PhotoModeler Support Policy

We Will Make Sure You Succeed

It is very important to us that all PhotoModeler customers are satisfied. PhotoModeler’s Maintenance Agreement† is our company’s way of ensuring customers are able to complete their projects with the desired level of quality and accuracy.

PhotoModeler Technologies and our resellers/distributors are committed to helping you get started with PhotoModeler and making the most of the program. Please do not hesitate to contact PhotoModeler Technologies or your reseller for support and to have your questions answered. If you are unable to resolve your problem through your reseller please contact PhotoModeler Technologies directly at

If you own PhotoModeler 6, or older, the maintenance agreement does not apply, but Per-Incident Support is available. If you purchased from a reseller, please contact them to see what is available.

See the PhotoModeler End-of-Life Support Policy regarding the support of older versions.

Note that issues with licenses (you are unable to run PhotoModeler due to a licensing issue) are always supported for free even if your maintenance agreement has expired or if you are using an older version.

If in the end you cannot get PhotoModeler to do what you want or do what you expect within the first 30 days, you can take advantage of our Simple, Money-back, No-questions-asked Return Policy.

If you have any questions about this support policy please forward them to

Read what our customers have said about our support with unsolicited comments.

Maintenance Agreements are free in first year for all purchases of PhotoModeler 2010 and later.