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What’s New – Summer 2024

Summer Celebrations

We have some PhotoModeler news that may be of interest, July 2024: Software Update What’s New for Fabricators and Marine Decking What’s New for Forensic Investigators Software Update PhotoModeler 2024.2 was released June 20, 2024, with several improvements. Some significant improvements are: New Best Fit Plane tools for adding and removing points from a best-fit […]

2022 PhotoModeler Updates

PhotoModeler Kona Speed Demo

We have some exciting improvements in PhotoModeler for 2022. Version 2022.0 had over 60 improvements, and version 2022.1 (released Feb 16th) had over 50 improvements. While many of the improvements apply to multiple application areas, each of these releases had a focus. 2022.0 focused on features used in fabrication, marine jobs, and decking, while 2022.1 […]

PhotoModeler Product and Price Changes and the 2020.2 Release

2020.2 Graphic

PhotoModeler 2020.2 has been released!  There are changes to program features, the product line up, and some prices. PhotoModeler 2020.2 New Features The PhotoModeler 2020.2 release has over 50 changes. View the full list of new features, enhancements, and changes here. Here are a few of the interesting improvements: Flattening for 2.5D Surfaces If you […]

PhotoModeler 2019.1 and Pattern Capture Add-on Release

Mounted Camera and Pattern on Table Mosaic

PhotoModeler 2019.1.0 was released on March 27th, 2019.  This release contains 59 improvements and fixes! The significant improvement and new feature is the Pattern Capture Add-on for 2D template and pattern digitization. If you work with textiles and have a need to accurately digitize large patterns, then PhotoModeler Standard with the Pattern Capture Add-on (or […]

PhotoModeler 2018.1 Release and Drone Vertical Datums

Drone Photography

PhotoModeler Release PhotoModeler version 2018.1.0 was released April 11th, 2018. It has a number of large and small improvements and fixes. UAV Control Marking Improvement. UAV and drone projects with GCP (ground control points) are now easier to set up. Multi-point Transform Improvement. Multi-point transforms can now be formed with just one point assigned (translate), […]

PhotoModeler 2018.0 Release Improvements

The new PhotoModeler 2018.0 release has faster processing, robust Coded Targets, and gridded DEM export. The most significant improvements in PhotoModeler 2018.0 span the needs of a wide range of our customers: New Gridded Digital Elevation Model Export Smart Processing now for Coded Target Projects Smart Processing speed increase for large projects Orthophoto improvements Gridded […]

PhotoModeler 2017.1 Release and Improvements

PhotoModeler version 2017.1 was released Aug. 22nd, 2017. The 5 goals of this release: Add features to improve certain types of industrial measurement projects. Further improve capability, speed, and stability of SmartMatch projects. Add a project upload tool for easy communication with the PhotoModeler Support team. Provide the help file in a PDF format. Fix […]