PhotoModeler Changes Log

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Highlights: Green - new features/significant changes, Orange - changes affecting backwards file compatibility.

Number Change Type Product Specific
  From Release 2024.0.0 to 2024.1.0 [Mar 26, 2024]   (61 changes)    
10190 Added controls to the print coded targets dialog to a) restrict the target range so the IDs will not overlap with Letter Sheets and b) to automatically size the targets to fit a certain number on each page. Significant  
10198 Creating a secondary copy of an imported pinned cloud/mesh will retain the position of the original import including its current transformations. The resulting copy of the imported cloud/mesh is set up with a 'free pinning' transform for easy movement. Significant Premium
10201 The Pinned Import Transform dialog now includes: A) edit controls for direct input, and B) small buttons to jog the translate or rotation values for small adjustments. Significant Premium
10202 One can now pin an import (free, 1 ray, 1 point, multi-point) in projects that have their coordinate system defined by scale,rotate,translate transform or a multi-point transform. This opens the capabilities to more than just projects defined by control points. Significant Premium
10176 Importing .obj meshes now handles quad faces (as well as triangle). Improve Premium
10177 The tool tip that comes up when the mouse is over the cloud/mesh icon in the Imports and Coordinate Systems list, now formats the numbers to make large ones easier to read. Improve Premium
10181 Improved the sizing of several interface items when the Windows display scaling is large (more commonly used on high resolution monitors). Improve  
10182 The size of image thumbnails/chips and photo marks now accounts for the windows DPI scaling setting. This means screen size of a size '1' thumbnail or photo mark is now larger when the scaling setting is greater than 100%. Makes it easier to work with higher resolution screens. Improve  
10186 A new level of progress bar has been added when calculating the project's extents. This means the quit button only needs to be used once to cancel the size calculation of a project with multiple meshes/clouds. Improve  
10187 When using an Outline tool, the warning that appears for 'no close-by surfaces' now says "no close by Plane Surfaces" to clarify. Improve  
10194 Removed the default paper size Preference setting, instead the last paper size used on the Print Coded Targets dialog is saved and restored. Improve  
10196 If a pane is floating above the Pin Import Transform dialog, the Pin Import Transform button will now bring the dialog to the top. Improve Premium
10197 The Automated Coded Target Project Summary and Processing Report now show the largest 3D point coverage of any unoriented photos. Improve  
10199 Projection (3D) display improvement for cameras with high distortion. Projects done with wide angle cameras (bodycams, some dashcams, etc.) have an issue with projection of 3D data on the distorted photos. When 3D data is projected onto the photo (such as a point cloud, or 3D point symbols) the points may look very blocky when using low photo display zooms. Now the behind-the-scenes 3D rendering is scaled automatically in this case to improve the look of projected 3D objects (include 3d point symbols, 3d points, lines, point clouds etc.). Improve Premium
10204 The "Select Associated Surface Draw" tool now also selects any Outlines that use the selected Surface(s). Improve  
10205 The Print Coded Targets dialog has been reformatted with a cleaner layout. Improve  
10210 When printing coded targets, if the start target number is larger than the end number, a new warning comes up and the print is cancelled. Improve  
10212 A warning (to prevent accidently printing too many pages) now comes up if a full range of paired targets is selected on the Print Coded Targets dialog. Improve  
10213 Improved the message on the Processing Report when a photo's EXIF data does not match what was used to create the assigned camera calibration. Mismatch include camera make and model (as well as focal length). Improve  
10215 The Network Float Setup Error dialog now displays the PhotoModeler version number. Improve  
10219 Progress bars added to the Processing Report dialog as it can be slow to create with some projects. Improve  
10222 The Measure pane now shows the bounding box size as well as the bounding box center when a Point Mesh is selected. Note the box size is axes aligned (so as the point mesh is rotated, the bounding box size will change) Improve Premium
10224 Fine adjustment of Outline objects can now be done using the keyboard arrow keys. Improve  
10226 Imported Point Clouds and Meshes default name is now just the name of the file used for the import, not including the path. This makes it easier to see the import name in the status bar, when the cloud is selected. Improve Premium
10227 Since fine control is unnecessary, the Pin Import Transform Dialog's speed is now controlled using a drop-down combo box. Improve Premium
10228 When the Pinned Import Transform dialog is used to reposition a point cloud, to improve performance, all clouds in the project will be temporarily displayed using a lower point count. Improve Premium
10229 When a non-3D point is selected for the Pinned Import Transform center on point option a warning is now displayed. Improve  
10230 A new popup message is displayed when a secondary copy of a pinned Point Cloud has been created. Improve Premium
10232 Importing a point cloud or mesh file to use without transforming the project now defaults to a pinned type. Also, the option for pinned types to solve scaling is now accessed from the import properties only (not during import). Improve Premium
10173 Some help file links/buttons in the Project Wizard for the Motion project panes that did not work have been fixed. Fix  
10179 A warning now comes up when trying to reposition a pinned import when a project has no 3D objects solved (a zero-sized extent). Fix Premium
10184 When a pinned import is re-activated, it now updates position and angles so any changes to the project while it was inactivate are taken into account. Fix Premium
10188 The first Surface, Cylinder, Edge, and Silhouette added to a project is now assigned the ID 1 (instead of 2). Fix  
10189 Adding a single photo to the new project wizard now displays the image thumbnail correctly. Fix  
10192 The Export dialog Overview tab no longer counts imported point clouds/triangulated meshes if the import is inactive. Fix Premium
10193 Outline marks are now repositioned during the Idealize process. Fix Premium
10195 Loading older projects (created before August 2022) no longer defaults to having 3D Photo Offsets, Outlines, or Bent Tubes visibility turned on. Fix  
10203 The adjustment of angles on the Ray Pinning dialog are now correctly local. That is, like an object-attached gumball control found in some CAD packages - when you change an angle, it is now a rotation about the axis you see attached to the object (not the project axes). This makes positioning more intuitive. Fix Premium
10206 After exporting an orthophoto, the dialog that comes up now has a larger area for the file name. Fix  
10208 When the Pinned Import Transform dialog is open, if a pin changes to or from a single point/ray pin, the position of the axes displayed in 3D will update to reflect the correct center point. Fix Premium
10209 The layout of the files printed by the Print Coded Target dialog has been improved: A) the ID numbers have been repositions and should be cropped off page less often, B) the size of the PhotoModeler Technologies copyright printed is now a consistent size regardless of the size of the targets and is printed top of page, C) the target border lines (when drawn) look better on the top and left of the page, D) when printing on labels, the sizing and positioning is improved, E) labels now use the same % border as non-label prints and comes from the dialog setting instead of a hidden one (so easier to change the border size on labels), and F) the default border size has changed to 30% so non-label targets will be a bit bigger, and label targets will be a bit smaller. Fix  
10214 Adjusted the size and positions of some controls on various dialogs to improve their display at different DPI settings. Fix  
10217 Removed help link from the non-optimized load alert popup as missing help entry. Fix  
10220 After a camera has been renamed, the Cameras dialog now correctly lists the photos it is assigned to. Fix  
10221 The Mirror Outline command now works with floating photo windows. Fix  
10231 Imported objects pinned to 3D points, with the option to not solve for scale, now solve correctly. Fix  
10233 When a field calibrated camera is loaded into a project (vs. being created by running field calibration on that project), and the project is saved and reopened, the calibration type was incorrectly listed as 'none'. This has been fixed. Fix  
10172 Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting an imported triangulated mesh. Crash Fix Premium
10174 Fixed a crash that could happen when loading a static cloud or mesh import. Crash Fix Premium
10183 Fixed a crash that could happen after right clicking on a Outline point that was marked on a different photo and then right clicking again on the same photo after the Outline points have been hidden. Crash Fix  
10185 Fixed a crash that would happen when a right mouse click was used on the last point in an Outline Polyline right after it was drawn. Crash Fix  
10191 A new warning comes up to prevent running Idealize when a photo uses a self-calibrated camera (Idealize still works with full calibrated, field calibrated, and auto-calibrated cameras). Crash Fix Premium
10200 Fixed a crash that could happen during file Import when re-trying a non-optimized load after an optimized text file import failed. Crash Fix  
10207 Fixed a crash that would happen if an Import's first point was pinned to a ray and the second one was pinned to a 3D point. Crash Fix Premium
10211 If a Modify Cloud/Mesh action produced a warning and cancelled the action, the program would be left in a state that could cause a crash at a later time. Now fixed. Crash Fix Premium
10216 The Mesh from Points tool now ignores pinned point clouds and so no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix Premium
10218 Fix for a crash that could happen if more than 15 characters were entered in the Tool Search field. Crash Fix  
10223 Added extra check to prevent a crash when updating Outline Points. Crash Fix  
10225 The Select and Display Associated marks button, on the Imports and Coordinates pane, no longer crashes when a static import is selected. Crash Fix  
10234 Deleting an imported pinned triangulated mesh no longer leaves vertices displayed in the Imports and Coordinates pane, which could cause a crash later if you selected a vertex and tried to create a pin point from it. Crash Fix Premium
10235 Fixed a crash that could happen if the last item right clicked on was then deleted. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2023.3.2 to 2024.0.0 [Dec 12, 2023]   (28 changes)    
10146 SmartMatch projects are now available in the Standard edition of PhotoModeler. Significant  
10143 Points pinned to SmartMatch points are now listed in Status Bar as 'Sp' vs regular points listed as 'Pt'. Improve  
10147 Some default settings for low angle photo processing have been updated for both Premium and Standard. Improve  
10148 The 'Open photos showing selected' command now works with pinned point clouds, opening any photo the point cloud pin points are marked on. Improve Premium
10149 When two Outline circles are selected, the Measure Pane now shows distance between the circle centers. Improve  
10151 Increased the size of the constraint dialogs so the full constraint name is visible. Improve  
10156 If the static points button is used with a motion type 1 project, a new warning explains they are only needed for type 2 projects. Improve Premium
10159 Backstage titles now account for the monitors scaling setting. Improve  
10161 Inactive extracted pinned points now work with the Locate button Improve  
10162 In the Premium version, the order of the new project buttons on the backstage display has been adjusted. Improve Premium
10163 The Shapes project type has been deprecated , if you need access to it please contact ''. Improve  
10165 Added warning when importing a pinned mesh to a project that uses a scale, rotate, or translate. Improve  
10168 Unified the message that comes up when trying to mark Outline or Surface Draw points on unoriented photos. Improve  
10170 Updated the text on the warning when no internet connection is found (during actions that connect to the PhotoModeler license server) that user should verify the connection and check for firewall issues. Improve  
10145 When a pinned point cloud is displayed on the Imports and Coordinate systems pane, the list of extracted pinned points no longer displays columns for precision. Fix  
10152 The Duplicate Outline command now works with floating photo windows. Fix  
10153 PhotoModeler Standard can no longer load projects created in Premium that use geographic coordinate systems. Fix  
10155 The Add Table and Add Constraint dialog now cancels the addition when the dialog is closed using the righthand corner 'x'. Fix  
10157 When a 3D view is displaying camera symbols as image planes, the IDs now show closer to the camera location regardless of the size setting. Fix  
10158 The text file import dialog was updated so the text displaying the total point count is not truncated with large files. Fix  
10160 If you highlight a point from a point cloud in the 3D import view, the 'Locate' button now works. This used to only work with points that had been created (ie. points that show in the list view (and as larger spheres in the 3D view)). 'Locate' means to open photos showing the projected location of the cloud point and move the cursor in active photo. Fix  
10166 When a mounted camera 2D template setup project was run, sometimes the 'Done' button would not enable when the setup was complete. Fix  
10167 After running a mounted camera 2D template setup project the help link on the dialog prompting to mark check points now opens the correct help page. Fix  
10142 Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting objects that define a Plane Surface with Surface Draw points used to pin a import. Crash Fix  
10144 Fix for crash when trying to use the Mesh from Points tool when the project only has 2D points. Crash Fix Premium
10150 Fixed a crash that could happen if nothing was highlighted in the Imports and Coordinate Systems pane and the new scale button was pressed. Crash Fix  
10169 Fixed a crash that could happen when using the new project wizard, if a set of photos with stored GPS locations were added and at the end of the wizard the photo set was determined to have a mix of image types and the option to reselect the photos to use was chosen. Crash Fix Premium
10171 Fixed a crash that could happen after dragging an Outline Point, while the Outline is being created, when at least 2 photos showing the point are open, and the Outline is canceled or undo is used. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2023.3.1 to 2023.3.2 [Nov 2, 2023]   (10 changes)    
10126 Imported pinned point clouds can now be manually transformed to line up with photos, or aligned using unreferenced point light rays. Significant Premium
10131 When a point cloud or mesh is selected, the Measure pane is now faster to update and shows the bounding box center of the mesh. If two clouds/meshes are selected, the distance between their centers is displayed. Improve Premium
10132 The Import and Coordinate Systems pane tool 'Highlight selected point' now works with pinned objects. Improve  
10134 The hyperlinks displayed on the Imports and Coordinate systems pane information sub-section have been reformatted. Improve  
10136 Camera station colors in the 3D Views are now controlled via their Material, so the 3D Viewer display camera station color Preference setting was removed. Improve  
10125 Switching between cameras on the Cameras dialog no longer flashes some unused UI items. Fix  
10127 1) Improvements to the messages when running an expired subscription. 2) When trying to run with an expired subscription, PhotoModeler will now exit after messages (avoiding other issues later). Fix  
10128 The Import Text File settings dialog was made shorter so it can fit on more screens. Fix  
10129 There is no longer any delay in bringing up the progress dialog when importing a point cloud or mesh file. Fix  
10130 Fixed an issue that would prevent the progress dialog from displaying after a photo had been opened. Fix  
  From Release 2023.3.0 to 2023.3.1 [Sep 21, 2023]   (10 changes)    
10116 The size of the Alert popups now account the windows display size scaling setting. Improve  
10123 The re-subpixel marking tool now retains sphere mark types. Improve  
10124 A new configuration setting controls if re-subpixel marking of a non-subpixel point marks it as a sphere or a dot. Improve  
10114 New installations would not create the required Camera Library folder, meaning camera calibrations could not be saved - this has been resolved. Fix  
10117 The Animation Export dialog now correctly displays the 3D viewer controls in the bottom right corner. Fix  
10118 If photos are added to a project when the photos are displayed as a text list, then you switch to the thumbnail image list, the thumbnails now display correctly. Fix  
10119 Some lists areas would incorrectly allow their edges to be dragged and resized, this is no longer possible Fix  
10120 When a photo's 3D display double buffering display is turned on (Preferences), the Point IDs are now selectable. Fix  
10122 The measure pane now displays information for selected imported points, instead of treating the single point as two points. Fix  
10115 If a circle Outline fails to calculate (e.g. 2 points are in identical locations), it will not longer cause a crash during export. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2023.2.0 to 2023.3.0 [Aug 28, 2023]   (53 changes)    
10072 The Project Status report has a new section that lists the coverage percent of coded targets across photos. Low coverage can lead to poor processing results. Significant  
10098 New tool: "Find Surface Trace Photos". The tool can be access while in an Outline or Surface Draw mode, or when an Outline or Surface Point is selected using the right click menus. The tool will create a new temporary photo set showing potential photos to use when Outlining. The source and best potential photo will be opened giving a good way to continue Outlining an existing area once you have reached the edge of the current photo. Significant  
10102 New tool: "Outline Split". While in Outline mode a new right click option to Split and outline is available. Using it will create two new points at the click location splitting the Outline at that location. This can be useful for inserting cut-outs or other features along a straight edge, or for dividing an Outline so part of it can be assigned to a new surface. Significant  
10060 If an Outline Polyline is partly drawn, and a new Outline mode tool is selected, only the last (incomplete) segment of the polyline will be removed. Improve  
10061 Increased the width of the 3D view group area so the full button name of the "Show 3D View with Options" can be seen. Improve  
10063 Using the "Set Radius" button to re-define a fillet's radius can now be undone. Improve  
10065 The Set Radius tool is now enabled and works if a whole Outline is selected. The tool will now adjust all the fillets radii in all selected Outlines at once (with a warning). Improve  
10066 The Measure pane now shows a warning if the project does not have a scale or units set. Improve  
10067 If adding a fillet fails, the warning text now explains it could be due to which end of the part was selected. Improve  
10068 The Outline status bar now shows if the outline is open or closed. Improve  
10071 The check for available memory when opening photos has been revamped to check how much space is available vs the size needed for the photos being opened. The new setting on the Preferences dialog is now the default. Improve  
10073 When running a new project, the Coded Target project summary dialog lists the average and minimum 3D coded point coverage. Improve  
10075 Improved the speed of Outline Move and Rotate. Improve  
10076 'Open photos showing projected' now works with a selected Outline point. Improve  
10078 When a Letter Sheet preset is applied, and the letter sheet 'A' is not found or does not have solved 3D positions, alternate sheets will be checked. This fallback now ensures the alternate sheets points have solved 3D locations. Improve  
10079 When merging projects using fixed coded target points, a range of static point IDs can be entered using a dash. Eg. "1,3,5-10" Improve  
10080 A new Preference setting (on the Photo Projections page, and on by default) will enable double buffering, which will reduce the amount of flashing when marks are redisplayed and various actions (like dragging objects on photos) are occurring. Improve  
10083 1) Added a Preference setting (User Interface / Photo Control) to control for how far an Outline needs to be dragged before it starts a move action. The default distance was also increased to 8 pixels from the previous 4. 2) Moved the video extraction preference settings to the SmartMatch prefererences panel. Improve  
10085 Added a popup warning if the plane selected for Outlining is not a 'Best Fit' type. Improve  
10088 Three changes for checking and reporting error on project scales. A) The default threshold for when a bad scale warning comes up has been lowered to 5% error. B) If a scale exceeds the error threshold when a coded target preset is applied during an auto-project, the summary pane now displays the error value in red. C) A warning now comes up when a scale exceeds this value before an export. These together should make it more obvious when there is a scale error in the project that might affect your output dimensions. Improve  
10090 The delta (percent) column of the Check Distance table now bolds any values greater than the preference error threshold. Improve  
10091 Coded Target Presets now includes a range of valid target IDs - when a new automated target project is run any points detected outside of this range will be removed. This can help with 'noisy' images and removes some targets found as reflections. Improve  
10093 When the Page Up/Page Down keys are used to change the current photo in a window, instead of using the full set of photos from the project, the buttons now work through the photo set shown in the active Photo List. Improve  
10094 To help more easily locate Letter Sheet targets, the order of the button on the Print backstage panel has been updated. Improve  
10095 The Best Fit Plane tool will now always be enabled, and if it is used with an invalid a selection, a warning dialog explains no plane will be created. Improve  
10096 The right click menu 'Select Outline Part' tool is now only enabled if an Outline is selected. Improve  
10099 The Photo List's active photo set changes back to "All photos" when a new project is loaded. Improve  
10100 A new method during SmartOrient Processing helps orient more photos in weak projects (esp. projects with uncalibrated cameras where Auto-Calibration is used - common with many coded target projects in fabrication). This change also improves the speed of the orientation step in some projects (esp. weaker projects with many photos). Improve  
10101 When switching which Photo Set is displayed in the Photo List pane, it now updates faster. Improve  
10103 A rewrite of the software update system will mean that complex update tasks needed between different software versions will be handled better going forward. Note that with this change any release before and including 2023.1.0 will be treated as a full install (ie. many settings and customizations will be lost). This will be better going forward though. The updater should still keep these settings in place regardless of previous version: the recent file list, the location of tutorial projects, and any network floating path settings). Improve  
10106 The installers no longer install the Help and Uninstall links in the Windows Startup Shortcuts to be consistent with modern program installation. Uninstall is available through the standard Windows mechanism in the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs, and the two help files are available from within the program). Improve  
10109 Updated the description of the camera summary in the processing report to "Total photo point coverage". Improve  
10111 The Pop Up message pane (that comes up at various times in the bottom left for various messages) has been made a bit more readable with less transparency and a longer display. Note that transparency and delays etc can be changed by ini file settings. Improve  
10057 The icon for the tool to highlight the selected imported point on the Imports and Coordinate Systems pane has been updated so it is different from the select associated point tool. Fix  
10058 When using the Edit Tables dialog to add a new table configuration in PhotoModeler Standard, the Bent Tube and Outlines table types are now created correctly. Fix  
10062 Using the "Show 3D view with Options" button, then hitting "Apply" followed by the red 'x' in the top right now cancels the 3D viewer opening. Fix  
10064 If a closed Outline Spline ends up with only 2 points (either created using only 2 points, or if points are deleted leaving only 2), since this is an invalid state, the spline will now be removed from the project. Fix  
10070 One cannot move a license when offline, so now when a license move is attempted and the PMT license server cannot be reached, an appropriate message is displayed. Fix  
10074 Running a coded target project merge now correctly updates offset points. Fix  
10077 Fixed some minor wording issues in a few places. Fix  
