Biology Applications with Photogrammetry

The applications for PhotoModeler Premium in medicine and biology are in morphological measurements using 3D surfaces and point cloud measurements. Analyzing and tracking scoliosis, foot shape, and other deformities are some possibilities.

Examples in Biology

  • Animal skull
  • tortoise
  • scoliosis

This project was created by Jan Wesbuer. It has 16 photos and 8 point clouds. The resulting model has 21,000 3D points.

This image is a screen shot of PhotoModeler Premium showing a textured 3D point cloud, a 3D textured surface model and 2 of the 16 photos.

This animation of the textured point cloud was created and exported entirely by PhotoModeler Scanner (now Premium). [Note that in this animation only 3D points are rendered (as small solid-colored discs) and no surfaces appear - hence the sparkle look.]