PhotoModeler 2024 Release and Permanent Price Changes

Season Greetings PhotoModeler 2024 We wish our customers and partners all the best of the holiday season. Wherever your travels may take you (visiting family or staying at home), we wish you a safe and enjoyable time. Please see our Contact page for our holiday hours.

New Release and Features

PhotoModeler 2024.0 has been released. It has several fixes and improvements. There are two significant improvements/features.

  1. For Standard users and those in fabrication – the SmartMatch tool, previously only available in Premium, is now available in Standard as well. SmartMatch provides for automated identification of marks and automated orientation without coded targets (if the subject matter is suitable). This opens up new fabrication measurement capabilities in our lower-cost product! [note coded targets are still the accurate choice for many applications]
  2. For forensic reconstructionists – you can now manually position an imported point cloud on a single photo, as well as pin the cloud to one or more light rays (i.e. not 3D points). This allows for importing point clouds (e.g. vehicles) and placing one or more in a scene solved by other control points in a different coordinate system. This was a prevalent request by accident scene and forensic investigators! Please view this video.

With the availability of SmartMatch in Standard, there have been some price changes. The Standard version price is increasing, and the Premium version price is decreasing. If you have an active subscription, see the notes below. The permanent Premium price change matches the sale we have had for some months.

New Premium Pricing

The PhotoModeler Premium price has been reduced by approximately 20%. This applies to permanent, subscription, trade-up, and maintenance. You can see the new pricing on the PhotoModeler Store. If you have a Premium subscription the price will be dropped automatically before your next renewal.  Premium continues to have additional features that Standard does not, and hence Premium can still be the best choice for certain applications. See the updated list of differences.

New Standard Pricing

The PhotoModeler Standard version will have a small price increase (approx. 15%). The price increase applies to permanent licenses, subscriptions, and maintenance. Note – if you have an active Standard subscription, your renewal price will not increase in the foreseeable future. You can see the new pricing on the PhotoModeler Store.

Subscription Pricing

With these changes to prices, what happens to active subscriptions?

  • If you have a monthly or yearly subscription to PhotoModeler Standard your renewal price will not go up for the foreseeable future as long as the subscription is kept active. If you buy a new subscription, it will be at the new price.
  • If you have a monthly or yearly subscription to PhotoModeler Premium your renewal price will be automatically dropped to the new lower price before your next renewal. No need to cancel and restart your Premium subscriptions!
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