10081 If an Outline and other objects are selected and the Fillet or Interactive Fillet tool are used, the other (non-Outline) objects will be ignored. Fix  
10082 When the "Control the solution Using known X,Y,Z locations from a file (positions only)" import option was used some polyline entities were also included. These will now be ignored. Use the "Using and Added points, lines and surfaces from a file..." to include them. Fix  
10084 Using ctrl-zoom area mode while in an Outline or Target Marking mode, the mouse button up now completes the zoom and no longer triggers additional actions. Fix  
10087 Clicking on a photo that has 3d objects display, with nothing selected by the click, will no longer cause a photo update and hence a small flash. Fix  
10105 Existing points can no longer be used as part of an Outline Circle. Fix  
10107 When no referenced points lie outside of the calibration area, the text file saved from the processing report now correctly reports "none". Fix  
10108 Minor alignment fixes to the Cameras dialog. Fix  
10059 Fixed a crash/hang that could happen when creating a mounted camera 2D template setup file. Crash Fix  
10069 The Coded Target Presets dialog now disables buttons that do not apply if there are no presets configured. Crash Fix  
10086 Fixed a crash that could happen when referencing points, and the reference causes the highlighted table row to be deleted Crash Fix  
10089 Dragging an Outline point on a photo that it was not originally marked on, while in an Outline mode, could leave things in a state that could cause a crash. Fixed Crash Fix  
10092 Fixed a crash that could happen when .avi files were loaded into a Motion project. Crash Fix Premium
10104 Fixed a crash that could happen when importing a Point Cloud when the initial point count estimate was too low. Crash Fix Premium
  From Release 2023.1.0 to 2023.2.0 [May 1, 2023]   (48 changes)    
10044 Four new Outline tools have been added: Move, Rotate, Duplicate, and Mirror. These tools work on full Outlines (not specific parts) and are useful when there are multiple similar shapes within a project. Significant  
10001 2D template projects now default to 3D outline visibility being on. Improve  
10004 The 3D Viewer Options dialog now has a setting to control Outline visibility. Improve  
10007 Bent Tube, Curve, Cylinder and Edge tables now sort their Photos column by the number of photos the object is referenced on. Improve  
10015 When a 2D template project setup warns that a scale measurement does not have a good fit, the value entered is now displayed. Improve  
10016 Added a new check and repair condition to handle Outline parts with insufficient points. Improve  
10027 A warning now comes up when starting a new project with images having a mismatching CCD/Format Size. This happens sometimes when using a mobile phone and using zoom. You can reselect a consistent set of images or limit the set to consistent photos. This is in addition to the existing check for mismatched focal lengths. Improve  
10031 Added clarifying text to the Coded Target Auto-Project Summary, when duplicate targets are found. Improve  
10033 When an Outline is selected, the Status bar now shows which photos it is marked on, and if it is a single part circle or arc, that information is shown as well. Improve  
10034 When an Outline point is selected the "Open photos showing selected" tool opens the photo the point is marked on. Improve  
10036 The Measure pane now shows XYZ of selected individual Outline Points. Improve  
10037 Wording on the Send files to Tech Support dialog has been updated to indicate multiple files from disk can be selected. Improve  
10039 The camera calibrator now detects if Letter Sheets targets are being used instead of the normal calibration sheets. It now prompts to start an Automated Target project and suggests using auto-calibration instead. Improve  
10040 Updated the warning that comes up when exporting a project with no coordinate system (rotation or scale) to clarify the project will not be sized correctly. Improve  
10042 A new setting, on by default, located on the Process group of the Preferences dialog allows 2D template projects to use Robust Orientation. This should make the set up of Template base projects more robust. Improve  
10051 The 3D Viewer tool is now on the Outlining Toolbar of the 2D Template workspace, making it easier to see your tracings in 2D/3D. Improve  
10052 The update installer now better minimizes the changes to toolbars, ini files, etc. to keep as many of your customizations as possible. The full installer remains the same with setting up a new environment. Improve  
10053 When applying a preset rotation or translation to a Letter Sheet project, if the point ID is found but not 3D (ie not solved), PhotoModeler will now look for an alternate sheet to use. Improve  
10054 The 'Photo Zoom and Pan' page of the Preferences dialog now has a setting to control if the alt-zoom window uses a relative or absolute zoom, and a new setting to control the relative zoom factor. Improve  
10028 Updates to the Installed Help document to fix various problem links and headings Documentation  
10003 The Renumber dialog size has been corrected. Fix  
10006 If an Outline Point is selected and another object is chosen via shift-select, the outline point will unselect. Fix  
10010 The Active window status bar now handles Offset Point tables. Fix  
10014 As Renumbering objects is not undoable, the undo tool button is now disabled after using the Renumber dialog. Fix  
10017 Fixed a set of steps that could create a spline with no points which meant the Outline it was attached to would never display its end points. Fix  
10018 The Edit Tables dialog now shows the correct 'Sort by' column for each table layout. Fix  
10022 Fixed a case where the Orthophoto export dialog would not allow export when the only surfaces in a project were imported ones. Fix  
10024 When using a projected Imported Point as the first item in a Surface Path the point would not highlight until the second point in the path was selected, this has been fixed. Fix  
10026 When a Pinned object is set to not solve for scale, the setting is now applied correctly in cases of 2, 3, or more pinned points (did not work correctly when only 3 points were pinned). Fix  
10029 The Outlines Table button now appears in the Table Gallery tool section after the first Outline is drawn. Fix  
10035 If during Send to Support, the upload license and configuration files option was chosen, there would be an error message and any presets would not upload. This has been corrected. Fix  
10041 When setting up a 2D template capture project, if the first optional scale is not entered, but the second one is, the second is now assigned to the correct points. Fix  
10050 If an Outline part is deleted causing the Outline to be split into two parts subsequent attempts to select a part of the Outline would not highlight the part. This has been fixed. Fix  
10056 Activating a network floating license without an internet connection is now easier. After clicking 'Activate' on the License Management dialog and entering the UNC network path PhotoModeler will now detect the lack of an internet connection and bring up the offline activation dialog. Fix  
10002 Fixed cases where certain actions could cause a crash if all layouts were removed from the Table Layout dialog. Crash Fix  
10005 Fixed a crash that could happen with the Outline table open after undoing a short polyline creation. Crash Fix  
10009 Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting Bent Tubes as NURBS Surfaces to the .obj format. Crash Fix  
10012 Fixed a crash that could happen while creating/adjusting outlines with an Outline table open. Crash Fix  
10013 Fixed an issue where using shift when placing the very first Outline after loading or creating a project could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
10020 If two Outlines using different surfaces are connected, and each surface only has the one Outline on it, a prompt asks if the surfaces should be merged. Using the top right 'x' button to cancel this prompt no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
10021 Fixed a crash that happened when the flatten report has a Surface Draw item as the maximum flatten difference, but an Outline as the maximum percentage difference. Crash Fix  
10038 Using the popup menu on the Properties dialog to assign a Surface Draw point to a Surface that is itself defined using Surface Draw points, now puts up a warning and no assignment is done. Crash Fix  
10043 Fixed a case where a corrupt surface could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
10046 Fixed a crash that would happen if a project had a plane defined by a project's axis, and all of the points in the project were deleted, then the delete was undone. Crash Fix  
10047 Fixed a crash that would happen when a plane Surface had its size set to zero. Crash Fix  
10048 Fix for a crash that could happen when deleting an Outline and the Surface the Outline uses at the same time. Crash Fix  
10049 When setting a project's scale and translate on points that are offsets, these can now only be set using RAD offsets. Using other offset types would result in a circular condition that would cause a crash. Crash Fix  
10055 Fix for a crash that could happen when clicking "Learn about large scale errors and how to investigate" on the warning that comes up if a presets scale produces a poor fit. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2023.0.0 to 2023.1.0 [Jan 17, 2023]   (30 changes)    
9978 Convert a connected Outline Point to an Outline Fillet. If an Outline Point is selected, pressing the Fillet tool will insert a fillet between the objects connected to the selected point. For example, a polyline point could be selected and a fillet would be inserted in that location between the two connected line segments on either side. Significant  
9979 You can now select multiple Outlines and use the Fillet or Interactive Fillet button to add multiple Outline Fillets at once. Significant  
9980 Selecting an existing Outline Fillet and using the Interactive Fillet button will allow you to edit an existing fillet radius interactively. Significant  
9984 Axis Offset points now have a photo display mark that can be dragged to define the length of the offset. Great for estimating height above a surface interactively. Significant  
9972 The 2D export flatten report now includes information about exported Outlines. Improve  
9974 Photos Missing Dialog text improvement. Improve  
9982 The project Check and Repair function now includes some validation of Outlines. Improve  
9988 The features relating to Multispectral Cameras have been deprecated. Improve Premium
9991 The Offset photo visibility is now turned on when an axis offset is created. Improve  
9993 Improved the PDF version of the help document. Improve  
9996 Table changes: A) order of tables presented in Table Gallery control has been changed to bring more important tables higher on list. B) The table gallery updates sooner with Layout order changes, and when an item is added to the project. C) Some individual layouts have been fixed/improved for columns and sorting. D) Layouts are now stored more efficiently. Improve  
9997 Renamed the 'Create/Edit' tool and the associated 'Table Layouts' dialog to "Edit Layouts". Improve  
9967 If a 3D view is open before any outlines are added to a project, the visibility fly-out will now add the Outline visibility group when the first Outline is added to a project. Fix  
9969 Fixed a problem with image chip/thumbnail creation when the source image file name contains more than one dot (e.g. img.dec1.jpg ). Fix  
9973 Fixed a small memory leak that would happen when fillets calculated Fix  
9976 Corrected the wording for Subscriptions on the dialog that comes up when a program update becomes available. Fix  
9983 When starting an object with Surface Draw or Outlining, the option to not create the point (shown on the menu to choose which surface to use), now properly states if it is a Surface or Outline point. Fix  
9985 When converting an offset to a RAD offset, if the point selected is not a coded target, the ID number displayed in the warning is now correct. Fix  
9989 Fixed a problem with Table Layouts where the 'Points - Quality' and 'Photo - Main' table layouts were not always available. Fix  
9992 Using undo during an Outline drawing mode now leaves the outline end points displayed. Fix  
9994 Fixed a problem with the Ribbon Toolbar where search results and related tools may appear on the toolbar at certain times (eg when starting or loading a new project). If your toolbar shows unexpected tools like this, do a toolbar reset (click File, Options, Reset Toolbar). Fix  
9998 The Tool Search tool has been refined and returns a better set of matched tools. Fix  
9999 Fixed a case where deleting an Outline Point that is shared by an Arc and a Spline would not cause the Outline to split. Fix  
9968 Fix for a crash that could happen after using undo when adjusting Outlines. Crash Fix  
9971 Fixed situations where Point Review Mode and Point Auto Detect could crash or hang. Crash Fix  
9975 Fixed a problem with the 'Create Photo Set from Selected' where certain sets of photos could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
9981 Fixed a crash when exporting an Orthophoto from certain projects when the 'Create Rhino .3dm file with ortho trace image plane' option is enabled. Crash Fix  
9986 Improved error handling when an invalid image is added to a project. Crash Fix  
9987 Fixed a crash that would happen if Outlines were drawn in a project, then a new project was loaded or created and shift+Outline draw was used before a new Outline surface was selected. Crash Fix  
9990 Fix for crashes that could happen when using Outline mode on multiple photos. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2022.2.0 to 2023.0.0 [Dec 12, 2022]   (40 changes)    
9931 New Script/DDE commands: AddPhotos, AddCameraFromImage, RunAutomatedCodedTargetProject, SetTempPreference, and AddCameraByCamFile. See the PhotoModeler Help's DDE/script section for descriptions and parameters etc. Significant  
9959 Added a brand new method of doing surface draw called Outlines. Outlines are more "CAD-like" and provide an efficient way to produce high quality tracings on planar surfaces (great for marine decking). Includes Lines, Arcs, Circles, Splines, Polylines, and Fillets. Significant  
9924 Coded Target Project Merge report (that appears after merge is complete) now shows the scaling factor of the fit between projects. Improve  
9942 The 'current' material and layer now are identified in the material and layer drop down toolbar controls with an '*'. This helps distinguish the layer/material that is to be assigned to new objects vs. the layer/material that is associated with items that are currently selected. Improve  
9943 Photo thumbnails/image chips are now stored in the "Image Chips" subfolder of the original image directory. Improve  
9949 Bent Tube centre lines now get exported into their own layer, separate from the associated Bent Tube's layer, when both surfaces and center lines are chosen. Improve  
9950 The order of Table Layouts as they appear on the Ribbon Toolbar has been improved so that tables for the important item types generated in a project will more likely appear in the visible top row of table icons. Improve  
9957 The default value for the "3D Curves are tessellated to within this percentage of the project size" has been lowered to 0.01 to make curves look smoother in projections, etc. Improve  
9958 The active window status bar only displays if no items are selected and includes other small changes and clean ups. Improve  
9920 Improved the spacing and formatting of the controls on several dialogs. Fix  
9926 When two or more objects are selected, the Properties pane now only displays the offset property if a point is selected. Fix  
9929 Fix for a program start-up delay when a folder of a project in the Recent Project list is inaccessible due to being on a drive that is no longer accessible. Fix  
9932 Fixed a problem with setting the rotation from certain Coded Target Preset configurations. Fix  
9934 Fixed a problem with an invalid hyperlink on the confirmation/warning dialog during a Maintenance renewal. Fix  
9938 The Getting Started welcome dialog now closes if you run a script with it open, or if you pass a script via the command line. Fix  
9939 Fixed a problem where inappropriate tools would appear on the Ribbon Toolbar during project setup. Fix  
9940 Selecting camera positions as the only item to export to a .dxf file now works. Fix  
9941 Fixed a problem where the Next/Prev (Pg Up, Pg Dn) keys would not work properly in Referencing mode. Fix  
9944 Fixed a problem where the photo chip '-' size button stayed enabled even when at minimum size. Fix  
9945 An image sequence can now be properly removed by clearing all photos from the Image Sequence Edit dialog. Fix  
9947 The 'Tessellations' section on the 'Curves and Surfaces' pane in Preferences has been renamed to indicate that settings also apply to 3D/Projected objects on photos. Fix  
9948 Toolbar layouts are stored after a toolbar reset to ensure the updated layout is properly restored on a PhotoModeler re-launch. Fix  
9951 Fixed tool state handling when the active window changes so that only relevant tools get updated on an active window change, which prevents certain tools from disabling unnecessarily. Fix  
9952 When exporting curves as lines, the output is no longer limited to a minimum of 3 segments. Fix  
9953 Export of Camera Station positions and views now only occurs if their layer is set to be exported. Fix  
9955 Projects with images of certain aspect ratios could unnecessarily regenerate image thumbail generation when opening a Photo Table. This has been fixed. Fix  
9956 Some projects with k3 camera parameter would not solve the correct residual on some points (pts esp near the photo edge might have incorrectly large residual errors). In 2022.1 there was a change to improve this and this has been further refined to work on more projects. Fix  
9960 Fixed some spacing and added a comma to the Imports and Coordinate Systems plane when a scale has it's second point assigned. Fix  
9962 In a Photo window, using the arrow buttons on the ends of scroll bars once an image is already panned to it's maximum size, no longer causes the image to stretch. Fix  
9963 Bent Tube center lines are only included in the export if the Tube layer is included in the export list. Fix  
9964 The PgUp and PgDn keys now iterate through a sequence when the photo has a sequence associated, and iterate through the photo collection if not a sequence. Fix  
9965 Adding a new scale, plane, or line to a preset with identical point IDs would warn this is invalid, but would still add an item with IDs set to zero. This has been fixed. Fix  
9921 Fixed a crash that would happen when opening a line table. Crash Fix  
9922 Fixed a crash that would happen if an Imported Surface was enabled and the first action taken was associating a Surface Draw point with it. Crash Fix  
9925 Fixed a problem when doing an Test Trace (Auto-trace) that could cause a crash when certain entities were highlighted. Crash Fix  
9927 Fixed a crash that would happen when importing a large file that is not a point mesh file. Crash Fix  
9928 Fixed a crash when removing a photo with a pinned point cloud. Crash Fix  
9937 Fixed a problem in the Project Merge dialog when certain buttons were pressed without a Merge project being selected. Crash Fix  
9946 Removing a photo that contains an image sequence no longer causes a hang/crash. Crash Fix  
9961 Fix for a case where the project's scale could become corrupt if all a points marks were deleted using the 2D point table. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2022.1.1 to 2022.2.0 [May 31, 2022]   (45 changes)    
9899 A Pinned Mesh can now be imported more than once for multiple placements. A new hyperlink on the Imports and Coordinate Systems pane allows an imported pinned mesh to be copied. This copy can be pinned to a different location from the primary one but will share the point cloud data with the primary import. When an import is to be pinned in multiple locations (such as a laser scan of a car to match multiple frames of a video), this new feature avoids having to import the same file multiple times, and reduces memory use, project/save load times, and disk space usage. Significant  
9902 There is a new method for merging projects (that use coded targets) that provides a way to model larger objects with a smaller set of targets. The Project Merge dialog now includes a new merge type for "Selected coded targets merge" which will merge projects using only a specified set of common coded targets. The other targets are free to move between the projects. This provides a way to connect or chain several projects together, which can be useful when doing large boat deck measurement projects and similar. Additionally, a new merge summary dialog comes up after all project merges are complete displaying information about the quality of the fit. Significant  
9907 You can now extract video frames to an image sequence. This is useful for stationary video cameras. An option to extract to sequence is now available on the Video Extraction dialog when adding photos to a project, and enabled when the Manual extraction method is selected. Significant Premium
9869 The coded target wizard camera selection pane defaults to prompting for a calibrated camera to be loaded or selected from the camera library. A new configuration setting can be added so the use of auto-calibration is the default. Contact for information on how to edit your configuration file. Improve  
9870 If photo point mark visibility is off when Referencing mode is activated, the point visibility will now be turned on. Improve  
9872 A new "statistics and fit" hyper link is displayed for pinned imports. Clicking this opens a report showing how well the pinned points match the position of the points they are pinned to. Improve  
9878 The 3D Export dialog will now open faster when a project has a large number triangles (surfaces/triangulated meshes) Improve  
9879 3D Views will be faster to update when their window size changes. This is esp obvious when there is a lot of 3D data to render such as with big point clouds. Improve  
9882 The Smart Orientation early exit checks have been improved to provide better criteria for deciding when to exit the orienting of project photos that are having trouble being added. Two new Preference settings (Preferences/Processing/Orientation) control when the checks start and what is the allowable number of oriented photos. Improve  
9884 A new Select Surface 'verb' has been added to Surface Draw point Properties that allows you to select a Surface to assign the Surface Draw point(s), where the surface highlights in photos and the 3D Viewer as you mouse over the menu items. It matches in Properties the same menu choice given when creating new Surface Draw. Improve  
9888 Tools are now sorted more logically for easier searching on the Tool Customization dialog. Improve  
9890 The Tool search box in upper right of the app has been improved with better sorting and limiting search results so that most relevant tools are shown. Improve  
9892 Added new information to the PhotoModeler status bar pertaining to the currently active window, when no objects are selected. Improve  
9898 When an assigned camera calibration does not match the photos chosen for a coded target project, the setup wizard will now prompt for a new photo set or calibration. Improve  
9903 While in Referencing mode, using PgUp and PgDn keys now cycles through the destination photos when the destination photo is the active photo. Improve  
9905 When starting a 2D Template project, a matching camera from your library will now be assigned to your photos. Improve  
9906 The warning that comes up when trying to run PhotoModeler (with a license) on a Virtual Machine has been reworded and clarified. Improve  
9909 A warning now appears when uploading a project via 'Send Files to Support' when the license Maintenance has expired, indicating that technical support is limited. Improve  
9935 Added an option to reset all toolbar layouts, not just the current one. Improve  
9936 Coded Target Preset Configuration files are now upload with a project where applicable. Improve  
9867 After Idealizing, Dimension and Annotations will have their positions updated to reflect the new ideal locations. Fix Premium
9871 The checks for how well a best fit plane matches the set of selected points, now only happen when a coordinate system and units are defined. Fix  
9875 While in control marking mode, if the "Add" button was used to enter a new control point, it would become highlighted but the next mark would use the previously highlighted point instead. This has been resolved. Fix  
9880 Processing Optimize (used in the Optimize and Smart Orient processing steps) now detects very poor initial conditions better and exits sooner. This returns control to the user (or Smart Orient algorithm) more quickly in the cases of some weak projects. This can speed up processing and stabalize it in some cases. Fix  
9881 The 'Reset Warnings' button now resets the prompt that comes up if duplicate photos are detected when running an automated coded target project. Fix  
9883 Fixed a problem reading certain EXIF GPS coordinates where full precision was not always parsed correctly. This could affect projects where EXIF GPS was assigned to camera positions as control. Fix Premium
9885 Activation code validation added to prevent the activation of a netfloat code on a local setup. Fix  
9886 Fixed a problem where the project path would not display properly if certain characters were found in the path. Fix  
9887 Photos with the same base file name can no longer be added to a project. A warning appears when trying to add duplicate named photos and the duplicate is not added. This includes images with the same name but different folders. This is to ensure proper software operation and consistency, esp. when moving or archiving PhotoModeler projects. Fix  
