the summary pane above both the 3D and list views. Improve  
7101 Tabbed photos, 3D views or tables can now be toggle between using Alt-F6, Alt-F7 or Ctrl-Tab. Improve  
7108 All export formats that support triangles and/or lines can now output imported surfaces and lines. Improve  
7114 The ortho photo export dialog now saves the settings used by the previous export. Improve  
7115 Changed how photo's inverse-camera flags are edited. The control now uses check-boxes and treats each flag as an individual variable field. Improve  
7128 In the Export Ortho-Photo dialog, the output resolution is now only calculated when the 'update' button is pressed. This can speed up opening and other operations on this dialog when the ortho-photo is detailed. Additionally, if the output resolution is large, a warning will come up when the export button is pressed. Improve  
7116 PointMesh table now shows a "Type" column to show the source (eg imported vs generated). Improve Scanner/Motion
7075 The Photo Table now shows "n/a - coordinates transformed" in the camera station precision columns when a coordinate system transform is active as extra explanation why they are not appearing - instead of either displaying incorrect values or just 'n/a'. Fix  
7072 The properties of the PhotoModeler executable have been updated. Fix  
7074 The "OP id" column in the list view of the External Geometry Explorer now updates as points are pinned. Fix  
7077 Fixed issue with the External Geometry Explorer grid not updating when a control point was changed from being fixed to having a precision value. Fix  
7083 Added a simple validation to the email entry on activation to prevent an invalid email address submission. Fix  
7085 The text at the top of the External Geometry explorer will now differentiate between when a multi-point transform, translate, scale, check point or check distance is not defined vs inactive. Fix  
7090 Fixed a case where PMV surface propagation would sometimes create a twisted or 'bow tie' surface. Fix  
7094 The Measure pane will now display using scientific notation for values of 10 million or more. This means that UTM coordinates now display in non-scientific form (ie. full display). This value can be adjusted in the PhotoModeler configuration file. Fix  
7096 A few changes have been made on how control points (external known xyz points) are handled during processing. The changes affect low control count projects mostly. The changes: a) a new warning message comes up before processing if there are insufficient control points to correctly solve the project. The new message gives the option of cancelling processing, or disabling the control points and continuing; b) the Preferences setting for minimum control [Processing and Cameras / Control Orient & Inverse Camera / Basic minimum] is now more universally used by the program to set the minimum control points for both single photo resection and project-wide setup, called minControl (the default remains at 4 but can be lowered to 3); c) since the multi-point coordinate system setup in the External Geometry Explorer is the preferred method to handle translation, scale and rotation from known 3D points, the method for handling low control points in processing has been deprecated (processing can still handle minControl control points on a single photo, or minControl points spread across the project, but the one and two control points cases are no longer supported). Fix  
7102 When outputting a table to a csv file or excel clipboard, the 'photos marked' column is now correctly formatted so the commas between the photo ids are not considered delimiters. Fix  
7127 Changed the way OpenGL PBuffers are used as this prevented some 64-bit graphics drivers from creating animation keyframes when textures were turned on. Fix  
7129 When enabling Field Calibration in a RAD Target Automated Project, the camera's parameters are now appropriately solved during processing. Fix  
7133 A curve smoothing property value of 0.0 (the default) now forces the curve to go through its defining points. Setting the smoothing value to -2.0 will smooth curves the same way previous 0.0 value did (not through the points). The range 0.0+ to 1.0 still works the same way as before. Fix  
7135 Loading an external mesh .las file into a project with a scale/rotate/translate or multi-point transform did not work correctly (used to only work with no transform or control-based projects). This has been fixed. Fix  
7031 Video frame extraction disabled appropriately in Demo mode. Fix Scanner/Motion
7063 Added settings to the Process page of Preferences to control the Standard Deviation weights applied to SmartPoints and Sphere points during Processing (also simplified settings to apply the same value to X and Y). Fix Scanner/Motion
7071 The scroll bar in video import manual-frame-extraction now increments relative to video duration, where a scroll bar click moves the video 1/5th of the duration and a scroll bar arrow click moves the video 1/10th of duration. Fix Scanner/Motion
7086 Newly created contours are now assigned the default project material and layer. Fix Scanner/Motion
7091 The Surface ID column visibility now defaults to OFF in the PointMesh table since it will show "n/a" in almost all cases. Fix Scanner/Motion
7095 The contour axis is now set correctly when generating contours in a project using a geographic coordinate system. Fix Scanner/Motion
7112 The message that comes up when trying to control a SmartMatch point no longer calls them surface points. Fix Scanner/Motion
7064 Deleting a Imported Point that has been pinned in the External Geometry Explorer no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
7113 Fixed a crash that could occur when using a mouse scroll wheel over the thumbnail list when it has no vertical scroll bar displayed. Crash Fix  
7103 Fixed a crash bug when deleting one or more contours from the Contour Table. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2012.1.0 to 2012.1.1 [May 7, 2012]   (19 changes)    
7040 Camera frustums are a new display option in the 3D viewer. The options dialog has controls that toggle their visibility, control if they are displayed all the time or only when selected, and control their size/distance from the camera. Significant  
7057 Edges and Cylinders can now also be used to define an axis when setting up a project's rotation in a coordinate system setup. The --> hyperlinks in the summary text can be used to flip their direction. Significant  
7056 Added a new PMV report for PointMeshes. The new report shows the volume and volume over XY plane of each PointMesh in each epoch as well as their deltas between epochs. Significant Scanner/Motion
7034 If the ctrl key is held when the 'Open photos showing selected' command is selected, the command now does the opposite as far as closing or leaving open existing photos. Improve  
7046 The Measure pane now treats two lines that share a common point differently - it now displays the subtended angle (before it displayed the smallest angle between the infinite lines). The smallest angle is still shown for lines that do not share a common point. Improve  
7043 Added a new PointMesh import format. These .xyz files are text with space delimited X Y Z R G B values (R G B are integer 0-255 red, green, blue values). Improve Scanner/Motion
7049 A problem recently introduced with the Save Table Layout right click menu item has been fixed and layout changes (column widths, order visibility, etc.) can now be saved again. Fix  
7033 PMV type 2 projects handle epoch numbers in parentheses. Fix  
7052 Fixed 'non textured' materials not showing RGB when 3D view was set to be quality textured. Fix  
7059 An unused graphical element obscuring part of the Image Enhance pane has been removed. Fix  
7062 Point confidence regions are no longer offeset from their point positions. The amount of offset depended on the overall size of the project's coordinate system extents. Fix  
7047 If a 3D view was switched to texture display, PointMeshes that had RGB colors but did not have a textured material (eg. from loading a file) would not display in color. This has been fixed. Fix Scanner/Motion
7041 Fixed a crash that could happen when hitting quit while opening a 3D viewer. Crash Fix  
7042 Fixed crash that would happen creating a surface draw point if the default material was a textured one and a textured 3D viewer was open. Crash Fix  
7048 Fixed a problem where deleting an imported point that is assigned could put the project into an unstable state. Crash Fix  
7050 Fixed a crash that could happen when generating quality textures for a surface drawn between imported points on a multi-core system. Crash Fix  
7053 Fixed crash caused when a quality textured 3D view was opened, then closed, then a surface was deleted, and then a cylinder was deleted. Crash Fix  
7054 Fixed an assert crash that would happen if you referenced from a point that is part of a scale. Crash Fix  
7061 Fixed a crash that could occur when a 3D viewer was open, with quality textures displayed, when processing caused a non-3D cylinder to become 3D. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2012.0.0 to 2012.1.0 [Apr 17, 2012]   (51 changes)    
6942 The Measure pane's 'Surface volume above the XY plane' can now show the volume above a plane that is offset in Z. This Z value can be set using a hyperlink on the Measure pane, and the Z value offset is saved with the project for showing future volume above measurements. Significant  
6968 The view (zoom, pan, rotate) can now be synced and controlled simultaneously in multiple open 3D Viewer windows. The 3D Viewer's right-click popup menu has the new "Link 3D Viewer Control" to enable this. This can be useful as the synced views can show different contents (different layers, different object types, different texturing, etc.) but be rotated and viewed all together. Significant  
6989 Improvements to PMV (PhotoModeler Video module): The following functions can now propogate across epochs: Create Dense Surface, Modify Mesh, Mark trim, Create Surface, Create Curve-through-points. Significant  
7025 Added two new PMV reports for Points and Lines. The reports show the positions of each type in each epoch as well as their delta between epochs. Significant  
7009 SmartMatch can be run in PMV projects and propagate across epochs. Significant Scanner/Motion
7022 PhotoModeler Scanner now supports video. A new video frame extraction feature allows you to extract frames from a video file. Once extracted, image frames can be processed using SmartMatch and DSM or used for manual marking and referencing just like regular still images. Simply select a valid video file when adding images to your project and you can choose to automatically or manually extract frames into your project. The automatic extraction method scans the video and extracts a set of frames suitable for running SmartMatch. The manual method uses an embedded media player with controls to extract frames at a user specified interval. Significant Scanner/Motion
498 Projects are now automatically saved to a backup file every X minutes (interval is editable on the Project Information dialog) and certain ini settings can force an auto save at key times. If PhotoModeler does not shut down correctly, upon next start of PhotoModeler you will be prompted to load the previously auto-saved project. Improve  
6885 The flip surface command now works with imported surfaces. Improve  
6963 Improved the formatting of the multi-select status bar; and added the total point and triangle counts of multiple selected PointMeshes. Improve  
6966 In the Measure pane, units that have powers (such as area in meters squared), now display these as proper superscripts instead of for example m^2 and m^3. Improve  
6981 The reference connector line (drawn between photos) is now drawn as a dashed line, to help distinguish it from the reference helper lines. Improve  
7019 When displaying the line/cylinder plane intersection angles, the angle will now always be positive, regardless of the line/cylinder direction. Improve  
7020 When a cylinder or line are selected, a new Measurement shows the angle relative to each axis. Improve  
7028 Using the all or none buttons on the create dense surface dialog now puts up an wait cursor while the grid is updating. Improve  
7029 Improvements to the Camera Assignment Grid when adding images from multiple cameras. Improve  
6962 Changes to the Create Dense Surface dialog: 1) it only displays the minimum sampling rate for selected pairs 2) When initially opened only the first pair with a reasonable base to height ratio and angle will be selected. 3) The dialog will open faster, especially with larger projects. Improve Scanner/Motion
6954 The properties pane no longer allows surface draw points to be renumber to with-in the coded target range. Fix  
6961 Fixed several small memory leaks. Fix  
6965 Added a warning that explains no contours can be created if a mesh has no triangles. Fix  
6967 The 'volume above XY plane' measurement now works correctly with geographic coordinate systems. For Lat/Lon coordinates no volume is shown. Fix  
6970 Projects with extremely large control point coordinate values will no longer cause problems with 3D viewer navigation. Fix  
6985 When outputting a table to printer, the Print dialog now comes up after previewing to allow you to set printer options. Fix  
6987 Added settings to control 3D mouse speeds. Fix  
6992 Minor speed improvement when dealing with triangulated surfaces and meshes. Fix  
6996 During orthophoto creation, when a triangle, that is assigned a multi-photo material, cannot find a suitable photo to texture from, the triangle's color will now be based on the 'non-texture pixel color' preference. Fix  
6997 PMV type 1 projects' image files can now have their epoch numbers in brackets in the name: (eg. AAAA(TTTT).jpg) this makes renaming file sequences with-in file explorer easier to do. Fix  
6999 If the 3D data in different PMV epochs have different 3D extents, the 3D viewer no longer shifts when switching between these epochs. Fix  
7001 When the only change done to a camera in the Camera dialog, is adjusting its name, the project’s 3D data will no longer be recalculated. Fix  
7002 The measure pane now always shows the smallest angle between lines. Fix  
7003 If a camera's position is exactly 0,0,0 the angle between camera positions displayed on the DSM dialog or measure pane no longer always displays 90 degrees. Fix  
7005 Importing .csv files that do not include precisions will no longer truncate the decimal values. Fix  
7008 The Project Backup command will now archive the entire PMV project instead of just the current epoch. Fix  
7012 The PMV 3D epoch report now has it's headers space evenly across the dialog, the header text will word wrap, and it includes SmartPoints in the number of referenced point count column. Fix  
7016 Using the Backup Project command, if you attempt to access the backup zip file (to copy it, upload it, open it) while the backup success dialog is still up, Windows refuses saying the file is 'in use'. This has been fixed. Fix  
7023 The "Photo set from selected photos" right click menu item on the Photo Table now actually creates a photo set. Fix  
7026 Added new preference settings (.ini settings) to allow for Status Bar frame width adjustments, for those with unusual screen resolutions. Fix  
6955 Including SmartPoints when running automatic triangulation now correctly enables the 'only selected' option. Fix Scanner/Motion
6956 The properties dialog no longer allows editing of SmartPoint IDs. Fix Scanner/Motion
6975 The Photo Visibility residual display and residual magnification now work with SmartPoints. Fix Scanner/Motion
6980 The summary that comes up when using the 'best' criteria based selection for DSM pairs now correctly displays the maximum residuals used for rejecting the pairs. Fix Scanner/Motion
6984 More information on what photos were oriented or not and how sets were formed is now shown in the SmartMatch Report Detail dialog. Fix Scanner/Motion
6991 Type 1 PMV projects now allow PointMesh trims to be transfered from a different epoch into the current one. Fix Scanner/Motion
7006 Re-running SmartMatch after adding new photos (unordered photos, single core) now more reliably matches new photos with existing set. Fix Scanner/Motion
7017 Improved accuracy and quality of dense surface PointMeshes especially when the camera pair has different camera roll angles. In addition, a slight Z offset with meshes created from pairs of photos with different camera roll angles has been removed. Fix Scanner/Motion
7018 The DDE commands "PreTriangulateMeshClean", "TriangulatePointMesh", and "PostTriangulateMeshClean" now correctly set the output mesh ID. Fix Scanner/Motion
6986 Fixed an assert crash that could happen if the assign, edit or delete button was used after sorting the External Geometry Explorer grid without re-selecting an item in the grid. Crash Fix  
7007 Removing a photo when the camera station is part of a project's scale no longer causes a crash/hang. Crash Fix  
7021 In certain modes when the mouse is 'captured', such as line or trim marking, if the right click menu was displayed and the user, instead of clicking on the menu, the photo was closed instead, the program was left in a strange state that could cause a crash or a hang. Crash Fix  
7027 In the new project wizard, trying to use in place editing of the file name on the manual camera assignment grid is no longer allowed. Crash Fix  
6969 Fixed a crash that could occur if there was insufficent memory to load images while generating the RGB color of a point cloud. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
7014 In some cases deleting individual contours could cause a crash. This has been fixed. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2011.1.0 to 2012.0.0 [Jan 18, 2012]   (47 changes)    
6937 Alpha-channel and Chromakey Masking: Texture Masks and the new DSM Masks can now be created from a photo's alpha channel or using automatic chromakey extraction. New tool is called "Create Photo Masks..." on the Edit menu. Significant  
6936 DSM Masks: the DSM 'trim' region can now be defined by an image mask file. White areas will be used for DSM, black will be ignored. A new photo property stores the DSM mask file name, and there is a new setting on the DSM dialog for trims. Significant Scanner/Motion
6856 Using the Properties dialog to renumber a point (by changing its ID directly) now has the options to: a) renumber non-coded points into the coded id range, and b) reference the point to another point that already has the newly entered ID number. This allows one to fix coding problems by manually entering the correct code ID and having it reference to other existing correctly coded points. Improve  
6880 Referencing manually marked points to a coded target point now gives a warning with an option to proceed with the reference. Improve  
6893 When a line or cylinder is selected the measure pane now displays the angle of intersection with the XY, XZ and YZ planes. Improve  
6920 The export dialog now explains that VRML files will be created using meters (as per the spec) but a new preference allows output using project units. Improve  
6927 A new field on the ortho photo export dialog shows the final pixel size of the image to be created. Improve  
6935 The user's Serial Number is now shown on the License Management dialog's title bar. Improve  
6939 The photo mask file property fields now have a '...' button (in addition to the hyperlink) allowing you to browse for the mask file. Improve  
6946 When an image copy is made (eg. via Idealizing or saving an images enhancements) any ICC color profiles will be retained by the copy. Improve  
6922 Point cloud meshes assigned to multi-photo materials now average their color from all photos. Improve Scanner/Motion
6938 When selecting a 3D point and a triangulated mesh the measure pane will display the x,y,z and distance to the closest point on the mesh. Improve Scanner/Motion
6918 Clarified a warning and the Help document relating to assigning geographic coordinates to camera stations (using the 3D Viewer or right click menu of the Photo Table). Documentation  
5766 Activating a non-photo pane during surface draw mode will now allow you to continue extended surface draw. Fix  
6857 All surface draw points now update correctly after processing. Fix  
6875 Using the print or output command on a rotated photo with projected 3D data displayed now works correctly. Fix  
6889 The processing failed dialog has increased in size to accommodate all possible failure messages. Fix  
6891 Fixed a case where photos that did not have suitable references for orientation would be set to 'do not use'. Instead the processing done dialog will not explain they were not able to orient due to insufficent references. Fix  
6894 Some minor improvements for the formatting on the measure pane. Fix  
6896 Fixed a refresh problem where the External Geometry Explorer and Shapes Explorer tables wouldn't always refresh correctly, eg after resizing the pane on the divider bar. Fix  
6897 Using the Tab button now moves through the various controls on the Automarking dialog box (like most other dialogs). Fix  
6898 Constraint dialog no longer shows unused unit text when displaying the dialog in a project with no constraints. Fix  
6900 Fixed a problem where certain old-version projects would not load properly if the project contained both control points and some form of transform both active. Fix  
6906 Minor improvement to how image thumbnail .cch files are used. Fix  
6907 When edges fail to solve during processing they now remain as non-3D items. Fix  
6908 Merging of projects with transforms assigned to camera positions now correctly aligns the merge result. Fix  
6911 Improved the handling of textures and surface triangles after processing when a textured 3D view is open. Fix  
6912 Invert selection is no longer disabled during non-region select PointMesh edit mode. Fix  
6915 A warning is displayed and processing is not allowed while the weld dialog is open. Fix  
6924 Slight improvements to memory usage and speed when creating textures. Fix  
6925 Static points imported into a project with an active transform now work in a more consistent and expected way, displaying their static coordinates in the external geometry explorer regardless of the transform state and changes. Fix  
6926 Fixed a formatting error in IGES files which prevented them from being read by Catia. Fix  
6929 Fixed a typo that could appear momentarily on the PhotoModeler status bar during launch. Fix  
6866 The photo table now includes SmartMatch points when calculating the largest and average angle as well as the largest and RMS residual for each photo. Fix Scanner/Motion
6899 Clicking the Meshing Options dialog's "Set Defaults" button now resets the Contours option (defaults to off, but default can be set with an .ini setting). Fix Scanner/Motion
6902 Default blend texture for DSMPhoto materials is now 0.0 Fix Scanner/Motion
6904 During PointMesh edit mode invert selection no longer disables delete and split mesh. Fix Scanner/Motion
6949 Selecting or unselecting a PointMesh while 3D projected PointMesh visibility is turned on now automatically updates on open photographs without needing to force an image re-draw. Fix Scanner/Motion
6782 Fixed an assert crash that would happen when using surface constraints. Crash Fix  
6879 Fixed a crash that could happen when toggling Group Sorting on a photo table. Crash Fix  
6909 Fixed a hang on some 64-bit systems when clicking on the group headers on the 3D viewer options or preferences dialogs. Crash Fix  
6910 Fixed an assert crash that could happen when processing a project, with a 3D view open and showing surfaces, caused a point with a surface attached to it to lose it's 3D position. Crash Fix  
6923 Deleting a point from a static import object no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
6948 Using the print or output open photo to save to a file no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
6913 Trying to re-run a SmartMatch project without making any changes and choosing the option to not re-run no longer leaves the project in a state that could cause a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
6914 Fixed a potential crash/hang when running or re-running certain SmartMatch projects. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
6945 Doing a text export of a mesh assigned a non-textured material no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2011.0.3 to 2011.1.0 [Nov 10, 2011]   (104 changes)    
6729 Added a new export and import format "Total Station CSV" that will output a comma separated value text file of point information in a format similar to a total station. Import, from the external geometry explorer, allows of x,y,z point locations in various comma separated value file formats. Significant  
6755 Point Cloud files in the ASPRS .las format can now be exported (dsm clouds, smart match points, other points), and imported as a PointMesh. Significant  
6767 When an AVI video animation export is complete, there is now an option to upload the video to YouTube. Significant  
6773 A new option on the animation dialog allows the keyframes to be generated from the photo positions. This provides animations along the camera path (more useful when the photo positions are close to each other and in order - more typical of a SmartMatch project) Significant  
6839 Added a new DDE command to create and add points to a Multi-point transform. ("MultiPointTransform id1 type1 x y z transformName") Significant  
6740 Several efficiency and improvement changes were made to the feature detection and matching stages of SmartMatch projects. Multi-core support also implemented. Significant Scanner/Motion
6868 The orientation part of automated SmartMatch projects has gone under a significant rewrite and improvement. More projects orient successfully and generally more photos are oriented and more quickly. In addition larger projects (even over 100+ photos) can be successfully processed in SmartMatch now. Significant Scanner/Motion
1633 The single photo drop down on the materials dialog now lists the photo description (defaults to it's filename) as well as the photo number. Improve  
5652 Added support for SpaceExplorer, SpaceNavigator and other 3D navigation devices by 3Dconnexion. With a SpaceExplorer the 1 button will bring up the options dialog and the 2 button will change the rotate around selected state. Improve  
6725 Clicking and holding down the middle mouse button while dragging the mouse will now pan a photo. Improve  
6734 A new preference setting now controls the RGB color to use for the areas of an ortho photo where there is no photo texture. Improve  
6735 Added a way to change the default photo visibilty settings for new projects. Also point tags now default to being visible. Please contact Technical Support for instructions on adjusting preference file settings. Improve  
6741 If a project processes successfully but some photos, that are set to be used, do not orient a list of these photos is now displayed. Improve  
6742 A new preference changes region select in the 3D viewer to include 'crossing objects' rather than just 'contained objects'. Improve  
6756 The raw .txt export now defaults to having a single space delimiting each item. A new preference can adjust this to using fixed column widths as the previous versions did. Improve  
6770 The visibility on photos panel settings group now has a control for the 3D ID size. Improve  
6800 The left, middle and right button navigation in the 3D viewer can now each have separate preference settings for if the alt-key also needs to be pressed. Previously one setting affected all three buttons. Improve  
6820 When zooming on a photo (using scroll wheel or +/- keys etc), the zoom now focuses around the mouse cursor position, when Zoom lock mode disabled. Note that if Zoom lock is enabled, selected items will be centered and zoomed on all photos. A new Preference on the Photo Zoom page allows you to revert to the previous zoom method. Improve  
6832 Two new settings added to the General Preferences page to control the display of data in PhotoModeler tables. Also the Table Decimals setting on the General page now correctly controls the number of decimal places, rather than the total number of digits displayed in Table data. Improve  
6834 The confirmation message shown after you back up your project (via the Backup Project dialog) now has a link to access the online PhotoModeler upload page directly. Improve  
6840 Several SmartMatch project settings have been moved and unified on a new SmartMatch project options dialog Improve  
6458 When a project has SmartPoints the dialog to choose the best photos for DSM now has a number of shared smart points field. Improve Scanner/Motion
6718 When the dialog to choose the best photos for DSM is used a summary displays which photo pairs were chosen and lists which field caused pairs to be rejected. Improve Scanner/Motion
6748 The select best DSM pairs dialog now has two new methods for selecting pairs "Every other pair (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc.)" and "Orderned pairs (1-2, 2-3, 3-4, etc.)". Improve Scanner/Motion
6816 The modify mesh tool will now add the IDs of the source mesh(es) used during the modification to the resulting meshes name. Improve Scanner/Motion
6827 The modify point mesh tool's fill hole function now has an option to also close the largest hole, which can be used to create a closed mesh. Improve Scanner/Motion
6850 The SmartMatch Project Summary dialog has been revamped showing a color coded display of feature detection/matching/orientation status per photo, timing information, and various formatting improvements to improve readability of the summary of project results. This coincides with a major revamp of the SmartMatch algorithms, speed improvements etc. Improve Scanner/Motion
131 Undoing the addition of a first mark to a photo re-sets the photo to do not use. Fix  
6809 When a camera station is assigned to a translate point the translates valid icon is now updated correctly. Fix  
6639 Fixed various display issues on the External Geometry Explorer and Shapes Explorer and table view windows where table data could partially or not display on some systems. Fix  
6649 Improved the speed of certain operations on 2D point marks (regular and smartpoints) when a 2D Point Mark table is open. Fix  
6690 Exporting a .gif animation now sets a default file name. Fix  
6698 The approximate project size no longer includes inactive imported objects. So sizes such as the 3D viewer camera station symbol, or tesselation settings for curves now reflect only the active project data. Fix  
6707 Images with the .jpeg extension (as opposed to .jpg) are now recognized as having a valid image format when starting new projects, adding or replacing photos etc. Fix  
6709 [64-bit version only] Fixed a problem with delays in new project setup (photo chip generation) in PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner. Fix  
6713 If a project contains non-sequential photos numbers, when a photo is unable to orient the error message now displays the correct photo number. Fix  
6715 Minor alignment corrections for elements on the 3D Viewer advanced options dialog. Fix  
6716 Processing has been improved in two situations where the project is weak and unstable. The first is when the project has fixed control points. The second is for highly unstable projects that before might have shown successful processing when actually nothing concrete was done. Fix  
6720 If a 32-bit photo view is open using the print or output view command to save a copy to a file format that does not support 32-bit images now works correctly. Fix  
6721 If the print or output command to save an image file fails to write the image file, an error message is now displayed. Fix  
6730 Selecting items on 2 different tables at the same time now works correctly. Fix  
6732 Sub-pixel marking a target two or more times will no longer create a duplicate point mark(s). Fix  
6751 Fixed an issue In some warning and information dialog boxes where the '&' character could cause a problem with the display of text. Fix  
6736 Resolved some minor memory leaks. Fix  
6737 Setting a Rotation's dominant axis now works correctly. Fix  
6749 Resolved camera name and assignment issues relating to Inverse Camera project setup when images from multiple cameras are used in a project. Fix  
6750 Setting up a project using an EXIF-based inverse camera no longer causes an alert to appear in the Project Status report. Fix  
6752 Fixed a problem with the display of the camera selection column in the Camera Assignment grid (which appears in the New Project Wizard when selecting photos from multiple non-calibrated camera sources). Fix  
6753 A warning no longer inappropriately displays while entering an invalid value on the Print Coded Target dialog box; instead the OK button disables until valid dimension values are entered. Fix  
6754 The Current Layer and Current Material drop down selectors now correctly display a selected Dimension's layer and material. Fix  
6757 Fixed several radio buttons on the export dialog settings tab. Fix  
6760 In some cases deleting a point and then undoing the delete could put an affine transform in a state where it was incorrectly reporting it was not valid. Fix  
6764 When a rotation is added to a project, the camera station position precision values show "n/a" (because precision values do not get rotated, and to avoid confusion with non-rotated precision values being out of sync with rotated position values). Precision values now display when you set a rotation to inactive, without having to remove the rotation item from the project. Fix  
