The latest tutorial and tip videos. Listed in reverse chronological order of publication.

Height Offset Dynamic Measurement

Single photo height measurement above a plane (often done in security camera perp height estimation) can now be done in a more dynamic way by dragging the point. [Jan 18, 2023]

Outlines - additional features

Three additional features for the Outline drawing tools. [Jan 18, 2023]


An overview of the Outline surface drawing methods and tools. CAD-like drawing capabilities for high quality tracings. See also Boat Deck Tracing. [Dec 12, 2022]

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Marine Canvas in Rhino CAD

Demonstrates techniques for handling canvas measurement data (points, lines and bent tubes) in Rhino CAD to produce canvas panels. [Dec 09, 2022]

Use LIDAR to Help Solve a Single Photo Forensics Case

The video describes how PhotoModeler can use a 3D laser scan (LIDAR) of a crime scene to solve and extract information from a security / surveillance camera. [Jul 26, 2022]

Merging Two or More Coded Target Projects

Describes how to reuse Coded Targets in multiple projects and merge the projects based on some subset of shared targets. Music by [Jun 01, 2022]

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Export Aligned Images to Blender

Correct photos for lens distortion and export to Blender to use as a background image plates for other modeling or animation. [May 04, 2022]

Check Distances

How to use check distances and points to check accuracy or to compare to known values. [Mar 11, 2022]

Multiple Scales

An overview of how to use and set up more than one scale distance in a project. [Mar 11, 2022]

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Using 3D Import Surface Pinning and LIDAR Data to Solve Vehicle Speed

The Surface Draw based import pinning mode is used to pull in a LIDAR scan of a vehicle to pin to a photo and a surface from a scene scan. And vehicle speed is estimated. [Feb 17, 2022]


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