PhotoModeler Version Lifecycles

Older versions of PhotoModeler are harder to support (developed with older operating systems, older compilers, older libraries, etc.). It can be very difficult to resolve problems encountered with old software versions.

‘End of life’, or ‘Lifecycle’ refers to the natural evolution of a product and when it is not suitable for use anymore.

Note if you have an active Maintenance Agreement you can download the latest version, and get support so the following does not apply. If you do not have an active Maintenance Agreement, note they are reasonably priced.

If you do not have a Maintenance Agreement and are running an old version, we provide Per Incident Support, and we try to solve all licensing problems (ie. unable to run the version you have installed due to a license) for free.

Below, find the dates when a particular version will no longer be supported (Per Incident Support, or Maintenance Agreement). We will assist with licensing issues, where possible, for old versions, but we cannot guarantee a successful resolution in all cases after these dates.

End of Life
Support close date
June 30, 2023
June 30, 2022
June 30, 2021
2010 – 2017
version 6 and earlier


Old Software, New Operating Systems

Also, take note that we cannot guarantee that older versions of PhotoModeler will work on newer versions of Windows that were released after that PhotoModeler version was released. See the Windows 10 Creator issue for an example.