6769 Added an error code to a warning message that comes up when a Check For Updates fails. Fix  
6780 Fixed a problem where the information pop-up display on a photo could sometimes inappropriately remain on the photo, especially when switching modes using shortcut keys. Fix  
6785 Improved the matching of certain RGB colors to the DXF color pallet when exporting DXF files. Fix  
6797 Fixed a problem with certain icons not displaying in various panes and title bars (applies to 64bit versions). Fix  
6806 Using the 'assign' button to create a control point now clears the highlighted points correctly. Fix  
6812 If PhotoModeler is shut down in a position that becomes off-screen the next time it starts (eg. the screen resolution is reduced) it's will be restored to the top left corner. Fix  
6821 The Zoom lock default Preference setting has been moved to the Photo Zoom page of Preferences so that it is grouped with other zoom related preference settings. Fix  
6822 Minor changes to Subscription Expiry warning dialogs. Fix  
6829 When the Photo List pane is the active pane, you can now use your mouse's scroll wheel to scroll through the Photo List, when there are sufficient photos showing and the scroll bar is visible. Fix  
6836 The view direction (eg. 'top') in the 3D Viewer of a project with a geographic coordinate systems of 'lat/lon' is now calculated correctly. Fix  
6837 Layer visibilty on photos now works correctly with unsaved projects. Fix  
6838 Minor edits to the License Management dialog's section on Maintenance Subscription expiry Fix  
6841 Double sided surfaces now export correctly to Google Earth .kmz files. Fix  
6845 In large projects the RGB colors of SmartPoints could fail to generate due to memory issues, this has been improved. Fix  
6851 If a coded target was the first point created in a project subsequent non-coded points (or uncoding a point) now numbers the new points correctly Fix  
6854 If an invalid size is entered on the create multi-sheet calibration dialog the button now correctly displays the "Invalid setting" text and restores it to "Print..." once it has been corrected. Fix  
6616 Fixed an issue where the Create Dense Surface dialog would not always display correctly when resizing the dialog box. Fix Scanner/Motion
6695 Fixed a problem where the incorrect symbol for a SmartPoint symbol displayed in the 3D Viewer after unreferencing the point in a photo. Fix Scanner/Motion
6719 The default angle for the DSM Best Photo Pairs dialog has been reduced to 20 degrees. Fix Scanner/Motion
6722 SmartMatch projects now work correctly when using images with different resolutions. Fix Scanner/Motion
6731 The max residual status bar now displays 'sp' if the point is a SmartPoint or 'pt' for other point types. Fix Scanner/Motion
6744 Added a specific check and warning for the case where DSM extents are from trims but the selected photo pair has no trims. Fix Scanner/Motion
6783 Fixed the handing of smoothing values passed in via DDE. Fix Scanner/Motion
6784 The depth range 'above' field now displays the correctly configured number of decimal places. Fix Scanner/Motion
6795 Fixed a problem where SmartPoint ID's and/or Confidence regions could sometimes appear improperly in the 3D Viewer. There is now an option to display SmartPoint ID's when Point ID's are set to visible (Preferences dialog, 3D Viewer, Display). SmartPoint confidence regions are disabled to prevent a cluttered 3D Viewer. Fix Scanner/Motion
6804 When modifying multiple meshes the resulting meshes will now be assigned the same material as the original meshes, not just the material of the first mesh. Fix Scanner/Motion
6814 An inappropriate warning about a quick-setup camera in Status Report no longer appears on certain SmartMatch Projects. Fix Scanner/Motion
6815 Removed unnecessary warnings that could appear when moving a PhotoModeler Scanner license using the offline approach. Fix Scanner/Motion
6818 Using PointMesh edit mode on a triangulated mesh viewed with fast textures that has it's texture coming from multiple images now works correctly. Fix Scanner/Motion
6819 Undoing a PointMesh split now correctly updates the meshes 3D representation. Fix Scanner/Motion
6823 Reworded some warnings on various License Move dialogs to remove references to meshing components. Fix Scanner/Motion
6835 A warning now explains you cannot quick reference SmartPoints Fix Scanner/Motion
6849 When re-running SmartMatch, the number of existing matched points is now taken into account when displaying summary information. Fix Scanner/Motion
6717 Fixed a rare case where hitting 'quit' during an export could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
6759 Fixed a crash when a point that is part of an affine transform was deleted, then the affine transform was modified or deactivated, and then undo was used. Crash Fix  
6763 A warning now appears in the rare event of a missing Help file or an invalid path to it. Crash Fix  
6779 Fixed a crash that could happen occasionally when updating a 3D Viewer's textures or layers. Crash Fix  
6798 Improved how offsets and their attached objects are handled during referencing Crash Fix  
6799 Deleting of imported points with non-imported lines attached to them no longer leaves the line and project in a corrupted state. Crash Fix  
6801 Fixed a crash when adding a new shape attached to the ground plane. Also adjusted the size and position of the ground plane so the shape is easier to see. Crash Fix  
6802 Fixed a crash when switching a shape from a ground plane relation to pinned to points. Crash Fix  
6808 Some projects with a large number of meshes would not save, this has been resolved. Crash Fix  
6811 Fixed a crash when 4+ multi-point transform coordinates were assigned to camera stations Crash Fix  
6831 Fixed a case where using quick reference with a coded target point could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
6852 Fixed a crash that could happen when changing a surface that is showing textured in 3D. Crash Fix  
6853 Deleting all visible textured items and then turning on visiblity for a different textured item no longer causes an assert crash. Crash Fix  
6855 Fixed a case if a textured 3D view was open during processing and the option to keep existing textures was selected when surfaces were updated the 3D view could get into a state that caused a crash. Crash Fix  
6871 When 3D projected cylinders visibility is on, trying to use surface draw on top of them no longer causes an assert crash. Crash Fix  
6887 Fixed a case where deleting an object that was highlighted could lead to a crash. Crash Fix  
6723 Fixed a crash that could happen when running a SmartMatch project using images with certain uncommon resolutions. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
6803 While in Point Mesh Edit mode, and rotating around selected mesh triangles in the 3D Viewer, a crash could occur. This is fixed. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2011.0.2 to 2011.0.3 [May 25, 2011]   (64 changes)    
6656 PhotoModeler Scanner 64-bit version is now available in beta form. Significant  
6667 The 3D viewer now has a gradient background which can be controlled on the 3D viewer options dialog. Significant  
6672 Added a new SmartMatch DDE command. You run the command with a single parameter to control the match type (0 for all, 1 for Ordered, 2 for Ordered Photos Surround). Significant Scanner/Motion
6622 The preference setting that controls if photos rotations are automatically set based on the exif header now defaults to on. Improve  
6624 Restructured the preferences dialog adding a new ‘texture’ pane which contains some controls previously found on the export pane and moved the XYZRGB setting from the DSM pane to the export pane. Improve  
6642 The text size for dimension and annotations can now be controlled by a new preference setting. Improve  
6645 Added various status updates to the Coded Target Automated Project summary. Improve  
6654 Automated Coded Target Projects now show status of photo orientations on the summary dialog during the processing stage(s). Improve  
6661 The 3D viewer options dialog now has an apply button. Improve  
6670 As part of the other 3D Viewer improvements, the navigation buttons at the bottom right of the 3D Viewer have been replaced so that they are more visible with any background color setting. When moused over, these buttons now display a tool-tip. Improve  
6673 The triangulation setting "High noise" has been renamed "Filter noise during triangluation" to better describe its use and now defaults to on for all new projects. Improve Scanner/Motion
6587 Corrected conflicting Help links in various parts of the Help document. Documentation  
6676 Removed the term ‘affine’ from the user interface and expanded the help file to describe the nature of the transformation used to define the coordinate system. Documentation  
6517 Printing of single sheet calibration grids now works correctly . Fix  
6596 The 3D viewer ground plane option now works correctly when a model has a translation set. Fix  
6607 When 3D projected data is turned on for a photograph that has had image enhancements applied the enhancement is no longer doubled. Fix  
6619 Fixed a memory leak and potential issue with procesing on a multi-core system. Fix  
6623 After changing which Photo Set is shown in the Photo Control, the IDs of photos which are open now correctly stay green. Fix  
6630 If a camera name contains characters that are invalid for a file name, when the camera is written to the Camera Library these characters will be ignored and removed. Fix  
6631 Renaming a constraint now updates the name in the constraint definition mode combo box. Fix  
6632 When two different view types (e.g. a table and a 3d view) both display the same object(s) and these objects are selected, the invert selection now works correctly. Fix  
6633 Multiple layers can now be deleted at one time using control and/or shift multi-select. Fix  
6641 3D Projections of curves through points now update correctly as they are created or when their properties change their shape. Fix  
6643 If items are selected when switching to marking mode the sub-selection highlight will now clear correctly when the first new mark is created. Fix  
6644 If a PointMesh is selected when the Flip Surface command is used, the mesh will now have its facing direction reversed. Fix  
6646 When printing non-RAD legacy coded targets there will no longer be one extra target printed. Fix  
6652 When the proxy settings dialog is re-opened the port field is now populated correctly. Fix  
6655 Minor formatting fixes and typos on various dialog boxes. Fix  
6658 When a line or dimension is over lapped by an edge, cylinder or curve the context sensitive cursor will correctly show which object will be selected. Fix  
6660 The point coverage percent displayed in the photo table now updates correctly when points change their 3D state by an action other than referencing. Fix  
6662 Adjusting single sheet calibration options allows you to turn off steps 4, 5 and 6. Fix  
6665 The photo visibility of dimensions/annotations and SmartPoints is now saved correctly. Fix  
6666 New projects that do not have the residual magnification set before saving now correctly save the default exaggeration as one. Fix  
6671 Fixed a problem with the Create Coded Targets dialog where the number of pages/rows/targets did not always update correctly when invalid settings were entered. Fix  
6682 Fixed a typo in the automatic referencing tool-tip. Fix  
6685 Projects with camera stations oriented through a method other than processing will now show their largest residual on the status bar. Fix  
6686 Using the alt-zoom window no longer interupts the use of keyboard short cuts. Fix  
6687 Added a new check and specific warning when calibration images are loaded with different rotations. Fix  
6688 Fixed a problem with offline license move, where the Move button on the License Management dialog could become disabled during Step 3 of the procedure. Fix  
6689 The preference setting for "ratio of smallest target in image to image size" now allows decimal places. Fix  
6694 When selected, exporting a project with imported lines now correctly includes the imported lines. Fix  
6699 Fixed a problem where certain table layouts would not display correct columns or with the correct sort order and column. Fix  
6701 The units are now displayed correctly in the External Geometry Explorer when project units have been changed. Fix  
6703 Added information on how to get updates to the warning that comes up when a Check for Updates fails. Fix  
6577 Fixed a case where some PointMeshes would not extend all the way to the edge of their trim region. Fix Scanner/Motion
6584 Fixed several cases where selected SmartPoint marks would be used when they should not. Fix Scanner/Motion
6628 If a contour table is open when new contours are created the table will now update without needing to be re-opened. Fix Scanner/Motion
6635 A new preference controls if the approximate surface for creating a PointMesh uses just the points inside the trim or all points on the photo. The preference setting is numeric and defaults to 10. E.g. if there are more than 10 points shared between photos in their trims then those will be used for the approx surface - otherwise all points are used to create approx. surface. Fix Scanner/Motion
6650 If SmartPoints visibility-on-photos is turned off, selecting the point on a 2D SmartPoint table no longer draws the highlighted point on a photo. Fix Scanner/Motion
6674 [64bit only] Fixed a problem where the Preferences file (.ini) would get overwritten when running and alternating between v2011 32Bit and v2011 64bit. Fix Scanner/Motion
6683 Fewer low contrast points in SmartMatch projects (like in the sky) will be detected now. The contrast threshold is now an ini setting though so if this change breaks your project contact us to find out how to reset. Fix Scanner/Motion
6702 Trims on both photos will now be used when determining which points should be used for the approximate surface. Fix Scanner/Motion
6617 If a project's photos are not on disk and the 'open photos showing selected' option is used from a table, there is no longer a crash. Crash Fix  
6620 Fixed a crash that could occur if a photo was opened when not displayed on the Photo Control. Crash Fix  
6621 Removing an object from a constraint would put the project into a state which could cause crashes. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
6625 If two different coded points were selected as weld candidates for the same non-coded point performing both welds now gives a warning explaining why they cannot be referenced. Crash Fix  
6640 Having the properties dialog open and switching between an open and closed curve occasionally caused a crash. This has been resolved. Crash Fix  
6651 Fixed an assert crash that would happen when exporting to .kmz. Crash Fix  
6664 Projects with multiple surfaces assigned to the same textured material are now handled better in the 3D viewer. Projects with a large number of surfaces assigned to the same texture will no longer cause the 3D viewer to crash. Crash Fix  
6677 If a project has surfaces attached to an edge and the project is processed it no longer puts the project in a state that could lead to crashes. Crash Fix  
6700 Fixed a crash that could occur when re-running a SmartMatch project while a 3D viewer is open. Crash Fix  
6710 Fixed a crash that could occur after deleting an import point in the External Geometry Explorer. Crash Fix  
6420 Fixed a rare case where calculating the RGB value of a SmartPoint could cause a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
6679 Fixed a problem that could cause a hang during the Feature Detection stage of a SmartMatch project, while also making a small optimization in this area. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2011.0.1 to 2011.0.2 [Mar 10, 2011]   (17 changes)    
6520 More information is shown on the dialog that appears after a failed activation in certain circumstances. Improve  
6603 The About dialog no longer shows the User Name and User Company (and no longer does the Installer ask for an optional User Name and User Company). Also on the About dialog, the "Activation Code" label has been renamed to "Serial Number". Improve  
6605 The colorize height setting for PointMeshes now uses the Z range for just meshes in the project rather than all project data. Improve Scanner/Motion
6585 Fixed two typo's when entering scales 'disance' is now 'distance'. Fix  
6592 A warning now displays when deleting a point that is part of an active scale/rotate/translate or multi-point affine. Fix  
6593 If a project's images were missing and a point that was part of an affine was deleted from a table, the table display would not update. This has been resolved. Fix  
6599 The memory allocation threshold has been adjusted to prevent possible memory allocation failures during automarking on 64-bit computers with more than 4 cores and more than 2gb of RAM. Fix  
6606 Closing the PMV tracking dialog will close the total error dialog if it was displayed due to processing during tracking of type 2 projects. Fix  
6611 In some cases the add/remove photos dialog would not list all photos in the project. This has been resolved. Fix  
6595 Mask regions (which help reduce edge noise) in Dense Surface Model creation were not being created correctly for non-idealized images (a new capability in 2011.0.1). This would often show up as noise points in the 3d point cloud that fall way at the edge of a mesh from a photo pair. Fixed. Fix Scanner/Motion
6613 Small speed improvement in SmartMatch during the marking stage. Fix Scanner/Motion
6576 Several fixes for issues with PMV type 2 projects. Crash Fix  
6578 Deleting a point that was assigned to a geographic affine object could cause a crash if done after opening a point table, a 3D view or doing an export. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
6591 A crash no longer occurs after deleting a point which is part of a check distance. Crash Fix  
6612 Fixed a crash bug that could occur when trying to edit unassigned scale, rotate or translate objects in the External Geometry Explorer. Crash Fix  
6614 Certain constraints (such as coplanar constraint) when processed would leave the project in an incorrect state - which might later cause a crash when opening the constraints dialog. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
6598 Running Create Dense Surface on a 48-bit image no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2011.0.0 to 2011.0.1 [Feb 23, 2011]   (36 changes)    
6548 A new option on the 3D viewer options dialog allows point cloud meshes to be colored based on the Z offset of each point. This provides a great visualization of height changes. Significant Scanner/Motion
6567 Images no longer need to be Idealized as a pre-step to doing DSM (dense surface modeling). That step is now integrated into DSM processing making DSM fewer steps overall and easier to understand. Images that are Idealized before hand still work as before. Significant Scanner/Motion
6525 The processing successful dialog shows the length of time it took to process. Improve  
6545 When changing the filter type on an open or save dialog the name will update its extension to match the new filter. Improve  
6549 Various activation and maintenance subscription renewal dialogs have been revamped to avoid confusion between Activation and Maintenance Subscription renewal. You can also now provide an email address while activating to facilitate update announcements and maintenance subscription renewal reminders. Improve  
6564 The Help button on the SmartMatch project summary dialog now brings up the correct section of the Help document. Documentation Scanner/Motion
6522 The Open Photos Showing selected command on the right click menu now works for dimensions and annotations. Fix  
6523 Fixed a problem where a CheckPoints table would not display the CheckPoints in a project (applies to PhotoModeler only, not PhotoModeler Scanner). Fix  
6527 The add field calibrated camera to library and the warning about a project not converging no longer come up when processing is run via DDE. Fix  
6529 When sizing the Create Dense Surface dialog, both the photo pairs grid and the settings area now adjust. Fix  
6530 With a type 1 PMV project if the 'mark coded targets' option was selected without opening the settings dialog, processing between epochs would be on by default. This is no longer the case. Fix  
6535 When a warning about idealizing too many images in parallel comes up, the memory already allocated will now be correctly released - meaning the next idealize will work correctly (with fewer images in parallel). Fix  
6538 The rename shape command now works correctly and no longer causes conflicts with the short cut keys. Fix  
6543 The CheckPoints and CheckDistance tables would not always update when new items added in the External Geometry Explorer. This has been fixed. Fix  
6544 Shape face names were not always cleared from the shape explorer when switching or solving shapes. This has been fixed. Fix  
6570 Renamed tools on the External Object Explorer, from Rename Import and Delete Import to Rename Object and Delete Object respecitively. Fix  
6552 The northing, easting and elevation column headers are now formatted correctly. Fix  
6554 World file export (with ortho-photos) has been improved to be correct in more cases. Fix  
6556 The Edit->Select All and it's associated short cut key (ctrl-A by default) now work on the Photo Control. Fix  
6557 Changing the preference for the number of visible digits in a table now updates any currently open tables. Fix  
6558 When an imported surface is selected the surface status bar now lists the type as "Imported Surface". Fix  
6563 Fixed a problem that could prevent PhotoModeler from shutting down correctly after an online license move, in some circumstances. Fix  
6566 The Idealize Project dialog's "Number of images to resample in parallel" default setting now shows the number of photos in the project, if it is lower than the maximum number of images based on image size and RAM resources. Fix  
6568 Fixed a problem with some user-optional Yes/No warnings where the ini setting to display the warning would not take effect. Fix  
6569 Reworded and clarified some summary information text on the Automated Project summary dialogs. Fix  
6580 Fixed a problem with DDE's Automark command that prevented proper assignment of the optional user name parameter to automarked points. Fix  
6531 In some cases where parts of the approximate surface are at a steep angle to the camera the minimum suggested sampling interval would not be appropriate. This has been improved. Fix Scanner/Motion
6541 Fixed a problem where final error and iteration processing data was not written to the project status report when running SmartMatch Projects. Fix Scanner/Motion
6550 Using the open photos showing selected command on a PointMesh no longer opens all photos. Fix Scanner/Motion
6524 Removing an Imported Object while in control point marking mode (of that object) will no longer cause a crash. Crash Fix  
6537 Fixed a problem with drag/drop of projects onto a PhotoModeler window when the pmr file was drag/dropped onto an open photo of an open project. The dropped project now opens correctly. Crash Fix  
6540 If a object assigned to an affine transform or check object was the destination of a reference the affine would not be updated correctly and in some cases this could lead to a crash. Crash Fix  
6542 Fixed a crash bug that prevented the assignment of a geo coordinate to a shape vertex. Crash Fix  
6571 Removed error condition check that could cause an assert crash ( rotationMatrixOK == FALSE ) during processing. Crash Fix  
6565 Gray scale (8 bit) images would not idealize - hang or crash. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
6579 Fixed a problem where opening a photo could cause a crash or put PhotoModeler in a frozen state in certain circumstances (eg after some DDE calls). Crash Fix  
  From Release 2010.0.9 to 2011.0.0 [Jan 14, 2011]   (64 changes)    
6428 Multi-point and multi-point-geo affines can now assign a camera station's position to a known x,y,z location to define the coordinate system. If an assigned camera station's image contains geographic information in it's image header this information can optionally be extracted and assigned. Significant  
6443 The photo thumbnail IDs, in the Photo Control, now turn green when the photo is open, and remains black if the photo is closed - providing a way to quickly identify photos that are already open. Significant  
6436 A new Preference setting controls whether multiple selection on photos and in the 3D viewer is done by holding the Shift key or the Ctrl key. Improve  
6437 The X, Y, Z labels for columns in the External Geometry Explorer now display the units. Improve  
6441 The layers and items tabs of the export dialog now have check/uncheck all buttons. Improve  
6444 You can now navigate tables using the Up Arrow (move up one), Down Arrow (move down one), Home (move to top row), and End (move to bottom row) keys, in addition to the Page Down and Page Up keys that previously were enabled. Improve  
6455 Added an option to save a project before running the Backup Project command (File menu) if current project has unsaved changes. Improve  
6456 The message that appears after idealizing a project has been revamped and now provides an option to immediately reprocess the project. Improve  
6459 The advanced pane of the 3D Viewer options dialog now has a setting to control the background color of the 3D view. This setting is saved with the project and also allows different 3D views to have different background colors. Improve  
6462 The option to "Save project before processing" is now stored in your preferences so that the setting is restored whenever processing. Improve  
6484 When the status bar button to select the mark with the largest residual is used all open photos referenced to that mark will center around the mark. Improve  
6485 When zoom lock is turned on the selected objects will now stay centered as you zoom out. Improve  
6486 Operations that attempt to make a photo mark visible (such as, 'expand selection to all views', 'reference next point', 'show point with highest residual', and 'zoom lock') will now center the mark(s) on the open photos (previously if the mark(s) were already visible the scroll of the photos would not change). Now with the photo scroll always changing to center the marks - they will be easier to find. Improve  
6488 The automated coded target autoproject summary dialog now displays the time it took to finish the auto-project run. Improve  
6490 Selecting the Mark/Pin mode option on the marking menu when there are no imported control or pinned objects produces a warning with an option to import an object before switching to the mark/pin mode. Improve  
6491 The automated coded target summary now displays the target color being detected (white on black or black on white). Improve  
6498 Several optimizations have been done to improve speed (focused on SmartMatch autoprojects). Some SmartMatch projects run from 5 to 50% faster. Improve  
6465 Point cloud meshes assigned a multi-photo material will have each point colored based on the first photo a point projects on. This allows meshes that span multiple photos to have all points colored. Additionally the idealized region for any images will be ignored. Improve Scanner/Motion
6479 When the Modify Point Mesh: Register and Merge 'include selected Object Points' option is selected the summary dialog will list how many points were added to the mesh. Improve Scanner/Motion
6494 A warning now appears when processing a project (automatic or manual) that has PointMeshes in it. It is not advisable to process a project once you've created PointMeshes because pre-existing meshes will not update after processing, and may no longer align with new meshes. Improve Scanner/Motion
6448 Help document updates: - description of setting up a Coded Target Import File - various updates in SmartMatch section - updates in the DSM photography section - various updates to reflect changes in the PhotoModeler user interface Documentation  
6434 The preference that controls the number of reference helper lines displayed at one time now allows up to 99 lines. Fix  
6438 Fixed a problem where the default layer and material was not always getting set in some projects. Fix  
6439 An open Offset Table now correctly updates when an offset point added to the project. Fix  
6440 Fixed some paint issues that would occur when the export dialog was open. Fix  
6442 When points and the TEXT fields of a dxf import are selected for import the text will now be assigned to the imported point name field. Fix  
6452 A warning now comes up when there is insufficent memory resources to idealize a set of images. Fix  
6453 At some zoom levels, on-photo dimension-lines would sometimes draw erroneous black lines to the top left corner of the image. This has been fixed. Fix  
6454 The Maintenance Subscription confirmation dialog no longer appears after an offline/manual activation of a Trial activation code. Fix  
6461 When you process a project in which all used photos are already oriented, the default orientation type is now, more logically, 'all photos'. So a re-orient all can be done more easily. Fix  
6463 Fixed typos in the Photo Standard Deviation information when exporting certain projects' Project Status reports to text file. Fix  
6464 Editing of multi-point affine names now works correctly. Fix  
6466 Fixed a problem when exporting the Project Status Report to text file where the Standard Deviation data in the Photos section would not show valid information. Fix  
6468 When a point is manually adjusted it's 3D confidence region is now cleared. Re-processing will recompute the confidence region (which might happen automatically). Fix  
6469 Open 3D views now retain their highlights after a project is processed. Fix  
6472 In a 3D View confidence regions can now be turned off independently of point IDs. Fix  
6473 The total error dialog no longer comes up (or remains on the screen) when using the DDE process command. Fix  
6474 The Getting Started dialog has been increased in size so no scroll bar is displayed when in trial mode. Fix  
6482 The Scale/rotate Wizard now correctly sets the dominant axis of the rotation. Fix  
6483 When a non-3D object is assigned using the scale/rotate wizard or the external geometry explorer a warning now explains that the affine will not be applied until the object is 3D. Fix  
6487 Creating an approximate camera from image EXIF data where there is insufficient EXIF information now displays a warning. Fix  
6495 Reworded various Maintenance Subscription expiry dialogs. Fix  
6496 Fixed several small memory leaks Fix  
6500 A warning no longer appears when setting up an offset if control points are active/used to establish the model coordinate system. Fix  
6502 The cursor will now indicate the system is busy after hitting 'ok' on the 'best pairs' DSM dialog. Fix  
6503 Exporting a project with just SmartPoints to a format other than DXF now works correctly. Fix  
6505 The setting for minimum coded target size to mark before tracking is now treated the same way as the automarking dialog. Fix  
6507 Activating a static or pinned import will no longer prompt to deactivate an existing affine transformation. Fix  
6509 Removing multiple photos is faster and no longer causes the photo control to flicker as the photos are removed. Fix  
6451 The "Dense Surface->Save PointMesh..." command will now give a warning if more than one mesh is selected. Fix Scanner/Motion
6457 A warning now appears explaining you cannot run dense surface creation if there are fewer than 2 oriented photos. Fix Scanner/Motion
6477 When Modify Point Mesh / Register and Merge / 'include selected object points' option is selected but no points are selected, the remaining modify steps will still be run. Fix Scanner/Motion
6493 Creating Surface Draw on a photo where both a triangulated and a point cloud PointMesh existed would sometimes fail to create a surface draw point. This has been fixed. Fix Scanner/Motion
6447 Fixed a crash that could happen after deleting a marked control point. Crash Fix  
6460 Fixed a crash when exporting a Project Status Report to text file when a very large number of points are marked outside of the camera's calibrated coverage region. Crash Fix  
6467 Fixed a crash that could happen after deleting an object from the external geometry explorer and then changing the projects units. Crash Fix  
6475 Adding a new object to the external geometry explorer, then undoing it and performing certain actions could cause a crash. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
6497 Fixed a crash that could happen when a project with a lot of photos failed processing during the second stage. Crash Fix  
6504 Fixed a case where automarking a PMV project on a multi-core machine could cause the program to hang. Crash Fix  
6508 Fixed a crash that could happen when removing a number of photos that cause points to be deleted (because no more marks). Crash Fix  
6511 Canceling the save of a PMV project would cause a crash and could could cause a crash with a subsequent regular project when opening a photo. These have been fixed. Crash Fix  
6519 Fixed a crash that would happen when closing a project while in control point marking mode. Crash Fix  