9891 Fixed the filenames for frames extracted from video to show frame number and time in seconds. Fix  
9893 The Open Next/Prev right click menu tools now only enable when appropriate. Fix  
9896 Fix minor graphic formatting on the License Management dialog. Fix  
9897 The Preference setting for "DXF Point ID text height" now takes into account the project units. Fix  
9904 Fixed a problem with the popup menu, where if right clicking on an photo without an image sequence, the "Go To Sequence" menu item could appear. It now shows "Create Image Sequence" when appropriate. Fix  
9910 Fixed a problem where certain verbs/hyperlinks and the "" button on the Properties dialog and pane could get duplicated. Fix  
9911 When clicking Activate on the Demo Intro dialog, a warning now appears if the activation code is not in the correct format (rather than a disabled active button). Fix  
9912 Fixed a problem with the formatting of hyperlinks on certain warning dialogs. Fix  
9913 Fixed a problem with generating offsets on the Letter Sheet Expansion set of targets. When setting up the offset range to include Letter Sheets I-R, the offserts will now properly be generated. Fix  
9917 A warning now appears if an upload (i.e. sending files to Tech Support) was only partially completed. Fix  
9868 Fix for a crash that could happen when attempting to clear a highlight for a point that has already been deleted. Crash Fix  
9877 Fixed a crash that could happen during Bent Tube mode if a tube was started and the first point was clicked on twice and then the 'esc' key was used. Crash Fix  
9889 Fixed a rare crash when certain popup menus appeared over certain panes. Crash Fix  
9915 Fixed a problem with referencing or merging points when one of them has an offset and other other does not. Crash Fix  
9918 Fixed a crash that could happen when an incorrectly formatted point cloud file is imported. Crash Fix  
9933 Fixed a rare crash bug that could happen after certain steps involving adding and removing offsets to points. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2022.1.0 to 2022.1.1 [Mar 2, 2022]   (11 changes)    
9857 Idealized images now have their idealized zoom setting appended to the name as 'zoom' instead of 'scale' to be consistent. Improve  
9858 Idealized cameras have their zoom factor appended to their name. Improve  
9860 Imported meshes are now named based on just the file name instead of the full import path to keep the name shorter and manageable. Improve  
9861 Printing targets will no longer warn about the printers 'double side printing' option being on if only a single sheet is being printed. Improve  
9862 2D template projects now warn if the image resolution is lower than 7 megapixels. Improve  
9864 The 'tooltip' when mousing over the status bar has been widened to prevent it from truncating long text. Improve  
9855 Fixed a problem in 2022.1.0 that would cause some large projects to take a long time to Smart Orient, and in others could result in some photos not solving the first time the project is processed. Fix  
9856 A fix in 2022.1.0 for the handling of projection of points with high distortion cameras (that affected residuals and Idealize etc), has been improved on. Potentially more stable and faster than previous fix. Fix  
9859 Point IDs are now included correctly in the Rhino .3DM export format. Fix  
9863 The Move button on the License Management dialog has been disabled when running PhotoModeler on an Evaluation license. Fix  
9865 Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when removing photos from a project while those photos' thumbnail are visible in the Photo List pane. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2022.0.0 to 2022.1.0 [Feb 16, 2022]   (52 changes)    
9805 The speed of loading text-based point cloud files (.txt, .csv, .pts, .xzy) has been significantly improved (when loading file from local disk). When this new optimized load method is used, most files will be about 20 times faster to load. This is great for large lidar point cloud loading into PhotoModeler. Also see fix 9798 for a related change. Significant Premium
9806 To improve the speed when navigating in a 3D view (pan, zoom, rotate, select) with big point clouds, a lower point count version of the cloud is temporarily used. The full point cloud is then restored in the view once the navigation is complete. There is a preference setting on the 3D Viewer Preferences tab to set the number of points in this reduced cloud - set it to match the graphics performance of your computer. Significant Premium
9809 The Text File Import Filter dialog now has an option to translate the imported points. This is useful when importing a Point Cloud stored with large values that require a precision of at least 7 digits. For example a point cloud in geographic coordinates. Most OpenGL graphics drivers only allow for 7-8 digits of precision. Translating the import to reset it's origin gives a way to maximize the available precision. It can also be useful when the origin of the file to import is not the same as the project's coordinate system, or to move a static import around a scene. Significant  
9818 A new method for pinning imports has been added for alignment with a surface with minimal visible points. The imported file should be setup so the Z axis is the upright direction. Then, when the first pin assignment is to a Surface Point that is drawn on a plane surface, and the second pin assignment is to another Surface Point, the import will be converted to the pinned coordinate system using just those two points and the surface. This is especially useful for pinning vehicle laser scans to a road scene based on two surface draw tire marks. That is, import a laser scan of a car, and you can pin it to the road surface with just two points. Significant  
9822 Pinned imports have a new property to control if the pin transformation includes solving for scale or if transformation should only solve the rotation and translation. The property can be set using a new option on the add Imports and Coordinate Systems dialog, or controlled via the properties pane. Significant  
9824 Plane surfaces can now be created using points from a point cloud. First use Cloud/Mesh edit mode (and the shift key to combine multiple selections) or Cloud/Mesh Edit region to select a sub-set of points in a cloud. Then use the 'Best fit plane from selected' tool to create a plane from this set of selected cloud points. Significant Premium
9830 A scale factor is now available on the Idealize Photos dialog. This allows you to size up the output to see more of the resulting idealized photo and reduce the black borders. Significant Premium
9798 Improved the speed of text file imports (.csv, .pts, .txt, .xyz) for all import types. Files will load 30% to 50% faster. Point cloud import was improved even more, see fix #9805. Improve  
9799 Improved the speed of operations while a photo table is open. Improve  
9800 The paste coordinate button on the edit control or transform point dialog now supports the format: x: 29.6872ft y: -26.0525ft z: 1815.8402ft this makes it easier to paste formats from applications that do not use the standard clipboard format of x,y,z. Certain characters are ignored in the paste buffer to extract the important numerics. Improve  
9807 Point clouds displayed in a 3D view (or Imports and Coordinate Systems pane, or projected on photos) will now use less memory and will be faster to open/create. Improve Premium
9808 Improvements to the speed of loading/saving and the disk space used for project files containing meshes. Improve Premium
9810 When importing a point cloud file, a new warning comes up suggesting translating the import, if the coordinate numbers have too many digits to display/store properly. Improve Premium
9811 Removed an unnecessary delay that would happen after releasing the mouse button over a 3D view. The delay was most noticeable when a large mesh was displayed. Improve  
9813 The Renumber dialog now renumbers Surface Draw points. Improve  
9816 The 3D export settings tab now saves and restores the cylinder format that was used for the last export. Improve  
9820 If a malformed .pts file does not include RGB columns, the text importer no longer defaults to including them. In the past this would set all the RGB values to 0,0,0 (black). Which also negatively affected the projection of the point cloud on photos. Improve  
9821 When starting Surface Draw, the menu showing possible surfaces appears and surfaces are displayed on photos so they can be highlighted during menu navigation. Now surfaces on hidden layers will also be displayed on photos as well. Improve  
9828 When RGB colored Point Clouds are displayed in the 3D Viewer, the point smoothing and anti-aliasing is turned off to improve visibility of the cloud. Improve Premium
9834 Image Sequence Improvements: A new image sequence can now be created via the right click menu; the Edit Sequence dialog is now accessible from the Go To Sequence Image dialog; the Photo Properties file name label now includes "Sequence" to help with identification of and access to the Image Sequence tools. Improve  
9836 In the Ribbon Toolbar's Tool Search, when clicking the option to bring up Help, the Help file is now launched with the Search pane active. Improve  
9838 Tools can now be added or moved on the ribbon toolbar by using Alt-drag while using the Customize tools feature. Improve  
9839 The Virtual Machine warning now shows Windows version to help with debugging. Improve  
9840 The License Management dialog now shows the path to the license file. Improve  
9842 Added an option to reset a license in certain situations where the license has become invalidated due to, for example, a hardware change. Improve  
9845 The tool search now returns a bigger set of tools to include visible and non-visible tools. Improve  
9849 When activating your PhotoModeler license, a valid email address is no longer optional. This helps associate a license with a user account. Your email address is used ONLY to a) remind you of maintenance/subscription expiry, b) inform you of upgrades and patches, and c) help track any incoming support email to the correct account. Improve  
9797 When adding photos to a SmartMatch project, the creation of thumbnail images now has a progress bar. In some cases the program might have looked frozen or not responding after the Image Add pane of the wizard - now there is a progress bar. Fix Premium
9802 If a camera view was the only object on a layer being exported it would not be included in the export file. This has been resolved. Fix  
9804 On some systems the dialog background color would not match the setting defined by the selected theme. This has been resolved. Fix  
9812 The Renumber dialog now only reserves the IDs 1-999 if a project has coded targets in it. Fix  
9814 When a 3D View is set to 'view from camera', this view now remains locked even when mouse navigation (scroll wheel zoom, drag rotate, etc.) is used. Fix  
9815 3D Point Clouds that are projected on photos can now be selected in the photos. Fix Premium
9819 If a camera, that was calibrated by the Field or Auto calibration methods, was loaded into a project, then the project was saved and re-opened, the calibration type would be listed as 'none'. The calibration type is now correctly listed as a "Loaded Field (or Auto) Calibration". Fix  
9823 In some cases when selecting a combination of lines and newly drawn Surface Curves, the Measure pane would not include the curves in the sum of lengths. This is fixed. Fix  
9827 If a 3D Viewer is open when a pinned point cloud or mesh is imported, the imported object no longer displays in it's unpinned position. Fix Premium
9829 Fixed a case where the default number of images to idealize in parallel could be set to a negative number. Fix Premium
9831 Cameras that were highly distorted (wide angle like Ring and body cameras) might not give the correct point residual values or point projections. This happened more as the points get far from the center of the image. Idealize Photo could also produce poor results, missing a lot of the original image in this case. These only happened with high distortion images. This has been fixed. Fix  
9833 When a project is Idealized, the camera calibration area and calibration quality metrics are cleared as they no longer apply. Fix Premium
9837 Next/Prev Photo tools on the Photo View right click menu are now disabled when the photo only has a single photo (not an image sequence). Fix  
9844 If an area of the alt-zoom window with no marks was clicked on, and the main photo window had projected 3D items displayed, in some cases, a 3D item could be incorrectly selected. Fix  
9846 Photo Views with Point Meshes displayed now update correctly when meshes are deleted. Fix Premium
9847 When Cloud/Mesh Edit (or Edit Region) mode is active, the Region Select tool is now disabled. Fix Premium
9850 3D items rendered on top of 32-bit color images will now display using the correct RGB ordering. That is the correct color rendering will be used for projections if the underlying photo is 32 bit (RGB with Alpha). Fix  
9851 Adding a set of photos in the new project wizard, and then using the back button after being prompted for which camera calibration to use, and adding a new set of photos no longer brings up the check and repair message when saving the final project. Fix  
9801 Fixed a crash that could happen if the only point in a surface draw curve was deleted using the right click menu "Remove Last Curve Point" option. Crash Fix  
9817 Several small fixes and improvements to pinned imports. Crash Fix  
9825 Fixed a crash that would happen when the non-rendered projection preference setting was set and 3D points or lines were displayed on a photo. Crash Fix  
9832 If there were Edges in a project and field camera calibration (camera optimize) was requested, an assert error could occur. This is fixed. Now Edges are ignored in processing if there is camera optimization. The Edges still have computed postion, they just don't contribute towards the bundle adjustment (in the camera calibration case). Crash Fix  
9841 Fixed a problem where applying a Coded Target Preset configuration in an automated coded target project could cause a crash/hang in weak projects where no suitable set of coded target points were detected. Crash Fix  
9852 Fixed a crash that would happen when the add/remove photos dialog was used to remove all photos from a project. Crash Fix  
9853 Fixed a crash that would happen if the import dialog was set to import every "0th" line of a text file. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2021.1.0 to 2022.0.0 [Nov 2, 2021]   (63 changes)    
9727 While in Surface Draw Line or Curve mode, existing Surface Draw points can be moved by clicking and dragging them. This makes it easy to adjust/edit points that were just drawn or to fix/improve existing points without having to switch out of Surface Draw mode. Significant  
9744 Two new buttons on the Project page of the Preferences dialog bring up dialogs which can be used to define a set of layers and materials which are automatically added to all new projects. Significant  
9769 The Visibility on Photos pane now has a new Mark Size control in the Settings group. Adjusting the value here changes the size of the photo point marks. Significant  
9774 Camera Stations now have Layer and Material properties. This allows things like hiding certain stations in the 3d viewer, or giving them unique colors. At the same time the body of the 3D Camera Station symbol in the 3D Viewer is now white (matching the default Material color). Significant  
9713 Improved how Fit Curve determines where the open portion of a non-closed curve will be. Improve  
9714 Instead of only selecting and highlighting the Camera Stations, the "Select Camera Stations Showing Selected" command now keeps the existing selection and adds the Camera Stations to it. Improve  
9716 When a new automatic coded target project finishes the Run button now stays disabled so the project is not unnecessarily re-run. Improve  
9717 Changing a Surface Plane's offset property when the project has no scale or units defined now gives the option to cancel. Improve  
9721 When using the "Open Photo Showing Selected" menu for a marked point, that marked point's photo stays in the set of open photos. Improve  
9723 The PhotoModeler Motion Transfer Marks dialog has been simplified and, as well now has an option to only move marks on a specific layer. Improve Premium
9724 Since some applications, like Blender, only support the binary format, the .fbx file export format now defaults to using a binary file. The Preference setting can be set back to allow for ASCII export. Improve  
9725 Holding shift and clicking 'Same' will reference the remainder of the Interactive Referencing matches. Improve  
9726 When turning a 3D photo visibility item on, if the 3D projection transparency is too low for 3D items to be seen on the photos, a warning comes up with an option to set the transparency to 50%. Improve  
9728 If a plane is offset -4 but the project units are inches a warning comes up asking if the -4 is due to the rubber letter sheet thickness of -4mm and suggests using -0.157 inches instead. If the option to use -0.157 is selected the property grid is now immediately updated to reflect this, previously the surface needed to be reselected. Improve  
9729 The tooltip for the Status Bar's max. residual has been updated. Improve  
9730 Choosing to disable the current scale/rotate/translate at the start of the Scale/Rotate Wizard could be slow and cause a lot of updates. This has been improved. Improve  
9732 The Measurement statistics and fit dialog now has a help entry specifically for it. Improve  
9733 When a plane is selected, the Measure pane now shows how many points were used when displaying the mean point fit. Improve  
9734 Updated the way photo coverage percent is calculated to more accurately reflect the true coverage of the photo by marks. Change from an axis-aligned bounding box, to an oriented best-fit bounding box. Improve  
9738 A news flash icon (and an Alert at bottom right corner of application window) will appear on the Getting Started screen for a few days when PhotoModeler has some interesting news to highlight. Improve  
9742 The Register link no longer appears on the Help backstage page while running Demo. Improve  
9743 The Target Marking page of the Preferences dialog now has separate settings for dot and coded target marking. The default values for the coded target marking have changed so that more targets should be detected on weaker images. Improve  
9747 When the point set selected to create a best fit plane exceeds the preference setting threshold a warning comes up with options to: Reduce the point set to an optimal group that fits under the threshold, use the full set regardless, or cancel the plane creation. This is useful when a point off the intended plane has accidently been selected. Improve  
9750 If PhotoModeler is closed while maximized on a secondary monitor it will now be restored there when the program is started next. Improve  
9756 All RGB color Preference settings now use a new control that is easier to use and displays a swatch showing the selected color. Improve  
9757 The Preference page for photo colors now allows full R,G,B color settings. Improve  
9758 A new Preference setting on the Colors page controls the color of the symbol outlines. Improve  
9760 Added the "Select Camera Stations Showing Selected" to the 3D Viewer's right click menu. Improve  
9766 Updated the labels on Photo Visibility to indicate the sizes and transparency settings are for 3D objects (projections). Improve  
9770 The 'Fixed color (vs Material)' Visibility on Photos setting is now saved with the project. Improve  
9771 The measure pane now displays the total length (sum) of any lines and curves selected, even if other items are also selected. Improve  
9773 With Best Fit Plane Surfaces, when the points used to define them are adjusted, they will not change their facing direction (for those created with this version and later). Improve  
9775 The Referencing pane toolbar has a new button that, when enabled, will draw reference helper lines on all other photos based on the mouse position over the current photo. This is similar to the Reference Explorer mode. Improve  
9779 A new warning is displayed when an applied Preset adds a scale with a delta percent over a threshold. The threshold can be defined on the preferences dialog (default is 10%). Improve  
9781 In a Coded Target automated project, the coordinate system is usually defined by a 'coded target preset configuration' based on certain target points in a model, typically Letter Sheets. If the rotation and translation points are missing, a new fallback mechanism will try to use other target sets in the project to define these components of the coordinate system. The fallbacks are customizable in your coded target preset configurations (contact Tech Support for more information). Improve  
9782 A new preference setting allows projected 3D surfaces to display dark back faces. Improve  
9783 Cleaned up some auto project summary display strings. Improve  
9785 Some minor adjustments to text displayed during the Scale/Rotate wizard. Improve  
9788 Improved the handling of expiring or expired Subscription licenses, with more information shown on warnings and confirmations, and new resolution options before a license must be reset. Improve  
9792 Minor updates to some warning dialogs and how they suggest contacting PhotoModeler Support. Improve  
9795 Fixed a problem with command line activation to allow for a local license expiry update during activation. Improve  
9796 Added a few default keyboard shortcuts for tools common to decking projects, including Shift-6 for Surface Draw Curve mode, Shift-E to for Export, Shift-P for Fit Plane. The full list of keyboard shortcuts can be viewed in the PhotoModeler Toolbar Customization interface. Improve  
9712 Dragging points in the Alt-zoom window now works correctly when 3D items are projected on photos. Fix  
9718 The Backstage Print page's Print/Output View button fixed. Fix  
9722 Fixed wording in various warnings and summary text for Template setup projects. Fix  
9731 When the preference setting to not include Surface Draw points as part of the best-fit plane point set is active and there are fewer than 3 non-Surface Draw points remaining, no surface is created and the warning has been updated to explain this. Fix  
9737 When PhotoModeler is positioned on a secondary monitor that is to the left of the primary, dialogs now center correctly within the application instead of on the left hand side of the primary monitor. Fix  
9746 To match the naming in other interface areas, the 3D viewer options dialog visibility setting for Imported items is now called Positions instead of Points. Fix  
9759 The right click menu item "Select Camera Stations Showing Selected" is disabled when nothing is selected. Fix  
9763 Re-arranged checks for internet connection to improve performance during various online access operations. Fix  
9768 Clicking the Imports and Coordinates tool now brings the Imports and Coordinates pane into view when it's in a hidden tabbed position. Fix  
9772 The reference helper lines no longer flash when you first enter a photo during referencing mode. Fix  
9776 Changing the sub-selection color preference, while a 3D View is open, will now update the open views. Fix  
9787 When a floating pane is docked back to a tabbed position, the [Floating] text on the title bar/tab is now correctly removed. Fix  
9789 Fixed a problem with Quick Access toolbar icons - they now change to the correct color when switching between light and dark themes. Fix  
9791 Fixed a small typo in a warning that comes up when trying to add low resolution images when creating a project during the Automated Target Project wizard. Fix  
9715 Fix for a crash that could happen when exporting a straight Bent Tube object (one defined with a few points) using NURBS centerlines or NURBS Surfaces to the Rhino .3DM format. Crash Fix  
9719 Fixed a crash that could happen while drawing a Bent Tube if the right click "Remove Last Edge Point" was used with the menu was outside of the photo window. Crash Fix  
9720 Fixed a crash that would happen if a curve mark is the very first object added to a photo and then the undo, followed by redo, tool is used. Crash Fix  
9735 Fixed a crash that could happen if the 2D mark table was used to delete the final mark of a point that was assigned to a translate. Crash Fix  
9736 Fixed a crash that could happen when marking a silhouette on a photo. Crash Fix  
9745 If the Default layer was part of a multi-item selection on the Layers dialog and Delete was pressed, the Default layer could be deleted which would lead to situations that could cause a crash. This has been fixed. Crash Fix  
9765 Fixed a crash that would happen if there was right click while inserting an edge point into an existing Bent Tube. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2021.0.2 to 2021.1.0 [Jun 1, 2021]   (37 changes)    
9675 A new system for selecting a Surface during Surface Draw. If there are multiple surfaces close to the area where the first point is created, a new menu allows you to choose which Surface to use. The menu lists the surfaces and as you mouse over each menu option, the surface and defining objects are highlighted, giving a way to visually identify them. Once a surface is selected it will be used for all other Points until the surface line or curve draw is ended. The 'close by' area is defined using a new setting on the Curves and Surfaces preference page - if the setting is set to 0 the previous system for choosing the surface will be used. A separate preference setting controls what happens if you click on top of a new surface. For full control over which surface is being used, holding the ctrl key while clicking will bring up the menu to select which surface to use for all surface draw points, not just the first one. Significant  
