Per-Incident Support for PhotoModeler

For customers who are not covered by a Maintenance Agreement, a per-incident support system is available. For customers that have PhotoModeler 2010 or later, a maintenance agreement is better as it also provides free software upgrades and a more timely turnaround.

For customers with older versions, a fee can be paid to get support on a per-case or per-incident basis.

There are no fees for any version if the support relates to a licensing issue (e.g. license key does not work). In addition, if the support is due to a serious bug in a legacy version (for which support is still open) then no fees will be collected. Please note that bug fixes and patches are not available for legacy versions.

Support for older versions is discontinued after a certain date. See the PhotoModeler End-of-Life Support Policy regarding the support of older versions.


Per-incident fee†
2019 – 2024
$55 usd
2014 – 2018
$95 usd
2013 and earlier
†Per-incident fees and close dates for legacy versions are subject to change without notice.



  • Legacy Version – a version of PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner, PhotoModeler Motion, or PhotoModeler UAS that is not the current version. At this time, this includes versions 1 through 6, and 2010 through 2012.
  • Incident – one initial contact for one issue or a reasonably connected set of issues, and the subsequent communications by email or phone required to resolve the issue(s).
  • Serious Bug – a bug that causes the program to crash or assert fail, or when the program fails to complete an operation.


I have a license issue (need a new license key, my computer crashed, etc.), do I need to pay a fee?
No, licensing issues that stop you from running your legal and licensed older version of PhotoModeler are fixed for free. Please note, that this may not apply to legacy versions (for which support is closed) that will not run correctly on a modern OS (ie. a version of Windows that was released after the legacy version was released).

How do Per-Incident Support and Maintenance Agreements differ?
Maintenance Agreement applies to the 2010 version and later, includes all software upgrades and patches, lasts for one year, and has a more timely turn-around. Per-Incident report is for support only and applies when there is no maintenance agreement active.

What if I find a serious bug or crash in a Legacy Version?
First ensure you have the latest version of the software, since there were many update patches released for legacy versions.  Beyond the updates already released, legacy versions of PhotoModeler no longer get bug fixes or upgrades. If you find a serious bug in a legacy version, for which support has not closed, then no incident fees will be collected as we try to find a workaround for you. Workarounds are not guaranteed.

Why does PhotoModeler Technologies have Per-Incident Support Fees?
The original support agreements for PhotoModeler 6 (sold until June 2010) and PhotoModeler Pro 5 (sold until February 2007) included 90 days of free support. We have continued to provide technical support for these versions well past the 90 days, up to several years in many cases. These versions are getting dated and are missing many improvements released since. With the release of Maintenance Agreements at the 2010 version we must be fair in respecting the customers who are now paying for this maintenance, by applying similar terms for ongoing support for legacy version customers for consistency.

Per-Incident Support gives an option for support to those who – for various reasons – cannot upgrade to the latest version.