6478 Using the Dense Surface->Export contours option to create a DXF export of contours now applies the project coordinate system and no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
6480 If SmartMatch detection failed, PhotoModeler was left in a state where a potential crash could occur. This has been fixed. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2010.0.8 to 2010.0.9 [Nov 25, 2010]   (39 changes)    
6403 Double clicking on the User Name cell of a table view allows you to edit the name directly in the table (avoiding need to have Property pane open). Significant  
6380 An 'Annotation' column added to the "Dimensions/Annotations" table. The annotation string is shown if the displayed object is an annotation, 'n/a' is shown if the object is a measurement. Improve  
6384 Renewing your Maintenance Subscription no longer requires you to enter the activation code. Improve  
6388 A new preference setting controls if layer information is written to the Maya Script (.ma) file. Improve  
6406 Upon successfully activating after installing a downloaded v2010 Demo version, you're now prompted to enter your personal information so that the About dialog doesn't show "Demo User". Improve  
6415 The Maintenance Subscription confirmation (shown on initial activation and subscription renewal) is now more explanatory and includes a link to a web page showing further details. Improve  
6427 All components (the executable, DLLs and installer) are now digitally signed. Improve  
6371 Selecting a 3D SmartPoint shows its measurements in the measure pane. Improve Scanner/Motion
6382 Photo table now has "# SmartPoints" column showing the number of SmartPoints marked per image Improve Scanner/Motion
6385 Background processing is now on by default in PhotoModeler Scanner. Improve Scanner/Motion
6424 There is a new setting on the Preference dialog's Automated Project page allowing you to set the cutoff threshold used when marking matched points using the Ordered SmartMatch project type. Increase this so that fewer photo pairs are marked when the point count starts dropping off. A lower threshold value allows small point count matched pairs to be marked. Improve Scanner/Motion
6397 Updates, clarifications and fixed various links in the Help document. Documentation  
6368 An error message could come up during region select in the 3D Viewer with a particular set of steps. This has been fixed. Fix  
6370 Fixed a typo on the export dialog raw format is XYZ. Fix  
6377 Import a .txt/ctl file for a multi-point affine now assigns the names from the file to the points. Fix  
6378 If the original camera was calibrated at a different resolution (but same aspect ratio) as the images used for field calibration the coverage percent displayed was incorrect. This has been fixed. Fix  
6379 If a project had 2 cameras assigned to photos an incorrect warning about not being able to run field calibraiton would be displayed. This has been fixed. Fix  
6381 The "Print or Output Current View..." tool on the right click menu of 3D Viewer has been repaired. Fix  
6386 An unnecessary Maintenance Subscription message no longer appears when online activation fails. Fix  
6389 Fixed a case where if the first surface (or cylinder) in a project was not textured all surfaces with a textured material set to do occlusion checking would not texture. Fix  
6395 If a set of non-matching images was chosen in the project wizard selecting the option to go back and choose a consistent set would leave the wizard in a state where the images were displayed but would not be added to the project. This has been fixed. Fix  
6398 Reworded the warning that comes up when the target size was too large for the given multi-sheet calibration setup. Fix  
6401 The black idealized border region will no longer be used when generating textures. Along with some improvements to memory handling during texture creation. Fix  
6402 The rename button on the external geometry explorer now works for control objects. Fix  
6413 Processing no longer fails if there are isolated sets of unoriented photos in the project. Eg. if photos 1 and 2 are solving, and photos 3 and 4 are unoriented and have enough references (between 3 and 4 but not enough linking them to 1 and 2) then 3 and 4 will remain unoriented (correct) but will now also not cause processing to fail (so at least the good photo set can process). Fix  
6421 During referencing mode when the cursor is over an existing point on an unreferenced photo it correctly changes to the referencing select cursor. Additionally, when the cursor is over an oriented photo it no longer turns green when it cannot compute the estimated residual. Fix  
6426 The Offline/Manual Activation and Maintenance Subscription process has been made simpler and now only requires entering a single registration key, rather than a 2 step process. Fix  
6367 The 3D Viewer multi-select popup menu now lists SmartPoints separately from ObjectPoints. Fix Scanner/Motion
6376 If the largest residual in a project was a SmartPoint, clicking the max. residual display on the status bar would not open the photo to show the mark with the largest residual. This has been fixed. Fix Scanner/Motion
6387 Fixed a typo in the PointMesh Table Depth Range column headings. Fix Scanner/Motion
6404 Fixed a problem that prevented Automatic Surfacing/Triangulation in some SmartMatch projects. Fix Scanner/Motion
6410 If point IDs were turned on SmartPoints would not clear the sub-select highlight color from their ID portion. Fix Scanner/Motion
6423 You are now prompted to save your project if you quit PhotoModeler right after running a SmartMatch project. Fix Scanner/Motion
6375 Fixed a crash that could occur when hitting 'quit' during the marking phase of a calibration or automatic project. Crash Fix  
6422 Older version 6 projects that had an empty 3-point scale rotate with no points assigned are no longer prevented from loading. Crash Fix  
6425 Selecting "Open 3D viewer (show options)" and then changing the advanced surface rendering mode no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
6369 Fixed a crash that would happen when creating a dense surface via DDE failed. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
6392 Hitting quit during the orientation phase of an automatic project no longer causes an assert crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
6414 Processing a project that contains SmartPoints with the high residual removal step included no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2010 Beta 7 to 2010.0.8 Final Release [Oct.28, 2010]   (20 changes)    
6345 New DDE for DSM commands (see the help file for details): GetNextPointMeshID, CreatePointMesh, MergeRegister, PreTriangulateMeshClean, TriangulatePointMesh, PostTriangulateMeshClean, ExportPointMesh, DeletePointMesh Significant Scanner/Motion
6353 SmartMatch projects now have a new project type option where users can specify that the input photos are in a sequence. In some projects this can speed up the overall processing, and in some cases it can reduce possible errors when parts of an object look similar in different places (like a modern building looking the same on two sides). Sequences can be linear or a surround (where first and last photo overlap). At this stage, sequences are defined by the image file name. Significant Scanner/Motion
6358 It is now possible to add one or more new photos to a SmartPoints project, and re-run SmartMatch, without re-matching all photo pairs. The number and order of matching will depend on the new SmartPoints project type. The SmartPoints project is restarted using a new 'Run SmartPoints Project' tool on the main toolbar and the project menu (only visible when a SmartPoints project is opened). Significant Scanner/Motion
6359 A new Target Size Estimate dialog has been added specifically for Multi-sheet Calibration printing. The new target size estimate is based on camera focal length, format size, image resolution width and target sheet area width. Values can be obtained from image's EXIF information where available. Improve  
6361 Added the ability to add photos to a project sorted by filename. A new checkbox on the Add/Remove Photos dialog controls this. Improve  
6349 Fixed the text of the name of Surface's extents property. Fix  
6350 Improved the memory handling when assigning RGB colors to points or SmartPoints. Fix  
6352 Small improvements in Robust Orientation Fix  
6354 User optional warnings will appear when Maintenance Subscription expires or is about to expire. Fix  
6355 Minor wording changes in the Help section's Tutorial Videos link, on Getting Started panel. Fix  
6357 Cosmetic and wording changes on the License Management dialog and Activation dialog for Maintenance Subscription clarification. Fix  
6360 Added a new tool to launch an internet browser and view the online Tutorial Videos on the PhotoModeler website. Fix  
6362 During various projects with summary dialogs (e.g., SmartMatch, Coded Target Automated Project, Calibration etc.), the progress dialog now appears on the right edge of the summary dialog to allow viewing of summary updates. Fix  
6346 SmartPoints now have their own item check for export that controls if SmartPoints are included in an export or not. This setting is also available with the export DDE commands. Fix Scanner/Motion
6347 SmartPoints now export to DXF correctly. Fix Scanner/Motion
6351 When a project has many points (including SmartPoints), the Create Dense Surface dialog will be faster loading and refreshing. Fix Scanner/Motion
6356 Wording changes in the SmartPoints project summary dialog. Fix Scanner/Motion
6348 Fixed a crash that could happen if an edge was selected when defining a rotation. Crash Fix  
6363 Fixed an assert crash (orient.cpp basePhoto && photo) that could occur during robust orientation. Crash Fix  
6364 After a select all on a Point or SmartPoint table certain actions could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2010 Beta 6 to Beta 7 [Sep 30, 2010]   (37 changes)    
6342 A new Robust Orientation and Processing algorithm has been developed to allow for mis-references in points and still process correctly. This new algorithm is used by Automated Coded Target projects (to account for the occasional mis-code) and in the new SmartMatch tool. Significant  
6341 The new SmartMatch tool automatically marks and references natural features in images, then orients and processes the photos to provide fully automatic project set up and orientation for non-targeted projects. Significant Scanner/Motion
6309 A new preference setting controls if the scale/rotate wizard clears selection at the start of the wizard. Improve  
6311 The option to include the ID numbers when creating targets (coded and non-coded) is now a preference setting. Improve  
6323 Slight changes to the layout of the materials dialog. Improve  
6325 When editing or adding a photo set the name field will automatically be highlighted for editing. Improve  
6326 The project status report now defaults to only specific branches expanded. Improve  
6327 If a point is assigned a textured material when textures are turned on in the 3D viewer the point will be assigned an RGB value from a photo it is marked on. This RGB value can also be exported to the .raw format and viewed in on point tables. Improve  
6328 When a project has lots of points, opening a 3D viewer will now be faster. Improve  
6329 Select All now puts up a wait cursor in case a large selection takes a long time. Improve  
6333 The Robust Orientation system is used in Multi-sheet Calibration to assist with possible mis-codings. Improve  
6334 Multi-sheet calibration is now faster, as it solves the camera with a single stage of processing. Improve  
6335 Processing is a little bit faster when dealing with unstable projects that require extra iterations. Improve  
6339 The DDE AutoMark command can now take a Photo Set name as it's first parameter as well as a photo number. When the param is a non-numeric value, the name is used to look up a Photo Set. All photos in this Photo Set are auto-marked (allowing you to take advanced of multi-core auto-marking (if the photo set has more than one photo)). Improve  
6308 The dense surface preview dialog now shows the sampling rate used on the title bar. Improve Scanner/Motion
6314 Added a new 'flatten' option to point mesh smoothing. This will reduce 'floating' noise points and jagged peaks. Improve Scanner/Motion
6310 If a view other than top was selected for orthographic photo output and a world file output was also selected it was possible to have two of the view radio buttons selected at one time. This has been resolved. Fix  
6312 Exporting of points created via the autoproject wizard or DDE and not assigned to an explicit layer will now work correctly. Fix  
6313 Removing an unoriented photo from a project no longer causes any points on this photo to re-calculate. Fix  
6315 Fixed a case that could cause the region select button to remain inactive. Fix  
6316 Fixed a case where a warning dialog could come up during region select mode. Fix  
6317 When the 3D viewer setting 'show rays' is turned on the rays from selected points to their camera positions now show. Fix  
6318 When the project review pane is open if a field that had previously had no objects outside of it's threshold has one go outside the threshold the column will now be added to the grid. Fix  
6319 Photos that are not oriented are no longer reviewed by the project review pane. Fix  
6320 The project review pane will now check camera calibration residuals and coverage using all decimal places instead of just as a whole number. Fix  
6321 Updated newly installed review settings to match the defaults. Fix  
6322 The photos tab on the project review pane is now sized to fill all available space. Fix  
6324 When orthographic photo output runs out of memory it will try clearing any cached data to allow the process to continue. Previously it would output pixels as white once memory was consumed. Fix  
6330 When an object point has only one mark, the status bar (and mouse-over tooltip) showing the angle, largest residual, photo of largest residual no longer shows invalid data. Fix  
6336 Newly added check distances and points will now always be active. Fix  
6337 Editing the position of an assigned translate now updates right away. Fix  
6338 The 3D viewer in-model axis now displays at the correct location when a rotation and translation are applied. It also draws in the same colors as the axis which is displayed in corrner. Fix  
6340 The Properties pane now displays and sets the layer and material for the imported object instead of incorrectly indicating that each imported line has a separate layer and material. Fix  
6343 Improvements to DXF contour export compatibility Fix  
6307 Fixed a crash that could occur when canceling a weld of unreferenced points. Crash Fix  
6332 If a DDE automark command passes in a region that is less than 2 pixels the whole image will be used. Previously marking an image size 0 0 0 0 would cause an inactive progress bar to remain on the screen. Crash Fix  
6344 Fixed a crash that would occure when clicking on a contour during point mesh edit mode. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2010 Beta 5 to Beta 6 [Sep 1, 2010]   (32 changes)    
6273 A new DDE command "RELOADPREFERENCES" will clear the preferences cache causing most changes written directly to the PhotoModeler preference file to be loaded. Significant  
6282 A new flag for the Process DDE command has been added. 64 = include the high residual removal step of optimization. Significant  
6300 The calibration wizard now detects what type of calibration is being run (single or multi sheet). Significant  
6293 The measure pane will now display the volume of a selected triangulated mesh. Significant Scanner/Motion
6272 Some speed improvements with the project review pane and tables when doing some per-photo calculations. Improve  
6279 Removing photos from large projects is now faster. Improve  
6283 When adding a new scale rotate and translate to a project, they will now be added in that order. Improve  
6285 The warnings that appear when license file or other application data locations are not writable have been made more informative. Improve  
6291 The icons on the External Geometry Explorer for status and various geometric types have been replaced. Improve  
6297 Updated the installed PhotoModeler.ini preferences file to reduce the number of items. Several default values were also adjusted. Improve  
6298 Added a new preference to reverse the scroll wheel zoom direction in 3D views. Improve  
6294 The measurement options for meshes can be adjusted on the preferences dialog. Improve Scanner/Motion
6304 The Create Coded Targets dialog's Help button brings up the correct section in the Help document, when printing coded targets, and when printing calibration sheets. Documentation  
6284 The calibration and autoproject summary dialogs will now show the correct number of 3D points being created at various steps. Fix  
6286 Using shift select when point IDs or other text tags were displayed along with sub-selection highlights now correctly paints the mark red. Fix  
6288 Importing files when the last line does not contain a line feed will now work. Fix  
6289 Export to KML now outputs the correct coordinates. Fix  
6290 The add photos dialog allows a larger set of file names to be added at once. Fix  
6301 Fixed a crash that would happen when trying to add a multi-point affine by importing a file with no point data. Fix  
6302 Adding more than one shape to a shapes project now works correctly. Fix  
6305 Table layout files replaced during install to correct corruption in various layout files. Fix  
6276 Measure of PointMesh objects now works correctly. Fix Scanner/Motion
6277 Scanner will now correctly produce PointMeshes in projects with large geo coordinate control (or that used to have these control points). Fix Scanner/Motion
6303 If a combination of surfaces and meshes are selected the multi-select status bar now correctly splits them instead of listing them all as surfaces. Fix Scanner/Motion
6278 Removing a point from a project that is part of a multi-point affine no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
6280 Fixed some cases where automarking (or marking during calibration) could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
6281 Self-calibration now works correctly. Crash Fix  
6287 Fixed an assert crash that could happen when trying to import using an invalid file format. Crash Fix  
6295 Fixed a crash that would happen when assigning a check point. Crash Fix  
6296 Fixed a crash that occured when changing the horizontal or vertical axis of a 3 point plane ortho export. Crash Fix  
6299 Fixed a crash that would happen if a duplicate code was detected during a multi-sheet calibration. Crash Fix  
6275 Fixed a crash that would occur when a preview was run using parameters that would cause mesh creation to fail. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2010 Beta 4 to Beta 5 [Aug 11, 2010]   (40 changes)    
6231 Warning dialogs that have a 'do not show this dialog again' check box now have text explaining the do not show status can be reset on the preferences dialog. Improve  
6236 The processing dialog has been modified so the text in the property grid will be visible without needing to resize the columns. Improve  
6237 When all fields are within the thresholds specified the project tab on the Project review pane now displays text verifiying this. Improve  
6249 The Max Residual status bar button/info now shows the id of the Photo on which the point is marked. Improve  
6250 The mouse over info/tootip for a Marked Point now shows the photo id of the point's largest residual point mark. Improve  
6259 The Calibration Summary in a multi-sheet calibration now shows whether duplicate coded target points have been removed during automarking, which usually would indicate that duplicate targets and/or sheets were used during multi-sheet calibration. Improve  
6261 Two aspects of 3D Processing have been sped up - most noticable on processing of big projects. The Solve and Point Stats stages are now slightly faster. Improve  
6269 New projects now have their camera station symbol size default to 5. Improve  
6245 By default when multiple meshes are selected for modification, if registration/merge is not checked, each mesh will be modified individually. A preference setting can restore this to how things worked previously where just the first mesh selected would have the modifications applied. Improve Scanner/Motion
6252 The density of DSM previews has been increased. Improve Scanner/Motion
6234 If Select All is peformed on a Curve, Edge or Cylinder table, only the objects displayed on that table are selected. Previously all of those object types would be selected. Fix  
6238 Switching back to point mesh edit mode from region select mode (while doing point mesh edits) no longer clears the selection. Fix  
6239 Clicking on the client area of a 3D view pane will now activate it. Fix  
6240 Invert selection during point mesh edit mode now works correctly when doing a region selection. Fix  
6241 They hyperlink on the processing dialog that brings up the audit dialog now works correctly. Fix  
6242 Fixed a crash that could occur when displaying the error message that appears when trying to activate a license with no activations left. Fix  
6243 The help hyperlinks at the top of the External Geometry Explorer panes now work correctly. Fix  
6244 The 'Check For Updates' dialog now reappears at startup after the correct number of days (as set in the interval setting on the dialog), whether you do a check for udpates or not. Fix  
6246 Dimensions displayed on open photos will update when the scale is updated without needing a repaint. Fix  
6247 The Max Residual Status Bar button now disables during Referencing mode to prevent possible selection and referencing problems. Fix  
6248 When outputting a comma separated value (CSV) table the name and Photos used columns will be surrounded by quotes so their internal commas do not cause issues with the delimiter. Fix  
6251 Imported objects no longer lose their surfaces when imported into a project that contains an affine. Fix  
6253 When an individual scale or translate is removed from a project the highlight on the associated objects is now cleared correctly. Fix  
6254 Fixed several issues with the scale, translate, rotate DDE commands. Fix  
6255 Processing's High Residual Removal was not correctly removing all high residual points. This was most evident in Auto projects. Fix  
6256 Fixed Help links in Project Review Pane. Fix  
6257 Maintenance Subscription expiry information no longer shown for Trial users as a subscription does not apply to a Trial user. Fix  
6262 The export overview tab will now update correctly when the texture size height is adjusted. Fix  
6264 Fixed a problem with Table Layouts and column ordering, when column headers were variable (eg showed units). Column headers with units now show "project units" to prevent the problem. Fix  
6265 The unused Undo Processing tool removed from the menu. Fix  
6268 The state plane coordinate systems zones are now listed on the geographic coordinate system dialog. Fix  
6233 The select all command now works with the contour table. Fix Scanner/Motion
6232 Fixed a crash that would happen when the Dense Stereo tool was chosen with a non-3D surface or non-triangulated PointMesh selected. Crash Fix  
6235 Fixed an assert crash that would happen when opening and re-opening a project with shaded or textured projections turned on. Crash Fix  
6258 Fixed a crash bug that prevented the Status Report from being output to a text file. Crash Fix  
6260 Fixed a crash that would occur after a Cancel during 3D Processing. Crash Fix  
6263 Fixed a crash when using the Mark/Pin Imports mode menu item with certain projects. Crash Fix  
6266 When creating large quality textures, usually for export, requires swapping to disk the operation is no longer threaded as this could cause an out of memory crash. Crash Fix  
6267 A crash no longer occurs when the 3D viewer update quality textures button is used with a project containing mask images. Crash Fix  
6270 If a shape vertex was pinned to a point and then pinned to a different point this would corrupt the project causing crashes when the project or old point was deleted. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2010 Beta 3 to Beta 4 [July 28, 2010]   (12 changes)    
6229 If a quality textured 3D view is open, after processing a dialog will now give the options to update the textures to match the processing result, use no textures (just a shade the model), or keep the old out of date textures. Significant  
6219 Fixed some cases where single sheet calibrations would not find all 4 targets. Fix  
6220 Fixed several memory leaks. Fix  
6223 When the number of cores to use preference setting is set to 1 only a single epi polar resampling thread will be started during DSM. Fix  
6225 Fixed the "Check for updates..." tool on the Getting Started panel. Fix  
6228 Table views no longer have their selection cleared after processing. Fix  
6230 Check for Updates now correctly returns whether an update is available. The date checked is also now properly stored for use with the automated check for updates reminder. Fix  
6226 The invert selection command is now correctly enabled during point mesh edit mode. Fix Scanner/Motion
6221 If a v6 project that has both an axis and a 3-point affine is loaded both affines will be converted to their new formats, with the selected one being active. This also resolves a crash that would happen when closing the project. Crash Fix  
6222 Fixed a case where creating or updating quality textures would hang. Crash Fix  
6227 Marking images with the 'fast auto-segmenter' option enabled no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
6224 Going through the mode sequence "PointMesh Edit"->"Region Select"->"Select" will now correctly clear any parts selected during point mesh edit mode which would cause a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2010 Beta 2 to Beta 3 [July 23, 2010]   (31 changes)    
6192 The 'imported point sub-toolbar' of the External Geometry Explorer has a new tool: 'Highlight selected point" that takes the first 3D point or import point that is selected in a photo, 3d view or table and highlights its associated point in the EGE. Significant  
6187 During auto-projects and calibrations the summary dialog will now update the marking status as each photo is marked. Improve  
6188 If you renumber a point making it the largest in the project the next point created will be the next number in the sequence instead of skipping a number. Improve  
6189 Changing the ID number (on the properties pane) of a coded point will now prompt warning that the point will be uncoded before being renumbered. Improve  
6190 The 3D view of ImportedObjects in the external geometry explorer now uses the same highlight color as the list and other views. Improve  
6193 World files can now be output with orthographic images with geographic and non-geographic coordinate systems. Improve  
6195 New icons for PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner, as displayed on the Start Menu, desktop and quick launch shortcuts, and program title bar. Improve  
6196 If there are insufficent oriented photos to run automatic referencing a warning is now displayed explaining the problem. Improve  
6205 The add/remove dialog now show a count of how many photos are in the project. Improve  
6186 If a pair of photos fails to generate a mesh, instead of aborting, the remaining selected photo pairs will run and an error message will be displayed to indicate the failed pair. Improve Scanner/Motion
6194 Fixed a problem with the maintenance date check for certain locales. Fix  
6198 After calibration finishes, the visibility pane now shows the sections to enable/disable appropriate project items (without having to switch modes to force an update). Fix  
6199 Newly added import image formats are now listed in the open dialog file filter. Fix  
6200 When re-running a calibration without re-running the marking stage the point counts for each photo from the previous marking run will now be displayed correctly. Fix  
6201 The "Check For Updates..." tool on the Options menu now works. Fix  
6202 Fixed a formatting problem on some activation confirmation dialogs. Fix  
6203 Various cosmetic fixes and labelling changes in the installer. Fix  
6206 Adding an invalid image file to a project no longer causes issues with the add/remove dialog. Fix  
6207 Fixed a problem when loading the minimum number photos into a calibration project - the minimum number of photos no longer contradicts the minimum number of references (default preference setting) for the 1st autoreferencing stage. Fix  
6208 Status report for calibration projects no longer shows erroneous warning about an incorrectly set up camera. Fix  
6209 Fixed a problem where a camera could be set to 'Calibrated' without completing the calibration routine. Fix  
6211 Processing / bundle adjustment should now be more consistent and less error prone when cores > 1. Fix  
6212 Projects with fiducial cameras and photos with fiducial marks will now process correctly. Fix  
6213 Automarking now checks for sufficient memory and will reduce the number of threads running if insufficient RAM is available. Fix  
6214 On the add external geometry dialog the windows 'x' button now does the same thing as the close button. Fix  
6217 The text displayed when trying to overwrite a camera in the library no longer shows the mark-up tags. Fix  
6204 Fixes for Backup Project tool: Fixed a crash when destination folder is invalid or not writable, and updated the confirmation when back up successful. Crash Fix  
6210 With some pairs, In some cases where the geomentry is extremely weak, DSM could run out of memory and crash. This has been resolved. Crash Fix  
6215 Switching to add an external object while the import of a coded target file is selected will now clear the selection when the coded target file radio button is disabled. Crash Fix  
6216 Fixed several cases where deleting an axis affine object from the external geometry explorer could cause a crash Crash Fix  
6191 Fixed a case where an assert crash would happen when all textured surfaces were deleted from a 3D viewer and then point meshes were turned on. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 2010 Beta 1 to Beta 2 [July 14, 2010]   (20 changes)    
6168 A progress bar now comes up when a large number of photos are added to a project. Improve  
6182 The number of decimal places shown for Dimensions on photos can now be set on Preferences (General page). Improve  
6184 The colors for Dimensions/Annotations can now be set on Preferences (Colors page). The text, line and arrow colors can be set. Improve  
6166 Fixed a problem with a date conversion specific to certain locales that caused an invalid expiry warning on startup. Fix  
6167 Selecting an Imported Point now displays it's measurement in the Measure Pane. Fix  
6170 The Dimension Mode tool is now enabled all the time, not just when a photo window is active. It only acts on point marks in photos, but you can enter the mode regardless of active window. Fix  
6172 Sometimes adding a rotation would not take affect, this has been fixed. Fix  
6173 The 3D view's with-in-model axis-display now shows correct scale and position when a project with the axis active is loaded. Fix  
6174 When a calibration project has the calibration process redone (including the focal estimate step) the lens distortion is cleared to zero - thereby giving more consistent results on recalibration. Fix  
6176 The within model axis now updates correctly when a translate is adjusted or added. Fix  
6177 Open tables no longer duplicate rows after processing. Fix  
6178 When the scale is changed using the scale/rotate wizard the measure pane will now use the newly entered scale for future measurements. Fix  
6181 There is now an option to run a single vs multi-sheet calibration on the calibration dialog. The preference setting has been removed. Fix  
6183 "Beta" shown in build information on Getting Started and About dialog Fix  
6185 If a pair of photos cannot be setup for DSM, for example they do not share sufficient points or overlap, a warning will now explain why the DSM cannot be run. These types of pairs will also be excluded when the 'best pairs' button is used. Fix  
6179 Pressing "Preview..." on the Dense Stereo dialog twice in a row no longer causes problems the second time. Fix Scanner/Motion
6180 Doing a preview and then canceling the Dense Stereo dialog no longer changes the default sampling rate. Fix Scanner/Motion
6169 Fixed problems with the Print Calibration Sheets dialog where the maximum target size check wasn't working or could cause a crash. The Help link was also updated. Crash Fix  
6175 Changes to 3D viewer library which should improve issues with textures and coin related errors. Crash Fix  
6171 Using the flip point mesh command while a textured mesh is displayed in the 3D view no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 6.4.0 to 2010 - Beta 1 [July 7, 2010]   (135 changes)    
266 An information box now appears when the mouse cursor hovers over items displayed in photos (eg points, lines, edges etc). In addition the text on the status bar when an item is selected has been reformatted to be easier to read and to follow the style in the new pop-up information boxes. Significant  
