The latest tutorial and tip videos. Listed in reverse chronological order of publication.

Default Plane Offset

When doing Surface Draw on a plane that does not match the true surface, due to targets with thickness, this video helps with setting up a default thickness/offset for the target planes. [Jun 07, 2021]

Sloped Deck Panels

How to handle panels on a boat deck that are sloped relative to the main plane, and you are using the Surface Draw outline method. [Jun 07, 2021]

Surface Draw Surface Selection Menu

Starting in version 2021.1 there is a new method to help pick the surface you are doing surface draw on - using a pop up menu of close by surfaces. [Jun 07, 2021]

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Working with Small Deck Panels

Explains a few methods for dealing with small deck panels that are smaller than can hold three normal targets. Also how to manually fix a panel without enough targets. [Apr 26, 2021]

Introducing Bent Tubes

Bent Tubes are used to model cylinderical tubes that have bends in them - such as those that hold up marine canvas. This video introduces them and shows how to create. [Mar 11, 2021]

Improving Visibility of Marks and Projections on Photos

When the Mark or 3D Projection of the model is the same color as the photo background it can be hard to see. This video outlines a few settings that can be used to improve this. [Jan 19, 2021]

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Coloring a laser scan point cloud using a photo

This video shows how to use PhotoModeler Premium to import a point cloud from a laser scanner, and align it with a photo so the RGB color for each point can be extracted from a single photo. Similar techniques can be used with multiple photos. [Dec 22, 2020]


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