PhotoModeler Subscriptions

Subscription licensing is a way to purchase PhotoModeler at a reduced cost and with favorable cash flow for a reduced time. You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. Subscriptions automatically renew so you will have continuous access to the program as long as you do not cancel the subscription and your credit card does not fail to process a renewal payment.

The PhotoModeler software is a downloaded and installed desktop application. A Subscription is a form of licensing that controls how long the installed software will run.

The other form of license available for PhotoModeler is a Permanent license. A Permanent license provides a permanent, never-expiring license to run PhotoModeler.

There are two routes to licensing PhotoModeler: a) a Subscription, or b) a Permanent license with optional maintenance (after the first year).

Support and updates: Those with Subscriptions get support and free software updates while the subscription is active. Those with Permanent licenses get support and free software updates if their Maintenance is active (including one year with the original purchase).

Further definitions can be found on the Subscription Policy page.

Comparing Permanent Licenses and Subscription Licenses

Duration ¹ The software runs while the subscription is active. The software will always run.
Support and Updates ² Included while subscription is active Included for first year.
Agreement Renewal
n/a Provides support for 2nd year and later at a fee. ²
Cost ³ Ongoing automatic payments by month or year on a credit card. One-time up-front fee. Fee for optional maintenance after 1st year.

¹ See the Demo mode below for what happens when inactive.

² Support includes all updates for free and a reasonable amount of phone and email support.

³ See the Store for pricing and Store Policies for return and cancellation.

Demo Mode vs Full Mode

While a Subscription is active, or if you have a Permanent license, the software runs in Full mode with all capabilities. Before the software is licensed, or if a Subscription has been canceled, the software runs in Demo mode.

The Demo mode has no time restrictions and these functional restrictions:

  • Existing Projects and Cameras can be opened to view, but changes cannot be saved.
  • New Projects and Cameras cannot be saved.
  • No export of 3D data, tables, reports, animations, or ortho-photos.
  • No printing or saving to clipboard.
  • API / DDE control disabled.
  • Measurements are shown with reduced precision.

If you create a project and save it while your subscription is active you can load it and view it while in demo mode (you will not be able to save it or export but all viewing capabilities are available).