1281 The Scale/Rotate Dialog has been combined with the Imports Explorer and is now called the External Geometry Explorer. This explorer imports, defines and controls known external measurements and coordinate systems. It handles scales, translate, rotate, control points, check distances, check points, pinning, static import, multi-point affine and coded target coordinate files. The External Geometry Explorer gives the user control over which coordinate system is active, checks for conflicting coordinate definition types, highlights the groups or individual of objects used for the coordinate definition, and provides control over the project display units. Significant  
1334 The file export function now allows selection of specific layers to be included (or excluded) from export. Significant  
1515 A new advanced setting on the 3D viewer (on by default) draws the 3D points using the same symbols as their 2D marks as displayed on photos. Significant  
1737 Closed curves that are circles (have their circle property on) now have a center point that is visible in 3D and can have lines, surfaces and curves-through-points attached to their center point. Significant  
2081 It's now possible to add layers and materials automatically to a project, via a 'profile' set up in the PhotoModeler ini settings file. You can define a set of layers and materials so that new projects will always contain them. See the Help dcumentation under the "Materials and Layers" section for instructions on how to set up the list of settings. Significant  
2281 Object Point numbers can now be changed/edited in the Properties pane. Significant  
2773 A new multi-sheet calibration method has been added which allows you to print a series of coded target sheets that can be placed in any configuration (e.g. larger area, off plane, etc). The calibration that results can be more reliable and can more closely resemble your scene. The option to use the traditional single sheet calibration is still available. Significant  
2774 A new Project Review pane identifies potential project, point and photo problems and weaknesses. While the pane is open suspect points and photos are highlighted for easy identification. The thresholds for weakness are determined by selecting a project type, these thresholds can be editing to match individual expectations. Significant  
2801 The new External Geometry Explorer provides import and manual entry of check distances. When a ‘check distance’ is assigned to 3D points in the model, the difference between the defined check measurement and the project’s solved distance is displayed in the Check Distances Table. These distances can be used to verify a model’s quality. Significant  
3029 A new "Polyline" property on a curve-though-points switches the 3D geometry from a curve interpolated through the points to a polyine with straight line segments between the points. Surfaces that use the curve as part of their definition will also be modified to take the new curve shape into account. Significant  
3592 When an object or mark is selected (photo, table, 3d view) any referenced objects or marks will highlight in a new 'sub-selection-highlight' color. Easy to see the references with just a click. Significant  
5593 When multiple CPU's or cores are available the following areas will perform faster due to threading: Automarking, Idealizing, Epipolar resampling, Processing (points-based-bundle), and some meshing steps. Significant  
5637 A new invert selection command has been added. This command also works while in Point Mesh edit mode. Significant  
5689 Added support for geographic coordinates and systems (geoids and datums). Import and entry of points-based affine transforms defined by geographic coordinates is available through the new External Geomentry Explorer. Loading old projects that have geographic coordinates defined for Google Earth export will ask if the geographic coordinates should be converted to the new form. Exporting to Google Earth no longer requires coordinates to be defined during export, instead the project’s geographical coordinate system is used and converted to the correct system as needed. Significant  
5749 A new copy button has been added to the Measure Pane that sends the measurements to the clipboard. Significant  
5836 A project’s coordinate system rotation can now be based on a single camera station. Y is up, X is to the right and Z is opposite of camera station view vector. Or, if you set this up, and choose “view from top” in the 3d viewer you will be looking at the scene the same way the camera station’s image is aligned (or you’ll be looking at the back of the camera symbol if it is turned on). Significant  
6017 New Image file formats supported: Jpeg2000 (*.jpx/*.jp2), Paint Shop Pro (*.psp), HD Photo (24-bit) *.hdp/*.wpd, and Portable Bitmap (.pgm). Significant  
6021 The Create Dense Surface dialog now includes a preview button that will generate a scan at a much lower density to help determine if the settings are apropriate for a full scan. Significant  
6036 A new button on the toolbar causes all open photos to zoom to the same level. The zoom will center around any selected items on the photo. A preference controls its default state. Significant  
6043 Dimensions on Photos. A new Dimension Mode allows the user to select any two points on a photo to create a dimension line with measurement information in project units. The dimension annotation on the photo gets updated if either point position changes. The tool also allows you to enter non-dimension annotation text on the image. Dimensions and annotations are stored with the project. A new Dimension Table shows (and allows edit via Properties) all dimensions in a project. Dimension lines and annotations export to file or clipboard when using the File / Print or Output Open View... command or similar right click menu command. Significant  
6048 Visual styles/skins can now be applied in PhotoModeler. PhotoModeler ships with a few visual style files, but others can be found online. The .msstyles and .cjstyles file formats can be loaded in the Preferences dialog's Theme and Layouts page. Significant  
6096 Holding down the Alt key while over the rotate control of a 3D viewer, then moving the mouse will now adjust the position of the 'side' light. A great way of inspecting surface variations. Significant  
6102 A new setting on the 3D viewer visibility dialog allows the end points of edges to be made visible. These end points act like other 3D points and can have surfaces and lines attached to them. Significant  
6104 Holding down the CTRL and ATL keys while clicking on an image thumbnail will open that photo and close all others. Significant  
6131 A new backup command has been added: “File / Backup Project” will copy and compresses (to .zip) the project (.pmr) and all the project’s image files. Useful for packaging a project for storage or for transmission. Significant  
6142 The new External Geometry Explorer provides for import and entry of check points. When ‘check points’ are assigned to 3D points in the project the difference between the check points’ x,y,z and the project’s x,y,z solution is displayed in the Check Points Table. These checks can be used to verify a model’s accuracy. Significant  
6144 If a geographic coordinate system is defined in a project, a World file can now be output along with any created ortho-photo. Significant  
6147 A project’s coordinate system can now be defined with 3 or more points (x,y,z positions). In previous versions the point-based affine (coordinate system definition) allowed for only 3 points. The check points table will show how far off the defined coordinates are from the affine transformed model. This is different from control points (which PM always had) that perform non-affine (shape changing) transformations. Significant  
6148 A project's scale can now be defined using 1 or more known distances (previously just 1 scale). The check distances table will show how far off the defined measurements are from the affine transformed model. Significant  
6149 For users unsure of how to define a coordinate system using the new External Geometry Explorer, a new scale/rotate wizard can walk them though the steps. Significant  
6150 A project’s coordinate system (affine transform) can now be defined by importing a file defining coded target IDs and their position. Importing this file will setup the appropriate objects in the External Geometry Explorer and associate them with existing coded target IDs - like an automated coordinate transform for coded target projects. Significant  
6152 The point symbols in the 3D viewer now look like the mark symbols. Points marked with the sub-pixel target marker will show as '+'s, non-sub pixel marks will be 'x's, etc. Significant  
6156 A new dialog box allows you to print calibration sheets directly from within PhotoModeler (this applies to both the installed .pdf small/large single sheet calibration sheets, and the sheets for the new multi-sheet calibration method). Significant  
6157 A new animated system tray icon has been added to display status/progress of an ongoing process. A Preference setting controls whether the icon displays. Significant  
6158 A new Maintenance Contract System has been implemented. The expiry of the maintenance contract is displayed on the Getting Started dialog as well as in the License dialog. Significant  
6159 The 3D viewer options dialog has a new setting under the advanced branch: "Special surface rendering". In 'wireframe overlay' mode the 3d view shows a wireframe of a surface's triangle composition on top of the rendered surface, and in 'wireframe, hide obscured lines' mode the 3d view shows a hidden - line wireframe view of the surface . Significant  
6161 A new fit curve through selected points tool allows the automatic creation of a curve thought a group of selected points. Significant  
6164 During referencing mode a new reference connector line is drawn between the source mark and the mouse this makes it easier to see the location of the source mark. The connector line can be turned off on the preferences dialog. Significant  
5915 New meshing steps are faster and somewhat simplified. Significant Scanner/Motion
6034 PointMeshes and contour lines can now be projected back onto photographs. Significant Scanner/Motion
6049 A Contour Table has been added, which displays each individual contour in a table with these columns: Associated PointMesh ID, Axis, Height, Material, Layer, User name. Significant Scanner/Motion
6143 PointMeshes are no longer stored as external .dat files and instead are included with-in the .pmr file. Significant Scanner/Motion
6160 PointMeshes have a new property "Down sample factor" that controls the size of the images when creating the mesh. This value is entered in the advanced settings area of the create dense surface dialog. A settting of zero (the default) will compute the optimal resolution to run at, increasing the speed when creating low density meshes. The value is stored with the mesh and can be displayed on the PointMesh table. Significant Scanner/Motion
17 Precisions for Camera Stations are now shown in the Photo Table (for position xyz and angles opk). Certain settings of the project’s coordinate system affine may cause these to show as ‘n/a’. Improve  
202 The option to included coded points in automatic referencing is now displayed on the Automatic Referencing Dialog instead of just as a preference. Improve  
314 Curves, Cylinders, Edges, Surfaces and Measurements now all have an editable name property which can be used to help identify the object. This name is displayed on the tables, status bar and properties pane. Improve  
668 Project back up files (_ver) are now stored in a sub folder called "Project Backups" so the main folder where your pmr is stored is less cluttered. The maximum number of backups per project is still set as a preference. Improve  
1118 A new command allows the creation of a photo set from photos NOT showing the selected items. Improve  
1154 Auto-triangulate now has an option to just use points on a specific layer. Improve  
1282 The 3D Export Dialog has been redesigned with a tabbed interface and a new overview that displays what objects will be exported. The dialog will also 'remember' the last export format used and default to it for subsequent exports. Improve  
2874 When control point data is introduced to an already oriented project a warning now explains you should run re-orient all. Next time processing is run there is a prompt to choose the ‘orient all’ option. Improve  
3544 The Output/Print View command has been added to the right click pop up menus for photo, table and 3D. When the tool is clicked, the "Print or Output Current View" dialog appears with the current view selected. The command remains on the File menu as well. Improve  
5206 Holding the Ctrl key in the 3D viewer and moving the mouse horizontally or vertically will rotate the model around a single axis. A preference setting controls which axis is rotated around. Improve  
5491 The Preferences Dialog's Referencing page now has a setting to control the maximum number of Reference Helper lines that appear during referencing. Improve  
5580 Reference Helper lines (epipolar lines) can be shown/hidden using a new tool on the toolbar: 'Show/Hide Reference Helper Lines', using the default short-cut key of 'H' Improve  
5643 Improvements to FBX export: photo textured materials can now be exported and projects with multiple layers will now export correctly. Improve  
5853 The status bar now displays object IDs when 3 or fewer of an object type are selected (used to show just one ID number). Improve  
5997 After completing an ortho-photo export a new prompt allows it to be opened in an associated program. Improve  
6018 The Processing Successful Dialog now displays the final error and the largest residual as a quick summary of the projects quality. Improve  
6024 Using the mouse scroll wheel over a non-active photo or 3D view will cause that window to become active so you can adjust its zoom. Improve  
6030 Point IDs and other text drawn on photos are now default to a transparent background with the text outlined in black. Preferences / Image tab has a setting to control this. Improve  
6032 RAD offset points can now be used for Scale/Translate/Rotate. Improve  
6033 During referencing mode the potential residual of the point being referenced is displayed on the referencing pane. Improve  
6042 It is now possible to replace a photo using the Photo Properties dialog. When the filename is selected, the ‘Replace Photo’ verb appears. Click the verb to browse to the new image file. Your camera orientation for that photo will not change. This is useful when you do repetitive projects using cameras in fixed positions or if you wish the change the image for texturing (again if taken from the same view point). A new DDE command ReplacePhoto does the same thing. Improve  
6044 The cursor no longer flickers when over a 3D Viewer. Improve  
6061 The Yes/No and Warning dialogs have been redesigned with new fonts, colors, exit choices, and sometimes reworded for clarification and ease of use. Improve  
6063 A new preference (off by default) automatically increases the angle threshold for texturing if no suitable photo is found. Improve  
6064 The preferences for photo display symbol colors now contain an additional 15 color choices. Improve  
6075 Using the mouse scroll wheel while the alt-zoom window is open changes the zoom factor of the window. Improve  
6078 A Photo View’s title bar now displays the same icon as the thumbnail in the Photo Control to indicate if the photo is oriented, set to use but do not adjust, or set to do not use. Improve  
6079 The 3 step license move procedure has been deprecated. License moves are now carried out using the online method (return license to server and retrieve at new machine). If an offline method is required, please contact Tech Support. Improve  
6085 A new preference setting for the 3D viewer controls the type of stereo view. Depending on your stereo hardware you can choose from: anaglyph, quad buffer, interleaved rows or interleaved columns. Improve  
6094 The PMV 3D export now defaults to not including precision values as these are only calculated for the processed epoch. The ini setting [PMV] ExportPrecision can be used to turn this export back on. Improve  
6095 The PMV 3D export now includes the delta change in a points position from the previous epoch. This output can be turned off using the ini setting [PMV] ExportDeltas Improve  
6105 The 'tree control' used in the 3D Viewer Options Dialog, Preferences, and Status Report has been replaced with a faster and more reliable control and improved to be consistent with the operating systems style. Improve  
6108 The auto-marking summary dialog now displays the time it took to perform the requested marking. Improve  
6111 When the Idealize tool has finished processing it now shows how long it took to run. Improve  
6116 When processing fails, you now get a choice to keep the most recent iteration of the solution (even if it might be wrong). When a project is unstable and processing almost converges but not quite, you may want to see the result to see how good it is. Improve  
6125 The 3D Viewer of the External Geometry Explorer now zooms in and out when the mouse scroll wheel is used. Improve  
6129 Added DDE command: SetProjectOptions, which allows you to toggle background processing, and set the Project Marking Quality. Improve  
6130 Folder Selector dialog now shows "New folder" button. Improve  
6138 The calibration dialog now displays the largest (as well as the RMS) residual when a calibration completes. If either of these values are over a threshold a warning about a poor calibration will be displayed. Improve  
6140 The Region Select tool is no longer disabled if a photo or 3D viewer is not active. Improve  
6153 Speed of optimization processing (bundle adjustment) has been improved. In addition parts of the algorithm have been threaded. Optimization is now faster for most projects and even faster on multi-core processors. Improve  
6154 The Add/Remove Photos dialog has been made more reliable. The look and functionality has not changed. Improve  
6155 The Add/Remove Photos dialog and wizard add photos pane has changed to show more photos that are in the project and browsing for images to add is now done using a standard windows open dialog. Improve  
6163 In PMV if the starting epoch for tracking has no marks a warning message now comes up explaining why tracking cannot run. Improve  
5664 Individual contours can now have their own material, layer and name. These, plus some read-only properties, are displayed on the status bar and properties pane. Improve Scanner/Motion
5875 Merging projects that contain PointMeshes no longer requires a new file name to be entered during merge (because the PointMesh is now part of the .pmr project file, as opposed to a separate .dat file). Improve Scanner/Motion
5993 PointMeshes no longer have a 'texture from photo’ property and instead are textured from standard materials. This means large images will be resampled to fit with-in memory, and file formats that are not supported directly as textures will be converted for use by the PointMesh. Improve Scanner/Motion
6052 PointMeshes and contours can now be exported like any other object (using standard 3D Export Dialog) without the need for any special conversion or alternate menu option. Improve Scanner/Motion
6045 By default, during PointMesh Edit Mode, once in region select mode it will remain there. A setting on the Dense Surface Preference page controls if this or the old behaviour (of automatically switching out of region select once the selection is complete) is used. Improve Scanner/Motion
6053 The DDE Commands Export and Export3DDXF now support output of PointMeshes. Improve Scanner/Motion
6056 PointMeshes are now automatically assigned a new single-photo material based on the first photo used in the DSM pair. The material is named DSMPhoto#. Improve Scanner/Motion
6082 During creation of a PointMesh auto-save versions of the project are longer created by default Improve Scanner/Motion
6098 If the preference units for loading a PointMesh from a file have not been set the units for the load will be treated the same as the current project units. Improve Scanner/Motion
6151 The meshing component no longer requires an independent license key and online license movement is now enabled for Scanner. Improve Scanner/Motion
2862 Switching to a new mode while a lasso region selection is partly drawn in a 3D viewer will now remove the lasso region. Fix  
3972 The application installer has been redesigned and made quicker. Fix  
5616 The Edit Photo Sets command has been moved from the File menu to the Edit menu. Fix  
6022 When multiple photos with different mask file names are selected the property grid will now correctly display 'varies'. Fix  
6025 Table highlight color improvements: all color highlights now display on the table - the selection color for the tables matches the photo and 3D view color set in the preferences. When a table is in-active the selection color remains the same. - The selection color for the tables matches the photo and 3D view color set in the preferences. - When a table is in-active the selection color remains the same. Fix  
6054 Tables now update properly when a layer or material updates (e.g. layer or material name etc). Fix  
6059 When assigning square images (w=h) to a camera the check if the image has been rotated differently from the camera calibration is no longer done. Fix  
6062 The largest residual columns on the photo and point tables now update correctly when the 2nd to last mark of a point is deleted. Fix  
6067 Using two edges as a scale now works correctly. The scale is the shortest distance between the two edge segments. Fix  
6073 To make them more visible, confidence regions were displayed at 10x the point’s precisions. This scaling has been changed so when 3D Viewer’s point confidence region scale factor is 1.0 the error ellipses are sized to match the true precision values. Fix  
6077 Alert pop-ups no longer come up during calibration as the project state is still being solved. Fix  
6086 Fixed a problem DXF exporting RGB colours on Point entities. Fix  
6092 The control mark status bar no longer displays residual values when the photo is un-oriented. Fix  
6093 The "Autofocus when Referencing" Preference setting now properly controls whether a photo autofocuses (or becomes active when mouse over) when referencing. Fix  
6100 The "No Processing can be done..." processing error message has been revamped to be more descriptive. Fix  
6101 When running processing without global optimize turned on, points set to ‘do not use in processing’ will correctly have their positions recalculated based on the new camera station positions from the orientation step. Fix  
6103 The Search Distance setting on the RAD Project Preference page can now be set appropriately. Fix  
6109 When the only change done to a camera is adjusting its name, the project’s 3D data will no longer be recalculated. Fix  
6112 Point angle information (maximum, minimum and average angle of all referenced points) is now shown in the Quality section of the Project Status Report. Fix  
6121 Previously the Delete command was only enabled when a photo, 3D view or table was active. It is now enabled (when a delete-able item is selected) regardless of which pane is active. Fix  
6124 For type 1 PMV projects the option to process each epoch after coded target marking now defaults to off. Fix  
6126 Fixed a problem with the returned values from DDE's GetMarkedPointByIndex when the marked point not 3D. Fix  
6128 Fixed a problem with the DDE:SetPhotoStation when using the Roll form parameter. Fix  
6065 After converting a PointMesh to a surface the ‘visibility on photos’ control now updates correctly. Fix Scanner/Motion
6097 Importing point data from an exported point table as a PointMesh now correctly applies the projects scale/rotate and the selected import units. Fix Scanner/Motion
6110 A message dialog that allows you to turn off automatic processing now comes up if "Create Dense Surface..." is selected when automatic processing is turned on. Fix Scanner/Motion
6113 The Load PointMesh dialog now correctly lists .txt and .asc files in the default "all files" filter. Fix Scanner/Motion
6117 A warning is now displayed if the sampling interval is too high for the resolution of the images selected for DSM. Fix Scanner/Motion
6118 The term "sampling rate" has been replaced with "sampling interval". Fix Scanner/Motion
6123 A check for low angle triangles, that happened after importing a PointMesh, now defaults to off. This was causing some mesh imports to fail. If the low angle triangles cause issues with texture display, the meshes can be re-triangulated using the modify mesh command. Fix Scanner/Motion
5889 Fixed a crash that would occur with Automatic Marking when there was an area in the image with a lot of fine detail - like a texture with many small circle-like objects that were not targets. Crash Fix  
6011 A region selection in a 3D view with confidence regions displayed no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
6047 An assert crash no longer occurs if an export is done and the only point-type data selected for export is surface draw. Crash Fix  
6058 Fixed a crash that would occur when turning off projected surfaces for a project that was saved with projected surfaces on. Crash Fix  
6083 Fixed a crash that could occur in PMV when switching epochs while part way through creating an object. Crash Fix  
6120 Fixed a crash that could happen during IGES export if the registered user or company name was blank. Crash Fix  
6122 Fixed a crash that would happen when a path surface was connected to a shape edge and it was converted to a NURBS surface or exported to IGES with the automatic NURBS conversion preference turned on. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.3.3 to 6.4.0 [May 21, 2010]   (7 changes)    
6139 New DDE Command: MergeProjects. The merge parameters are obtained from the 'Merge Description File' which describes the projects to merge and the transform method. See Help document for information on the syntax and Merge Description File format. Significant  
6134 Updates to how the Modify Mesh command works: simplified number of options and increased the speed. Meshing results may not be identical to previous versions but should be similar or improved. Significant Scanner/Motion
6135 PhotoModeler Scanner licenses can now be moved via the Online method. The license can be 'checked-in' to the activation server which allows it to be re-activated on a new machine. Significant Scanner/Motion
6136 Ortho exports can now optionally export to a text file (in addition to the ortho image file). To enable the text file export add the following setting to your ini file's [General] section: OrthoToTextFile=TRUE Improve  
6137 Features added to help diagnose unusual startup problems. Improve  
6132 Fixed a problem with the residual values (e.g. in the return of DDE:GetMarkedPointByIndex) when a point is not 3D. Fix  
6133 Fixed a bug that caused automarking a high noise image to crash. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.3.2 to 6.3.3 [April 22, 2009]   (5 changes)    
6005 The DSM summary dialog now shows how long the PointMesh creation took. Improve Scanner/Motion
6007 The 3D viewer multi-select popup menu now optionally displays the PointMesh name as well as it's ID number. This can be turned off on the Dense Surface panel of the preferences dialog. Improve Scanner/Motion
6003 The Help document has been updated to a) fix a broken link from the License Move type selection dialog, and b) to update the Tightness glossary definition. Documentation  
5999 Right clicking in a 3D viewer over multiple objects and selecting a camera station now correctly enables the menu items. Fix  
6009 Point Tightness (as a %) is now properly calculated in projects where units are not in metres. Fix  
  From Release 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 [April 1, 2009]   (13 changes)    
5820 Added Network Floating Licensing to PhotoModeler Scanner. It is now possible to purchase a Network Floating License to run PhotoModeler Scanner on multiple 'seats' on a network. Significant Scanner/Motion
5925 Project merge now supports PointMeshes and PointMesh surfaces. The meshes are transformed to the coordinate system defined by the merge and saved along with the project. Significant Scanner/Motion
5903 The text explaining that field calibration cannot be run when there are 2 cameras in a project has been updated to reference the correct preferences page. Fix  
5914 With some images the first point in each epoch would not be tracked into the following epoch, this has been resolved. Fix  
5924 With the release of Google Earth 5 the .kmz format is now called "Google Earth" while the .kml format has been renamed to "Google Earth 3". Both formats will load into Google Earth 4 or 5, but Google Earth 3 will only load .kml files. Fix  
5927 Zip files no longer appear in the Photo Selector. This is a revision of a fix included in v6.3.1. Fix  
5928 Projects that only run one stage of processing no longer allow field/self calibration to be turned on. Fix  
5929 Re-sub-pixel marking now works correctly even when the image targets fall with-in the auto-marking parameters. Fix  
6001 With highly unusual camera parameters such as a negative principal point idealizing the image now works correctly. Fix  
5897 Answering 'yes' to rebuild photo textures in a 3D viewer after processing but then quitting the texture build no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
5901 In some cases after doing a reference, going back to the source photo and then back to the destination pressing escape would cause an erroneous "This point has already been referenced" warning. Crash Fix  
6000 Fixed a crash that could happen, more frequently when RAD dots were involved, during auto-marking of coded targets. Crash Fix  
5930 When photos with weak geometry are used as a DSM pair the "Trim Setup" phase could appear to hang, this has been resolved. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 6.3.0 to 6.3.1 [March 11, 2009]   (26 changes)    
5872 New DDE commands added - AddLine (adds a line between 2 existing points), ShowPhoto (displays a photo in PhotoModeler UI), IdealizeProject (Idealizes a project, its photos and camera), ExportOrthoFromPoints/ExportOrthofromSurfaces (exports an ortho photo based on a region defined by 3 points or a region defined by all textured surfaces, respectively). Significant  
5846 The Point Table now has a new columns listing the photos on which a point is marked. The existing "Photos" column has been renamed to "Photos (used)" to indicate that it only lists the photos on which the point is marked that are set to be 'used' (Photo Properties' Processing action setting). The new "Photos (marked)" column lists all of the photos on which the point is marked, regardless of the photo's setting. The new column can be made visible by right clicking on the title area and enabling by column name, or via the Table Layouts dialog. Improve  
5855 Changed tool title of "Create Point Cloud from selection" to "Fit NURBS Surface to selected points" to avoid confusion with DSM tools. Improve  
5856 A new preference allows you to control the color of the printed lines dividing the coded targets. Improve  
5873 A project and/or folder on disk with many photos in it caused delays in the Add/Remove Photos dialog while updating. The dialog update is now more efficient and speed has been improved. Improve  
5886 Fixed a problem with Table Layouts that could cause a table index to be invalid. Improve  
5890 Reworded the EXIF camera option on the Camera Source pane in the New Project Wizard. Improve  
5834 If targets are marked before running Idealize, the red target outlines will be cleared after Idealizing. Fix  
5850 If the original image is added back into an idealized project and then idealize is re-run the resulting image will kept unique with a name _idealized(x) where x is a unique number. Fix  
5857 The photo audit display will now correctly list 'zero fiducials used' when a project has no usable photos. Fix  
5858 When the video tutorials are not installed on your hard drive and your PhotoModeler CD is not in the CD drive the warning message providing a link to the online video tutorials now correctly goes to either the PhotoModeler or PhotoModeler Scanner page. Fix  
5865 An optional warning explaining that all control data will be reset is now displayed when the OK button is pressed on the Modify Imports dialog. Fix  
5868 A crash no longer occurs when deleting a shape during shape marking mode. Fix  
5876 Doing a Project Merge with projects that contain PointMeshs could result in a corrupted project and is no longer allowed (a message appears and merge stops). Fix  
5877 Added new controls to allow resetting of some user optional warnings. Fix  
5878 The dialog explaining how to use the area select tool for the minimum diameter on the auto-marking dialog now asks you to select the smallest target. Fix  
5891 The 'remove high residual points and photos' feature added to 6.3 was intended to be off by default for normal (non-automated) projects. Background processed projects did not handle this correctly. In addition orientation would set photos to "do not use in processing" unexpectedly. These are all now corrected and tutorial 1 (an example of a startup manual project) now completes correctly as video describes. Fix  
5893 Zip files no longer appear in the Photo Selector. This is a revision of a fix included in v6.3.1. Fix  
5900 The default target type preference now allows the full range to be entered. Fix  
5902 Old projects using the user set coded type will now have the number of bits read from the preferences when loading. Fix  
