Archaeology Applications with Photogrammetry

The uses for photogrammetry in archaeology are varied - from artifact modeling, to the modeling of large excavations from kite photography! We’ve seen some fascinating sample projects completed by PhotoModeler and non-contact, non-invasive scanning technology of PhotoModeler Premium.

PhotoModeler is used by archaeologists and anthropologists to:

  • Measure and create 3D models of artifacts
  • Perform morphological measurements
  • Document dig sites, terrain or structures in-situ
  • Measure shipwrecks
  • Document older structures for conservation and preservation
  • Extracting the 3D surface of cave paintings, petroglyphs or carvings
  • Modeling objects for curatorial purposes


  • heritage site
  • shipwreck
  • pompeii
  • cave painting
  • petroglyph

PhotoModeler has proven to be a valuable tool for documenting heritage sites across the world. The "Fonte do Ídolo" is a historical monument in Braga, Portugal. It is a small 1st century AD Roman sanctuary which is carved from solid rock and had been an important and popular historical site. The Fonte do Ídolo's preservation is being threatened, as the site has been closed to the public for 2 years. The fight for its protection has been left to heritage organizations such as the ASPA and UNESCO. 

This project was provided to Eos Systems, courtesy of INFOTOP of Portugal. This was a very large and detailed project, containing 2277 3D points, and 151 photographs taken with a Kodak DC4800 digital camera. The final 3D model will be displayed on the web for educational purposes. 

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