9684 A new command "Select Camera Stations of Open Photos" provides a way to see where the open photos are in a 3D view. This can help when assessing which photos provide good angles and views. For example, if you have only photos 2 and 8 open for viewing, and use this command, then Camera Stations 2 and 8 will select and highlight in the 3D View. Significant  
9685 A new command "Select Camera Stations Showing Selected" will select and highlight all Camera Stations in the 3D View where the currently selected objects have been marked. This can help when assessing which photos provide good angles or why an object's angles are low. For example, if point A is marked on photos 3 and 7, and you right-click on point A and use this new command, Camera Stations 3 and 7 will select and highlight in the 3D View. Significant  
9707 Plane Surfaces have a new property 'Crop type'. This controls how the plane's crop rectangle is calculated. A new "Best fit bounding box" crop type creates a plane with the minimum possible size that covers all the points used to create a best-fit plane. This new crop type is the default for all newly created Best Fit Planes. The other cropping method, based on the first two points selected (for best fit planes), or the axis for axis-planes, has a Crop type value of "Based on axis for first 2 selected points". This crop type is the only option for all non-best-fit planes (cannot be changed to best fit bounding box). Significant  
9673 The drop-down arrow on the top right of photo, 3D view, and table windows now has a new menu item "Close All But This Window". Choosing this option will close all other windows of that type leaving only the selected one open. Improve  
9676 A new configuration file setting controls the default of the override material visibility setting so that 3D viewers and photos can have different defaults. Improve  
9677 When instability is detected while processing a coded target auto-project, and the camera is determined to be a phone, a new warning suggesting using a device without OIS comes up. Improve  
9687 2D Export Flatten Report changes: a) formatting of large numbers on the report has been improved, b) the individual largest delta error shows the item's percent and 3D length errors, c) the individual largest percent shows the item's length error and 3D length, and d) the surface with the largest angle is shown. Improve  
9688 The setting in 3D export for 'Surfaces as' is now saved and restored next time an export is done. Improve  
9696 A rarely used export setting "DXF-ASTM format" has been moved from the export settings tab to the Export Preferences page. Improve  
9698 The 3D export settings have been updated to allow Bent Tubes to output both a centerline and a surface version. Additionally the tube surface can now be output as a NURBS surface. Improve  
9699 The Camera Dialog's displayed calibration type for the selected camera now shows if the camera was previously field calibrated or auto-calibrated and loaded into this project, vs when the calibration was done during the processing of this project. Improve  
9701 If the first Surface Draw point is over the end of an existing line or curve, the prompt that comes up asking if you would like to connect to this location is now centered in the photo window instead of centered in the application. Improve  
9702 When using the export option 'flatten per surface', the material and layer per surface export options are now restored. They default to being checked/on, but the setting will be saved when a per surface export is executed. Improve  
9703 When using the export option 'flatten per surface', part placement has been improved. Each part is now translated so the Surface's center point will match it's position on the XY plane projection. Improve  
9704 The Coded Target Letter Sheet files are now accessible for printing via the PhotoModeler Backstage's Print page - click File, Print, Letter Sheets to access the PhotoModeler web page where the files can be downloaded and printed. Improve  
9705 The Getting Started screen that shows when launching PhotoModeler now shows a "More..." link that takes you to the list of recent projects on the back stage Open pane. Improve  
9678 The Save button on the Backstage only enables when a project has already been saved first using the Save As... button. Fix  
9680 Fixed the check for existing Coded Target Preset scales when adding new preset components. Fix  
9683 Invert selection now works correctly with referenceable objects (curves, cylinders, edges, etc.). Fix  
9686 The project check and repair system has been enhanced to repair project corruptions where a marked point is not connected to a photo. Fix  
9690 Minor fix of a typo in the check and repair log. Fix  
9691 Fixed an issue where extending a curve from its starting point and then using the right-click "Remove Last Curve Point" option would remove the point from the wrong end of the curve. Fix  
9695 Fixed a problem where the status bar could show invalid characters after a certain set of selection steps. Fix  
9700 When using the export option 'flatten per surface' and either the color or layer per surface settings was active, open photos would flash with repeated updates during the export. This has been fixed. Fix  
9706 Restoring pane layouts to the factory default no longer leaves the Interactive Referencing pane open. Fix  
9709 Fixed a case where, depending where menus or dialogs opened, Surface Draw Curve mode could mix up which window the draw is happening on. Fix  
9710 Fixed some bug in the Bent Tube calculation to reduce the wild curves, swoops, and sippy-straw shapes that could occur in projects and tubes with weaker angles. Fix  
9674 Fixed a crash that would happen when trying to reference a Bent Tube mark where the second edge has failed to calculate. Crash Fix  
9681 Fixed a crash that could happen after using the 'Remove Last Edge Point' right click menu command to remove all the points in a Bent Tube and then moving the mouse in/out of the photo area. Crash Fix  
9682 Exporting a .dxf file with cylinders as centerlines no longer brings up an assert error message. Crash Fix  
9689 Fixed a case where the ExitPhotoModeler script command could use a crash when running from an external program. Crash Fix  
9692 The project Check and Repair functionality, run when a project is loaded or saved, now checks for and repairs lines with no endpoints. Crash Fix  
9693 Fixed a crash that could happen when exporting a 2D .dxf file flattened per surface with the Color per Surface option. Crash Fix  
9697 Fixed a crash that would happen when idealizing a project with Bent Tubes if the tubes were displayed in a 3D view or the setting to show the 3D tubes on photos was turned on. Crash Fix  
9708 Fixed a crash that could happen when a 'rubber band' line was previously drawn to a point which has since been deleted. Crash Fix  
9711 Loading a project that contains a Bent Tube with it's planar property set no longer causes an assert crash. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2021.0.1 to 2021.0.2 [Mar 31, 2021]   (29 changes)    
9649 Sub-toolbars on various panes (e.g. Visibility, Photo Control, Imports, etc..) now have larger buttons and are more readable and more accessible esp on higher resolution screens. Improve  
9650 Creating a new project now uses the same Preference settings to automatically open various panes/windows on startup as was done with opening an existing project. Improve  
9651 Clicking the 'Return to Overview' button in the Tutorials backstage page now checks the internet connection to allow pages to appear after a reconnection. Improve  
9655 The 2D flatten report now only includes curves if their layer is selected as part of the export. Improve  
9657 The Idealize project option now takes into account and updates Bent Tube marks to their correct idealized location. Improve Premium
9662 Improved the message that comes up when trying to reference Bent Tubes between photos with a low angle. Improve  
9663 Referencing Bent Tubes marked on the same photo no longer performs a low angle check and hence no low angle message and no refusal to reference. Improve  
9664 Updated warning text that suggested running the program as 'As Admin' to use the Windows standard menu text 'as administrator' instead. Improve  
9665 Preset scales applied to a project now have a unique name/number. They are now called "Preset scale N" .. where N is a count. Improve  
9666 When running an Automated Coded Target project if Letter Sheets are detected but no Coded Target Preset is applied, or a Preset is applied but no sheet 'A' is detected and no rotation is defined, a new warning comes up with an explanation and options. Improve  
9668 When a Coded Target Preset is applied, Scales, Translate, or Rotate created by that Preset will have the Preset configuration's name added in the Imports explorer (this will help identify the source). Improve  
9669 When a Pane is undocked and set to be floating, a new warning explains what is happening and gives the option to leave the pane docked. Improve  
9670 The Backstage Tutorials pane now shows a list of downloaded/installed tutorial projects when the computer is not connected to the internet. Improve  
9672 The default pane tabbing style has changed to 'Multirow', making it easier to navigate among tabbed panes (typically photos). Improve  
9645 When a 2D template setup fails, the format used to send the scale information to PhotoModeler support has been improved. Fix  
9646 Curves drawn through points with their polyline property set now export correctly to the .3DM format. Fix  
9647 A new warning explains PhotoModeler Standard cannot load projects that contain Point Clouds or Triangulated Meshes. Fix  
9648 Since it can interfere with the state, auto-save will no longer trigger until the mouse cursor is out of any 'captured' state. Fix  
9653 The Referencing Pane now displays information about any Bent Tubes selected for referencing. Fix  
9654 In certain situations the Photo Visibility pane could display two Bent Tube groups, this no longer happens. Fix  
9658 On the Tutorial Load dialog, clicking the top-right X Cancel button now cancels the tutorial project load. Fix  
9659 Minor fixes when applying various coded target presets to a project. Fix  
9660 Bent Tube objects now export correctly when using PhotoModeler Standard. Fix  
9671 The "Unable to Check for Updates" warning no longer includes unreadable text. Fix  
9644 Fixed a crash that would happen when hitting 'Esc' to abort a partially drawn Bent Tube, then starting a new one, and panning. Crash Fix  
9652 Fixed a crash that could occur after marking Coded Targets in a certain sequence in a SmartMatch project. Crash Fix Premium
9656 If during the build of the 3D View or Projections, if a Point Cloud point count, and the RGB colors count are out of sync, the warning explaining this will no longer cause a crash. Crash Fix Premium
9661 Fixed some rare cases where, when the first 2 or 3 control points marked were insufficient to define a consistent coordinate system, there could be a crash. Crash Fix  
9667 Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to create a best fit plane with nothing selected. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2021.0.0 to 2021.0.1 [Mar 3, 2021]   (7 changes)    
9642 New Preference settings on the Photo Control page to control the style of tabbed photos and other panes. Tabs can be auto-sized (as current), or compressed or on multiple lines. Improve  
9640 Added warning messages to the 'getting started' screen in the Demo version when missing or invalid data entered. Fix  
9641 The script command to export a project now correctly supports Bent Tubes. Fix  
9637 Clicking on a photo's scroll bar during curve, surface draw curve, or bent tube marking no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
9638 If a point has multiple curves that end at it's location and the option to extend a curve is used, after selecting which curve to extend from, there is no longer a crash. Crash Fix  
9639 Closing a window during control marking mode no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix  
9643 Fixed a case where a path surface attached to a surface draw curve, with another surface draw curve attached to that path surface could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2020.2.1 to 2021.0.0 [Feb 24, 2021]   (81 changes)    
9604 BETA: The new BentTube modeling object has been added. This object is used to model circular-cross-sectioned tubes that are not straight. Its main purpose is to facilitate the 3D modeling of canvas support tubes on boats. See the help file and intro video for details. In this release, it is in beta form for early testing. Significant  
9620 Tutorial access has been revamped. Tutorials and other associated files and resources can now be accessed by a dedicated 'backstage' panel (ie click File, Tutorials) with a browser control connected to the online PhotoModeler pages. This gives dynamic and up to date access to the latest learning resources, categorized by application/field. Significant  
9630 Added a new Referencing Explorer mode. In this mode, when the mouse cursor is moved over an oriented photo, all other open oriented photos will display the matching reference helper line. This explorer is a great tool for exploring the relationships between photos and what is the potential for referencing of points, curves, cylinders, and bent tubes. Significant  
9557 The multi-select status bar now displays the count of how many imported transform points are selected. Improve  
9558 The Processing Report now displays 'none' to clarify when no referenced points are outside of the calibrated area. Improve  
9559 When a Target Preset is applied or used in an auto project, it now shows how many scales are in use. Improve  
9562 A new warning comes up when a newly created best-fit plane is unable to compute a 3D position. The warning explains possible reasons why and gives the option of removing the plane. Improve  
9563 The Angle column of the point table now displays the angle that any Surface Points light ray intersects its surface. Lower angles mean a shallow, and hence weaker, intersection. Improve  
9565 The Project Status Report Check Measurements section now includes a line in the percent group showing what the mean delta percent would be applied across the project extents. Improve  
9568 Holding down the shift key while in 'Surface Points - Curve' mode will now create a 'corner point' (ends current curve, adds the point to the end of that curve, and creates a new curve starting at that point). This provides a faster way to create corner points compared to using the right-click menu. Improve  
9569 The way the Measure pane handles surface Planes has been updated. 1) Fewer measurement properties are displayed (they can be restored on the Measure Preferences pane); and 2) the plane fit measurement for best fit planes no longer includes the amount of the offset. Improve  
9570 A new property on the Curves and Surfaces preference pane sets a default offset for all newly created best-fit planes. This can be helpful if you are using a set of targets with a consistent thickness. Improve  
9572 A new warning comes up if a project uses an Idealized camera and an option to modify the camera parameters during processing is turned on. The warning explains this is not recommended and gives the option to abort processing. Improve  
9577 Holding Shift while clicking on a photo in Target Marking mode now creates a manual mark at the location clicked. This is useful when marking a series of subpixel targets but a target can't be marked using the sub-pixel marker - so at least you can easily mark it manually now without switching out of the mode. Improve  
9580 Closing the 3D Viewer options dialog only updates the height color range when color by height is selected. This prevents a progress bar coming up when working with very large projects. Improve  
9585 Status bar changes - the project's units (mm,in,cm,ft, etc.) are now shown on the PhotoModeler Status Bar on the right. Clicking the new units panel opens the Imports and Coordinate System pane where the units can be set. The Max Residual section also widened to prevent cut off text. To make room for the changes, the Project Status Status Bar panel is now hidden from view (contact Technical Support for instructions on how to re-enable it). Improve  
9586 There is a new tool on the Coded Target Presets Edit Configuration dialog ("Change all scales... button) that allows you to change all scales in the preset in one step, rather than editing each scale individually. Improve  
9587 The Properties pane now displays the Project's units (mm,in,ft,m,etc) beside field titles which have values in project units. Improve  
9588 A new warning comes up when a surface is offset by -4 inches suggesting if this is to account for the thickness of rubber backed Letter Sheet targets, the correct size is -0.157 inches (-4mm). Improve  
9591 When importing points with RGB data, the text file import dialog now sizes the header row properly to show all text. Improve  
9592 A new preference setting (on the Curves and Surfaces panel) controls if Surface draw Points are used when creating a best fit plane (off by default). When the setting is off, and there is an attempt to create a best fit plane with Surface Points selected, a new user optional warning explains the Surface Points will be ignored unless the preference setting is changed. Improve  
9594 The 3D view now uses anti-aliasing to give objects a smoother look. This can be turned off on the 3D viewer display Preference panel. Improve  
9595 When a scale or check distance is highlighted on the Imports and Coordinate Systems pane, the summary text includes a new hyperlink to view statistics and fit information related to that specific set of scales or check distances. Clicking the link will open a dialog with a tree showing information such as the average, best, and worst fits. Improve  
9606 The Visibility on Photos pane is now open by default when a project opens. Improve  
9607 If the first surface draw point is not over a surface, the closest one highlights when the prompt asking if you would like to use it is displayed. Improve  
9610 During Surface Draw, the Surface (and the objects used to define it) that is being drawn on, is now highlighted to make it clearer which Surface is being drawn on. Improve  
9611 Adjusted the layout of the 3D Export dialog to give more space and a cleaner look to the settings tab. Improve  
9613 Updating curve marks when their 3D version is not visible will now be faster and cause fewer updates. Improve  
9615 Surfaces created with the "Fit Surface to Selected" tool are now called "Point Fit" surfaces. Improve  
9616 When 3D object changes its highlight, photos now only repaint if that object is visible. Improve  
9617 Several Alert Popups (bottom right notifications) now have links to relevant Help document sections. Improve  
9618 Template Pattern Capture project uploads now include scale settings to help with troubleshooting. Improve  
9619 Increased the default size of the max. residual status bar area. Improve  
9621 The Getting Started and Evaluation Welcome screens have been modernized and streamlined. They have a cleaner display of start-up tasks, such as starting new projects, opening existing projects, accessing Help and tutorial resources, and a new small 'news and announcements' window showing links to the latest developments at PhotoModeler. A good way to stay up to date with the latest announcements without having to navigate to the website. Improve  
9622 Letter Sheet Scales adjusted to a finer degree of precision to help optimize coded target projects using Letter Sheet preset configurations. Improve  
9623 Curve, Cylinder, Edge tables now show all properties specific to the entities, rather than just a subset common to these types of objects. Improve  
9624 The Help backstage page reorganized: Tutorials are now on their own pane. Added a new 'What's New' dynamic announcement window to help publicize important announcements. Improve  
9626 Improved the speed of clearing highlights when a table is open. Improve  
9629 A new configuration file setting can control the thickness of the reference helper line. Contact for more information. Improve  
9631 The Letter Sheet Coded Target Presets now include scales for up to 18 Letter Sheets - for projects that use the full set (main and expansion sets). Scale values have also been adjusted slightly to better match the produced PhotoModeler rubber sheets. Improve  
9633 A wait cursor now displays when a preference panel is being displayed for the first time. The 'Colors' panel could take a while to generate. Improve  
9634 A new configuration setting can be adjusted so that photos tile as new ones are opened. Contact for more information. Improve  
9560 When a Target Preset adds a single scale, instead of saying it is invalid, a new message explains that multiple scales are recommended. Fix  
9561 Updates to pluralization on the Automated Project Summary when a single duplicate target is found. Fix  
9564 Sometimes running a .dxf export via a script/dde would fail. This has been fixed. Fix  
9567 The Export dialog now displays the Point ID item if a project has no standard points, but does have Imported, Surface Draw, or SmartPoints. Fix  
9571 Fixed a rare case where the automatic target project wizard would incorrectly flag photos as duplicates. Fix  
9573 The Process button on the Processing dialog is now only enabled when the orientation or optimization step is selected. Fix  
9574 The Send files to Support dialog now enables the Upload button correctly when the 'send current project' option is selected. Fix  
9575 Improved how the Send files to Support dialog handles the selection of single vs. multiple 'other' files to upload. A single file selected no longer shows 'multiple' as the file path. Fix  
9576 When an image sequence is edited such that the number of images changes, any open photos title bars now update their display of the sequence counts. Fix  
9579 A warning no longer comes up when setting up a Coded Target Preset Configuration containing just offsets. Fix  
9581 During export, if the 2D flatten option is set to 'per Surface' and the option to color each item per Surface is selected, the correct color is now used when curves are set to be output as Line segments. Fix  
9583 Fixed how the .dxf import option "only use text fields with matching points" works when it is unselected. Name fields now create points at their imported position. Fix  
9584 During image import, when all images come from a Camera of the same make and model, the images are checked for consistent rotation, resolution, and focal length. If they do not match a warning is shown that allows you to continue with the largest consistent set, or to go back and choose a new set of images. Previously this happened only for a Camera that was matched in the Camera Library - now it happens always. Fix  
9593 Improved how many updates happen (reduces the amount of flashing) when using the Properties pane to assign a different Surface ID to a set of Surface Points. Fix  
9596 When 2D and 3D lines are visible on a photo, switching selection between lines would not clear the red highlight of the previously selected line. This has been fixed. Fix  
9597 Updated the wording of the prompt when a new Surface Curve drawing click occurs over an existing projected curve to clarify the new curve will be connected to the existing one. Fix  
9599 When a curve mark point (that belongs to a referenced curve) is selected on a photo it now correctly turns red. Fix  
9600 Fixed a problem importing text files (e.g. control points) with multiple spaces between values in a comma separated file. Fix  
9602 A warning now comes up explaining why non-point objects referenced using the Quick Reference tool cannot be referenced if they are both already marked on the same photo. Fix  
9603 In PhotoModeler Standard, the 3D viewer options now labels the texture size "Direct" instead of "Fast". Fix  
9605 When a curve, cylinder, edge, or silhouette is displayed in the sub-select color (default purple), panning or zooming the image would cause it to draw in the select (red) color. This has been fixed. Fix  
9608 Updated the text at the top of the calibration wizard to indicate a minimum of 9 photos should be used. Fix  
9612 Cylinder centerline endpoints are now only exported if cylinders are selected as an item to export. Fix  
9614 The properties pane now updates to show the properties of Surface Draw items selected when the 'Select Associated Surface Draw' tool is used. Fix  
9625 Fixed a problem with Table Configurations where if the list of configurations was edited/reduced in length, certain tables would no longer have an icon in the Table Gallery on the toolbar. Fix  
9628 Removed a badly formatted hyperlink from a check for updates warning when no internet connection available. Fix  
9632 Fixed an issue where after certain operations, such as using the command 'open photos showing selected' where it opens only a single photo, a photo would highlight objects as if they were selected, but would not actually select them. Fix  
9635 If a project was in a state where background processing would fail, using line mode would create new marks but not connect them with lines. This has been fixed. Fix  
9556 Fixed a crash that could happen if a right click popup tool was activated from the tool search when no appropriate window was open. Crash Fix  
9566 Fix for a crash that would sometimes happen when a Coded Target Auto-project detects duplicate photos and the option to remove the duplicates is selected. Crash Fix  
9578 Added error checking when trying to overwrite a .dxf file that is already open and locked by AutoCad. Before this would cause a crash on export. Crash Fix  
9582 Fixed a crash that would happen when turning off the 3D viewer gradient background before a view is actually open, using the ‘Show with Options’ menu item. Crash Fix  
9589 Because it could cause a circular reference the Properties pane no longer allows the assigned Surface of Surface Draw (through the 'Surface ID of Surface Draw' property) to be assigned to a Surface that is defined using Surface Points. Crash Fix  