5905 A bug, introduced in 6.3.0, prevented some shapes from solving. This has been resolved. Fix  
5907 If the automarking dialog had been opened switching focus between panes was slow under Windows Vista. This has been resolved. Fix  
5862 Deleting a mark while the 2D mark table is showing any of the 3 residual columns no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
5869 Deleting a shape that is part of a project's scale/rotate definition no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
5882 Adding a layer in a PMV project no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
5888 During imported point modification if you add a point and then delete the newly added point this will no longer cause a crash when applying the modifications. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.2.4 to 6.3.0 [January 19, 2009]   (58 changes)    
5917 The Automarking and Target Creation dialogs have been redesigned to accomodate the other signficant changes listed here. These changes mostly affect users of the coded target module. - The automarking and autoproject dialog have changed but will still work with old projects and non-ringed CT codes. The AM dialog requires fewer parameters and takes less time to search images. There may be some minor differences between which targets the old algorithm found and the new one. Generally the new one should be better. - To try the new Ringed Automatically Detected (RAD) targets you will need to use the new create Target dialog. This dialog also allows you to create ringed dots, dots and old style CT targets. You can now choose a target range to output rather than always creating the whole set and optionally create paired RAD targets for offsets (see Offsets below). The output from the dialog can be either to the printer or a postscript file. Significant  
5918 The Auto-project wizard has been changed so the first pane asks if you want to do a "RAD auto project" or not. If you choose not to, the wizard will prompt your for various parameters in a similar way to the old auto-project wizard. If you choose a RAD project all you need to do is select your images that contain RAD targets (a camera will be matched if you have one in your library or you will need to load a camera) then the wizard will run through and create the project for you. The settings the wizard uses are controlled on the new Preferences pane "RAD Project". Fully automated 3D point measurement is now just a few simple steps. Significant  
5919 A new type of offset point has been added (called RAD Offset). Unlike other offsets these are not an absolute values and do not need the project to be scaled. Instead the offset point will be created at a distance of 1.5 times the distance between two RAD targets. The codes for the offset will always be a sequential pair starting with an odd number. Eg. 1-2, 3-4,..., 997-998. To add these offsets to your project go to Project->Coded target offsets... and a new fixed type "RAD Offset" will be at the top of the list. Choose the Apply button and you will be prompted for a range of targets to be used for offsets. This allows you to use a mix of single targets and paired offset targets in one project. For example targets 1-100 could be used as regular individual targets while targets 500-552 could be paired offsets. RAD Offsets can be automatically added during an auto-project. Setting the range of targets to be considered for offsets on the Preferences "RAD Project" pane will add offsets during a RAD autoproject. When setting up a non-RAD auto-project, one of the wizard panes will prompt you for the optional addition of offsets and the offset range. RAD offsets can also be added by manually selecting the odd point and on the properties pane choosing "RAD Offset". Significant  
5920 A new high-residual point removal step has been added to processing. This step will go through and automatically unreferenced/remove marks and points that are causing problems with processing. This is done in an iterative process when high errors are found. This step will run during auto-projects but is off by default for manual projects - it can be enabled for manual projects on the Process pane of the Preferences dialog. Significant  
5799 Visibility settings for photos (eg 2D and 3D projected item visibility) now get stored with the project so when a project is reopened the visibilty settings will be restored. Improve  
5843 Yes to All now available when removing mulitple photos with points Improve  
5844 Reworded a warning when scale/rotate points selected are weak due to low angle. Improve  
5795 A new preference (on by default) includes the RGB color data with an exported XYZ point mesh text file. The file is one point per line X Y Z R G B. Improve Scanner/Motion
450 The RLE compressed bitmap option for textured exports has been removed. Fix  
994 When camera station projections are turned on the station that took the photo is now correctly ignored during selection. Fix  
1349 3D camera stations now hide/show based on the photos use in processing setting. Fix  
1362 Selecting a projected Import Point when its ID is displayed now correctly highlights the ID as well as the point. Fix  
1644 The layer drop downs on the auto referencing dialogs are only enabled when the 'in layer' radio button is selected. Fix  
2164 Manually adjusting a camera station position or angle updates any open 3D viewers correctly. Fix  
2218 When exporting surfaces as a polymesh in DXF the export summary dialog will now display the correct number of exported surfaces. Fix  
2736 If you change tag visibility in a 3D viewer the same setting will be used for newly opened 3D views. Fix  
5648 Fixed two problems with Field Calibration: 1) 'Fh' now gets solved properly when disabling 'Fw' calculation in Preferences; 2) The correct camera is solved when an unused default camera is included in a project with another camera. Fix  
5768 Camera Viewer Dialog now updates when using arrow keys to scroll through cameras in the list at left. Fix  
5769 Increased the size of the quality indicator fields on the cameras dialog so that larger residual values will display correctly. Fix  
5776 Surface draw points will no longer display any residuals. Previously, due to rounding issues, they could display extremely tiny ones. Fix  
5777 If you try to assign a control point to a frozen object point a warning dialog comes up giving the option to un-freeze the point. If this is done through DDE the control point assignment will return failed. Fix  
5779 Fixed a problem with selection in tables that could occur when a 3DViewer was open, and a table was re-activated during selection. Fix  
5783 Fixed a case where adding 2 new unknown photos to a project would assign the same inverse camera to both photos instead of making a copy of the camera. Fix  
5784 If an exif estimate camera is flagged to be copied for inverse camera this will now be indicated in the calibration type text. Fix  
5787 Photo mark display updates correctly when deleting or undoing the delete of a point when Target Areas are also displayed. Fix  
5788 Removed the Preparation top level progress that came up during processing. This removes the confusion of which dialog is active (the progress or the processing dialog) and also allows the help document to open correctly from the processing dialog. Fix  
5789 DDE Commands fixed: SetPointName no longer inserts a leading space in the point's name and ProjectPoint properly converts points when a scale/rotate is defined with non-metre units. Fix  
5790 Added a new DDE command : " Activate or Deactivate the translate/scale/rotate of the project affine transform. "ActivateTSR translate scale rotate" where translate scale and rotate are '1' to activate or '0' to deactivate Returns "1" if successful or "0" if not. Fails when: - Incorrect number of parameters - No project is loaded - No affine is set on the project, - or an invalid t/s/r is set to active" Fix  
5793 Re-running the calibration marking stage will clear the previous marks faster and remove the pop-up warning. Fix  
5797 Fixed an issue where surface draw lines would not export to a .dxf file unless regular lines were also selected for export. Fix  
5802 Setting an object point with an offset back to no offset will remove the offset from the offset point table. Fix  
5803 Pressing Ctrl-A to select all in Offsets Table has been fixed. Fix  
5808 Fixed an update problem in the Add/Remove Photos dialog when moving photos into a project by clicking the All>> button. Fix  
5812 Fixed a problem with the display of very small negative values in a table. Fix  
5814 Fixed a problem with Edge, Cylinder and Curve marking when marking is done on a photo window that is 'floating' off of the main application window. Fix  
5817 Fixed a problem with DDE Translate command so that it now uses project units when assigning the 3D coordinates to a point. Fix  
5819 When duplicate codes (from coded points) are found during automarking (whether truly duplicates or by error) the point with the best circular target fit will now be kept (instead of all duplicate marks being removed). There is an ini setting to change back to old behaviour. Fix  
5825 Projects with control points with large values can now have triangulation and DSM run successfully. Fix  
5827 "Points" heading on Visibility on Photos pane now correctly changes to black text (from grey) to indicate points marked in project. Fix  
5829 Marking a shape in a PMV project no longer causes a crash. Fix  
5831 When choosing 're-orient all' in the Processing dialog, and there is at least one photo that has less than six references, orientation now correctly uses resection orientation on only the photos with less than six references, not on all photos in the project. Fix  
5833 Coded target points can no longer be moved by the arrow keys, code points must always be sub-pixely marked. Fix  
5835 The status report now has a new message displayed when the largest residual is greater than the warning threshold but the largest residual of points used in processing is below the threshold. Fix  
5837 The status report will open up correctly on the processing done dialog if quit is hit during orientation. Fix  
5839 Outputting a table view to a file that already exists will only warn about the file overwrite once. Fix  
5840 Fixed a case where the imports explorer could lose it's title bar and/or the list view would flash repeatedly. Fix  
5842 When 2 stage orientation is used the status report now displays the total number of photos oriented in both stages instead of just the second one. Fix  
5847 If coded target offsets are added to or changed on a selected point the properties pane will update without needing to re-select the point. Fix  
5809 The save point mesh dialog shows what type of information can be saved to each format. Eg. [Poly] (only triangulated data can be save) or [Points/Poly] both non-triangulated and triangulated meshes can be saved. Fix Scanner/Motion
5822 Resetting the Orientation preference pane to defaults now sets the low angle check for Scanner to off. Fix Scanner/Motion
3362 Some preference fields now have arrows on their spin controls. Crash Fix  
3447 The selected photo set on the photo control will no longer reset after processing. Crash Fix  
3602 On the processing dialog turning global optimize off and then back on will re-enable the field/self calibration check box. Crash Fix  
3929 The axis drop downs on the ortho photo creation dialog are now large enough to display two 4 digit point ids. Crash Fix  
5785 Fixed a case where PhotoModeler could shut down unexpectedly after merging a project that contains constraints. Crash Fix  
5811 Corrected a problem that would cause PhotoModeler to fail to launch on some systems when Data Execution Prevention (DEP) was enabled for all programs. Crash Fix  
5818 Fixed a problem where the Check and Repair dialog could appear when using DDE Automarking and then DDE Process immediately after. Crash Fix  
5848 Fix to the Offset Point table to update properly when adding/removing/disabling offsets in project. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.2.3 to 6.2.4 [September 2, 2008]   (7 changes)    
5748 Additional checks added during activation to prevent invalid code entry. Improve  
5810 Table creation made more efficient, which reduces time to display tables especially in big projects. Improve  
5750 Images with the same name but different full paths now get displayed in the Add/Remove photos dialog. Fix  
5757 Fixed a case where some surface draw points could choose the incorrect triangle. Fix  
5761 The Minimum Target Size Ratio preference setting now properly resets to new the default on the Preferences dialog. Fix  
5763 Fixed a problem that was introduced in v6.2.3 that could cause general PhotoModeler slow-downs on certain machines. Fix  
5764 Conversion of PointMesh surfaces to NURBS surfaces has been improved. Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 6.2.2 to 6.2.3 [August 15, 2008]   (58 changes)    
464 Improvements to measure: - Selection of a point and a line type object (lines, cylinders, edges) now shows the distance between the point and the line segment as well as the distance between them if the line is extended infinitely. - Selection of two line type objects (lines, cylinders, edges) now shows the distance between the segments as well as the distance between them if they were extended infinitely. - Selection of a point and a surface shows the distance between them. If the surface is a single triangle the distance between the point and the plane defined by the triangle is also displayed. Significant  
210 An optional dialog now displays how many surfaces were created when auto-surfacing is run. Also, if no surfaces could be created because the wrong types were selected a warning is displayed. Improve  
5713 Added the ability to edit the NetShare folder for Network Floating License installations. Improve  
5739 The 3D viewer options dialog now has 2 buttons to turn on or off visibility for all layers. Improve  
5741 The PointMesh Modification summary shows which meshes are selected and if no merging step is chosen, which single mesh will be modified. Improve Scanner/Motion
1261 When a non-3D point is selected for post processing modification a warning now explains which point it is and that fitting can not be done when non-3D data is selected. Fix  
1873 Trying to create an ortho photo when the only textured surface is parallel to the view now gives a warning message. Fix  
2599 Cylinder marks can now be selected using their mid-point line. Fix  
3286 Outputting a photo view at 'full size' now correctly positions the projected data when it is turned on. Fix  
5577 A new tool on the Help menu's PhotoModeler on the Web submenu provides direct access to the registration page on the PhotoModeler website. Fix  
5603 Angle checks during orientation (used to determine suitable photo pair orientation) have been made more efficient and a progress bar now displays during the angle check steps. Fix  
5640 When a ground plane is hidden in the 3D viewer it is no longer used in the reset or center-around calculation. Fix  
5659 The zoom in and out modes now work in the 3D viewer as well as on photos. Fix  
5661 Layer and Material Combo boxes on toolbar now correctly populate when a project is created in the new project wizard. Fix  
5666 Improvements to table sorting, when a column contains 'tag values, 'n/a' or is blank. Fix  
5667 The PMV transfer dialog no longer shows invalid check boxes for mark types. Fix  
5671 Activating a different window while an alt-zoom window is displayed now closes the alt-zoom window instead of leaving it up where it can become 'stuck' or multiple alt-zoom windows could end up being displayed. Fix  
5723 Fixed a problem with deleting a camera from a multilpe camera project, when the deleted camera was formerly the project's default camera. Fix  
5678 The Measurements Pane will now update when tabbed but hidden (if closed the pane will not update). There is an ini setting to control this, but by default the pane will update when visible or tabbed: [General] UpdateHiddenTabbedMeasurePane=TRUE Fix  
5679 The residual magnification on the Visibility on Photos pane is now updated correctly when a project is opened since the value is stored with the project. Fix  
5684 The way 3D viewer animation output handles rotations has been changed so rotations are less 'bouncy'. Fix  
5686 A progress dialog no longer shows when opening multiple photos at once using the Open Selected tool on the Photo List Pane's toolbar. To quit the opening of the photos, you can press Esc key. Fix  
5687 Added support for import of 2D DXF files (come in with all points at z=0). Fix  
5691 Fixed a crash that would occur when doing a referencing propagation with certain PMV projects. Fix  
5694 A problem with setting the focal length of a camera in the Calibration Wizard, for a camera with no exif, has been fixed. Fix  
5700 If an unexpected assert crash occurs an attempt to save back-up of the project is made to prevent the loss of data. Fix  
5701 Fixed a case where silhouettes drawn to the extreme left or right of an image may not intersect. Fix  
5719 The Preferences dialog's 3D Viewer/Selection and Navigation page's Help link now takes you to the correct page in the Help file. Fix  
5709 Fixed steps involving the cameras dialog and fiducial cameras that could cause a check and repair warning. Fix  
5710 3 Point Scale Rotate no longer shows invalid default values when not defined Fix  
5711 A warning (user optional) now appears when trying to add a camera to the camera library after calibration if the images used during calibration do not have EXIF information. this is because a camera without EXIF information cannot be automatically matched. Fix  
5712 Improvements made to Inverse Camera projects when adding photos to Inverse Camera projects. The added images are set up based on the type of image added. If images are not automatically matched or assigned to the default camera and not an Inverse camera you now have options in a new dialog to Browse for a new associated camera, create a new inverse camera or assign the default camera Fix  
5714 If you enter an invalid key in the manual registration dialog it now correctly stays on top of the application window. Fix  
5717 When calling the DDE "Process" command with field calibration paramaters, the Add Camera to Library Yes/No prompt no longer appears when processing completes. Fix  
5718 DDE TableExport command now correctly uses the TableDecimalPlaces setting in the ini file. Fix  
5721 The camera assignment grid now comes up during the new project wizard, when a mix of mismatching photos is selected whether tthe photos have EXIF information or not. Fix  
5722 Improved DXF importing to handle some DXF formats that previously would not load. Fix  
5730 Photos added by the DDE AddPhoto command that do not include an image file name will no longer bring up the image missing dialog when a project is loaded or processed. Fix  
5731 Fixed the formatting and wording of some start-up failure messages. Fix  
5733 Changed the way PostScript coded target files are generated - should be more compatible with some post script readers, printers, converters. Fix  
5734 The Browse... button on the Generate Coded Targets dialog now shows a Save Dialog instead of an Open File Dialog and will also correctly append a .ps extension if one is not included. Fix  
5740 When printing a sheet of coded targets the bottom 'crop' lines are now spaced correctly. This helps when cutting vertical strips of targets. Fix  
5705 OBJ files are now correctly filtered when using the Load PointMesh command. Fix Scanner/Motion
5715 A PointMesh modify tool is available for filtering out isolated points to help remove noise data. It is the first step in the Modify Mesh dialog. Fix Scanner/Motion
5726 a) When the user input depth range was very large the region scanned was sometimes incorrect and this could cause 3D noise. b) if the trim or extents got close to the black idealized border of an image, some noise could be introduced. c) when the trims on the photo pair being processed did not match well, for some surface types, a blanket of noise that 'fell' away from the camera could be created. All three of these problems have been fixed or improved. Fix Scanner/Motion
5735 The registration and merge step now defaults to merge only. Fix Scanner/Motion
3545 For better formatting in applications like Notepad, lines in a table exports to a file or clipboard are now optionally terminated with a carriage return and a new line. Crash Fix  
3808 The "Properties of Selected Photo(s)..." tool has been added to the toolbar on the Photo List. Crash Fix  
5682 Using the undo button after deleting an imported object with marked control points no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
5685 Exporting an animated .gif file with a single key frame no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
5697 Fixed a crash that would happen when clicking on the extra parameters info area of constraint definition dialog where no parameter was listed. Crash Fix  
5716 Fixed a crash that could happen when importing a DXF file with a poly line entity that had no 70 field defining its type. Crash Fix  
5737 Auto-triangulation will no longer crash if an extremely skinny triangle is created. Crash Fix  
5744 Undo is no longer enabled after pressing OK after assigning a layer using the "Put selected objects into" control on the Layer dialog. This action is not undoable. Crash Fix  
5746 Error 2029 Crash Fix  
5692 When using any of the point mesh modification tools a final step to validate the created data is run to ensure no invalid triangles are created during meshing. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
5676 Fixed a crash that would happen when DSM settings or project setup was such that no point mesh could be created. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
5677 Fixed a case where removing one or more photo from a project when that photo had been selected for DSM processing would cause a crash. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 6.2.1 to 6.2.2 [May 28, 2008]   (35 changes)    
5921 A new licensing system has been implemented, providing more flexibility and new licensing options (eg network floating, license moving options etc). The change will generally be transparent to current users. Significant  
5922 A new preference controls the number of reference helper lines displayed: all, 1 or none. Significant  
5955 PMV projects now default to having automatic processing turned off. Improve  
5956 Drag and drop of a PhotoModeler project .pmr file onto a photo or other pane now closes the current and opens the new project appropriately. Drag and drop also now works for PMV (.pmv) project files. Improve  
5656 Since the dialog can only display information for a single camera at a time, the cameras dialog no longer allows multi selection in the camera list. Fix  
5670 The photo/camera match check compares more EXIF fields for better camera matching where possible, but the additional EXIF fields are check only on cameras calibrated in version 6. Fix  
5941 Fixed a problem with the Days Left in Trial dialog which at times prevented the progress bar from updating. Fix  
5943 Fixed a conflict with the 'M' shortcut key. 'M' now opens the Measure pane, while 'Ctrl-M' opens the Materials dialog box. Fix  
5944 Fixed a problem on the Orientation Problems dialog where the 'Set to Do not use...' radio button would not work when set as the default option (ie when angle check option disabled). Fix  
5945 Performance and other improvements made to the file- view and other controls on the Add/Remove photos dialog. Fix  
5946 Fixes on the Cameras dialog to correctly update when editing or copying an Inverse Camera, and correctly updating the display when deleting a camera from the list. You are now also prompted when editing the parameters of an Inverse Camera to confirm the change. Fix  
5948 When exporting surfaces the imported surfaces check box now correctly disables imported surfaces from being included in the export. Fix  
5951 Fixed a problem with the initialization of the Recent Projects list in the File menu which after reinstalling. Fix  
5952 Fixed a problem assigning the default cameras to images without EXIF information, when the default camera was an edited Inverse Camera. Fix  
5953 PMV menu now correctly enables after the automarking dialog closes. Fix  
5957 PMV type 2 projects clear the static point highlight correctly when removing static points. Fix  
5959 Pressing ESC during referencing in certain cases no longer causes an incorrect warning message. Fix  
5960 Fixed a problem with target template set up that could cause problems when processing certain PMV projects. Fix  
5961 Fixed a problem that prevented two photo auto-referencing from running properly in some circumstances. Fix  
5962 Merging two projects with offsets in one or both projects in a certain order no longer causes a project corruption. Fix  
5963 The object point status bar now shows the correct units for the angle (degrees). Fix  
5964 The Orientation Problems dialog no longer has a close (x) button at top right which prevents PhotoModeler from getting into a strange state if clicked. Fix  
5967 Fixed warnings related to idealizing photos that are associated with cameras that are already idealized or have not been calibrated. Fix  
5674 Floating point values on the DSM dialog will now be saved and restored correctly on systems using European numeric formating. Fix Scanner/Motion
5630 Fixed a case where using the alt-zoom window while automatic processing was turned on and referencing between two oriented photos could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
5940 Fixed a crash bug that would occur after deleting a layer and then saving the project. Crash Fix  
5942 Fixed an assertion crash bug when an ortho photo projection could not be properly set up. Warnings now appears instead of the assertion. Crash Fix  
5947 Fixed a crash that would happen if a new photo was dropped into a project and undo was then selected. Crash Fix  
5949 Fixed a crash that would happen if you opened a new photo while in pick region mode of auto-marking. Crash Fix  
5950 Deleting a layer assigned to an offset point will no longer cause a crash. Crash Fix  
5954 PMV type 2 projects no longer crash if processing runs with more than 1 photo open. Crash Fix  
5958 Corrupt projects containing a camera station with no photograph no longer cause a crash on load. Crash Fix  
5972 Fixed a problem that could cause a corruption when two points both in the same curve-through-points were referenced together. Crash Fix  
5982 Fixed a crash that would occur when removing a photo from a project if that photo was part of a pair currently selected for use on the DSM dialog. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
5673 The export animation buttons are now disabled when no keyframes have been added. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 [May 15, 2008]   (25 changes)    
5973 A new tool allows the spliting of point meshes. Any points or triangles selected during point mesh edit mode will be removed from their current meshes and added to a new one. Significant Scanner/Motion
5974 Point mesh edit mode now allows selection, center around and deletion of point mesh triangles. Significant Scanner/Motion
5975 Added undo and re-do of point mesh edit deletes. Significant Scanner/Motion
5976 During point mesh edit mode if you delete all the points or triangles of a mesh the mesh object will be removed from the project. Significant Scanner/Motion
5977 Added new columns to the Point Mesh table, to show new data about the Point Mesh: # Contours, Sampling Rate (and units used), Depth Range Above and Below, Texture Type, Extents, and Matching Region Radius. Useful when experimenting with different DSM settings. Significant Scanner/Motion
5966 The warning dialogs showing a hyperlink have been reformatted to better display text and link. Improve  
5971 The maximum zoom setting for windows and alt-zoom has been increased. Improve  
5979 A few tool tips reworded, typos fixed and changes made to information shown on program properties. Improve  
5984 When the online activation dialog appears on launch, if no internet connection can be made, the offline activation dialog appears, but you no longer have to re-enter your activation code on the offline activation dialog. Improve  
5988 The PhotoModeler Demo now shows the Idealize tool on the Project menuand when clicked displays information about the process. Demo images are already idealized, so this tool in Demo mode is for information only. Improve  
5990 Improvements to the way licenses are handled when installed on multiple accounts on the same system. Improve  
5978 The order of the tools on the DSM toolbar has been changed so that the tools are placed in the sequence in which they are typically used. Improve Scanner/Motion
5980 Automatic/background processing is disabled when all projects are created with PhotoModeler Scanner. Improve Scanner/Motion
5986 DSM Tutorial sample proects have been updated to include features from this patch (new table columns, and idealize exif flags). Improve Scanner/Motion
5523 When Idealizing an image, the image's EXIF data is now updated to indicate that the image was idealized. The camera is updated too to show that it is idealized and so when the idealized camera is added to the Camera Library, camera matching can be done where idealized images are matched with idealized cameras. Further, if there is a mismatch when assigning idealized cameras and photos, a warning will come up. Fix  
5650 An unused tool was removed from the Referencing Source Photo right click popup menu. Fix  
5965 The Point audit all dialog now closes when manual processing is run and disables automatic processing while it is up. Fix  
5969 Fixes to the Project Status Report's "Precisions / Standard Deviations" section: Photo Xc, Yc, Zc variables refer to Camera position, not Target center point; deviations no longer shown for photos set to "Use but no adjust", and Photo values and standard deviations no longer show units since these report values are not subject to the project's scale/rotate. Fix  
5970 Cases where an approximate size of 1 meter was assumed (point tightness %, etc.) has been updated to use the projects bound box extents. Fix  
5981 The PointMesh table updates a PointMesh's surface id when the associated surface is deleted. Fix Scanner/Motion
5983 Updating the units for the DSM depth range will also update the summary text on the depth range group. Fix Scanner/Motion
5989 Fixed a problem with the Meshing License component of the manual License transfer mechanism. Fix Scanner/Motion
5991 DSM trim mode will not allow other actions until the trim is complete or canceled. This prevents some actions that would cause a crash with a 1/2 finished trim. Fix Scanner/Motion
5968 Prevented a crash during VRML export that could occur with very large projects with a certain number of weakly solved points Crash Fix  
5985 Fixed a crash that would occur if trying to create a point mesh when the project is stored on read-only media. Crash Fix Scanner/Motion
  From Release 6.1.8 to 6.2.0 [April 21, 2008]   (2 changes)    
5632 The layer dialog has 2 new check boxes: 'Put selected objects into selected layer', and 'In all 3D views, hide the selected layer'. This is very useful for hiding a PhotoModeler object in the 3d Viewer. Eg. Select the object, press the Layers button on the toolbar, create a new layer, check the two new check boxes and press OK. Your object will be put in a new layer and hidden from all 3d views. Significant  
5669 Right clicking on a table header and clicking "Create/Edit tables..." selects the correct table layout when the dialog opens. Fix  
  From Release 6.1.7 to 6.1.8 [December 20, 2007]   (2 changes)    
5636 Assigning a layer to an imported surface now works correctly when a 3D viewer is open. Fix  
5618 PMV (Type2) Static points highlight fix. Points now unhighlight when removed from the static points list. Fix  
  From Release 6.1.6 to 6.1.7 [December 11, 2007]   (15 changes)    
5574 A new ini setting has been added to set the default distance constraint which can save time when adding the same distance repeatedly. This setting can be added to the [ProjectDefaults] section of the PhotoModelerPro6.ini file: [ProjectDefaults] DefaultDistanceConstraint=1.0 Improve  
5561 Fixed a problem where a 3D Viewer's layer's visibility was not always properly set when it was created while the 3D Viewer was open. Fix  
5579 Skipping the last object selected for referencing will change the cursor to the advance to next photo allowing you to automatically open the next photo after skipping the final reference object. Previously this would only happen after marking the final reference object. Fix  
5584 Enhancements to how the progress works during image saving and loading. Fix  
5595 Some fixes to make shapes that are fit-by-points in a points-based projects work better: 1. When a shape is tied to 3D points in a points-based project, and background processing is 'off', the shape's check mark in the ShapeExplorer now goes yellow when shape is sufficiently marked. 2. When a shape is tied to 3D points in a points-based project, and background processing is 'on', the shape is now automatically solved when the shape is sufficiently marked. 3. Camera station orientations in a points-based project, that has shapes marked, are no longer solved again by the shapes algorithm. Only points-based bundle adjustment algorithm modifies camera station parameters in a points-based project. 4. Shapes with slanted edges (like a wedge) would not solve correctly when tied to 3d points. 5. The error bar dialog is no longer stuck on the screen with no way to close it after processing a points-based project with shapes in it. Fix  
