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Announcements of product line up changes or pricing changes.

PhotoModeler Product and Price Changes and the 2020.2 Release

2020.2 Graphic

PhotoModeler 2020.2 has been released!  There are changes to program features, the product line up, and some prices. PhotoModeler 2020.2 New Features The PhotoModeler 2020.2 release has over 50 changes. View the full list of new features, enhancements, and changes here. Here are a few of the interesting improvements: Flattening for 2.5D Surfaces If you […]

PhotoModeler Premium / V2019 Releases and Pricing Changes

  This post is old. Please refer to newer release posts. PhotoModeler Premium PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler UAS have been replaced by one product, PhotoModeler Premium. There are now two PhotoModeler products:  Standard and Premium. PhotoModeler Premium is a complete super-set of PhotoModeler Standard. PhotoModeler Premium is priced as Scanner was. All the drone and […]