9590 The 'Convert to Corner Point' tool on the Surface Draw right-click menu now enables only when right-clicking on a Surface Draw Point. Crash Fix  
9598 Fixed a case where some Surface Draw actions could cause a crash if a photo window (that had been previously drawn on) was closed and the new action takes place before a new photo becomes active. Crash Fix  
9601 Turning off the Preference setting "Offsets use a cross symbol" no longer causes a crash when opening a project that contains offsets. Crash Fix  
9609 Since the save option is disabled in demo mode, the 'Send questions to support' dialog no longer allows the option to send project data. Crash Fix  
9627 Fixed a crash that would happen after hitting quit during the Interactive Referencing setup. Crash Fix  
9636 Increased the number of scales a preset can handle to 500. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2020.2.0 to 2020.2.1 [Sep 1, 2020]   (50 changes)    
9514 A new system for importing .dxf files has been added. This new system should improve import compatibility, and as well, adds the ability to import splines (which are converted to imported lines). A new preference setting can revert the import to the old system. Significant  
9541 Automatic Target Marking dialog improvements: 1) The dialog now has the option of defining a polygonal region for target search, instead of only a rectangle. 2) There is a new option to estimate the sizing for dot targets based on any existing target marks. 3) The dialog has been simplified with some options moved to a new advanced settings dialog. Significant  
9544 A new DDE command: ApplyCodedTargetPresets is used to apply the default or an indexed Coded Target Preset Configuration to an automated coded target project. Significant  
9550 Coded Target Presets now support Offset points. a) RAD Offsets can be used to define scales, rotation, or translation. b) All offset points can be used as the ends of lines. To use an offset point in a preset definition use the 'o' or 'p' prefix when entering the point ID. eg. 'o5' will use offset ID 5, or 'p5' will use the first offset defined by object point 5. Significant  
9553 For projects with image sequences (ie images taken from the same camera position, but at different times), there is a new tool on the right click menu (in Select Mode) when over a photo to allow you to activate a specific image in the sequence. It's called "Go To Sequence Image". Significant  
9511 The formatting of the Interactive Referencing pane has been improved, and the SP and DP text reflects the highlight colors of the corresponding photo points. Improve  
9516 During manual Target Marking mode, a temporary red boundary, showing the area detected, is now always shown. Improve  
9520 Interactive Referencing mode now prompts if the source or destination points layer is not visible, giving an option of turning it on. Improve  
9523 Adjusted the amount of free memory suggested when the Create Point Cloud point spacing setting is lowered to 1. Improve Premium
9524 The Coded Target auto-project summary dialog shows a warning when duplicate target IDs are detected on the same image. Improve  
9525 Network floating clients can now be run on a virtual machine. The netshare folder will be on a non-VM. Improve  
9526 New Automated Target projects are now checked for photo consistency. If the image set selected does not match a camera in the library and/or have a consistent set of image properties (focal length, resolution, or rotation) specific warnings come up explaining the inconsistency and gives the option to continue with the largest consistent set, or to re-choose which photos will be added to the project. Improve  
9527 When doing a photo import and the photos are from multiple cameras, the Camera Assignment dialog that appears has a new choice order, and now defaults to re-selecting the image set. Improve  
9529 If a project does not have a scale defined, adding an offset to a surface plane warns that the distance will not match a real world measurement. Improve  
9531 If a photo view with an image sequence is selected for output to file (via Print/Output open view...), a new prompt asks about exporting all images in the sequence or just the currently active one. Improve  
9535 A new warning comes up when duplicate photos are detected when running a new automated Coded Target project. The prompt gives the option of removing the duplicates. Improve  
9537 If a project is open, the Send files to Support tool now defaults to include the project and image data. Improve  
9538 When a Template Capture setup project fails to process, a new prompt suggests, and allows for, sending it to support for assistance. Improve  
9542 Small simplification to the text displayed on the Automated Coded Target Project summary dialog. Improve  
9543 You can now select multiple 'other' files when uploading files to PhotoModeler Support, and this can also now be done while using the Demo version of PhotoModeler. Improve  
9545 Two new settings allow newly created Fit Curves to default to being closed or being forced to a circle. For information on how to enable these settings contact: Improve  
9546 Curves created by fitting through points have new properties: a) the "Closed curve through points" property closes the curve (makes the first and last point of the curve the same); and b) the "Circle" property is now enabled for all curve through points, setting this will close open curves and convert them to a best-fit planar circle. Improve  
9547 The Surface Draw 'Polyline' property now has a unique name so if both a Surface Draw and non-Surface Draw curve are selected, the two 'Polyline' properties do not look like duplicates. Improve  
9549 When a Point Offset is used to define part of the scale, rotation, or translation, the text describing it in the Coordinate System Explorer will now be more obvious and will show the ID of the offset instead of the ID of the point it is being offset from. Improve  
9551 The Coded Target automarking summary now gives colored feedback based on the number of coded targets detected. Improve  
9552 Improvements to Network Floating license setup - a new command line set up option, and better feedback on problem setups. Contact support for details. Improve  
9554 Added the license serial number to the warning about an expiring subscription. Improve  
9506 Opening the Auto-marking dialog now switches the mode to Select Mode. This ensures there is no confusion caused by new points being added to the project by auto-referencing. Fix  
9507 Opening either the Processing or Automatic Referencing dialogs will now switch out of Interactive Referencing mode. Either operation can make changes to the project that impacts the Interactive Referencing point set. Fix  
9509 Importing text files with certain formats would not produce the correct column type options for the import. Fix  
9510 The Interactive Referencing pane now disables its buttons when appropriate. Fix  
9512 To improve compatibility with AutoCAD, certain characters (such as = and ;) are now removed from layer names when they are exported to .dxf. Fix  
9515 The Measure pane now only displays a single copy of the distance between two selected Point Cloud points. Fix  
9517 When creating an Automated Coded Target project, if a camera was matched in the camera library, but when prompted this camera is not selected, the choice to not use a calibrated camera now explains it will run automatic calibration. Fix  
9518 Using the Properties pane to change the Surface of a Surface Draw point will now also update the highlighted surface if shown. Fix  
9519 In Automated Projects, there is a step that runs after optimization processing to clean up (unreference) points with high residuals. This step was sometimes unreferencing manually marked and referenced points. The points that get unreferenced now (with a high residuals) are: SmartMatch points, Coded Target Points, and optionally Subpixel target points (even if manually marked). The later can be turned off with an ini setting - ask support. Fix  
9521 The Point Review pane now closes before processing to avoid issues. Fix  
9528 When starting a project with images from multiple cameras, the option to re-select images via the Camera Assignment dialog now works correctly. Fix  
9532 When a camera calibration is assigned to an image with properties that do not match, the warning that comes up explaining the mis-match is now only displayed once. Fix  
9533 The color (rgb) values in .las files are now read correctly. Fix  
9536 When setting up a Network Floating license, if the netshare folder does not have appropriate access rights, a more specific warning now appears. Fix  
9539 The animation keyframe thumbnails no longer display a blank region under them. Fix  
9540 A Smart Orientation that uses Automatic Camera calibration may now handle cameras that don't calibrate well (like some mobile phones) in a more robust way. Fix  
9548 After a new camera calibration project is run, the prompt to add the camera to your camera library is now displayed. Fix  
9505 Fixed a crash that could occur when canceling the creation of a new project and then opening the License Management dialog. Crash Fix  
9508 Fixed a crash that could happen during Export when orthophotos also included the option to output a Rhino .3dm file. Crash Fix  
9513 Fixed a crash that could occur with certain project setups when a surface is deleted. Crash Fix  
9522 Fixed a crash that could happen when starting up with an invalid network license. Crash Fix  
9530 Fixed a crash that would happen when using the "Update Values" button on the orthophoto export dialog. Crash Fix  
9534 Instead of crashing, a new warning comes up when an invalid or corrupt .las file is loaded. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2020.1.1 to 2020.2.0 [Jun 15, 2020]   (54 changes)    
9465 A new Interactive Referencing mode has been added. This mode is similar to the previous Weld Unreferenced points tool. Activating the mode opens a pane showing a list of potential reference matches based on the current solution and project points. If potential references are found two photos will open showing the Weld Source (WS) and Weld Destination (WD) if the highlighted points are the same, clicking the "Same" button will reference them. A great tool for final clean up of referencing in manual and semi-automated projects. Significant  
9476 When exporting 3D models to 2D file formats (DXF and SVG) there is a new option for the 2D flattening to be based on Surface Planes within the project. This results in multiple flatten planes which is useful for slightly curved or 2.5D surfaces that would otherwise be distorted by a simple projection onto a single plane (like the XY plane). This will output any Surface Draw Curves or Lines attached to Plane Surfaces, using each plane's normal as the projection direction. Optionally, the output surface draw can be assigned a unique color and/or layer for each surface used. Significant  
9486 A new tool will select any Surface Draw items (points, lines, or curves) that are associated with the selected Surface(s). Significant  
9490 All capabilities of PhotoModeler's Template Pattern Capture (formerly an add-on) are now available in PhotoModeler Standard. PhotoModeler Premium (which always included TCP) does not change. Significant  
9451 Additional details and information are now displayed in the warning when exporting a project with no scale or coordinate system defined. Improve  
9453 When a Plane and Point are selected, the Measure pane now displays the closest distance to the surface (cropped plane) as well as the distance to the infinite plane. Improve  
9455 When the first Surface Draw click is not over a surface, the prompt to use the closest surface now shows how far away from the edge of this surface the point will be. Improve  
9458 Small improvement to the speed of adding images to a project. Improve  
9459 The export settings tab now saves and restores the curve export format (Line segments, or NURBS). Additionally, the DXF format now defaults to NURBS and gives a warning if you try to export with "Merge connected polylines" selected when curves are output as NURBS. Improve  
9460 If no rotation is defined, the 2D Flatten Report now displays the "Not Defined" text in bold colored text. Improve  
9461 When exporting an orthographic photo, with settings that depend on the rotation or scale of the project, a warning is now displayed if they are not defined or invalid. Improve  
9462 Added an 'are you sure?' prompt when choosing to always or never switch surfaces during surface draw. Improve  
9463 The camera calibrator no longer defaults to suggesting the calibration file be uploaded. Improve  
9464 Improvements to auto-referencing. With most projects more matches will be found with fewer errors. The dialog also includes a new residual threshold to only allow matches under this value. Improve  
9468 The text file importer now sets the default column type based on the format of the data in the column. (eg. the description field will default to the first text column) Improve  
9470 The 3D Export dialog Settings tab now indicates that the 2D export plane applies to the .svg format as well as the 2D dxf. Improve  
9472 The Imports and Coordinate Systems pane now indicates a rotation is invalid if both axis are defined using the same objects. The Export 3D dialog also warns about an invalid rotation under these circumstances. Improve  
9474 The 2D dxf/svg flatten to setting is now saved and restored during export. Improve  
9480 When a Surface Draw Point is selected, the Properties pane now has a field showing the ID of the Surface the point is associated with. This field can be edited which allows switching which Surface the Surface Draw point uses for its calculations. Improve  
9484 .svg export now includes the RGB color from the object's materials. Improve  
9485 The Export 2D Flattening Report will now open automatically when the export of 2D data completes. It can be turned off on dialog. Improve  
9488 If images with a resolution less than 7 megapixels are added to the Coded Target project, a warning now comes up suggesting using higher resolution images and checking they haven't been downsized when transferring from the camera, or by e-mail. That 7 value can be called by a hidden preference setting. Improve  
9491 The Network Floating setup procedure has been simplified. There is no longer a separate Network Floating installer. The path to the 'netshare' folder can now be established from within PhotoModeler rather than during installation. Improve  
9494 The tutorial dialog now includes 3 new tutorial videos. Two on flat panel modeling using boat decking and one on 2D pattern template capture. Improve  
9498 The default Letter Sheet Coded Target Preset configuration is now editable, and a Letter Sheet Coded Target Preset in inches has been added. Improve  
9499 Copying a preset includes any configured offets, planes, or lines even if that type is inactive. Improve  
9452 The summary dialog now shows that the scale failed after applying a coded target preset configuration. Fix  
9454 A warning comes up and prevents Surface Draw points from being marked on unoriented photos. Fix  
9456 Activating the only translate in a project no longer warns about an already active one. Fix  
9457 The Preference setting to control if the project review icon is only displayed when the project review pane is open is now used for the project default. The setting on the Project Information dialog, that is saved with the project, controls the actual display. Fix  
9467 The when a Scale is assigned to an Offset the Imports and Coordinate Systems pane now displays the Offset ID instead of the ID of the point it is offset from. Fix  
9469 Exporting curves with the circle property set to a DXF file in the NURBS format now work correctly. Fix  
9475 The "Referencing Auto-Drive is on when the application starts" preference setting no longer impacts the reference helper lines. If you would like reference helper lines off by default you can set the "Max number of Reference Helper Lines (-1 for all)." to zero. Fix  
9477 Updated how dxf polylines are imported to handle some cases that previously did not work. Fix  
9478 The status pane and maximum residual status bar now update after automarking to reflect any changes based on new coded targets detected. Fix  
9482 When a 2D DXF export is outputting curves as NURBS and is flattened to an axis plane (XY, YZ, or XZ), circles are now output as polylines since the flattening may produce a non-circle. Fix  
9483 When prompted if Surface Draw should keep using the initial surface or switch to a new surface that a newly placed point is over, if the option to continue using the old surface was chosen it would only apply to the next point created. It now applies for the duration of the Surface Draw. Fix  
9487 Coded Target Projects with photos that have low angles (two camera positions very close to or in-line with each other) would sometimes cause orientation problems (higher errors, bad orientation, photos note being oriented, etc.). This has been improved. Fix  
9489 When adding a Coded Target Preset to a project that already has it's coordinate system defined, there is only a warning if the points of the preset's coordinate system are found in the project. If no points are found, no preset coordinate system is added. Fix  
9493 The Coded Target Presets tool now appears properly when doing a tool search in all workspaces. Fix  
9497 Creating new points with a 2D point table open no longer creates duplicate rows in the table. Fix  
9500 Robust Orientation of photos for Automated Project (Coded Targets and SmartMatch) handle certain points on weak and low angle photos a bit differently now. This may result in more points remaining in your project after processing. Fix  
9501 Fixed a case where, after auto-marking, the maximum residual displayed on the status bar would not update if one of the newly marked points was adjusted (e.g. unreferenced, moved, photo unoriented, etc.). Fix  
9502 Opening the animation export dialog no longer turns off the 3D view layer visibility. Fix  
9503 Fixed an issue where the Photo List pane wouldn't repaint the bottom part of the pane correctly when the pane was made taller due to a pane above it closing. Fix  
9450 Running automatic referencing switches the mode back to select mode to prevent cases where certain states/modes could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
9466 Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting an offset used to define a scale. Crash Fix  
9471 Fixed a crash that could happen when zero length lines are imported into a project and then exported in the Max or Maya script format. Crash Fix  
9473 Fixed a crash that could happen in some specific situations when trying to extend a curve when there are multiple attached to the point. Crash Fix  
9479 Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen after adding photos to the new project wizard and then using the back button to change which photos were added to the new project. Crash Fix  
9481 Fixed a crash that would happen when idealizing a project with one or more missing images (including images that are part of a sequence). Crash Fix Premium
9495 Fixed a crash that would happen during template auto-tracing. Crash Fix  
9496 Fixed a crash that could happen when using Surface Draw on an inactive photo window. Crash Fix  
9504 In some cases, actions after undoing the create of a best fit plane surface could cause a crash. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2020.1.0 to 2020.1.1 [Apr 1, 2020]   (10 changes)    
9438 Single-click sub-pixel dot marking; clicking on a target dot in Target Mark mode (without dragging a region), or holding shift while clicking while in Point Mark mode, will now look for and mark the closest nearby circular target. Much faster for marking well defined circular dots. Significant  
9444 When exporting a 2D format (.dxf or .svg), a new Flatten Report can be accessed on the Export Summary dialog. This report gives an overview of how line and curve lengths were changed during the 3D to 2D conversion. Significant  
9445 When exporting to the SVG format, the export settings can now be used to flatten the model in X, Y or Z directions, similar to the 2D DXF export. Improve  
9446 The summary shown after applying a Coded Target Preset Configuration now shows the Scale fit statistics. Improve  
9447 The Coded Target Auto-project summary now shows the name of the Preset configuration applied. Improve  
9449 The Auto-project summary, on completion of processing, now displays any Offsets created using the same color formatting as other sections. Improve  
9442 Changed how some portions of the .dxf export are created to improve compatibility with import into Autodesk products. Fix  
9448 Fixed a problem with the Export dialog where the items list would clear or show unnecessary items, when switching formats or layers etc. Fix  
9439 Fixed two issues that could cause a crash when exporting a .dxf file with the "Merge connected polylines" setting turned on. Crash Fix  
9441 Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to convert the very first Surface Draw curve point to a corner. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2020.0.1 to 2020.1.0 [Mar 18, 2020]   (58 changes)    
9389 Added the SVG/.svg export format option - an export format used in various pattern capture/template workflows. The format includes a polyline between the points defining lines, curves and surface draw lines/curves. Significant  
9393 The Surface/Template Curve draw mode right-click menu has a new tool that allows you to convert an existing curve point into a corner point. This will split the curve into two curves, at that point creating a sharp corner with a shared point. Significant  
9414 The export of 2D and 3D .dxf files now produces a newer format that supports spline curves, circles, and increased compatibility with some applications. The old export format can still be accessed using a setting on the Preferences dialog. Significant  
9422 The Visibility on Photos pane Settings section has a new option "Fixed Color (overrides Material)" which will draw all 3D objects using a specific color which can be set on the Preferences dialog (defaults to a bright blue). This can make it easier to see the 3D model overlaid on the photo when the material colors are ones similar to the real world colors captured in the photo. Significant  
9426 Added a new way to create, store and edit Coded Target Presets for use with Automated Coded Target projects. The new Coded Target Preset dialog and the associated Coded Target Preset Edit Dialog provide a consolidate way to set up preset offsets, multiple scales, rotate, translate, planes and lines based on the IDs of Coded Target points in the project. Multiple configurations can be set up and stored for use with various projects. Significant  
9381 Added a warning when exporting a model that has no coordinate system defined. Improve  
9384 Added a new section to the Project Status Report that displays the minimum, maximum, and mean check distance delta percent. Improve  
9385 The Coded Targets Preference pane was updated to indicate the preference to use the legacy target creation dialog also allows the creation of dot targets. Improve  
9392 Add an option to remove existing SmartPoints before re-running SmartMatch. This option will allow the matching process to start fresh. Without this on, the matches made during previous SmartMatch runs are retained. Improve Premium
9397 When selected objects are not marked on a photo, Zoom and center (and Zoom and center all) now use their projected location. Improve  
9400 A new preference setting can control the size of the orthographic photos created from the Template Pattern Capture Project dialog. Improve  
9401 If no camera lens distortion values have been cached on disk in the .ldl file, the cache file is now created once the values have been calculated instead of only when the project is saved. This will speed up operations when loading projects that have no cache and using them without saving. Template base projects are a good example of this situation. Improve  
9402 Added a tool to the 3D Viewer right click menu - "Create Photo Set From Photos Showing Selected". Click this to create a photos set from photos that display the selected entities, including camera stations! Improve  
9406 The prompt generated when trying to reference a coded and manually marked point together now includes options to always or never allow the reference to happen. The prompt will also now appear when a coded point is selected as the source and a new mark is created during mark and reference mode. Improve  
9408 Selecting a surface draw polyline (including the results of auto-trace) now highlights the associated surface. Improve  
9410 During Referencing mode, before any 3D points on the destination photo are considered for highlighting, their 3D position is projected on the source photo to confirm it is close to the source mark. This will reduce the number of candidate points for referencing making the choice easier. Improve  
9411 During Referencing mode, if a source point is not 3D but a point on the destination photo projects close to the source point's location, referencing will auto-drive to the location on the destination photo. Improve  
9412 Updated the warning that comes up when trying to print targets to a printer selected for double sided printing. There is now an option to re-open the print dialog so the double side setting can be adjusted. Improve  
9413 Added a warning that comes up when PhotoModeler fails to connect to the printer. Improve  
9415 Removed some rarely used .dxf options on the export settings tab. These settings can still be accessed via the configuration file. Contact: if you have any issues/questions. Improve  
9423 The default Visibility on Photos transparency setting for new projects is now more opaque and can be adjusted via a setting in the configuration file. Improve  