5597 When a pane is floating it now appends [Floating] to the title bar so it is easier to identify. Fix  
5570 A slight improvement to the speed of 3D viewer surface creation. Fix  
5572 Table layout and viewing fixes. Fixed a memory leak that could occur when displaying various tables, and addressed a problem with the update of an Point Offset Table layout. Fix  
5583 Camera stations highlight correctly when their IDs are turned on. Fix  
5587 Sub-pixel target marking now works with non 24-bit images. Fix  
5589 Point ID size control on 3D Viewer Options now has a lower limit Fix  
5606 Tables with checkboxes can now be sorted by the checkbox column. Fix  
5594 Fixed a crash that could happen in 6.1.6 when a project with control points failed to process due to bundle stability when the project status report was opened. Crash Fix  
5588 DDE Automark paramter problem has been fixed. The command now checks and resolves the invalid condition where Coded Targets are selected with non-sub-pixel marking. Crash Fix  
5604 Fixed a crash that could happen if automarking was used and a project is processed twice in a row without interacting with a photo in between. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.1.5 to 6.1.6 [October 10, 2007]   (33 changes)    
5516 Improvements to MAXScript export. All surface types, cylinders, and imported lines can now be exported. When cameras are exported an image plane displaying the associated photo can optionally (control on the preferences dialog) be included. Additionally, the default cameras format size and image resolution will be output as the rendering sizes. Point size and a name prefix can be set under the export area of the preferences dialog. Significant  
5923 When selecting a 3D surface point the status bar now displays the surface number used to calculate it's 3D position. Significant  
293 A new problem/suggestion will appear in the Project Status Report in certain situations when a project fails processing due to instability often caused by long focal length cameras. The suggestions also notes a setting in Preferences that can be modified to help in these cases. Improve  
5532 # The automatic matching of imported Photos to Cameras in the Camera Library has been improved. When the Library contains multiple cameras with identical exif parameters (e.g. calibrations for more than one camera of the same make, model and focal length), you are now prompted to select a camera from a list of all the matching cameras. Improve  
2820 Auto-triangulation changes: 1) 2D auto triangulation now works correctly using the marks on a selected photo. 2) 2.5D auto triangulation no longer double sides the triangles instead the triangles face the majority of the cameras in the project. Improve  
5526 The Orientation Problems dialog has been reworded and will more specifically identify the source of an orientation problem where possible. Improve  
5537 A new preference setting has been added to the Preferences Dialog's Process page (Optimization Termination section) call "Bundle Stability Measure". This setting can be increased when processing is failing (also applies to calibration), often due instability inherent in long focal length camera projects. Improve  
5542 DXF import now reads the 3D poly mesh data sub type of POLYLINE entities. Improve  
5544 Angle checks were added in Version 6 to help low angle projects find a better initial orientation photo pair. However, especially in certain types of projects with low angle photos (eg stereo pairs), the low angle checks could cause a project to fail orientation prematurely. Changes have been made so that orientation is re-attempted without angle checks if orientation fails. You have the option to try this on the Orientation Problems dialog box which appears if PhotoModeler cannot orient all of your photos. Improve  
5535 Various changes have been made to the wording and display of table related menu items. The Table Generator menu item has been reworded to "Create/Edit Tables..." to help indicate that table layouts can be created AND edited. This "Create/Edit Tables..." menu item now appears on the various table right click popup menus and at the top of the column list when setting column visibility. The "Column Visibility" right click menu item has also been renamed to "Show/Hide Columns". Improve  
5510 Fixed a recently introduced bug in the Coded Target Auto-project wizard where the Next button was not enabled properly on the first two wizard panes. Fix  
5513 Another level of progress feedback has been added to automarking (used in Calibration and Automarking functions). It appears when there is a large amount of edge detection done (due usually to noisy images or complex background patterns). This means the program will not appear 'hung' when marking such images. Fix  
5521 Fixed a problem with layer visibility in the 3D Viewer, when a 3D Viewer remains open after processing takes place. The 3D Viewer Options dialog's layer grid is now updated correctly once processing is complete. Fix  
5525 Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on the alert pop-up warning when a certain percentage of the projects points are calculated by approximation. Fix  
5529 Fixed a crash when unreferencing multiple silhouette marks while a silhouette table was open. Fix  
5530 Changes to column visibility, size of table etc no longer cause the selected rows to unhighlight. Fix  
5540 Silhouettes no longer have a double sided property on the Properties pane. Fix  
5547 Surface draw on surfaces with triangles that have one or more points behind the camera now pick the correct triangle. Fix  
5548 The Select and Show Highest Residual butoon on the status bar is no longer enabled during referencing, which prevents inadvertent referencing when items are selected in the source view. Fix  
5553 KMZ export has been reformatted to allow for uploading of these files to the Google 3D warehouse. Fix  
5555 Fixed a problem when selecting a camera from the camera library drop down selector, the correct camera was not always assigned to the camera. Fix  
5558 Improvements to DXF import of polylines. Fix  
5514 Idealizing a project with many point marks is now much quicker. Fix  
5536 Trial Expiry warning now appears when your trial has expired whether the Activation Dialog is set to appear at startup or not. Fix  
5549 When the option to activate a photo with mouse-in is activated (Preferences), a change was made to make the activation more efficient. Fix  
5550 A highlight problem fixed when a table item selected after the table is activated with a mouse in. Fix  
5551 Fixed a problem with silhouette selection and updates in the Silhouette table. Fix  
5554 Selection in the 3D viewer has been improved when multiple items are clicked (so that the list of potentially selected appears). Fix  
5557 Changes to how imported points are deleted to fix two scenarios that could cause a crash. Fix  
2709 Changes to improve the speed of auto-triangulation and fixed a crash that could happen when a large set of points was selected for auto-triangulation. Crash Fix  
3305 The Zoom to Fit All tool is now enabled even when no Photo panes are active. The tool can be used to fit all photos even if another window type (a 3d viewer pane for example) is active. Crash Fix  
5527 Fixed a crash bug that could occur after a certain set of steps involving a camera matching, a new default camera, referencing points, and then adding a new photo. Crash Fix  
5559 Fixed a problem with adding a user name to a silhouette when a photo open. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.1.4 to 6.1.5 [July 30, 2007]   (47 changes)    
5490 # Added a new export file format: FBX - supports export of points, surfaces and camera positions (for use in camera matching in 3d modeling programs that support FBX import). Significant  
3849 Added user-configurable navigation features to the 3D Viewer. One can now zoom, pan, and rotate the 3d model by mouse-down-dragging anywhere in the 3D Viewer window. You can configure the role of each mouse button on a new page in Preferences, 3D Viewer, Selection and Navigation. Significant  
3938 # A new 3D Viewer option allows you to display the camera station symbol and 'image planes' at the same time. Significant  
5498 # The surface draw settings on the 3D viewer and export options have been split into points and lines making it possible to view only surface draw lines or points. The option for IDs has also been update to affect points, surface draw points and offsets. Significant  
3593 The default material is now set up a bit differently for single photo projects created in the Wizard. If a photo texture material is assigned to a surface, the texture will always appear, even if the camera angle causes texture distrotion. Improve  
4051 A Help button was added to the message that comes up after calibrating when a camera can be added to the Camera Library. Improve  
4062 A new shortcut to the PhotoModeler application data folder is written to the My Documents/PhotoModeler path to provide easier access to PhotoModeler application data, such as the Camera Library, Shape Library etc. Improve  
5467 3D Viewer preferences have been split into two pages in the Preferences Dialog to make room for new navigation settings, and neater organization of settings. The two new pages in the 3D Viewer section are called "Display" and "Selection and Navigation". Improve  
5489 The Help Document was updated to account for changes to various dialogs and features. Documentation  
22 Ctrl-A (Select All) now works on the Photo Table. Fix  
5487 A manually oriented photo (eg where the position/coordinates are entered manually) now correctly allows surface draw measurmnent if a valid surface is projected onto it. Fix  
1277 Fixed a problem with the wait cursor and reworded the warning that comes up when Quick Referencing two already referenced items. Fix  
5470 The display of very small values (ie <1.0E-10) in tables has been changed so that they appear as 0.0 instead of an exponent. This is in conjunction with existing ini setting which controls when exponents are shown and when they're not: [General] TableExponentThreshold=0.00001 Fix  
2530 Images that are not 24bit can now be idealized. The idealized image will be converted to a 24 bit image regardless of the color bit depth of the source image. Fix  
3441 The Instruction Bar (the bar at the bottom of the application window showing instructions for current mode) now correctly updates when switching modes with no photos open. Fix  
3466 The PMV page on the Preferences dialog is only available if the module is installed. Fix  
3481 The Help button on the Camera Type pane of the Wizard when setting up a calibration project now brings up the correct Help page. Fix  
3935 When going into Shape marking mode (from the Marking menu), if the Add Shapes toolbar becomes visible (if it wasn't visible already). Fix  
3948 When enabled in the wizard, Field Calibration now only runs on second stage processing when running a Coded Target Auto-project. Fix  
3950 The Process (Optimize) button shown when a Shapes project is open now shows the correct tooltip. Fix  
4018 The Tag Selected and Clear Selected Tags tools are no longer enabled if no points are selected. Fix  
4026 Pane layouts are no longer reset when a project is loaded or re-loaded(during the same session). Fix  
4030 The Export Summary dialog's display of export location and file name is now scrollable so that very long paths can be viewed. Fix  
4038 The 'current' directory is now set when you open a project from the recent projects list. This current directory becomes the default directory when adding photos or importing control etc. Fix  
4068 The yes/no warning that comes up saying: "A Camera Station has a position that is greater than 1,000,000..." has been reworded for clarification. Fix  
4072 You are now warned about images that are rotated when adding to the project in the Calibration wizard. If there is an inconsistency (ie EXIF focal length, image resolution, aspect ratio) , you will be asked to reselect a consistent set of photos. Also no longer can you get into a state where the calibration project contains more than one camera. Fix  
5496 You are now prompted to save your project when closing PhotoModeler if you have made changes to layers or materials and/or made layer or material assignments. Fix  
5468 The memory check when opening photos no longer uses a cap on the maximum memory available. The warning will no longer appear prematurely for those with more than 1.5gb of RAM. The wording on the warning dialog has also been corrected with the correct location of memory check preference settings. Fix  
5472 The Help file associated with the Tutorials (accessed from the link on the tutorial menu) was updated with possible solutions to common tutorial video display problems. Fix  
5477 Cylinders no longer export if not selected in DXF export options. Fix  
5480 The version number noted in PhotoModeler's Maya (.ma) export files has been increased as newer versions of Maya will no longer read old version .ma Maya files. Fix  
5482 Fixed a problem where output of a photo to printer or clipboard did not take into account the photo's rotation properly. Fix  
5494 When using large coordinate systems OBJ export now defaults to outputting full decimal places. Fix  
5503 When processing fails, the Status Report no longer describes an edge related problem even after all edges deleted from the project. Fix  
5501 Fixed a crash that could happen the very first time you enter referencing mode if items are already selected on the non-active view. Fix  
5500 A few issues when setting up and working with a fiducial calibration project: -wizard no longer shows Finished button prematurely -the Fiducials pane now activates when an appropriate photo activates -the Check/Repair dilaog now longer appears when saving a project -fixed a crash bug when setting up a project using the wizard more than once in the same after a certain set of steps. Fix  
5484 Some of the hints appearing at the top of wizard panes have been shortened and/or edited for clarity. Fix  
5486 The Switch Vertex tool on the Shape Explorer's toolbar is enabled only when in Shape Marking mode, which prevents other tools from enabling inappropriately. Crash Fix  
5495 A corrupt import file, where a line or surface triangle has duplicate points, can no longer corrupt the PhotoModeler project. If a non-compliant line or surface is found in the import file, it will not be imported. Crash Fix  
3427 Trying to add a folder together with an image file to a project using the Choose Photos dialog no longer causes an error or crash. A folder cannot be added to PhotoModeler, only image files. Crash Fix  
4052 Fixed a problem during referencing that would prevent the referencing selection to advance while target marking in the destination photo. Crash Fix  
4060 Fixes made in referencing so that non-referenceable items (such as surface draw items, Curves from points, lines) do not remain selected and cause problems when selected in the source view. Crash Fix  
4066 The calibrator's summary text was reformatted slightly for easier readability. Crash Fix  
4118 Some minor grammatical edits made to some warning/error messages. Crash Fix  
5499 Fixed a crash bug when moving or deleting a point attached to a curve through points that defines two or more surfaces. Crash Fix  
5483 Fixed a crash bug when a curve through points selected (3D projection or in 3D Viewer) in the source view while referencing. Crash Fix  
5502 If a project file appearing on the recent project list on the Getting Started Panel was renamed or moved, a crash can no longer occur when attempting to open the missing project. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.1.3 to 6.1.4 [June 11, 2007]   (9 changes)    
4054 # There is a new option to 'auto-activate' photo, table and 3D Viewer panes as the mouse cursor enters the pane, instead of requiring a click. The option is off by default but can be turned on individually (photos, tables, 3D Viewer) on the Preferences dialog ( Application Settings, General page). This makes a number of tasks faster and easier in photomodeler but is a significant change in the interface and so we are leaving it off by default for now. Give it a try. Significant  
4061 A new button on the Camera Library dialog brings up the folder in which the cameras are stored. Improve  
5465 At very specific window, zoom and image size combinations zooming an image out so that it was smaller than the window size would not work. This has been fixed. Fix  
5478 When a project is loaded with images missing, the Image Check dialog box (showing camera and image mismatches) no longer appears since missing images are not valid for checks. Fix  
4057 Fixed a problem when manually loading a camera into the Camera Library (via the Camera Library dialog) when the source of the camera was a multi-camera project. Crash Fix  
4059 There is a new option to control if Scroll Zoom (wheel mouse zoom) should only work when the mouse cursor is positioned over a part of the image (opposed to zooming the active image no matter where mouse is). This option can be turned on or off on the Preferences dialog, User Interface, Photo Zoom and Pan page. Crash Fix  
4063 Fixed a crash in the Auto-project Wizard having to do with the setup of the Scale/Rotate. Crash Fix  
4064 Fixed a crash that could occur while Referencing when both points and lines are selected, a 3D Viewer is open and automatic processing is on . Crash Fix  
4070 Fixed a crash bug that could occur when new camera was set as the default camera with the 3D Viewer open and Camera Stations visible. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.1.2 to 6.1.3 [May 31, 2007]   (59 changes)    
3089 The 3D viewer now has 2 head light settings: one for shaded and one for textured. The default ambient light setting has also changed. Significant  
3302 After processing there is now a prompt allowing you to choose if any displayed textures should be rebuilt. In conjunction the update button now also applies to fast textures. Additionally the texture rebuild time is no longer counted in the automatic processing time check. Significant  
3535 # Added the option to use camera station positions when defining the global coordinate system for Google Earth export. Additionally if the images used for the project have geo-coded exif information this data can be used to determine the models gobal position. Significant  
3555 A new tool on the Referencing Pane allows you to toggle a new feature 'Auto-arrange Photo Panes'. When on this feature positions the reference source view left-most in the Photos pane, and other photos tabbed to the right. When the source photo changes or a new photo is opened and the tool is 'on', photo panes auto arrange themselves. By default this new feature is 'off'. Significant  
4040 A new drop down menu is available on Photo, 3D Viewer and Table panes, showing common pane actions such as Maximize/Tab, Tile, etc.. Click on the small triangle down arrow on the title bar of the pane. Significant  
4107 The status bar pane showing details on selected items can at some display resolutions and/or applicaiton window sizes cut-off some of the text. The tool-tip (shown when mouse cursor is placed over that status bar section) now shows the full text so that it can be fully displayed at any resolution or window size. Improve  
3577 Various user interface improvements: - Photo, Table and 3D Viewer panes can now be switched between using the keyboard Alt+F6. - A page setup and print preview function has been added to the table printing. - The PMV Epoch report can now be printed - The print and output dialog now updates it's "ok" button to indicate what type of output will be done. Crash Fix  
3878 3-point scale rotate now works with any units, not just meters. Crash Fix  
4044 A problem with deleting a project's constraints and then processing has been fixed. Crash Fix  
4049 The Select All and Select Unreferenced buttons now enable when entering Select mode if a photo, 3D Viewer or Table pane is active. Also the Reference mode button enables when a photo is added to a single photo project. Crash Fix  
3318 The surface draw line and curve modes now change the cursor when it is over an existing point mark the surface draw will snap to. Crash Fix  
3324 Shape faces now display their name on the measure dialog. Crash Fix  
3344 Minor menu text changes. Crash Fix  
3356 Region select now correctly ends the selection on a double click. Crash Fix  
3365 In New Project Wizard fixed a problem with the text on the Next> button after using the Back button. Crash Fix  
3410 Draging a surface draw point while confidence regions are displayed will no longer creates a extremely large region. Surface draw points do not have confidence regions. Crash Fix  
3468 Path surfaces computed using the NURBS based triangles now face the same direction as other calculation methods. Crash Fix  
3488 You can now uncode a coded target point from the properties pane without needing to select "edit properties". Crash Fix  
3565 A crash no longer occurs when clicking 'close' after drawing only 2 silhouette points. Crash Fix  
3570 A crash no longer occurs when trying an IGES export with a project that has never been saved. Crash Fix  
3571 Merging projects will now ensure line IDs are unique. Crash Fix  
3572 A crash no longer occurs when selecting an imported line and then selecting a regular line. Crash Fix  
3574 A warning now appears if the texture size selected in the 3D Viewer Options is larger than supported by the OpenGL driver. You can also revert to the maximum size allowable using this dialog. Crash Fix  
3575 Surfaces have their UV texture-map coordinates assigned more efficently. Crash Fix  
3578 The automarking summary dialog now says "Done." when it has finished marking. Crash Fix  
3580 Fixed a crash that could happen when loading a camera from certain projects. Crash Fix  
3581 The list of photos used by a camera on the cameras dialog is now a read-only edit field so it can be scrolled to see the full list if more than 14 photos are assigned to the camera. Crash Fix  
3582 Added warnings if offset points are used for the affine scale/rotate definition. Crash Fix  
3583 The 3D Viewer's point ID text size is now adjustable via the preferences dialog. Crash Fix  
3584 Improved the warnings displayed when adding offset points to a project with no scale defined. Crash Fix  
3585 Shape verticies will only be visible in the 3D viewer if the shape has been solved. Crash Fix  
3586 Fixed a problem with how curves through offset points are saved with the project. Crash Fix  
3587 Added a "Go to" button on the offline activation dialog to help locate the file needed for activation. Crash Fix  
3588 The check box to control coded target center-cross printing (on the print coded targets dialog) now works correctly. Crash Fix  
3589 When printing coded targets with an inverted background, multiple pages of targets will now all have a black background. Crash Fix  
3596 Fixed a crash when using undo processing after an automatic processing had run while a reference helper line was displayed. Crash Fix  
3598 The referencing pane now has a minimum height so the referencing toolbar will always be visible. Crash Fix  
3599 The imported name property now only displayes 'varies' when imported objects from different imports are selected. Crash Fix  
3605 Fixed an issue where a projects lines could get into a corrupted state if a line was drawn to an imported point and the imported object was then removed from the project. Crash Fix  
3607 Surface draw now works correctly in the alt-zoom window. Crash Fix  
3651 Fixed a crash that would happen when changing an offset point back to no-offset using the right click properties dialog. Crash Fix  
3800 Project Merge now handles imported objects (ie. control points) and offset points. Crash Fix  
3822 When installing a module or activation key on the Licenses dialog box, you no longer need to restart PhotoModeler to enable module features on the toolbar and menus. Crash Fix  
3889 Some optimizations have been made to the process of creating projects using photos (with and without EXIF information) taken from mutliple cameras. Crash Fix  
3918 Fiducial selection is now enabled properly during Fiducial Marking mode when a photo is opened/activated. Crash Fix  
3921 Adding an imported object will add the import visibility controls as soon as the object is added, rather than after entering marking mode. Crash Fix  
3947 Minor cosmetic changes to the Project Information dialog. Crash Fix  
3983 The Imports Explorer's list view now shows the import point's associated object point ID in the OP Id column. Crash Fix  
4032 A problem with selecting photos for a new project after moving back and forth through the Wizard has been fixed. You no longer need to reselect your photos. Crash Fix  
4033 Fixed a problem with loading a camera into the Camera Library from a project with multiple cameras. Crash Fix  
4034 You no longer need to have a project open before toolbar and menu customizations are stored in your user settings. Crash Fix  
4037 There is now a user optional Yes/No dialog which allows storing your usual setting without having to click the Yes or No button each time. Optional warnings and Yes/No dialogs can be reset so that they do display on the General page of the Preferences dialog. Crash Fix  
4039 A new 'progress bar' appears when loading large projects. Crash Fix  
4041 A problem with the scale/rotate validity check when checking the non-3Point scale rotate before export has been fixed as part of a revamped scale/translate/rotate validity check system. Crash Fix  
4042 When automarking a large number of photos, especially when photos are high resolution, the number of photos to be marked could be limited due to depleted memory resources. Image pixel data is now released from memory after each photo is automarked so that the number of photos automarked is no longer limited. Crash Fix  
4043 When you Browse for a project from the Getting Started Panel, no longer can multiple file browse windows be opened. In addition the Getting Started Panel no longer closes after browsing for tutorial projects, projects on disk, or when trying to open a recent project when that project does not exist (or Cancel is pressed). Crash Fix  
4045 Fixed a crash that occured when re-subpixel marking a point, then deleting this point, then trying to mark a point using manual sub-pixel marking mode. Crash Fix  
4046 The Undo button no longer is enabled after cancelling the new project wizard after selecting new photos. Crash Fix  
4048 Certain drop lists would not expand fully on some Windows 2000 machines. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.1.1 to 6.1.2 [April 18, 2007]   (26 changes)    
3428 Improvements to MAXScript export. All surface types, cylinders, and imported lines can now be exported. When cameras are exported an image plane displaying the associated photo can optionally (control on the preferences dialog) be included. Additionally, the default cameras format size and image resolution will be output as the rendering sizes. Point size and a name prefix can be set under the export area of the preferences dialog. Significant  
3541 The 3D viewer texture image size can now be increased beyond the graphics card's texture size limit and is now only limited by the amount of RAM. Significant  
3561 # Added the ability to export curve data to Google Earth KMZ files. Significant  
4023 Google Earth export (.kmz) now exports photo textures correctly when photo file names have spaces. Significant  
3301 Quality textures rebuild less often and should now only build when necessary. Crash Fix  
3373 When the points a line is drawn between do not share any common images removing an image one of the points is imaged on will no longer remove the line. Crash Fix  
3524 When switching to line mode directly after referencing, the selection on the source photo is now correctly cleared. Crash Fix  
3528 A warning is now displayed if you try to set an inverse camera flag on a photo when the photo's camera does not have the 'make copy for inverse camera' flag set. Crash Fix  
3554 Point cloud surfaces now work correctly with offset and imported points. Crash Fix  
3559 Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting an imported object while in import marking/pinning mode. Crash Fix  
3563 The centerline radio button works correctly for VRML 2 export. Crash Fix  
3566 Exporting a project that has never been saved (ie. 'Untitled') as an IGES file will no longer cause a crash. Crash Fix  
3569 IGES exports with long paths will now correctly display the file name in the export summary dialog. Crash Fix  
3738 When the Reference Checker runs (with the 'rename' option), it no longer uses the Object Point's User Name property. The Reference Checker now uses a new property (shown on Point Tables only) called Ref.Check Tag. Also, this property is cleared for all points prior to each processing so that the label is assigned only to potential problem points based on the most recent processing. Crash Fix  
3826 The 'update' button for quality textures in 3D Viewer Options now works correctly at all times. Crash Fix  
3996 A problem that occured when exporting a model when the project's 3 Point Scale/Rotate was only partially defined has been fixed. A warning appears when the scale/rotate is invalid and the export proceeds without it. Crash Fix  
3997 Large project export fixes: When exporting very large projects with 'Quality' textures using multi-photo photo-texture materials, two memory leaks may have prevented the file from being written properly. This has been fixed, along with a fix to allow more on-disk intermediate files. Crash Fix  
4010 A sporadic crash occuring after a set of steps involving the undo of certain actions and processing while tables are open has been fixed. Crash Fix  
4017 A redundant warning about a photo being rotated no longer appears when adding photos to a project via the New Project Wizard. Crash Fix  
4019 The Photo Table right click popup menu now includes the 'Toggle Group Sorting' tool, for consistency with other table right click menus. Crash Fix  
4020 When exporting projects using quality textures (if intermediate files are written to disk during export), the amount of disk space required and available is checked to make sure enough is available for export completion. A warning message will appear and the export will abort if not enough space is available on the disk to which the export was saved. Crash Fix  
4021 A Yes/No dialog now appears if the texture size setting in the Export Options dialog is unusually large and could cause long delays or other problems with export. Crash Fix  
4024 Intermediate photo texturing files that are written during export are now removed after completion of the export. Crash Fix  
4025 A bug introduced in 6.1 could cause the parameter list in the DDE Export command to be out of sync with certain export formats. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
4029 A crash no longer occurs when cancelling the dialog in which you select a camera from a project containing more than one camera. Crash Fix  
4139 Some typos fixed, clarifications made, and index entries added to the Help documentation. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.1.0 to 6.1.1 [March 26, 2007]   (1 change)    
3558 Resolved an issue with shapes created using version 6.1 not working correctly. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.0.0 to 6.1.1 [March 23, 2007]   (28 changes)    
3539 # Added point offset feature. The offset type property on points creates a 'shadow' point that is offset a specified distance in a specified direction. This is useful in cases where you have a target sitting off the ground but are interested in using the ground point for measurement or line/surface marking. Significant  
3542 # If the coded targets module is installed a new command "coded target offsets" is available on the project menu. This command allows you to automatically generate a set of offset points based on pairs of coded targets. See the help file "Coded target offsets" section for details on coded target offsets. Significant  
3521 A new preference setting has been added to control the photo image resample type when 3D items are visible in photos. See Preferences - Image page. The default resample type settings are now 'Normal' when no 3D items visible, and Bi-linear when 3D items are visible. Improve  
3990 A typo on the Scale/Rotate dialog (Overview pane with a 3 Point type) where the "P3" label showed a "P2" has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3129 Performance (speed of update, painting, etc) when working with projects loaded over a network has been improved. The problem was related to a known Windows XP problem (fixed in Vista) with certain image files with certain EXIF fields. Crash Fix  
3281 The 3D view of the import explorer will no longer reset it's view position and rotation after processing. Crash Fix  
3420 A sporadic crash no longer occurs on the Layer Control grids (on Visibility pane and 3D Viewer options) and setting visiblity no longer cause the grid to re-sort and change selection. Crash Fix  
3470 Control points with fixed precision no longer display confidence regions. Crash Fix  
