5 New PhotoModeler Things to Check Out!

We have been busy since the last posting!  I’ll outline five neat things that happened in late 2020 and early 2021 that will help you get the most out of PhotoModeler.

1. New Software Releases

In February we released PhotoModeler 2021.0 with some significant improvements. The two main improvements being Bent Tube modeling and the restructured video tutorial system. More on these below.

There were also two quick releases with fixes and some small improvements in March. The latest release is 2021.0.2. You can see the list of changes on the New Enhancements and Fixes page. If your maintenance is active, or you have an active subscription, you can download and install the new release at no extra cost.

2. A New Video Tutorial System

Over the years we have generated 130 videos on PhotoModeler! It was getting difficult to find the one that would answer your questions. In conjunction, the way tutorials were handled inside the PhotoModeler program was hard to navigate and hard to keep up to date.  We have solved both problems with a whole new presentation system.

On the new tutorial web page, all our videos are now organized by application area. And there is an ‘All’ category so you can see the whole list! The tutorial display has a new icon key to tell you if the video has a voice-over, captions, or is based on the older user interface. The All category and an update to the site search engine make finding tutorials much easier!

PhotoModeler’s 2021.0 version introduced a new Tutorial Pane accessed by the File menu and from the Getting Started dialog. This pane mirrors the online presentation, is organized by application, and is a live feed. In addition, in the program, you can click on the project zip files (if the video has one) and it will automatically download and open in PhotoModeler. This new system means that your internal tutorial list will update as we add new videos online.
PhotoModeler 2021 Tutorial Pane

3. New Bent Tube Modeling Object

Those working with marine canvas (and the frames and tubes that hold biminis, dodgers, and sprayhoods) will find this new feature of special interest. It may be useful in other applications where there is a need to model cylinders/tubes that are bent or curved without the use of targets.

See the Introduction to Bent Tubes video for the best description of Bent Tubes and how they are formed. In addition, the Measuring Marine Canvas page has an introduction. If you are interested in 3D marine canvas measurement please fill out the form on this page, or email us to find out more about the new Bent Tube capability and how that fits into a 3D marine canvas measurement approach.

Example of Bent Tube Modeling

4. Upcoming Training Course

We have a PhotoModeler Training Course coming up. This is an online virtualized course with a live instructor. You don’t need to own PhotoModeler to attend.  Information and sign-up can be found here:

5. New Videos

We have published some interesting videos recently.  Most of these can be seen in the Latest Videos list online but I’ll summarize a few here:

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