9424 During line mode the ctrl-Z key will remove the previously marked point and line allowing you to make minor corrections without needing to leave line mode or undoing all the points and lines created during the line draw. Improve  
9425 Added a warning when exporting a model with no real-world coordinate system defined. Improve  
9427 The Weld Unreferenced Points dialog now has two 'Show' buttons that will open the first photo displaying the weld source and destination points. Improve  
9429 Added a section to the processing report to show the delta between the assigned control value and the unprocessed position calculated from points marked on more than one oriented photo. Improve  
9435 The marked points created during Calibration will now be consistently ordered regardless of how many CPU threads were used. Improve  
9380 Adjusted status bar section widths to account for Windows display DPI scaling. Fix  
9382 When an invalid plane is selected for orthophoto export, the orthophoto production now defaults to the top view. Fix  
9383 Fixed assignment of geographic multi-point transform objects to points. Fix Premium
9387 The Tool Search box at the top of the app is now cleared when a tool is selected, making it easier for the next search. Fix  
9388 Updated the automatic control assignment dialog to indicate canceling only cancels the assignment, not the import. Fix  
9390 Fixed a typo in the tooltip on a tool in Imports and Coordinate Systems pane. Fix  
9391 Fixed a problem where the "Ribbon Toolbar..." pane on Preferences dialog wouldn't display correctly. Fix  
9394 PhotoModeler Standard no longer shows an empty Premium specific settings group on the Preferences dialog. Fix  
9395 The current project file name is now properly restored onto the title bar after closing License Management dialog. Fix  
9396 Updated Rhino .3dm triangulated mesh output to fix some cases where meshes would not be written to the file. Fix Premium
9398 Starting a 2D template pattern project using a mounted camera setup now performs some additional checks on the base project to ensure it is suitable for a mounted camera style project. Fix  
9399 When adding offsets via the Coded Target Offsets Library, there is now a check for duplicates before they're added. Fix  
9403 Fixed several places that would sometimes calculate an incorrect best-fit plane through a set of points. Most noticeably any Surface Draw curves with the circle property set. These plane surfaces (and the circular curve) now sit in the correct plane and not skewed. Fix  
9405 When adjusting the axis offset properties of multiple points using the right click properties dialog in a project with no coordinate system defined, now only a single warning is displayed. Previously the warning came up once for each point selected. Fix  
9407 Selecting a camera station and the show "Rays when cameras or points selected" option is turned on, incorrect rays pointing at 0,0,0 no longer display when a photo contains a referenced point that cannot calculate it's 3D position. Fix  
9409 Improved the accuracy of the potential match highlights displayed during referencing mode. Fix  
9416 When using the .dxf export option to 'Merge connected polylines', the export of Lines with non-3D end-points would cause unexpected line segments to be added to the export. Fix  
9418 The Property pane now clears the Offset property category when a new (non-point) object is selected. Fix  
9419 Exporting Offset point IDs attached to ObjectPoints with no name will no longer list 'null' as part of the ID string. Fix  
9430 When a project contained active and inactive checkpoints, the Processing Report would list both of them under the min/max XYZ groups - now only active ones are listed. Fix  
9431 If the first Surface Draw point was not created over an existing surface and the prompt asking about using the closest surface comes up over a different window, the application could get into a strange state. This has been fixed. Fix  
9432 Since the Imports and Coordinate Systems pane only allows actions to be taken on a single highlighted row, the list no longer allows multiple items to be highlighted. Fix  
9434 When multiple points are selected for referencing, the source photo would sometimes center around ( and the reference connector line would draw to) the wrong location. This has been fixed. Fix  
9436 After opening a project where the photo visibility had a 3D item turned on, turning the 3D item off now updates any open photos. Fix  
9386 Fix for crash when generating an ortho photo preview using a project with no orient photos. Crash Fix  
9404 Fixed a crash that would happen when using the right click modal properties dialog (not the properties pane) when a mix of points and non-point objects were selected and the point offset properties were changed. Crash Fix  
9417 Fixed a bug where referencing a source point without an offset to a point with an offset would cause a crash. Crash Fix  
9420 Fixed a crash that would happen when using the cancel button after completing one or more welds using the Unreferenced Point Weld dialog. Crash Fix  
9421 Fixed a crash that could happen after processing with the project review pane open with a row selected on the photo or point grid. Crash Fix  
9428 Fix for a crash when cancelling a Surface Draw curve immediately after being prompted to use the closest surface. Crash Fix  
9433 Fixed an issue with dxf export with 'merge polylines' option on, and a line or curve is connected to the middle of another curve. Crash Fix  
9437 Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to create a Surface Draw point with no active view. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2020.0.0 to 2020.0.1 [Dec 17, 2019]   (26 changes)    
9351 The Preferences dialog now opens more quickly. Improve  
9361 Updated the default curve tessellation value to help with curves that contain straight sections as well as some detailed areas. Used when exporting curves to polylines for formats that don't support native NURBS. Improve  
9364 When the Automatic Project wizard is set to add Plane surfaces on coded targets, it now warns when the planes created are not 3D due to the point set used having insufficient 3D information. Improve  
9365 Selecting a Surface Draw Line, Curve, or Curve Mark now highlights any surfaces used by the associated Surface Draw Points. Improve  
9369 Added a new warning that comes up when trying to use a plane fit through surface draw points to define a rotation. Improve  
9370 Added a warning when auto-detect cannot run due to the photo having no marks. Improve Premium
9373 In some cases, depending on how multiple cores were used, Coded Target auto-projects would produce slightly different results on multiple runs. This update means the results will be consistent regardless of how the cores are used. Improve  
9374 The Surface Table now shows a plane surface's offset value. Improve  
9349 In a project run with auto-calibration, if the Processing Report is opened before the project is saved, the report will no longer display a warning about some camera parameters not being solved. Fix  
9353 When a photo is flagged for inverse camera processing, the SmartOrient and Auto-calibration options are now disabled. Fix  
9354 If both the scale bar and model overlay are selected with an orthophoto export, the scale bar will no longer be drawn behind the model overlay. Fix  
9355 Auto-detect marking of multi-point transform points would create the new point but not assign the multi-point transform position. This has been fixed. Fix  
9356 Fixed a case where some points, used by surfaces and/or curves, may not update their positions after processing. Fix  
9359 If the photos in a newly created coded target project were taken by more than one camera, the option to use a non-calibrated camera now clarifies it will use the EXIF camera data instead of auto-calibration. Fix  
9362 The preference setting to add an offset to the #4 auto-plane is now applied. Fix  
9363 Automated Coded Target and Smart projects that are weak will sometimes orient some photos but then fail the subsequent optimize. You end up with no oriented photos and no explanation why. The Message Window now describes the problem and gives possible solutions. Fix  
9367 Fixed the tooltip on the ribbon toolbar's "Panes" group expand button and a typo on the Auto-trace button. Fix  
9368 Improved the warning and stopped creation of any output (orthophoto or Rhino file) when a moving camera template file fails to orient. Fix  
9371 When a project containing best-fit plane surfaces has it's coordinate system adjusted, now fewer screen updates will be triggered. Fix  
9372 The Reset Ribbon Toolbar tool now only resets the active layout. Fix  
9377 SmartOrient has been improved and made more stable for weaker projects with low point counts (typical of coded target projects). Fix  
9378 SmartOrient now correctly handles the situation where control point data or frozen points are on an unoriented photo that is being added to a project that has previous oriented photos. Fix  
9350 Fixed a crash that could occur when using auto-trace on a very low contrast region of an image. Crash Fix  
9357 Fixed a case where saving after processing a weak project with Smart Orient could cause a check and repair warning to come up. Attempting a repair would cause a crash. Crash Fix  
9358 Fixed an assert crash that would happen if a point has been flagged for possible repair during processing (Named "ct-XX") is marked on more than one photo. Crash Fix  
9366 Fixed a crash that would happen when exporting a project with lines connected to offsetpoints in the DXF format with the 'Merge Connected polylines' option on. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2019.1.2 to 2020.0.0 [Nov 14, 2019]   (124 changes)    
9237 The 3D model can now optionally be overlaid on top of an exported orthophoto. Significant  
9250 You can now extend Surface Draw Lines or Curves across photos. When a photo's 3D Surface Draw visibility is turned on, and a new Surface Draw is started on top of the projection of an existing Surface Draw Point, a prompt will ask if you want to start the Surface Draw using that existing point or create a new one. Significant  
9261 Coded Target Automated Projects can now generate preset scales, and planes using Coded Target ID ranges. Settings in Preferences. Significant  
9299 Automated coded target projects with EXIF cameras now use Robust Orientation and Auto-calibration by default - this allows non-calibrated EXIF cameras in coded target projects to solve more robustly and getting a camera calibration if possible. Significant  
9343 Point Offset Revamp: Multiple offsets (of any type) can now be assigned to points. For example, you can add an X-axis offset and a 2 Point offset to the same point in the project to define new 3D points. Significant  
9345 A new system of targets has been introduced for use with Automated Coded Target projects. Sheets of 6 targets, called 'Lettered Sheets', can be printed, or purchased (date tbd), laid out in a scene on flat surfaces, and used to automatically set up the coordinate system (including multiple scales), best fit planes (typically for use with Surface Draw), and multiple offset points. Significant  
9220 The Export Dialog now only pluralizes items to be exported if there is more than one of them. Additionally, the Surface Draw Line category indicates it also includes Surface Draw Curves in the export. Improve  
9222 The New... scale button in the 'Imports and Coordinate Systems' pane now defaults to a scale of 1 project unit instead of 1 meter. Improve  
9224 When creating the first Surface Draw Point in a new Surface Draw object where no surface is found at the location, a new prompt allows you to choose the closest surface instead of a warning there is no surface to use. Improve  
9225 When a Surface Draw point is marked over a different surface than the Surface Draw operation started on, a new prompt will ask about changing that point to use the new surface. The options are: Use the new surface, continuing using the old surface, always use a new surface, and never use a new surface. If either of the last two (always/never) are chosen, the message will not come up again, but this can be reset using the File->Options->Reset Warnings tool. Improve  
9227 Added the new "ExitPhotoModeler" command to close PhotoModeler for Scripting, DDE, and external command line. Improve  
9240 If the original image file for permanently mounted template base project is missing, since it will be replaced once the project is loaded, there is no longer a warning and prompt when using it to digitize a new pattern. Improve  
9242 Added the new Point Auto-detect Mode tutorial to the tutorial list dialog. Improve  
9246 The Measure pane now displays the difference between the lengths of 2 selected lines. Improve  
9248 When the measure pane is open, selecting a line and a plane surface will now display the angle of intersection and intersection point of the (infinite) selected line, and (infinite) plane. Improve  
9249 The Surface Draw 3D Point and Surface Draw Photo Mark status bars now display the angle between the triangle and light ray used to calculate the surface point position. A low angle indicates possible lower accuracy. Improve  
9255 Improved the wording and added a button to give directions during manual/offline activation. Improve  
9257 When printing coded targets, a new warning comes up if the printer is set to print on both sides of the page. Improve  
9258 Opening or updating a 3D view after processing is now faster. Improve  
9263 Updated the wording on the 'Send Files to Support' dialog to clarify it is your e-mail address to enter. Improve  
9273 When using the 'Best Fit Plane to Points' tool, a new alert appears showing metrics related to the fit. If any of the points used in the fit exceed a new preference threshold for fit quality, a warning dialog appears explaining that the point set is not planar. Improve  
9274 The Open Photos Showing Projected tool now works with triangles selected during Cloud/Mesh edit mode. Improve Premium
9284 Updates to the formatting of the coded target auto-project summary pane and improved the description of the translate, scale, rotate state. Improve  
9287 When a project has no photos, the Add/Remove Photos dialog now includes a more obvious button to help with adding photos. Improve  
9289 If no points are selected, but one or more Point Clouds are, the 'Mesh from Points' tool now gives the option to triangulate the selected Point Clouds. Improve Premium
9290 When multiple scales or planes are created as part of an automatic coded target project, values indicating how well they fit are displayed on the summary dialog. Improve  
9293 The Measure Pane now displays fit information when a Best-Fit-Plane object is selected. Improve  
9294 The Measure preferences pane now has an option, on by default, to control if the Measure Pane displays the position (x,y,z) of a selected plane's corner points. Improve  
9300 Multi-sheet Camera Calibration now uses Robust Orientation and Automatic Calibration as a first step - which increases the chance that mis-coded points will not affect the calibration quality. The final optimization step to fine-tune the calibration remains as is. Improve  
9302 In automated coded target projects, being solved by robust orientation (default), any coded target points that are uncoded due to high residual error now have their name changed to 'ct-code', where code is the old coded target code. Making it easier to debug these unreferences. Improve  
9304 When an EXIF camera is chosen in the Coded Target wizard, SmartOrient and Auto-calibration now run by default. Improve  
9306 The SmartMatch option to use image GPS positions as part of the matching setup phase is now persistent, and is saved with the project. In addition, the GPS matching option can no longer be enabled when no GPS data is available in the images. Improve Premium
9308 The control mark status bar now displays the associated imported control point ID as well as the point name. Improve  
9312 The control point "Crush Multi-photo Unknown" tutorial video has been updated to reflect the new interface. Improve  
9313 Removed some rarely used settings from the Image Preferences group, and added a new 'Point symbol exaggeration factor:' setting that will adjust the magnification of the point symbols. eg. set to 2 for larger point symbols. Improve  
9315 Changed the default import merge distance to allow for a bit of leeway instead of only allowing points with exactly the same values. Improve  
9316 The modal properties dialog now always opens centered in the application. Improve  
9320 The Print Coded Targets dialog now defaults to an inner target diameter of 10 mm. Improve  
9321 Replaced the Wavefront export "Use old map style" preference setting with the Rhino export file version preference setting. Improve  
9322 Various places updated for consistent naming of SmartOrient Auto-calibration. Improve  
9323 The Automated Coded Target Project summary now shows what type of camera was used during processing. Improve  
9329 Improved the error messages in a number of situations when the creation of a pattern capture base file fails. Improve  
9330 The edit image sequence dialog now allows control and shift multi-select so more than one image can be removed at a time. Improve  
9333 Improved the calibration descriptions under the processing report Quality->Cameras section. Improve  
9338 When the Cameras dialog Copy button is used with an Inverse Camera, a new prompt provides a way to clear the inverse camera setting creating a new standard camera that can be assigned to multiple photos. This can be useful for scenes with some photos that are not suitable for inverse camera, but you want to assume all the photos were taken with the same camera and settings. Improve  
9340 Added preference options, in the Project group, to automatically open the Properties, Measure, Visibility, Imports and Coordinates panes, a 3D view, and/or the first photo of the project, when it is opened. Improve  
9342 Increased the default number of decimal places displayed on the property grid to 3. Improve  
9344 The Preferences dialog now has a section dedicated to Automated Target Projects. This includes a new pane for coordinate system specific settings, and automated best-fit plane generation using coded target ranges. Improve  
9346 A new preference setting in the export group allows the DXF export of a point's ID text to only include the point's name (before was always ID number and name). This can be a useful way to output annotations and other information with the export in a cleaner format. Improve  
9219 Fixed some situations where the surface highlight, highlighted when a SurfaceDraw point was selected, would not clear until a new selection was made. Fix  
9221 Camera optimization can no longer be turned on if any of the photos used by processing have fewer than 7 good points. Fix  
9223 When a set of mis-matched images (eg. take with different zoom settings) is loaded into a calibration project the wording for the warning has been updated to be specific to calibration project types. Fix  
9226 The Point Table tools now appear when the only point type that would display in a Point Table is Surface Draw. Fix  
9228 Improved the delays that would happen after referencing a point in a large project. Fix  
9229 Improved the speed of surface draw calculations, especially on meshes using imported points. Fix  
9230 Using a script to mark coded targets now works correctly when used with PhotoModeler Standard. Fix  
9231 Fixed a minor formatting problem with the email confirmation dialog and when it displays. Fix  
9232 The "Parameters didn't change..." warning no longer displays midway through a problematic calibration. Fix  
9233 Fixed a formatting issue where tools on the Panes ribbon toolbar group weren't centered Fix  
9234 Reworded the warning that displays when entering an activation code in the wrong PhotoModeler product. Fix  
9235 The "Renew Maintenance" button no longer temporarily and improperly displays on the ribbon toolbar when running in Demo/Eval mode. Fix  
9236 Fixes for issues with the DXF export option that merges connected polylines when the polyline could not be closed or could be closed in multiple ways. Fix  
9241 Updated the Calibration preferences pane to indicate that the minimum number of photos also applies to the multi-sheet calibration method. Fix  
9243 Fixed a problem where the New Project backstage pane wouldn't display the '...other types of projects' link at certain display resolutions. Fix Premium
9247 Fixed a problem where a "Search Results" tool could appear in the customize quick access context menu after a tool search. Fix  
9251 Fixed unnecessary updates causing photos to flash after processing when 3D curves were displayed on them. Fix  
9252 Surface Draw Curves now update when the Surface their points are connected to changes shape. Fix  
9253 Improved the time it takes to delete surface draw curves. Fix  
9259 Improved operating speed when the Progress Dialog is displayed for processes with many small steps. Fix  
9260 When canceling a new project setup, the previously active new project backstage panel re-displays. Fix  
9267 Imported control meshes are now assigned the current default layer and material. Fix Premium
9269 When an imported object is removed from a project, the space occupied by the secondary toolbar on the Imports and Coordinates pane is now reclaimed. Fix  
9270 Improved the speed of importing large triangulated surfaces. Fix  
9272 Renamed the preferences group to indicate which ones are specific to the PhotoModeler Premium product. Fix Premium
9275 A check and repair warning is no longer caused by trying to add an image to a sequence that already contains it. Fix  
9276 The edit image sequence dialog now only has a single default button. Fix  
9278 Updated the text descriptions on the Advanced MVS Properties dialog to remove references to controls that are no longer needed. Fix Premium
9280 Fixed a problem with the Preference setting to control the number of decimals for Dimensions. Fix  
9281 The Surface Table button now appears in the Table Gallery control as soon as a surface is added to the project. Fix  
9282 In-place editing of the Name field has been disabled in various tables due to potential problems with the property edit. Fix  
9283 Removed a few separators on the 'Backstage' menu to shorten the vertical height of the menu. Fits more screens and faster to scan. Fix  
9286 New Automated Coded Target projects now default to the RAD target path. This can be adjusted with a new option on the Coded Targets Preference page. Fix  
9288 Adjusting the preference for the number of decimal places displayed by Dimensions, now updates the display on any open photos. Fix  
9296 When the 'merge connected polylines' option is used during dxf export, only lines in the same layer will be merged. Fix  
9298 Depending on the selection order of included points, some best-fit plane surfaces would not match the selected point set. Fix  
9301 Automated coded target projects, being solved by robust orientation (default), will now orient photos with lower point-coverage than before (3% vs 5% coverage). Low coverage is typical of certain types of projects. Fix  
9303 Tweaked the optimize stability factor for slightly weak projects (weak geometry, control, and/or calibration) so they can solve. Optimize must still improve the result to end successfully, but that factor is now a hidden ini setting and is more tolerant. Fix  
9307 Point clouds projected onto photos, that are set to display as colored by height, now calculate a color range instead of always displaying blue. Fix Premium
9309 Activating a drop-down combo box on the properties pane without choosing an item no longer prevents keyboard shortcuts from working. Fix  
9310 The option to use auto-calibration is now disabled on the Processing Dialog and the Coded-Target Wizard, if more than one camera is used by the project. Fix  
9311 During the New Project wizard, when cancelling the load of a camera from a project file that contains multiple cameras, the project file is no longer listed as the camera's source. Additionally, these steps no longer cause a check and repair message when saving the result. Fix  
9314 Table gallery items clear when opening a new project, so the gallery only shows table tools for items in the currently open project. Fix  
9317 During mark+reference mode if a point was marked outside the calibration area the warning would display the ID of the mark before the reference occurred. This warning has now been delayed until after the reference so the ID in the warning will match the ID of the final point. Fix  
9318 Fixed the calculation for coloring surfaces and meshes by photo coverage. Fix  
9324 SmartOrient Auto-calibration has been tweaked to calibrate lens distortion a bit differently which may improve the results on some projects and make some larger projects faster to orient. Fix  
9325 Camera calibration (auto or field) now better handles the case where format width is being solved but the principal point is not. Optimize should now produce more realistic results in this case. SmartOrient Auto-calibration sometimes uses this parameter solution combination when there are no rolled photos. Fix  
9331 In some situations, the Print Coded Target labels dialog would display the wrong number of columns. This has been fixed and some dialog spacing improved. Fix  
9332 Using the Reset camera to EXIF values button now clears the calibration quality values associated with the camera. Fix  
9334 The ID of coded targets printed on labels that are taller than wider will now fit within the label. Fix  
9336 The Project Information dialog now displays the correct project type for 'SmartPoint (UAV)' and '2D Template Pattern Capture' projects. Fix  
9339 Fixes for Rhino .3dm camera view export. 1) Portrait images now export with the correct focal length. 2) Projects using units other than meters, now export camera target position correctly. Fix  
9341 In some cases, Surface draw curves marked on unoriented photos, would have a 3D position. This has been fixed. Fix  