3520 The electronic Help document includes a section on Photography guidelines. This section now appears in both the User Guide and Help document. Crash Fix  
3530 After Re-numbering a project, the IDs of newly marked items will start at the end of the renumbered count. Crash Fix  
3531 There is now a warning when importing control data into a project that has a scale/rotate defined. Crash Fix  
3536 Fixed a case where exporting centerlines of some non-3D cylinders could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
3537 If a camera station is more than 1,000,000 meters from the origin you are now warned but allowed to continue during processing. Crash Fix  
3549 Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting texture surfaces and full cylinders that had the same material in VRML 2. Crash Fix  
3955 When assigning a camera to a photo via the Photo Properties dialog box the "Images Do Not Match" dialog now correctly shows the newly assigned Camera's photo resolution. Crash Fix  
3984 When adding an imported point via DDE if the project contains a scale/rotate it will be applied to the coordinates just like when loading them from a file through the imports explorer. Crash Fix  
3986 The Mark Fiducials button now appears when a project with a fiducial camera is opened. Crash Fix  
3988 When adding a new camera on the Cameras dialog, a check box has been added to the Camera Missing Image Size dialog to set whether the new camera is an Inverse Camera. This new camera can then be set as the project's"Default" camera and as an Inverse camera it will be copied and assigned to newly added photos in the project. Crash Fix  
3991 The Imports button on the Road Scene UI main toolbar has been replaced with one that correctly prompts for an import file and opens the Imports Explorer. Crash Fix  
3993 An assert crash no longer occurs when setting a camera with the wrong image resolution to a photo via the Photo Properties dialog. Crash Fix  
3994 When creating a new camera on the Cameras dialog (using the New button), the camera is now built based on the image selected in the Camera Missing Image dialog, using the image's EXIF information if available. This also fixes a bug in this area where a camera could be assigned an incorrect resolution. Crash Fix  
4003 When selecting an Approximate Camera in the New Project Wizards, the Inverse Camera flags no longer get set on the camera and photos. Approximate cameras are not intended to be solved. Crash Fix  
4004 Exported Import Points now correctly export their ID's and the export summary separates the import components. Crash Fix  
4005 Line tables now show the ID and 3D position of Imported Point end points (ID displayed with "(import)" appended to the id to differentiate with object point ID's). Crash Fix  
4011 In rare situations PhotoModeler would fail to start on specifc systems. A new warning is now displayed in this case and changes allow PhotoModeler to start correctly. Crash Fix  
4014 A sporadic crash when clicking the text of certain Alert Popup messages has been fixed. Crash Fix  
4089 Toolbar layouts no longer store bitmap information. This and other optimizations in the toolbar resource have made toolbar layout files smaller and load faster at startup. Crash Fix  
4138 The Help document has been updated with information for Offset Points, as well as some revisions for clarification and typo fixes. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.0.14 to 6.0.15 [February 28, 2007]   (15 changes)    
3982 A change made in version 6.0.14 caused Coded Target printing tools to be hidden from view unless the Idealize Module was installed. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3250 Selecting objects on the reference source pane no longer causes an unneeded repaint. Crash Fix  
3272 A new Alert Popup (at bottom right) appears during the New Project Wizard when selecting a camera via a project (.pmr file) on the Camera Source pane. It displays the name of the camera that will be assigned to the photos in your project. Crash Fix  
3343 Selection of an item on a sorted Imports Explorer list view now works correctly. Crash Fix  
3444 The z precision values for fixed control points now display as fixed instead of 0.0 Crash Fix  
3446 The Restore Original button on Image enhance would not always work when the Enhance Image pane was not active. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3510 When surfaces are not selected for importing DXF poly-line entities will still be read in. Crash Fix  
3512 If you open a project with existing control points and then select modify and add a new point it will be added with an appropriately incremented ID number. Crash Fix  
3514 Activation passwords are checked to make sure they are no longer than 16 characters. Crash Fix  
3519 The warning when selecting invalid objects for Scale/Rotate definition has been reworded for clarification. Crash Fix  
3522 Deleting a material now correctly removes the material from any shapes. Crash Fix  
3523 Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting the second point that defines the scale. Crash Fix  
3695 Drag and drop photos now attempts automatic camera matching. If the appropriate camera is in your camera library, you can now simply drag photos onto the PhotoModeler window to create a project with the matching camera assigned to each photo. Crash Fix  
3978 Fixed a typo in the Select Photos pane of the project wizard. Crash Fix  
3980 Projects initiated using drag and drop now use default units and coded target bit sets as set in Preferences. Crash Fix  
  From Release to [February 15, 2007]   (8 changes)    
3167 Fixed a case where using zoom to fit or zoom to fit all could cause the reference helper line(s) to draw at the wrong time. Crash Fix  
3377 When a photo is set to unoriented, or a photos orientation is calculated in a shapes-based project the title bar will now update correctly. Crash Fix  
3454 Editing the degrees of rotation on a revolution surface now works correctly. Crash Fix  
3459 The triangle counts on the export summary dialog are now correct when exporting shapes or surfaces as a mesh. Crash Fix  
3461 The multiple select status bar now displays counts for shape vertex marks and shape vertices. Crash Fix  
3507 With coded targets installed, if show summary is checked on the automarking dialog, the summary will no longer come up during manual marking. Crash Fix  
3916 When objects with varying properties that are normally edited using a drop down are selected the grid correctly says 'varies' instead of '1'. Crash Fix  
3970 Fixed a crash that could happen when canceling a cylinder marked on the 2nd photo opened. Crash Fix  
  From Release to [February 12, 2007]   (15 changes)    
3450 Fixed a crash when deleting a textured imported object or shape while a 3D viewer was open. Crash Fix  
3474 Fixed a crash that would happen when imported points were used as part of a trim. Crash Fix  
3486 The finish trim right click menu item when in Trim/Hole mode now is enabled appropriately. Crash Fix  
3489 The hints on the surface property pane for Extend and Trim have been added. Crash Fix  
3492 Fixed a crash that would occur if you tried to idealize a photo set with no photos in it. Crash Fix  
3494 Fixed a spelling mistake that could show up when running in demo mode. Crash Fix  
3499 Opening a photo that had shape markings after merging no longer causes a crash. (Shapes are not merged) Crash Fix  
3966 The Mark Fiducials tool only appears on the menu when a project has a camera with fiducials; the Camera Calibration tool now only appears on the menu when the project is a calibration type. Both of these tools cannot be customized to avoid having them appear on menus inappropriately in certain projects. Crash Fix  
3967 Instruction Manager no longer erroneously says you can use a surface draw item for surface trim / hole. Crash Fix  
3968 The Trim, Hole and Flip surface tools no longer appear as the top tool on the Surfaces drop down menu to prevent entering an invalid mode state. Crash Fix  
3974 When running in Demo mode, the PhotoModeler application title bar now shows "PhotoModeler - Demo". Once activated, the title bar no longer shows "- Demo". Crash Fix  
3975 The Activation Dialog now has a "Do not show this dialog again" check box, which when checked prevents the dialog from appearing on startup, which applies to demo users who do not have an activation code to enter. Note that activation codes can be either entered on the this Activation dialog, or on the Modules dialog (accessible from the Options menu). Crash Fix  
3976 The wrong popup menu no longer apperas when right clicking during Curve Through Points mode. Crash Fix  
3977 A problem with the program path being properly set in the ini file whne installing just the Tutorial Projects (ie no program files). Crash Fix  
4007 The combo box on the 2 photo autoreference dialog to choose a layer is now a drop-list. Crash Fix  
  From Release 6.0.11 to [February 7, 2007]   (47 changes)    
5933 Automatic processing - Projects can optionally be set to process automatically when a change is made that could affect the projects state (eg. referencing a new point, dragging mark, etc.). Significant  
5934 Imports - PhotoModeler now supports the importing of existing models in DXF, 3DS, OBJ and TXT/CLT format. These models can be created using an external package or from an export of an existing PhotoModeler project. Significant  
5935 Direct printing of coded targets to a Windows printer. Significant  
5936 New Measure Pane (no longer a mode, ticker tape measurements on selected items, and copy and paste capability). Significant  
5937 New streamlined Photo Visibility dialog. Significant  
3407 Maya camera export now, optionally, includes the camera station description as part of the name. Significant  
5939 The import-control-point status bar has been updated to include the object point it is controlling and the photos it is marked on, if any. Improve  
3367 The 3D PMV export now optionally includes the precision values. If you do not want to include these values you can set the ExportPrecision value in the [PMV] section of your .ini file to FALSE. Improve  
3372 The mark and 3D point status bar now displays the point's angle instead of tightness. Improve  
3906 #The rightmost section of the status bar shows the photo position when the mouse is over a photo window. Now, when mouse is NOT over a photo, 'Last Alert' is displayed and when clicked the most recent alert popup will be redisplayed (if there is an alert to redisplay). Improve  
2969 When merging projects a warning is displayed if 'reference named and coded points' is checked and a project contains a non-unique name. When merging projects a warning is displayed if 'reference Named and coded points" is checked and a project contains a non-unique name. Fix  
3330 Demo file checks updated for 6.0 tutorials Crash Fix  
3350 When a camera match is found in the camera library the listing shows which camera(s) were found instead of which camera was found for each photo. Crash Fix  
3358 Additional checks have been added to warn when an invalid activation code has been entered. Crash Fix  
3366 Updated the copyright date in the coded targets Postscript output file. Crash Fix  
3368 The units combos in the auto project wizard are now drop lists. Crash Fix  
3370 There have been improvements to the way auto-referencing works with non-3D points when run immediately after processing. Crash Fix  
3376 Fixed a crash that would happen when switching from shape marking to import marking mode. Crash Fix  
3383 Updated the wording in message when an invalid activation code was entered or activation failed. Crash Fix  
3390 Fixed a crash when assigning a rotation during the auto project wizard. Crash Fix  
3392 Fixed a crash that could happen when opening or loading a photo that took 3+ seconds to load. Crash Fix  
3412 In Measure, a circle's center point now displayes in the correct units instead of always displaying in meters. Fixed a crash that would happen when hitting 'help' on the auto project dialog. Crash Fix  
3415 Fixed a crash that would happen when deleting an imported object that had marked control points or pinned object points. Crash Fix  
3416 Import modification checks to see if a point is pinned before it will allow deletion. Crash Fix  
3417 Unpinned imported points now display their status on the import modification dialog correctly. Crash Fix  
3422 DDE Fixes: a) Adding a new imported point no longer causes a crash, b) querying the residual of a non 3d mark now returns -1 for the residual length. Crash Fix  
3423 Fixed 2 crashes that could occur when using the define template dialog Crash Fix  
3431 CT menu items are no longer enabled during demo Crash Fix  
3432 An assert crash that occured in different scenarios of adding a shape and then cancelling the relation dialog have been fixed. Crash Fix  
3434 Fixed a crash that could happen when adding a shape to a newly loaded project. Crash Fix  
3439 Deleting a shape when a surface is attached to it's shape edge now causes the surface to update correctly Crash Fix  
3442 Fixed a crash that could occure when coded target points were the destination points when referencing multiple points at a time. Crash Fix  
3464 No longer a crash when 'Clearing' a partially complete 3 point affine. Crash Fix  
3496 The mailto link in FlashPlayerNeeded.html is now correct. Crash Fix  
3877 Fixed an assert that could happen when a vertex normal was averaged out to zero by having 2 smoothed triangles facing in oposite directions. Crash Fix  
3913 The 'Region Select (temporary)' tool is now enabled properly when a photo or 3D Viewer window is activated. The shortcut key 'D' now also activates the mode. Crash Fix  
3914 Default units and coded target settings (as set in Preferences) are now properly assigned in the Wizard when setting up automated coded target projects. Crash Fix  
3917 A problem loading a project that was saved with surfaces defined by imported points has been resolved. Crash Fix  
3919 The correct cameras dialog now comes up when opening it from the Calibration options dialog. Crash Fix  
3923 The 'choose photos' dialog was re-arranged slightly and will default to selecting the first file in the starting folder. Crash Fix  
3924 The Template Target drop down box now gets populated properly when a template has been added to a project. Also a crash when setting the default template target has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3925 A crash no longer occurs when clicking the OK, Cancel or Help button on the Choose Curve dialog. Crash Fix  
3932 The new mechanism for storing and updating PhotoModeler application data has been revised to ensure compatibility between Windows Vista, XP and other operating systems. PhotoModeler Application Data is now stored in a user specific location on disk: XP: C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsApplication DataPhotoModeler Vista: C:UsersAppDataLocalPhotoModeler - This also allows for per user settings when more than one account is set up on a machine. Crash Fix  
3933 Longer string lengths can be read in from the ini file. This includes long path names that were not correctly read into the recently used projects list. Crash Fix  
3939 Various Help button links to the Help document and URLS for web links have been fixed to display the correct chapter/page. Crash Fix  
3940 Several unused tools that appeared in the Customization dialog have been removed from the toolbar resources. Crash Fix  
3941 Cosmetic improvements made to the Project Information Dialog. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.11 - BETA   (25 changes)    
3892 The Camera Matching dialog no longer shows out-of-date instructions above the grid. Improve  
3897 It is now easier to re-enable warnings that have the 'Do not show again' checkbox (ie User Optional Warnings). The General pane of the Preferences dialog now lists these warnings with checkboxes. Improve  
3266 A menu now appears when clicking the 'Project Status' section of the status bar, allowing you to view and select the point mark with the highest residual. This helps prevent accidental clicks causing you to lose your selection. In addition, this 'show residual' feature is now only enabled in Select Mode (which fixes some crashes associated with this feature). Crash Fix  
3267 The context sensitive cursors now display correctly in the alt-zoom window. When using the ctrl-zoom or ctrl-pan tools the cursors will no longer update when near existing marks. Crash Fix  
3283 Pressing the Alt key when the mouse is over a photo and while a table, 3D viewer, import explorer or shape explorer is active will now correctly activate the photo. Crash Fix  
3296 A warning dialog is now displayed if an authorization code with an invalid format is entered. Crash Fix  
3331 The Add Shapes toolbar is no longer hidden by default when opening a Points project. The Add Shapes toolbar is now shown when a project has shapes or when the shapes UI type has been selected, and once it is made visible, it is stored with your toolbar customizations. Crash Fix  
3335 A crash no longer occurs when deleting a mark from a 2D point table when the photo showing the mark is open and the project has been processed. Crash Fix  
3338 Fixed a case where after Import, the marking select mode would only show the no-action cursor. Crash Fix  
3340 Printing an image now uses the correct choice for full resolution vs current window view. Crash Fix  
3341 A crash no longer occurs if a wedge's sloped face is selected and a new shape is added to the project. Crash Fix  
3353 When a circle is selected the measure pane now displays the circle's XYZ center point. Crash Fix  
3360 The Camera Assignment options dialog (displayed during project setup in the wizard in certain situations) has been revamped for clarification. Crash Fix  
3361 A confusing warning to replace a camera's stored EXIF information no longer appears. Crash Fix  
3363 The channel used for target marking is now on the preferences dialog (under Target Marking) and is also used for edge detection. Default installed is green channel. Crash Fix  
3694 A 'new line' character no longer appears on some machines at the end of the name column of the Imports Explorer's list view grid control. Crash Fix  
3835 The Instruction Bar docked at the bottom of the PhotoModeler window shows updated information for new modes (and is no longer editable). Crash Fix  
3865 Certain calibrations would set the Point Coverage area one pixel too narrow or short resulting in the occasional erroneous report of a point appearing outside of the Point Coverage area after calibration. The Point Coverage area is not calculated properly in all calibrations. Crash Fix  
3893 A bug introduced in the 6.0.10 release resulted in the Idealize Project tool being hidden even with the module installed. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3894 Some problems in Inverse Camera projects when adding photos, assigning cameras to photos, and camera matching have been fixed. Also, warnings when adding photos to Inverse Camera projects have been clarified. Crash Fix  
3898 The Camera Missing Image Size dialog's OK button is now only enabled after a image is selected to set the resolution. Crash Fix  
3900 A crash no longer occurs when clciking the Help button on the Scale/Rotate dialog. Crash Fix  
3901 A crash no longer occurs when Cancel button hit on the Renumber dialog box. Crash Fix  
3902 The size and display time of alert popups (messages shown in the bottom right of the application window at certain times) now are based on the amount of text shown in the message. Crash Fix  
3907 A problem where the PhotoModeler window would remain 'stuck' on top of other application windows after an automatic coded target project has been fixed. Alert popups no longer appear during auto-projects. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.10 - BETA   (18 changes)    
3125 Shapes - geometric solid entities such as cubes, pyramids, and wedges that are easily added to photographs by marking their edges and the fastest way to construct non-organic models using a solid geometry approach. Significant  
3885 PhotoModeler now installs into two separate folders. The first is the standard Program Files folder - the program and support files are installed there as usual. The second folder created is typically: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataPhotoModeler File that are written to and changed by PhotoModeler (e.g. Camera Library, Layouts, Table Configurations, Help file, and Preferences ini file) are now installed here. This change was made because files that will be written to during program operation should not be under the Program Files folder as this may be write-protected on some computers and is not the current Windows standard. The Windows standard states that application data that changes should be stored under the Documents and Settings folder. Improve  
3232 When a camera is calibrated (regular or field calibration), you now have the option of adding/editing the camera name which allows you to store multiple versions of the camera in the camera library. Crash Fix  
3251 An assert crash no longer happens when processing a points-based project that has a maked shape, when the photo with the shape marked is open. Crash Fix  
3256 A Shape Rebuild no longer crashes when there is a Shape in project with more than one 'grounding' relation (base,ground,points-base). Crash Fix  
3265 The activation code (abbreviated) is now shown on the About dialog box. Crash Fix  
3299 The order of selected items that are used during scale/rotate definition is now correct. Crash Fix  
3303 Selection in the 3D viewer now works correctly when PhotoModeler is not maximized or placed in the top left corner. Crash Fix  
3313 Reduced some unneeded re-draws that happened during shape marking when projections were turned on. Crash Fix  
3320 The option to automatically set the rotation of images based on their EXIF information is now on the Image pane of the Preferences dialog. The default value has been changed to 'off'. Crash Fix  
3872 Certain toolbar customizations were being overwritten when PhotoModeler launched. This has been fixed. The restored user interface will now match the one that was stored. Crash Fix  
3873 The unused Tutorial Script tool has been removed from the Help menu. Crash Fix  
3875 Two crash bugs for Rhino (.3dm) export have been fixed. One occured when units weren't set, and the other occured with shape projects. Crash Fix  
3876 Table configuration problem fixed: a certain set of steps no longer causes a improperly defined configuration when generating a new table. Crash Fix  
3879 Toolbar layouts are now stored whether a project was opened during a session or not. Crash Fix  
3883 Typos fixed ont he Calibration dialog and on the Camera matching confirmation dialog. Crash Fix  
3884 The confirmation dialog shown when cameras were matched to photos when starting a new project now lists the camera(s) by name that were matched with photos. Crash Fix  
4123 A shape can now be deleted from the project when it is a grounded shape but has another shape coplanar on it. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.9 - BETA   (31 changes)    
3845 The question whether to add a newly calibrated camera to the Camera Library now comes after the Calibration Dialog is closed to allow for review of the calibration first. Improve  
3846 There is now a button on the Calibration Dialog to access the Processing Report after a calibration, to allow for immediate review of a calibration. Improve  
3264 A confirmation dialog now displays when Activation or Reactivation is successful. Crash Fix  
3269 Fixed a case where using ctrl key short-cuts for action functions (eg. ctrl-A) could select the wrong active window. Crash Fix  
3271 Fixed a cosmetic issue with the 'DXF surfaces as mesh' option being enabled when KML export was chosen. Crash Fix  
3273 Arrow key fine point adjustment now works correctly with rotated photos. Crash Fix  
3276 Added a check to make sure there is write access to the PhotoModeler folder. Layouts, menus and licencing information needs to be written here. Crash Fix  
3278 When exporting camera views to VRML the Field of View will now be correctly output as H or V according to the VRML spec. Crash Fix  
3284 Fixed a crash that occured when marking a point inside an alt-zoom window that could cause automatic processing to run. Crash Fix  
3285 Fixed a crash that could happen when referencing to a coded target point. Crash Fix  
3288 A warning will now appear when a trial activation code has expired. Crash Fix  
3711 Fixed a case where opening and closing panes in a certain order could make it so selection in some panes was not possible. Crash Fix  
3761 Fixed a case where pressing ESC to skip a point during referencing would produce a 'cannot reference' message. Crash Fix  
3819 Typos fixed on the Orientation Problems, Import Options, and Preferences dialog boxes. Crash Fix  
3825 When moving/rotating a photo textured model in the 3D Viewer, distorted textures could appear with certain settings of 'Texture Quality While Moving'. This setting has been removed from the Preferences dialog as it is no longer needed. Crash Fix  
3828 A crash no longer occurs when cancelling the 'Shapes Add Refinement' dialog. Crash Fix  
3830 A problem in the Coded Target Auto project wizard path that prevented you from proceeding through to the Choose Photos pane has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3831 The unused "Show Options When Opening New 3D View" setting has been removed from the Preferences dialog. It was replaced in a previous 6 release by a tool to open a 3D Viewer with options on the main toolbar. Crash Fix  
3833 A problem with the Alt-zoom window appearing on the primary display only (on multi-monitor setups, when photos positioned on the secondary display) has been resolved. Crash Fix  
3836 Fixes to the Imported Point Editor prevent editing a point without first adding one. These changes also fix a problem with updating the point's status at the bottom of dialog. Crash Fix  
3841 A sporadic crash no longer occurs when loading a camera (.cam file) from disk into a project or the cameras library Crash Fix  
3842 There is no longer a crash when clicking on the clickable sections of the status bar when a project is not opened. Crash Fix  
3844 A crash no longer occurs when cancelling the output of a table to file. Crash Fix  
3847 A crash bug has been fixed when switching between calibration processing stages on the Calibration Options dialog. Crash Fix  
3848 The Processing Done dialog no longer unnecessarily appears after a calibration when automatic parameter adjustment is unchecked. Crash Fix  
3850 Various unused settings have been removed from the Preferences dialog. Crash Fix  
3861 The FOV labels in the Photo Table have been corrected. FOV W has become FOV Vert, and FOV H has become FOV Horiz. Crash Fix  
3862 Cancel button on ImagesMissing dialog now cancels the dialog when adding a new camera. Crash Fix  
3867 Fixed crash bugs which occurred when opening a 3D Viewer with quality textures turned on, after the deletion of all photo texture materials, or after setting all photo texture materials to non-photo texture (ie RGB). Crash Fix  
3868 A crash no longer occurs when deleting the default multi-photo texture in a Shape project. Crash Fix  
3869 The Check/Repair dialog no longer comes up when cancelling the Cameras dialog after loading a new camera from a project on disk and then processing. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.8 - BETA   (21 changes)    
3790 #The status bar now responds to mouse clicks. When clicking on the Processing type section, automatic/manual processing is toggled; when clicking on the project status showing highest residual point (in a points project), the point is selected and the highest residual point mark photo is opened/displayed. Significant  
3120 # Improvements to texturing Applies to quality textures only: - texture mapping is now pixel-based instead of triangle-based - this means that more model will get textured if it projects partly off a photo - mask images are now supported - this lets you remove unwanted parts of a photo from texturing (removing a tree or a car from in front of a building for example). The texturing system tryings to fill and blend in data from other photos of the area if possible. - occlusion processing - objects cast 'shadows' in the texture map - that is one part of model can occlude another part from a particular photo location and the occluded part of the model will not use that incorrect photographic data - instead alternate photo source will be found (or area will be filled with gray if no unoccluded photo can be found) - one can now decide how multiple photos are blended in the final texture map - you can decide between sharp textures (but sharper photo transistions) and uniform textures ( Significant  
3121 A new activation system is in place. Improve  
4075 Toolbar Layouts are now stored using xml files instead of in the registry. This improve uninstall times amoung other things. Improve  
3171 When the Photo Windows pane is made floating, you can now resize it. Crash Fix  
3196 When loading old version 5 projects the 3D viewer visilbity no longer turns import points or lines on by default. This prevents the a project with a default axis control from displaying in a strange manner. Crash Fix  
3243 Using the 'add' button on the modify imports dialog no longer duplicates existing imported points. Crash Fix  
3259 Selecting the properties of photos with different inverse camera flags now works correctly as a 'varies' field. Crash Fix  
3260 Clicking cancel on the install modules dialog no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
3261 When a shape face is textured the shape face names no longer displays a texture. Crash Fix  
3763 The default shortcut keys for tables no longer use the Alt key (eg Shift-1 instead of Shift-Alt-1), to avoid getting into a strange state with the Alt-zoom window on photos. Crash Fix  
3785 Using the arrow keys to adjust a points position while in re-sub pixel mark mode will set the point to be a non-sub pixel point. Crash Fix  
3786 Opening a new photo tabbed will now tab with the active photo (if there is one) instead of always the first one. Crash Fix  
3787 The Menu bar on the toolbar can no longer be closed or hidden. This prevents getting into a state where you cannot unhide or customize toolbars. Crash Fix  
3791 Fixed a case where marking control points when automatic processing was active could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
3792 A problem with the "Show Marked Point with Highest Residual" tool has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3794 Propagate button icon on the PMV toolbar now coincides with the propagation setting. Crash Fix  
3801 The Undo button is no longer enabled immediatley after adding a shape (which is a non-undoable action). Crash Fix  
3802 A crash no longer occurs when cancelling the "define new shape relations" dialog after adding a shape. Crash Fix  
3815 The Imports button on the File menu is now disabled until a project is opened. Crash Fix  
3816 The Photo table now includes a Mask Name column showing the file name of its mask where applicable. This column is visible by default only in the Photo Table - All layout (the column is hidden in other layouts, but of course you can customize your layouts). Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.7 - BETA   (33 changes)    
3241 When multiple epipolar lines are displayed you can now scroll a zoomed photo taking the epilines out of view. Significant  
3160 In addition to the popup warning that comes up when a reference creates a residual greater than the project quality setting a popup will come up a reference causes an extremely large residaual or low angle. Improve  
3242 # The renumber dialog allows you to set the number to start numbering points from. Improve  
3247 When a video export is complete a dialog will now ask if the video should be played in the associated application. Improve  
3650 When exporting a 3Dmodel, if the scale/rotate is invalid, a warning comes up explaining the coordinate system will be arbirary . Improve  
3782 Setting project units has been made more consistent. The project units can be set on the Scale tab of the Scale/Rotate dialog, the Constraints dialog (when setting up a Distance Constraint), and when Imports are set up. There is also more feedback about when these units change. Also, when switching units, the scale distance on the Scale tab and Constraints dialog converts into the selected units immediately. Improve  
3198 Using sub-pixel mark while reference works when referencing coded target points. Crash Fix  
3230 The warning that shows up when trying to orient more than the recomended number of photos at a time is now centered in the application correctly. Crash Fix  
3234 # When a single point (marked point, curve point, cylinder point, shape vertex, etc.) is selected the keyboard's arrow keys will allow fine adjustments of the point's position. Crash Fix  
3236 Opening a new top level pane will no longer take the focus from the previously active window. Crash Fix  
3237 Fixed some cases where automatic processing while referencing could cause problems. Crash Fix  
3238 Fixed a case where using region select to define the reference source photo could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
3239 The delay auto-advance cursor no longer appears when auto-advance is turned on in referencing and you mouse over a new destination photo. Instead it will automatically advance to the first non-refernced point. Crash Fix  
