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Introducing PhotoModeler’s New Letter Sheet Target System

PhotoModeler Letter Sheets

Do you fabricate a product that requires accurate and complex measurements on site?For example:Boat decks and covers2D templates and patternsKitchen and bath countertopsPool covers and decksKitchen and bath countertopsFlooring, patios, stairs, paversGlazing or surface measurement Letter Sheet Target System Introduction Video Click here to view a larger version with captions.   Unless the shapes are […]

How to Digitize Templates and Patterns With a Camera

In a number of industries, measurements are made of objects and equipment in the field, and then materials are manufactured to fit those existing objects. Some common industries like this are kitchen counter tops, boat covers, enclosures, or flooring, wall cladding, and stairway coverings or lifts. A common approach within these industries is to create […]

With a Camera Perform Non-Contact Industrial Measurement

Today’s industries demand accurate and reliable measurements. Sometimes it can be expensive, time consuming or difficult to achieve the required precision using traditional measurement methods. For most design and fabrication processes, the margin of error is small, and inaccurate measurements can result in losses. Photogrammetry enables industries to obtain accurate and reliable measurements from images […]

Capturing Motion with Photogrammetry and PhotoModeler

In this post I highlight the practical uses of PhotoModeler Motion (PMM), and feature two example projects. PhotoModeler Motion / PMM is the top of the PhotoModeler product line. It brings the time dimension into your measurement and modeling projects. PMM includes all features of PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner, and adds modeling of a dynamic […]