9347 When a Preference or 3D Viewer options panel is selected for the first time it no longer flashes in the top left corner of the dialog before displaying in the panel area. Fix  
9348 Table Gallery control updates made more efficient. Fix  
9239 Fixed a crash that could happen when running a script that adds lots of photos. Crash Fix  
9244 Fixed crash that could occur when resizing the PhotoModeler application window after certain actions. Crash Fix  
9245 If a project was missing an image file, the Add/Remove Photos dialog could cause a crash. This is fixed. Crash Fix  
9254 Fixed crash that could happen when exporting a project with an invalid or incorrectly setup geographic coordinate system Crash Fix Premium
9264 Fixed a crash that could occur when there were multiple control objects in a project and they were assigned using the point table. Crash Fix  
9265 Fix for crash that happened when accessing the license management dialog via the legacy toolbar. Crash Fix  
9266 Deleting a control point that has been extracted from an imported mesh now correctly removes the point from the Imports and Coordinate Systems 3D view. Crash Fix Premium
9268 Fix for a crash that could happen after removing an imported object from a project. Crash Fix  
9271 Fixed a crash that could happen with weak projects when processing (or when background processing was running) and the project contains control points. Crash Fix  
9277 Updated the way surface draw works when using a static imported surface. Crash Fix  
9285 Template Capture base projects now work correctly when the ceiling mounted photo is not the first one in the project. Crash Fix  
9291 Fixed a crash that would happen when adding an offset while the offset table was open. Crash Fix  
9292 Fix for a crash when merging projects with point clouds or meshes that share common photos. Crash Fix Premium
9295 Fixed a crash that could happen while drawing a curve extension. Crash Fix  
9305 Fixed a crash that would happen if a 3D viewer was displaying offsets with IDs and an offset was added or edited. Crash Fix  
9319 In some situations, a crash could occur if a point in a multi-point transform or in a geographic control object was deleted in the Imports and Coordinate Systems pane, and that point was selected in a different view. This has been resolved. Crash Fix  
9326 Fix for a crash when creating a dimension between points where a dimension already exists. Crash Fix  
9328 Canceling the project wizard now closes the partially created project correctly. Crash Fix  
9335 Fix for a crash that would happen when dragging and dropping images into PhotoModeler when no project was loaded. Crash Fix  
9337 Fixed crash that would happen when processing while tracking a motion project. Crash Fix Premium
  From Release 2019.1.1 to 2019.1.2 [Jun 10, 2019]   (28 changes)    
9213 The DXF-ASTM format, used by the clothing and fabric industries, is a new export option. Use this option to transfer digitized 2D patterns from PhotoModeler to software like CLO. A second new checkbox will merge all connected line and curve entities into a single polyline which makes pattern outline export in this format more useful. Significant  
9192 Exported Rhino ortho views now include the direction in their name. Improve  
9195 Added a button to the Imports and Coordinate Systems add/edit coordinate dialogs to allow pasting coordinates from the clipboard. Improve  
9197 The export model dialog now saves and restores the Rhino orthophoto settings used for the last export. Improve  
9198 When processing a project with very large coordinates (such as geographic control), if the coordinate system could not be set up (most likely due to a set of linear points), a new optional warning is displayed. Improve  
9199 Inverse Camera processing now defaults to _not_ using weighting of camera parameters. This can affect the results but can make repeated inverse camera processing of the same project more consistent. It can be turned back on in Preferences if your project needs it. Improve  
9200 Added a new preference setting to only use a single core when calculating texture occlusions. Some NVidia drivers would crash when accessed by multiple cores. The default remains to use multiple cores for occlusions in textures. Improve  
9201 When outputting a 3D View to a file or printer, the custom size width and height values are saved and restored the next time a view is output. Improve  
9204 The surface draw curve status bar now displays the ID of the photo the curve is marked on. Additionally, the status bar was also updated so it only shows the 3D state of the curve once. Improve  
9205 The "Go to tutorial web page" button on the tutorial dialog now defaults to the 2019 list. Improve  
9206 The surface draw line status bar now displays the ID of the photo the line is marked on. Improve  
9209 Minor speed optimizations to several areas. Improve  
9210 Warning messages that appear on start-up regarding expired Maintenance now show more information and link to improved renewal instructions. Improve  
9211 A new button will appear at the top right of the PhotoModeler application window if you're running PhotoModeler with expired Maintenance. Clicking the button provides instructions on renewing. Improve  
9212 The single photo security camera tutorial video has been updated to reflect the new user interface. Improve  
9217 When a single Surface Draw point is selected, it's associated Surface now highlights in purple in any open views. This makes it easier to determine associations when there are multiple Surfaces in the project. Improve  
9191 When adding a new auto-trace profile, the 'x' button to close the dialog now does the same thing as the cancel button. Fix  
9193 A dialog that said 'Idealize is not needed for DSM' no longer appears since the dual-photo DSM function is deprecated. Fix Premium
9194 A warning about an orthophoto not being created no longer comes up with Rhino .3dm export when there were no surfaces or meshes in the project Fix  
9196 The offset property on Best-fit Planes now applies the project scale correctly. Fix  
9202 When running a coded target project and choosing an EXIF camera, the check box to control what type of orientation is done now works correctly. Fix  
9203 Fixed how the pink sub-select highlight updates with 3D objects displayed on photos. Previously some cases would only update the highlight after a photo zoom or pan - updates now always happen when selection changes. Fix  
9207 The ribbon toolbar Panes group no longer shows unused tools on the expand button. Fix  
9208 Fixed a problem where selecting an invalid image (eg 0 width/height) to add to the project caused problems with the project setup. Fix  
9214 Auto-assigning masks on the Create Mask dialog now assigns a Texture Mask and/or a DSM Trim Mask only if the option to do so is checked. Fix  
9215 The Surface status bar now displays imported surface IDs correctly. Fix  
9216 Fixed a problem when drawing a mask in Mask Drawing 'Subtract' mode. Fix  
9218 Fixed a problem where toolbar customizations wouldn't load on launch of the program until the customized workspace was manually reloaded. Fix  
  From Release 2019.1.0 to 2019.1.1 [May 13, 2019]   (43 changes)    
9157 Best fit plane surfaces can now be used as part of a project's rotation definition. Open the Imports and Coordinates pane, add a new definition, define the coordinate system using scale/trans/rotate, on the Rotate item use one of the axis buttons after selecting a 'best-fit plane' (in a 3d view or table). The vector perpendicular to the plane (its normal) will be used to define the axis of the rotation. The most common case is to use a plane normal for the z-axis, and two other points (or a line) for the x (or y) axis. Significant  
9173 The Template Pattern Capture features (formerly in beta, and known as 2D Template Project) are now included in a licensed Add-on module for PhotoModeler Standard - available for purchase from the PhotoModeler online store. It is included at no cost in PhotoModeler Premium. Significant  
9175 There is now an option to output an orthophoto when exporting a Rhino .3dm file. When the Rhino .3dm export type is selected, on the Export dialog's Items tab, the Orthophoto item is displayed - while the Settings tab shows basic orthophoto settings. The orthophoto becomes a background to the other exported 3D data in Rhino. Significant  
9150 If an image's EXIF header contains rotation information, then when it is used as a background wallpaper in Rhino, it is displayed with this rotation. To account for this, PhotoModeler now exports camera positions with a corresponding roll so the model and rotated wallpaper images align. Improve  
9153 The Template Pattern Capture project setup process now confirms that there are sufficient photos and targets detected. Improve  
9154 During Auto-trace, the Surface Draw and Layer visibility will be forced on - so the results will always be visible. Improve  
9156 For Plane surfaces displayed in the Surface Table, the type column now indicates the type of Plane: best fit, XY, XZ, or YZ. Improve  
9158 When setting up a Pattern Capture base project, the coordinate system rotation is now based on the best-fit plane formed by the targets. Improve  
9161 The Measure pane now displays information for selected imported multi-point transform points. Improve  
9162 In addition to the image width and height, the Camera Viewer dialog now displays the resolution in megapixels. Improve  
9168 When images that may have come from a drone-mounted camera are added to a non-UAV project, a new warning suggests a UAV project type may be more appropriate. Improve Premium
9172 When setting up a SmartMatch/DSM project, a confirmation now displays to show whether camera stations are appropriately matched using GPS camera matching. Improve Premium
9176 When exporting a 2D or 3D DXF file, there is now an option to include the Camera Stations as points in the file. Improve  
9178 Improved, fixed an issue, and improved the speed of the algorithm used to determine which triangle to use when a Surface Draw point extends beyond the area covered by the Surface it is associated with. Improve  
9180 When two plane surfaces are selected, the measure pane will now display the angle between the plane normals. Improve  
9182 The coded target wizard path only sets the units defined on the preferences pane if a target ID is specified. Improve  
9183 Selecting multiple plane surfaces displays information on the measurements pane. Improve  
9184 In referencing mode, the preference setting to control if a photo's auto-advance cursor appears (when there are no more references to make on the source photo) is now off by default. Improve  
9185 While in reference mode, clicking on an existing point and dragging it to a new location is now possible on the source photo. Improve  
9186 A warning now appears if a camera hasn't been modified after a field calibrated/optimized. Improve  
9187 Field Calibration/Camera Optimize is now enabled even when the number of good points in the project is less than the Preference threshold. A warning will appear but this allows an attempt to solve the camera in less than optimal projects. Improve  
9148 Fixed the way the EXIF rotation setting would sometimes not be read from certain images. Fix  
9149 When setting up a Template Pattern Capture base project, photos will now have their rotation flags set based on the images' EXIF rotation values. Fix  
9151 Updated how frozen points are treated during processing. This fixes an issue where single photo projects with frozen points would not optimize; and corrects the number of points displayed/checked when turning on camera optimization. Fix  
9155 Only one button on the Add/Remove Photos dialog is considered the default. Fix  
9160 When Imported Points and IDs are turned on, the 3D View now correctly centers around selected objects. Fix  
9163 The 'Open photos showing projected' command no longer includes photos where the point is behind the camera. Fix  
9164 The multi-point transform point's status bar now correctly applies the project units when displaying the point's position. Fix  
9165 The Properties pane no longer allows points assigned to imported control to have their frozen property set. Fix  
9167 Fixed a case where the processing option to orient would default to being on even when there were no new photos to orient. Fix  
9169 When a system running with Japanese characters is detected, the Measure pane no longer displays incorrectly formatted characters instead of the superscript symbols for cubed and squared. Fix  
9170 The Path mode cursor now updates to indicate Surface Draw curves can be selected and added to the path. Fix  
9171 Fixed a problem with automatic frame extraction with certain videos where a suitable first pair was not found. It is now more robust in finding a good starting point. Fix  
9174 The Curve tool drop-down menu now behaves like other similar drop-down tools where the most recently used tool displays as the 'top' tool. Fix  
9177 For Surface Draw marked on a Surface that overlaps itself, a surface draw point placed on the overlapping region now uses the closest part of Surface to the camera when calculating its 3D position. Fix  
9181 When a Surface Draw Curve is deleted, it no longer deletes any points that are attached to a Surface or Curve. Fix  
9188 In-place editing of the User Name field on a Mesh table has been disabled by default due to a problem with shortcut keys after an edit. A configuration file setting is available to re-enable it (contact support for more information). Fix Premium
9189 If a Surface Draw point is placed at a position where the intersection of its photo ray and the associated surface is behind the camera, the resulting location is ignored and the point will not have a 3D position. Fix  
9147 Fixed a crash that could happen when a Path Surface was attached to a curve-through-points object. Crash Fix  
9159 Fixed a crash that could happen when a project had control assigned, then all of the control were removed or unassigned, then control were re-added to the project while a table was open. Crash Fix  
9166 Fixed a rare crash that could happen when detecting the code rings of malformed targets (eg. due to extreme image blur). Crash Fix  
9179 Deleting a Surface that has attached Surface Draw Curves will now remove all the attached points. Crash Fix  
9190 Fixed a hang that could happen when automarking multiple images in a project with existing coded points defining the coordinate system. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2019.0.1 to 2019.1.0 [Mar 25, 2019]   (59 changes)    
9109 A new workflow, dialogs, and workspace for optimized digitizing of 2D template patterns. Significant  
9146 A new tool called Auto-trace, does automatic tracing of 2d outlines and lines. Esp. designed for 2d template line and edge capture. Significant  
9089 The Export Ortho Photo dialog has a new option that allows the plane defining the orthographic projection, to be based on a Plane surface object that is part of the project. Improve  
9090 Updated the look of most progress bars so they match other UI elements. Improve  
9092 Improved how referencing handles a point's Frozen state. Instead of always using the source photo's point, if the destination point is frozen, the destination point will be kept. Additional messages come up when conflicting states mean the frozen state cannot be kept. (eg. referencing a control point to a frozen one) Improve  
9096 Video extraction tool improvements - more stable and more reliable with better compatibility with various video formats and codecs. Improve  
9100 When removing photos from a project, the confirmation that appears is now more informative. Improve  
9101 The Cameras in Project dialog no longer shows the now outdated fiducial information. Improve  
9102 Graphics on the Processing dialogs updated. Improve  
9103 To make them easier to assign, any newly added scales, control points, or multi-point transform points are now automatically highlighted. Improve  
9105 The Point Coverage item on the Visibility on Photos pane renamed to Calibrated Area for clarity. Improve  
9106 Added a Delta Absolute Value column to the Check Distance table, which allows for better sorting to find the largest value regardless of sign. Improve  
9107 The Video Frame Extraction dialog now shows a counter of frames that have been saved for better feedback. Improve  
9110 Removed some rarely used preferences on the export group. If you need to adjust these settings please contact: Improve  
9111 Added a new setting, on by default, which will cause the 3D export dialog layers and items to match the last open 3D view. Improve  
9117 When two curve objects are selected, the measure pane now displays the closest distance between the curves, in addition to the sum of their lengths. Improve  
9119 Added colors and improved the look of the coded target marking summary. Improve  
9121 Added a check and warning when trying to print coded targets with IDs greater than 999. Improve  
9122 A warning is now displayed if the add coordinate system from RAD project preference setting does not work Improve  
9123 When an action, such as Locate, prompts for how many photos you would like to open, you can now choose which photo number to start at, and if you would like to close already open photos. Improve  
9126 Removing an imported object from a project is now faster. Improve  
9128 A new warning comes up when no project is loaded and the option to open the containing folder is selected. Improve  
9131 Added a new button to the export backstage pane that allows exporting or printing an open view. Improve  
9132 Improved the speed of some operations where lots of entities were changed. Improve  
9135 Removing a large number of curves from a photo is now faster. Improve  
9136 When activating from the Welcome to the PhotoModeler Demo screen, a new prompt for an email address helps make sure the appropriate email address is associated with the license. Improve  
9142 Removed the prompt to add a Field Calibrated (Camera Optimized) camera to the Camera Library. Improve  
9143 The Tool Search (top right of ribbon toolbar) results now include tools not already loaded in the workspace. Improve  
9144 Closed surface draw curves can now be set to the polyline type. Improve  
9088 In some cases the text for the Project Scale Status on the Auto-referencing dialog would be cut off the display area has been increased to prevent this. Fix  
9093 When a non-textured material has its color changed, any points assigned to this material now update their color automatically. Fix  
9095 Added a warning when trying to edit global geographic precisions when no geographic coordinate system set. Fix Premium
9097 Open Photos Showing tools now enable when imported points are selected. Fix  
9099 The Backstage panel showing license information now gets updated when a license is updated. Fix  
9104 The ribbon drop-down menu containing zoom tools now named Zoom to coincide with the photo right click popup menu sub-menu. Fix  
9108 Various text on warnings and dialog boxes reworded to properly refer to new ribbon toolbar. Fix  
9112 When manually processing a UAV Smart Match project, the Smart Orient option will now default to on. Fix Premium
9114 When opening a recently used project from the start-up dialog, the program now correctly responds to the first mouse click. Fix  
9115 The option to sort photos or an image sequence by file name now supports larger numbers with-in the file name. Fix  
9116 Sometimes the results of triangulation, when using the 'best fit box' cropping method (as used by the default UAV wizard settings), would return part of the outside crop instead of the inside one. Fix Premium
9118 Updated the property grid hyperlink color so it is easier to see with the dark theme. Fix  
9120 Referencing from a photo to a point table no longer brings up an incorrect warning that the reference cannot be completed. Fix  
9124 The option to merge vertices during file import now works correctly. This can be useful if you are importing a file with lines that share a common vertex. Instead of creating a point in the same location for each line the vertices can be merged leaving a single point. This option will slow down the import so only use it when necessary. Fix  
9125 The 3D tab of the Imports and Coordinate Systems pane is no longer 'shaky' when a project has been processed using an import with very large coordinates. Fix  
9127 Surface draw curves with the polyline property now output correctly in the .3DM format. Fix  
9129 Fixed a bug where the table gallery wouldn't update until a second curve, line, dimension was created. Fix  
9130 When triangulating a point cloud the modify mesh summary dialog now displays the correct number of before and after triangle counts. Fix Premium
9134 The Motion ribbon workspace's Reports tool now has a drop down menu showing various reports available. Fix Premium
9137 An error message no longer appears when surface drawing on a surface that is 3D but has a non-3D defining object. Fix  
9138 Changed how the far clipping plane for showing 3D data on photos is calculated. Previously any imported, but unmarked, data that was a long way from the solved project position would not display on photos. Fix  
9139 The tool search menu now opens just under the search box even if PhotoModeler is not maximized or is located on the non-primary monitor. Fix  
9087 When a project has photos that are not suitable for camera optimization, the camera optimization is now disabled on the Processing Dialog. Crash Fix  
9091 Fixed a crash that would happen if the option to "process an epoch after coded target marking is run" was selected without the "display each epoch as it's tracked" option being selected. Crash Fix Premium
9094 Fixed a crash that could happen when closing motion projects. Crash Fix Premium
9098 Fixed a problem with adding images (or video frames) during new project setup where duplicate images could be included in a project in certain circumstances. Crash Fix  
9133 Fixed a crash bug that could occur when re-running SmartMatch after setting one or more photos to 'Do Not Use in Processing'. Crash Fix Premium
9140 Fix for a crash that would happen when all points in a surface draw curve, but not the curve its self, were selected and deleted. Crash Fix  
9141 Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting certain sets of points. Crash Fix  
9145 Fixed a crash that would happen when marking the very first control point of a project, after processing with a large coordinate system, and with a quality point table open. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2019.0.0 to 2019.0.1 [Dec 13, 2018]   (37 changes)    
9062 When exporting an orthographic photo there is now an option to create a Rhino .3DM file containing a view with a tracing image. Rhino tools can then be used to outline and measure objects on the orthographic plane. Significant  
9053 If a project has inactive imported distances or points, the Project Status Report now breaks down the check min/max/average sections into one that only includes the active, and one that includes both the active and inactive checks. Improve  
9054 Large improvement to the speed of Surface Draw when drawing on a surface or triangulated mesh with many triangles. Improve  
9060 The "Version and License" page on the File Tab/Backstage now shows expiry (Evaluations, Subscriptions, or Maintenance). Improve  
9061 The Max. Residual status bar item/button text now uses a blue text color when enabled and a gray when disabled, and is now easier to read. Improve  
9063 Rhino .3DM exports only display the notes field if the projects description is not empty. Improve  
9064 Camera views exported in the Rhino .3DM format are now added to the named view list making them easier to restore in Rhino. Improve  
9067 If the ortho photo projection plane type is '3 point' a new check warns if no points are selected, or if the points selected are not 3D. Improve  
9070 Sub-selection of point clouds and triangulated meshes now show on projections and newly opened 3D views. Improve Premium
9072 Icons on Coordinates, Photo List and Visibility sub-toolbar edited for clarity in a dark theme. Improve  
9073 Some Preference settings moved to more appropriate panes on the Preferences dialog. Improve  
9074 Wording simplified on the Demo Introduction dialog. Improve  
9075 The mesh modify summary now displays the point and triangle totals using an easier to read format. Improve Premium
9077 The export ortho photo dialog has a new option to define the output size based on the average input size. First time exports default to this option with it set to 50% of the input pixel size. Improve  
9078 Updated the wording on the Project Status Report when a non-calibrated camera is used. Improve  
9080 When importing any external geometry, a warning comes up if no units for the import have been set. Improve  
9086 Updated the Register Controls utility and added a self-repair method to resolve problem installs due to control registration issues. Improve  
9050 Using the UAV project path in the wizard now sets a flag for this project type and the "Camera station heights constant" option for SmartOrient is only available when this flag is set. Fix Premium
9052 Extending curves that have the polyline property set and then closing them removes the polyline setting as it cannot apply to closed curves. Fix  
9055 Fix for pinned and static import point IDs sometimes not displaying in the same location as the points. Fix  
9058 Fixed a problem where the right-most column in a table could not be sized properly. Fix  
9059 When starting a new project with a single photo, the Single Photo workspace now loads properly (rather than the multiphoto workspace). Fix  
9065 Fixed a problem with the 'legacy' toolbar layout where the layout was not saved correctly when PhotoModeler closed, causing a potential corruption and problem with display on the next launch. Fix  
9068 The label for "Point Marking RMS Residuals" now fits in the column header of the PDF report. Fix Premium
9069 The first time a 3D projected object type was displayed on a photo, if it was selected, the selection and other highlights would not display. This has been fixed. Fix  