3244 # When exporting a Google Earth (KML or KMZ) file you can now enter a description that will be displayed in GE instead of the file name. Crash Fix  
3246 Some minor changes to the way the visibility controls are resized. Crash Fix  
3248 # You can now import 3DS files. There is also an option on the preferences dialog to choose which 'engine' handles DXF and OBJ import. If a file fails to load changing this setting may help. Crash Fix  
3635 Projected imported objects are correctly updated when deleting an imported object. Crash Fix  
3653 When using the coded target auto project wizard there is now an optional pane to change the coded target set and the project units. Optional panes can be re-enabled in Preferences. Crash Fix  
3671 Current PMV Epoch number is now updated when the PMV project is loaded. Crash Fix  
3758 Manually marking a target will no longer affect the settings on the automatic target marking dialog. Crash Fix  
3762 During referencing if multiple reference helper lines are displayed but do not intersect inside the alt-zoom window you could not reference in the zoomed window, this has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3764 Setting a model Rotation using cylinder end points no longer causes a crash. These types of points are invalid for Scale/Rotate and will not be accepted. Crash Fix  
3766 When generating a new table using the Add button, the Table Type Selector is now read-only to prevent problems when generating table of the selected type. Crash Fix  
3767 In PMV mode, typing in an epoch number to advance the frame has been fixed and the current epoch box on the toolbar now updates correctly. Crash Fix  
3769 Problems with drawing of the Referencing and Visibility sub-toolbars, when resizing host panes, have been fixed. Crash Fix  
3772 The 'finish surface' right click menu option will now correctly enable when a path suface consists of a single curve. Crash Fix  
3779 A crash fixed when using the PMV Auto Advance in a Type 2 project with a photo open. Crash Fix  
3780 The PMV toolbar now has all new icons. Crash Fix  
3781 Opening and closing the preferences or project status report repeatedly would cause the dialog to stop opening. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3788 No longer are there excessive delays after editing a camera in the Cameras dialog in projects with many photos. Crash Fix  
3789 A crash no longer occurs when exporting a project with imports, using the .dxf format with point ids on. Crash Fix  
4008 When a photo set is added using the "Create photo set from photos showing selected" command the combo box on the photo control now updates correctly. Crash Fix  
4109 The File Selector dialog box now properly displays both .pmr and .cam files when selecting a camera in the New Project Wizard. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.6 - BETA   (30 changes)    
3746 #Improvements have been made to the way cameras are automatically matched (or created) when selecting photos with EXIF information from multiple sources. You can automatically create multiple EXIF estimate cameras in the wizard without using the Inverse camera path, for approximate solutions. Significant  
3225 # Added camera station position/orientation to VRML export Improve  
3687 If you use the alt zoom feature near the edge of the screen the pop-up window will now be forced to fit with-in the screen space. Improve  
3211 Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to create a trim immediately after canceling one. Crash Fix  
3212 Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting trims from a surface. Crash Fix  
3214 Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the layer visibility on the 3D viewer after processing with the 3D viewer open. Crash Fix  
3215 Manually editing a camera stations position or rotation will force that camera to become oriented. Crash Fix  
3216 # Animations have a new option to output an animated .gif file. Crash Fix  
3218 When maximizing/Tabbing a set of panes the current active one will be placed on top. Crash Fix  
3222 When opening a 3D viewer with the Options Dialog, textures are not built until after the Options Dialog has been closed. Crash Fix  
3223 The option to photo texture an export enables and disables correctly when shape faces and imported surfaces are toggled. Crash Fix  
3226 The label 'Back' will now face the correct direction on pyramid and truncated pyramid shapes. Crash Fix  
3227 Changed the VRML2 smoothed option setting to be an angle setting. Crash Fix  
3228 The properties of photos that have self calibrated cameras will now show the correctly assigned cameras. Crash Fix  
3713 Changing the properties of multiple objects using the right click properties dialog now works correctly. Crash Fix  
3724 Typo fixed on the title bar of the 3D viewer Animation dialog. Crash Fix  
3726 Fixed a probem where after selecting all photos and tiling them, certain mouse clicks (eg line mode) would not activate a photo window properly and could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
3727 A crash no longer occurs after certain steps involving opening a Line Table, deleting a line, processing, and saving the project. Crash Fix  
3728 Fixed an issue introduced in 6.0.5 that would prevent selection of items in the Import Explorer 3D view, the Shape Explorer 3D view and the relation dialog. Crash Fix  
3729 A bug introduced in version 6.0.5 which prevented you from adding a constraint to a single photo project has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3730 A problem preventing multi-selection (using Ctrl-select( in the Choose Photos grid view when trying to remove photos has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3731 Cameras loaded into the project from the Camera Libray now get renamed if their names are not unique. This prevents the worng camera data to be displayed on the Cameras dialog box. Crash Fix  
3735 A crash when deleting a newly added constraint has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3736 Fixed a control point selection crash. Crash Fix  
3739 The tooltip that appear when the mouse is over a photo chip no longer show inappropriate information when a photo is not oriented. Crash Fix  
3741 Cameras created using the New button on the Cameras dialog now get the image resolution set via the Camera Missing Image Size dialog box. Crash Fix  
3747 Fixed a possible crash when Cancel clicked on the Images Missing dialog. Crash Fix  
3748 The Calibration type field on the Cameras dialog now shows whether a camera is an Inverse Camera when loading pre-v6 projects. Crash Fix  
4090 The cameras list in the Cameras dialog box has been reformatted so text wrapping does not obscure the name. Crash Fix  
4110 A paint problem with the Choose Project Photos dialog where the scroll could disappear when reszing the dialog has been fixed. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.5 - BETA   (46 changes)    
3719 A new feature to create animations (.avi and .gif files) using 3D Viewer keyframes has been added. The "Export 3D Viewer Animation..." tool is on the Export submenu of the File menu. Significant  
3162 # If a project has no Imports, clicking the Modify button will now create an empty Control Import object so control points can be entered manually. Improve  
3176 When closing a photo, table or 3D view, another view (if any open) will become active. Improve  
3197 # Imported points can now be used with auto-triangulation. Improve  
3202 When printing/outputing a table window, the "Save as" dialog appears instead of entering a filename. There have also been some cosmetic changes to the print/output dialog box. Improve  
3203 # Point cloud surfaces can now include imported points. Improve  
3705 The description text on the Idealize Project dialog has been moved to the Help file. Improve  
3710 # When adding photos to a project if the images header contains information about the orientation of the image the photos rotation will be set accordingly. Improve  
3151 The Table Generator shows no longer shows useless data in the heading lists, such as (%%). Crash Fix  
3157 A crash or warning no longer appears when displaying 'Camera Stations as Image Planes' when images are missing from a project. Also, Image Planes aren't created until they are needed. Crash Fix  
3158 When you ctrl-click on a table selection no longer causes the table to inappropriately scroll the first selected row into view. Crash Fix  
3173 Fixed a crash during processing when a constraint existed with no (or invalid) objects. Crash Fix  
3174 Processing a project with a newly added (but not yet valid) constraint no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
3175 The Constraint dialog now updates correctly which corrects several problems when displaying, modifying, and storing constraint data. Crash Fix  
3180 The 'Next ' button is now disabled on the Choose Photos pane of the New Project Wizard until at least one photo has been added to the project. Crash Fix  
3183 Constraint precisions now use units correctly and convert when appropriate. Crash Fix  
3191 DXF files that contain poly lines or meshes without any verticies no longer cause a crash. The entities will just be ignored. Crash Fix  
3195 Zoom 1:1 and other photo specific tools are now disabled when a photo windows loses focus. Crash Fix  
3200 Resolved a case where an 'Edge can not be processed" error could occure during processing. Crash Fix  
3204 Removing a photo while it is open no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
3208 - The thick lines visibilty setting is now saved with the project. - A change to how visibilty settings are handled reduces the 'flashing' of photos marks when changing visibility settings. Crash Fix  
3483 When a new material is added while an imported surface or shape face is selected the property pane now updates to include the new material. Crash Fix  
3632 The Photo Control scroll bar no longer gets obscured when tabs are shown and the photo list is long. Crash Fix  
3649 Sub pixel marking of control points now works correctly. Crash Fix  
3654 To be consistent with other modes, opening multiple photos during referencing mode will now tile the photos. Crash Fix  
3659 The shapes toolbar has been re-aranged so that the more comon tools are at the left end and less common tools are at the right end. Crash Fix  
3677 A new system of tracking initialization and other problems has been implemented. Please contact Tech Support for information on this if PhotoModeler is not launching correctly. Crash Fix  
3690 Removing a photo that has points marked now causes a warning to appear, with suggestions about setting the photo to 'do not use' instead (same as in version 5). Crash Fix  
3692 The Point table's photo list column now sorts like version5, where the larger the number of photos that the point appears on, the higher the sort priority. Crash Fix  
3693 A warning optionally appears when a photo is automatically matched with a camera in the camera library when adding photos to a project. Ini file setting: [General] ShowWarningWhenCameraAutoMatched=TRUE Crash Fix  
3698 To avoid confusion, the Surface sub-menu on the Marking menu no longer uses the surface mode icon as it cannot be clicked to activate a mode. Crash Fix  
3699 Pane Tabs now use the same icons as shown on the toolbar. You can set icon dimensions using "TabIconWidth" and "TabIconHeight" settings in the [General] section of the PhotoModelerPro6.ini file. Crash Fix  
3703 A problem displaying valid information when clicking the Materials list (but not on a material) has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3704 A problem displaying valid information when clicking the Layers list (but not on a layer) has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3706 An object point's property hint is now shown for the Position field. Crash Fix  
3707 A series of crashes when opening the 3D Viewer options (Video Export page) in a PMV project, and setting various video settings have been fixed. Crash Fix  
3709 Zoom tools added to the Select mode photo right click popup menu. Crash Fix  
3714 All tables now update data only when columns are visible, which means tables build faster and update correctly when columns are made visible. Crash Fix  
3715 Undo reference now also undoes the point mark action on the destination photo. Crash Fix  
3716 Fixed a crash that could happen when referencing curves that do not have the same common end point. Crash Fix  
3717 Deleting an import object no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
3718 Outputting a table will now use the number of decimals as set on the output options dialog. Crash Fix  
3721 Tab icons have been updated and now match the toolbar icons. Crash Fix  
3722 The "KML export coordinates" dialog box title has been changed to "Google Earth Coordinates". Crash Fix  
4112 Various paint issues, and cancel tool actions have been resolved with the right click popup menu when in Region Select mode. Crash Fix  
4132 Sorting columns with "n/a" was fixed in a previous release, but now the sort priority gets set when opening a table not just when a column is clicked. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.4 - BETA   (29 changes)    
4117 Table right click popup menu now has an unreference selected menu item. Improve  
3144 Both marked and non-marked Imported points and lines can now be using when creating surfaces. Crash Fix  
3150 Quad or triangular path surfaces created using 1 or 2 lines in version 5 would load facing the wrong direction. This has been resolved. (Note: Quad or triangular path surfaces created with a line using a previous beta versions will now load facing the wrong direction, use the 'flip' surface command to correct this). Crash Fix  
3170 Fixed an obscure crash that could happen after opening several projects and then closing PhotoModeler. Crash Fix  
3172 Closing the shape optimization dialog using the 'x' in the top corner also closes the total error dialog. Crash Fix  
3181 Closing a project when several photos are open is now slightly faster. Crash Fix  
3187 Degenerate triangles created by non-path surfaces are now removed automatically. This corrects a potential assert when exporting .kmz files. Crash Fix  
3188 The exif information from certain cameras would not be converted to the correct format size during calibration, this has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3190 After certain actions sometimes the 'edit varies' verb on the properties pane would not be available when multiple objects were selected. This has be resolved. Crash Fix  
3224 Using the Alt zoom or the +/- key zoom over an inactive window will now apply the zoom to the window. Crash Fix  
3658 The PMV project wizard has been fixed and allows you to create a Type 1 and Type 2 projects. Crash Fix  
3674 A faint line artifact no longer temporarily appears across the screen on startup. Crash Fix  
3675 The Check and Repair dialog (indicating a problem with photo numbering) will not come up after a certain sequence of steps involving add and removing photos from a project. Crash Fix  
3678 Fixed a problem when copying a camera with newly added fiducials. Crash Fix  
3679 A problem with adding camera(s) to the project from the camera library has been fixed. Crash Fix  
3681 The Cameras Viewer dialog now closes before sending changes to the project to prevent possible application repaint issues when changes are time consuming. Crash Fix  
3682 Moving cameras into and out of the Camera library no longer causes a crash after a certain sequence of steps moving back and forth. Crash Fix  
3683 The Tables drop down tool now also includes access to the Table Generator. Crash Fix  
4088 Fixed a table problem where columns that scroll into view cannot be sorted, nor can rows be selected when clicking in the area that came into view. This also fixes strange behavior when clicking the table header or adjusting column widths at the right edge of the table. Crash Fix  
4122 Right clicking an empty column in the top row in table no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
4124 Pressing the 'a' key while using the shape explorer will no longer recenter the rotate and view around the selected object. Crash Fix  
4125 A crash no longer occurs when hitting [esc] to end edge marking when marking on the 2nd open photo. Crash Fix  
4126 Sub-toolbars on panes (eg Referencing, Photo Control etc) can no longer be customized and get into a problem state with right click actions. Crash Fix  
4128 The drop list for Table Type when you click Add on the Table Generator dialog is no longer editable. Crash Fix  
4130 Show Marked Point with Highest Residual tool is back on the point table right click menu. Crash Fix  
4131 The improvements to auto-referencing made the camera calibration auto-referencing stages harder to complete in some projects. Camera Calibration should now complete properly. Crash Fix  
4133 Right clicking the title bar of certain panes no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
4134 A crash no longer occurs when selecting the layer on the 2 Photo Autoreferencing dialog box. Crash Fix  
4136 Warnings removed and crashes fixed on the various PMV dialog boxes (including Static Points, Tracker, Coded Target Settings, Append Epoch etc). Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.3 - BETA   (21 changes)    
3141 The visibility toolbar will now update its look when the theme preferences is changed. Crash Fix  
3142 Reference helper lines are no longer drawn in the background image when the alt-zoom window is up preventing the smearing of the line as the alt zoom window panned. Crash Fix  
3146 Deleting a silhouette mark no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
3147 Closing the processing done dialog using the X in the top right corner will now also close the total error dialog. Crash Fix  
3152 The Phi and Kappa camera station values on the photo properties dialog are no longer reversed. Crash Fix  
3153 When loading projects created in version 5 the object point position and precision of non-fixed control points are no longer reset to the control value. Crash Fix  
3155 When idealizing a project point marks with referenced curve marks that are drawn through them are no longer idealized twice. Crash Fix  
3156 An assert crash no longer happens when clicking on a empty Import Explorer 3D view. Crash Fix  
3163 A new 'open' button has been added to the export summary dialog that will try to open the exported file with the application associated with the file extension. Crash Fix  
3164 Added output of Google Earth 4 .kmz files. This format allows for textured models to be imported into Google Earth 4. Crash Fix  
3165 Imports now handle non meter units correctly. Crash Fix  
3568 Shortcuts to folders now display and can be used to navigate in the Folder pane of the Add / Remove Photos dialog box. Crash Fix  
3590 There are now two tools on a drop list control to open a 3D Viewer. "Open 3D Viewer", and "Open 3D Viewer with Options", the latter acts like PM 5, where the Options dialog appears first. Crash Fix  
3647 Sorting tables with "n/a" or blank cells will sort these cells after cells with data. Crash Fix  
3957 Merging projects no longer incorrectly creates control points that could cause intermittent crashes after a merge was done. There is also now a warning when merging projects that contain imports or shapes. Crash Fix  
4084 Turning off rays from points/cameras will clear any rays that are currently showen. Crash Fix  
4087 Hitting either of the reset buttons on the preferences dialog will correctly reset the default project units. Crash Fix  
4092 Columns made visible in a table now update immediately. Crash Fix  
4097 Adding a line to a project while a Line Table is open no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
4113 The default resampling type used when painting images is now bi-linear. This fixes an image shift problem when 3D projections are made visible in photos. This can be controlled with the "Resampling Type" setting on the Preferences dialog (Image page). Crash Fix  
4116 The Reference Checker (which optionally runs before point processing) is now a bit more robust in making decisions as to what is a bad reference. It can now pick up more single point misreferences even when the photo of the mis-reference does not share the minimum number of points with many photos. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.2 - BETA   (3 changes)    
4080 A "Low Memory" warning no longer apperas when creating a new project. Crash Fix  
4081 A crash no longer occurs when auto-referencing a large set of points on a large set of photos. Crash Fix  
4082 Minor changes to the imaging library have been rolled back to prevent possible image save problems introduced in the version (eg during Idealize, Image Enhance Apply, etc). Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0.1 - BETA   (7 changes)    
3663 When adding a relation to the back side of a shape face, the face name will now display the (inside) or (outside) text on a new line. Improve  
3665 When defining the lat, lon and alt for Google Earth export you can now paste the information directly from Google Earth by copying a placemark. Improve  
3664 A series of resource errors that occured when running under Japanese windows have been fixed. Crash Fix  
3666 When the preference "Projections use object's material (instead of these preferences)" is turned off, turning on imported object or shape projections no longer causes an assert. Crash Fix  
3667 When selecting part of an imported object the layer and material combo boxes on the toolbar update correctly and allow you to adjust the imported objects properties. Crash Fix  
3668 Minor updates to the library used to read images. Crash Fix  
4076 A resource error no longer appears when adding/removing photos over the network. Crash Fix  
  PhotoModeler 6.0 - BETA [August 14, 2006]   (66 changes)    
9 Window managment has been improved with the addition of a paned interface. Significant  
364 Revamped and Improved Point Referencing, including multiple epipolar lines, more flexible source/destination designation etc. Significant  
1284 Quality Feedback in 3D Viewer, point/camera station rays, axes, error ellipsoids, image plane camera station symbols, ground plane etc. Significant  
1287 Tables Revamped, and include additional sort methods (group sort), printing, exporting, faster sort and creation, copying to clipboard, column freezing and real time sorting. Two new tables can be generated: Point Mark (2D) and Line Table. Significant  
1523 User Interface Revamp (panes, toolbars etc.) - The user interface has had a major overhaul to bring it to modern standards while at the same time improving ease of use and work flow. Toolbar bitmaps replaced. Significant  
1854 # A new Add-on Module, Idealize Camera, has been added. This module provides the functionality to convert and existing PhotoModeler project with a calibrated camera into a project with an 'ideal' camera. An 'ideal' camera has no lens distortion, square pixels and a centered principle point. This function will change the camera parameters, resample (warp) all photographs to remove the distortions, and move all photo marks to match the resampled images. The main purpose of this function, is so that data (3d model and images) can be exported to animation and rendering packages for excellent perspective matching (since these packages use ideal cameras for rendering). Significant  
2002 New Exports - Google Earth (KML and KMZ) and Maya .ma files with camera stations, lines and locators. Significant  
2480 Improved detection of low angles between camera station during orientation. Making orientation more robust. Significant  
2768 A new Startup Dialog box is shown when PhotoModeler launches. It provides options to load a recent project, browse for a project, start a new project or access various help files. The dialog box can also be shown when clicking Getting Started on the File menu. A hyperlink allows you to disable it so that it does not appear at startup (you can also set whether it shows up by setting the "Show Startup Dialog" setting in Preferences). Significant  
2772 New Printing and Output (photos, tables and 3D viewers can be out to file, clipboard or printer) Significant  
2373 Manual sub-pixel marking will mark coded target points if the code can be detected in the region selected. Significant  
2963 Automatic Referencing: - improvement: uses a stricter check for tightness that should help with objects that are more 3D (opposed to 2.5D surfaces) - fix: a bug would cause some bad references to be made in some cases (more true with large number of photos). This has been fixed. - you can now properly turn off projection-clean-up method with an ini setting - fixed an assert that might occur when two camera stations on top of each other during auto-ref - projection search threshold now defaults to 1.0 instead of 7.0 pixels - all automatic referencing ini settings renamed and put in [AutoRef] section now Significant  
257 The validation for spin controls is now done when they lose focus making it easier to type numbers into the edit box. Improve  
1288 Cameras dialog has been expanded to show EXIF information, calibration type, and various calibration quality indicators. Improve  
1614 Project's are now unitless until the Scale is set (Preference setting used for default project units) Improve  
1905 There are now two types of axis display available with-in the 3D viewer, available on the Advanced tab of the 3D viewer options dialog. One is displayed in the corner of the viewer overlaying the model and gives a guide as to the current view direction. The other is display with in the model data. Improve  
2713 Added the option to store the current view position of the 3D viewer. This can then be restored when needed allowing a custom reset position instead of just 'top', 'bottom', 'left', etc. Improve  
2767 When adding photos to a project (via Wizard or within an existing project), photos can now be automatically matched with cameras that have been stored in the Camera Database. Cameras are stored in the Camarea database after calibration. Improve  
2794 There is now an option to sort rows in a table by grouping (instead of just ascending or descending order). Group sorting can be toggled on/off using a right click menu tool, and then when column header is clicked to sort, the rows are grouped based on the sort column's header. Improve  
2924 Changed TableExport DDE command structure, and added DDE commands to set the use in processing flag and point name. Improve  
3035 The Camera Calibrator now stores a Coverage Bounding Box to describe the point coverage during a calibration. In an ideal calibration, referenced points cover as much of the photo frame as possible, which ensures that the entire camera lens is calibrated to account for variability throughout the lens. The Project Status Report shows a warning if the calibration coverage is below a threshold (ie less than 60% point coverage) and for regular project processing the report lists 3D points that lie outside of the coverage rectangle. Points that lie outside the rectangle may not solve as accurately because the part of the lens outside of the coverage rectangle has not been fully calibrated. You can also view the camera's stored coverage rectangle by setting the Point Coverage visiblity on, on the Marked Tab on the Photo Control. Improve  
5938 When exporting a 3D model, if the scale/rotate is invalid, a warning comes up explaining that the coordinate system will be arbitrary. Improve  
183 Removed the restrictions on layer name length and character set. Improve  
238 Measuring a circle displays the radius. Improve  
267 Locators exported to Maya can optionally be based on the object points ID. Improve  
312 Referencing mode allows sub-pixel marking. Improve  
610 The recently used projects are accessible via the short-cut keys 1-9. Improve  
686 All 3D Viewer Settings are now stored with the project. When you open a project (and when you open a new instance of a 3D Viewer), your most recent viewing settings are restored. Improve  
692 Zoom level shown as a percent on Photo title bar, no longer a zoom ratio. Improve  
698 The 3D viewer now has the ability to exaggerate a specified axis. This is useful when viewing a deformation in a specific plane as it allows you to visualize relative change. Improve  
929 Improved the 3D viewer z-buffer handling of lines and surfaces. This means if a line and surface are on the same plane the line will always draw on top. Improve  
1106 A new property on material allows an RGB color to be used only when textures are not shown. Improve  
1289 Zoom controls removed from right click menu to free up space. Zoom controls grouped on toolbar. Improve  
1842 The automarking dialog now provides a summary of what occured. Improve  
2769 The Add remove Photos dialog has been replaced with a control allowing easier directory navigation and viewing options of thumbnails or file details in both the "In Project" and "On Disk" panes. Improve  
2840 Added a new DDE command to return the X,Y projected pixel location of any arbitrary 3D point. Send as "ProjectPoint PhotoNumber X Y Z" (note x, y, z are in Meters). Return "S X Y" Improve  
2923 An alert will come up if a reference causes a points residual to become larger than the project marking quality. Improve  
1299 If a multi-photo texture uses a photo set with only a single photo in it but the surface does not face this photo the surface will now correctly be assigned the 'points away' color. Fix  
3016 Epipolar lines (reference helper line) now properly account for lens distortion so they are now more accurate guides for point alignment when using calibrated cameras (esp. true for wide angle lenses that have significant distortion) Fix  
133 For projects with a large number of surfaces, when opening a new 3D viewer when the previous 3D viewer had surfaces turned on there will no longer be a delay. Fix  
212 Fixed an issue where for some photo/cameras the format size starting point in a calibration was not adjusted based on the aspect ratio of the photos passed in. Fix  
619 Expanded and more helpful tooltips. Fix  
693 Region Select now a temporary mode. Fix  
715 Quick reference will no longer allow referencing of surface draw points. Fix  
832 Zooming in or out after zooming 1:1 adjusts based on the 1:1 setting not the previous zoom level. Fix  
858 Project using parallel line constraints to solve for inverse camera focal length are now a bit more flexible (esp. in the handling of cases where only one pair of marked edges for a particular constraint). That is, focal length should solve more often now in inverse camera single photo constraint projects with low number of edges. Fix  
896 The project's Scale/Rotate can now be cleared, not just disabled or invalidated. Fix  
937 Lines can now be identified by a unique ID number. Fix  
1080 When setting a Rotation axis using Camera Station and a Point, the order of selection is retained and will determine the orientation of the axes (ie left to right vs right to left). This fix only applies to the case where a Camera Station and Point are selected; the order of selection was retained when two points were selected so it worked as expected. Fix  
1391 Zoom levels are no longer restricted to increments of 0.5. Fix  
1573 The option to show grey backfaces of surfaces can now be turned off for the 3D viewer as well as projections. Fix  
1615 If the exif 35mm focal length is used for the format size esimate the aspect ratio will now be forced to match the image. Fix  
1626 When running on Windows XP all controls now display using the XP themed style. Fix  
2043 The first time a mark is referenced on 2 photos the # of reference marks column in the photo table will update correctly. Fix  
2323 When saving an output file (3D export, ortho photo or table export) the default file name will match the project name. Fix  
2458 Point Cloud tool is now only enabled when in a select mode AND when there are more than 2 points selected. Fix  
2598 The epipolar line will now erase correctly when a photo is zoomed and changes size such that the moue cursor no longer lies over top of it. Fix  
2678 Path surfaces have a new option to allow their triangulation to be calculated as NURBS triangles. Related to this a new preference allows for triangulated path surfaces to be exported to IGES as triangular NURBS surfaces. Fix  
2902 Changing the user name of a point will also update on photo displays (if IDs are turned on). Fix  
2529 Crash no longer occurs after selecting all in a Surface Table, then hitting delete to delete all surfaces, then selecting all in a cylinder or silhouette table, then deleting all cylinders. Crash Fix  
201 A crash no longer occures when using control-pan while in region select mode. Crash Fix  
611 Fixed a crash that could occur when an end point of a line used in a sweep was not 3D. Crash Fix  
659 A warning now comes up if you load or try to track a PMV project with template targets and the template no longer exists. Crash Fix  
2389 Merging a project with photos that have the same file name and both photos have silhouette marks or a merge of projects with silhouettes that have a very large coordinate system no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
2433 Fixed an assert that could happen when merging a project with a named point whos 3D position was not calculated due to audit settings such as the angle threshold. Crash Fix  
2726 A crash no longer occurs when switching to "By layer' on the 2 photo autoreferencing dialog. Crash Fix