9071 If a large number of objects were selected, a 3D View was open, and a new object type was made visible, it will no longer a long time to create the 3D display while it checks to see if any of the items were selected. Fix  
9076 When the export ortho dialog is unable to calculate the input or output image size it now displays n/a instead of leaving the 'Computing...' text in place. Fix  
9079 Fixed an issue with some user interface elements not scaling appropriately on the screen when the Windows Display Scaling was set above 100%. Fix  
9081 In-place editing of the name field now works on Tables, and the Imports and Coordinate System pane. Fix  
9082 Fixed a problem with setting scale when using Automated Coded Target Project Preference settings where the scale distance could lose the decimal portion. Fix  
9083 Fixed a problem where ribbon/toolbar customizations would not always be saved. Fix  
9084 When the system DPI scaling is set to greater than 100%, radio controls on the add Imports and Coordinate Systems dialog are now spaced correctly and ensures all text will be visible. Fix  
9085 Defining the export ortho plane using 3 points with a dominant Y axis now works correctly. Fix  
9051 An issue with some computer configurations can cause some files not to install correctly. When PhotoModeler first ran it would crash. It now displays a warning with help text. Register Controls issue. Crash Fix  
9056 Instead of crashing with no message, when a key installation file is missing a warning now comes up suggesting a re-install. Crash Fix  
9057 Fixed a crash that could happen the first time a point cloud was created in a project. Crash Fix Premium
9066 Fix for a crash that could happen when closing the Automated SmartPoints Summary Dialog. Crash Fix Premium
  From Release 2018.1.2 to 2019.0.0 [Nov 19, 2018]   (50 changes)    
9002 SurfaceDraw curves now have a polyline property that changes the curve shape to a set of connected line segments. Significant  
9004 The Print Coded Targets dialog has been revamped to include an option to print RAD targets on label sheets. If printing legacy non-RAD targets, please contact for information on how to enable this. Significant  
9013 The Rhino .3dm export now has an option to include the solved camera positions and images as view wallpaper (all versions). Note that to get alignment that perfectly matches the PhotoModeler solution the project will need to be Idealized before export (Premium only). Significant  
9040 The main tool interface of PhotoModeler has been changed from Menu and Toolbar to a Ribbon interface. This helps with management of the interface and allows better customization. The old menu/toolbar interface can be returned (for now) with a control in Preferences. Contact Support. Significant  
9041 First release of the new product "PhotoModeler Premium". This new product combines all the features of PhotoModeler UAS and PhotoModeler Scanner. Any PhotoModeler UAS or Scanner user with an active maintenance subscription will automatically be updated to PhotoModeler Premium. Significant Premium
9000 Updated the information displayed per group while creating an MVS dense surface. Improve Premium
9007 By default, deleting a surface draw curve now removes any surface draw points that are used exclusively by the curve. A preference setting on the Curves and Surfaces panel can restore the previous behavior where only the curve was removed. Improve  
9011 The table views now display alternate rows in slightly different colors so it is easier to visually scan along a row. Improve  
9012 The distinct color in Table Views for the currently sorted column, has been made easier to see. Improve  
9015 Exporting point clouds into the Rhino .3dm format will now create a colored Rhino PointCloud object. Improve Premium
9018 Loading .fbx files now imports any named entities as points. This can be used to extract key points from a mesh using an external program like 3DS Max, name those points, then export as .fbx and import into PhotoModeler for control marking. Improve  
9021 After a photo has been idealized any inverse camera flags are now turned off so the idealized camera is not adjusted on subsequent processing. Improve Premium
9023 The Manage Pane Layouts dialog now has a button to save the current layout. Improve  
9030 The Processing report now indicates if the last processing included the Smart Orientation setting. Improve Premium
9031 Removed the link to the upload web page from the backup dialog. This has been replaced by the Help->Send files to support... button. Improve  
9038 Choosing cancel when prompted for how many photos to open after a Locate or Open Photos Showing Selected will no longer close any open photos. Improve  
9039 The default theme for the user interface is now dark (dark backgrounds with lighter text). There are two other new basic themes for light and colorful. If you wish to switch the theme that your PhotoModeler displays with go to File / Options / Preferences ... / Ribbon Toolbar and Theme, and then change the Theme color at top of pane and restart. Improve  
9042 Improved the formatting of numbers greater than 1,000 in a number of locations. Improve  
9043 The "PointMesh" term has been replaced throughout PhotoModeler. What was formerly known as a "PointMesh point cloud" is now a "Point Cloud". What was formerly known as a "Triangulated PointMesh" is now a "Triangulated Mesh". Where the two entities are mixed together (eg a Table), the combined term is now "Cloud/Mesh". Improve Premium
9044 The "External Geometry Explorer Pane" and the tools associated with it have been renamed. The pane is now the "Imports and Coordinate Systems Pane". Improve  
9049 Meshes can now be cropped with rectangles drawn in any order. Previously they needed to be done top left to bottom right, or bottom right to top left. Improve Premium
9001 When SurfaceDraw points are removed from a photo they now totally clear, no longer leaving temporary tiny black dots. Fix  
9003 If a point's layer is changed to one that is not visible on photos, the marks on any open photos will now hide without needing a re-draw. Fix  
9005 When trying to run camera optimization on a single photo project, if the minimum number of control points is not met but the option to override the minimums is selected, the optimization will now complete correctly. Fix  
9008 If a project's coordinate system is already defined by a scale/rotate/translate, and additional scales are added using the scale between offset pairs option, the coordinate system is now updated right away. Previously, it would need to be re-activated or the project re-loaded. Fix  
9009 Fix for an issue introduced in 2018.1.2, for how advanced blending orthophoto output handles .jpg images with exif rotation information. Fix  
9014 Textures will be generated during export only if items that can be textured are included in the export (saving time in some cases). Fix  
9016 Sometimes the ctrl-tab option to switch between open windows would list multiple copies of the same window. Switching to these duplicates would open a blank version of the pane. This has been fixed. Fix  
9017 Small improvement to project load times when 3D photo projections are turned on. Fix  
9019 Assigning a multi-point transform XYZ to a camera station by name matching works now with non-geo coordinate systems. Fix  
9020 When the auto-save time is adjusted on the Project Information dialog the current save timer will be reset to match this new time. Fix  
9022 Fixed cases where the photo thumbnails in the Photo List pane would sometimes display mis-painted artifacts around the image edges. Fix  
9027 The Image Check warning no longer appears during the wizard if multiple cameras are matched. Fix  
9028 Added a setting to control if Smart Orient is used during the coded target project wizard. Contact: if this is a setting that may apply to your projects. Fix  
9029 When the Auto-Assign by Name/ID tool is used to assign a set of control data, the assigned points now have their highlights updated correctly. Fix  
9033 Fixed some spelling/typo errors in a few areas. Fix  
9034 Reduced the number of updates when a photo windows zoom is changed based on the windows size. This reduces screen flash of photos with many marks displayed. Fix  
9037 The summary of assigned control points displayed at the top of the External Geometry Explorer now updates as points are assigned or unassigned. Fix  
9045 In a few cases prompts with long text on some buttons would not display fully. This has been resolved. Fix  
9047 Removed a duplicate "Curvature factor" column in the PointMesh Table. Fix Premium
9048 The Imports and Coordinate Systems pane (External Geometry) now always list assigned control points with the "Pt" prefix (to prevent confusion with assigned camera stations "CamStn"). Fix  
8997 Fixed a crash that would happen if photos are removed from an Image Sequence reducing the number of images to a value below the currently displayed index. Crash Fix  
8998 Fixed a crash that could happen if the next/previous photo tools were enabled and used when no photo view was active. Crash Fix  
8999 Fixed a crash that could happen when hitting quit while exporting a table view to a file. Crash Fix  
9006 Fixed a crash that could happen when adding references to already referenced, but not 3D, cylinders. Crash Fix  
9010 Fixed a crash that could happen when in control marking mode but a non-control item is highlighted in the external geometry explorer. Crash Fix  
9024 Fixed a crash that could occur after hitting quit while triangulating points during the SmartMatch wizard. Crash Fix Premium
9035 Fixed a crash that would happen when removing an unoriented photo with a referenced curve attached to point marks. Crash Fix  
9036 Fixed a crash that would happen when trying to run automarking when the images files are missing. Crash Fix  
9046 When creating new contours if the prompt asking if a new mesh should be created comes up choosing the red 'x' to close the dialog, instead of selecting one of the button options, no longer causes a crash. Crash Fix Premium
  From Release 2018.1.1 to 2018.1.2 [Jul 17, 2018]   (25 changes)    
8972 In the Create Dense Surface dialog, boolean choices are now given as check boxes which are faster to interact with. Improve Scanner/PMU
8973 The Crash Reporting tool includes some additional information, making it easier for our support staff to narrow down problems. Improve  
8976 When two points are selected on a photo, the measure pane now displays their pixel distance and the average pixel size (eg. inches per pixel) Improve  
8977 The SurfaceDraw status bar now indicates if the surface ID displayed is a mesh. Improve Scanner/PMU
8978 The rarely used photo property "Photo Texture Quality" is now hidden by default. Improve  
8980 When Image Plane visibility is turned on in a 3D view, a new progress bar is displayed allowing the plane creation to be cancelled. Improve  
8988 If a project containing an Image Sequence is backed up or sent to tech support, the archive will now include all images in the sequence. Improve  
8995 Reworded some Project Status Report warnings for clarity. Improve  
8974 When exporting camera information to .fbx format the focal length is now written correctly. Fix  
8975 Fixed a memory leak that would happen when creating an MVS dense surface when no SmartMatch points exist in the project. Fix Scanner/PMU
8979 3D photo ID visibility now enables if points or offsets are displayed. Previously it would only be enabled when points were displayed. Fix  
8981 Using undo after marking a control point no longer advances to the next point in the External Geometry Explorer list. Fix  
8982 When a project processed with geographic control has its control points disabled, the project will now be in a small arbitrary coordinate system, instead of earth centered coordinates. The small coordinate values make certain operations smoother. Fix PMU only
8987 The spinner progress indicator now hides correctly after the processing step has run. Fix  
8990 Fixed a problem with sending the email address for an evaluation code from the Demo Welcome screen. Fix  
8991 When the 'maximize overlap option' for MVS is selected (the default) and the MVS is using a specific PhotoSet, the MVS now correctly limits itself to just the photos in the photo set. Fix Scanner/PMU
8993 Changed how high DPI displays are handled, which should help with display scaling and large tool-icon issues on such displays. Fix  
8983 Fixed a crash that could happen if there was insufficient overlap in a set of photos and the SmartMatch process was started using the very or extra high setting. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8984 Fixed a crash that could happen when adding a multi-point transform using mark/pin imports mode. Crash Fix  
8985 Fixed a crash that would happen when right clicking in control mode over a non-imported point 3D photo projection. Crash Fix  
8986 Fix for a hang that could happen when running a set of photos (especially very small 2-3 photo sets) via the wizard with the "low density approximate surface from SmartPoints" option selected. Crash Fix PMU only
8989 Fixed a crash when trying to idealize a project with missing images. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8992 Fix for crash that would happen when the hole filling option of PointMesh modification was selected. Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8994 Merging a number of projects with a large photo count could leave the application in a strange state where some items would not paint properly and could lead to an eventual crash. Crash Fix  
8996 Fixed a crash that could occur when the 3D Viewer updated with offsets visible. Crash Fix  
  From Release 2018.1.0 to 2018.1.1 [Jun 27, 2018]   (72 changes)    
8932 A new featured called “Image Sequences” supports the forensic study of multiple images from the same un-moving camera (e.g. a security camera). An advancement on the “Replace Photo” feature. See help file or contact Significant  
8905 When importing a point cloud, improved how the text file import filter assigns the default column types. Improve Scanner/PMU
8906 Like the Photo List, the Photo Review Pane now displays the ID of open photos in green. Improve  
8907 New script/DDE command, CreatePlaneSurface, for creating a plane object. See help file. Improve  
8911 Importing a control file with more than 3 columns now defaults to column order: name, x, y, z (or Name, latitude, longitude, elevation for geographic control). Improve  
8916 General speed and optimization improvements. Some tasks that took a long time will now perform faster, especially with Xeon CPUs. Improve  
8918 When an image and a calibration file do not have the same focal length, or the images appear to have been rotated or resized, a specific warning that displays suggestions now comes up. Improve  
8919 The default settings for new project's 3D photo visibility can now be controlled via the PhotoModeler configuration file. Contact for more information if you would like to adjust these settings. Improve  
8920 Increased the default minimum number of photos needed for single sheet calibration 1st stage auto-referencing to 9. This will help situations where certain geometry and lens distortions would throw off the initial calibration solution. Improve  
8921 Added a preference setting to control the number of decimal places displayed on the properties pane. Improve  
8925 Dense Surface modeling now defaults to a new method for handling photo overlap in large photo count projects. This is controlled by a new advanced option when creating a dense surface: 'maximize overlap' (defaults to on). This will improve some point clouds and reduce holes in these large photo set MVS operations. Improve Scanner/PMU
8928 Improved the quality of the text outline when displaying IDs and dimensions on photos. Improve  
8933 During Control Marking mode right clicking on an imported point in the 3D viewer will highlight it in the External Geometry Explorer allowing it to be marked with the next left click. Improve  
8936 When an import is added to a project it is now assigned a new "ImportMaterial". This material defaults to an orange color, but the default can be adjusted on the Preferences dialog. Improve  
8937 Since there will be no rolled camera position, when the camera optimization setting is used on a project with a single photo, the P1 and P2 lens distortion parameters now default to being turned off. Improve  
8938 As it is rarely needed the option to solve Pixel Aspect during camera optimization now defaults to being hidden. Improve  
8939 When an Imported Point is highlighted in the External Geometry Explorer this highlight is also reflected in other views showing the Imported Point. Improve  
8940 The Processing dialog has been simplified, removing the audit section and only displaying the option to process constraints if a project has constraints in it. Additionally, selecting the camera optimization step will also select the optimize stage as this is needed for the camera optimization to run. Improve  
8941 When the Processing Dialog is used with a single photo project, the Camera Optimization setting is now always active. When it is selected a check is done to confirm the project meets the suggested minimums. If it does not a warning comes up explaining more points should be added to the project (with an option to run Camera Optimization anyway). Additionally the high residual removal step will always be disabled as it does not apply to single photo projects. Improve  
8943 Improved the speed when updating a large set of point properties, especially with a point table open, such as freezing a large project or changing the material or layer on a number of points. Improve  
8945 Saving a mesh in the .ply format now supports point clouds, including the point RGB values. Improve Scanner/PMU
8946 When an offset is creating using the properties pane, a line connecting the offset and point is also created. This can be controlled via the preferences dialog. Improve  
8948 The 'upload files to support' tool is no longer limited to 1GB uploads. Larger uploads are automatically split. Improve  
8949 Two improvements to project merge: Surface Draw points are now considered as part of the named point match, and frozen points can be adjusted to match the combine project coordinate system. Improve  
8951 The spinner graphic on the Progress dialog has been updated. Improve  
8955 Improved how extended Surface Draw picks the closest triangle in it's associated surface. Improve  
8959 The Offset symbol now defaults to a 3D cross target. A preference setting can return them to the old point symbol. Improve  
8964 Added a progress bar and improved the speed when removing a large number of photos. Improve  
8965 A new preference setting (on the Exports panel) controls if .fbx exports use a binary or ASCII format. Improve  
8967 The default number of imported columns now takes into account whether the imported text file includes certain optional columns of data. Improve  
8968 Measurements showing the distance between a point and plane now have a sign. Negative indicates the point is below the plane, positive points are above. Additionally, when the distance of an offset to a plane is displayed the ID indicates which offset is being referenced. Improve  
8969 Improved secure connections when PhotoModeler contacts the licensing server. Improve  
8970 In control marking mode, when the cursor is over a photo where the highlighted control point has already been marked, the cursor is no longer a 'do not use' symbol. Instead, the cursor shrinks to indicate the only option available is a right click to highlight a new imported point so it can be marked. A left click in this case will bring up a new alert explaining the point has already been marked on the photo. Improve  
8900 If an open photo is displaying the points used to define a scale and the scale is unassigned in the External Geometry Explorer, the photo now highlights the scale correctly. Fix  
8901 Using control marking mode with an imported point already assigned to a camera station now unassigns the camera station from the import before assigning it to the marked point. Fix  
8902 Fixed an issue that could cause a check and repair warning for camera stations not associated with a photo after exporting camera stations to 3DS Max script, or using the GetPhotoStation or SetPhotoStation script command. Fix  
8903 Selecting a plane surface and a set of points that includes imported points now displays the imported id (eg. ip45) instead of 'n/a' if it is the closest or farthest point from the plane. Fix  
8904 3DS Max would misinterpret backslash character sequences in file names (eg. the "\t" in "c:\temp" would be treated as a tab), to work around this backslashes in file names have been replaced with forward slashes. Fix  
8910 Fixed the material counts, on the export overview tab, with certain projects containing imported objects assigned the default material. Fix  
8913 When a project has control marked but has not yet been processed in the control system, the temporary 'pre-control' coordinate system now updates correctly when a control point gets a new reference. Fix  
8914 With some projects the ortho export dialog would display the incorrect input image pixel size. This has been fixed. Fix  
8915 When using the right click modal properties pane to add an offset to a control oriented project, the warning about not having a coordinate system defined no longer comes up. Fix  
8922 After creating a dense surface, the project is now auto-saved while the summary dialog is open, instead of when it is closed. This removes a redundant autosave improving ui speed in this area. Fix Scanner/PMU
8923 When removing meshes before processing only non-imported meshes are removed. Fix Scanner/PMU
8924 The check for how many cores should be used while creating a dense surface was not restricting the count correctly. This might cause memory usage crashes. This has been fixed. Fix Scanner/PMU
8927 If a point had it's references adjusted during processing (by SmartOrient or High residual removal), and if the end result left a point on just a single photo it could, incorrectly, be left showing it's previous residual value. This has been fixed. Fix  
8929 Fixed a memory leak that could happen during .dxf export. Fix  
8930 Static imports would not always display in the correct position in the 3D view. Fix  
8934 When an object is created for the first time in an existing 3D view (eg. the object type was first made visible) it would not display any highlights currently assigned to it. This has been resolved. Fix  
8935 When trying to merge a project with a large or geographic coordinate system a warning now comes up explaining the merge may not work. Fix  
8942 Measurements displayed on photos now update automatically after processing. Fix  
8944 When multiple 3D views are locked together, the pan amount is also stored as part of the locked-together view. ie. If one viewer is panned and then another viewer changes, the locked view position it will no longer jump to the un-panned position. Fix  
8950 Fixed some cases when surface draw points would not update after a large project change. (eg. a merge) Fix  
8953 When a photo is first opened the objects displayed no longer paint twice. Previously this would sometimes cause a small flash and slow down opening of photos with a large number of objects. Fix  
8954 When a project's coordinate system uses geographic coordinates and two lines are selected, the measure pane now shows their closest intersection point in the geographic coordinates instead of ECM. Fix PMU only
8956 Offsets along an axis now use the correct geographic axis. Fix PMU only
8961 Surface draw mark positions are now updated as part of the idealize process. Fix  
8966 The Activation Dialog no longer remains open up after a successful activation when no email address entered. Fix  
8971 Improved the way processing handles geographic ground control points. Fix PMU only
8899 Using offset points as part of a scale, rotation, or translation could lead to a crash if the transform was disabled or replaced with control points. Crash Fix  
8908 Fixed a crash when using the 'by layer' option with the automatic triangulation tool. Crash Fix  
8909 Fixed a crash that would happen when a .dxf file was imported with the "dxf text fields are point names" option selected but no valid entities were found. Crash Fix  
8912 Fixed a crash that could happen with pinned imports. Crash Fix  
8917 Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting a surface draw point with multiple surfaces attached to it. Crash Fix  
8926 Several updates to SmartOrient to better handle projects that include non-coded dot targets. Dot targets are now automatically cleaned up and a potential hang has been resolved. Any points with a manual mark will not be removed during SmartOrientation. Crash Fix  
8931 Loading a project into PhotoModeler version 2018.1.0, that is created by PhotoModeler versions 2018.1.1 and later, would cause a hang with progress bar up. This version will not have this problem. As well the warning message has an improved explanation that you might upgrade to the latest version. Crash Fix  
8947 Fix a problem setting up the local image path when reopening a project from a network path. Crash Fix  
8957 The Locate button now works correctly when using a mesh imported that does not define the coordinate system (no-transform/static or pinned). Crash Fix Scanner/PMU
8958 Fixed a crash that could happen while cylinder/edge/curve marking and the photo loses focus while a 'rubber band' line is being displayed. Crash Fix  
8960 Fixed a crash that could occur when backing up a project or sending a project to support and the path to it is lost or somehow changed while the project is open. Crash Fix  
8962 Fixed a crash that could happen when uploading images to Tech Support from within PhotoModeler while in Demo mode. Crash Fix  
8963 Fixed a crash that could happen when hitting quit while quality textures are being generated for a 3D view. Crash Fix