The latest tutorial and tip videos. Listed in reverse chronological order of publication.

Some of my Decking Photos did not Orient

If you encounter a decking project where some of your photos did not orient (have a Red X on the image chip), this video will assist. [Sep 22, 2021]

Merging Marine Deck Projects in CAD

For larger boat deck projects you may need to split into two or more projects. This video describes how to merge this in CAD. [Aug 18, 2021]

Surface Draw Overview

A deep dive into all things Surface Draw. Where and how Surface Draw is used. [Aug 09, 2021]

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Measuring Points, Lines, and Curves for Marine Canvas

This video builds on the Getting Started canvas video and describes how to add points and other objects needed to complete a canvas measurement ready for CAD export. [Jul 29, 2021]

Getting Started with Marine Canvas

The first steps in any marine canvas project are described [Jun 29, 2021]

Digital Templating for Marine Canvas with Your Camera

An introduction to how PhotoModeler and a camera can be used to measure and do 3D templating for marine canvas work. [Jun 14, 2021]

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Default Plane Offset

When doing Surface Draw on a plane that does not match the true surface, due to targets with thickness, this video helps with setting up a default thickness/offset for the target planes. [Jun 07, 2021]

Sloped Deck Panels

How to handle panels on a boat deck that are sloped relative to the main plane, and you are using the Surface Draw outline method. [Jun 07, 2021]

Surface Draw Surface Selection Menu

Starting in version 2021.1 there is a new method to help pick the surface you are doing surface draw on - using a pop up menu of close by surfaces. [Jun 07, 2021]

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Establishing Vehicle Speed from Surveillance Video

3rd-party video. This video, created by Ben Molnar of Lightpoint Data, demonstrates how to use a laser scan of a scene to extract data (such as vehicle speed) from video surveillance footage. Note that the video frame extraction can be done by PhotoModeler or VLC as well. [May 18, 2021]

Using a Laser Scanned Exemplar to Model Crush

3rd-party video. This video, created by Lou Peck of Lightpoint Data, demonstrates how to use a vehicle laser scan to model accident crush from photos. [May 18, 2021]

Working with Small Deck Panels

Explains a few methods for dealing with small deck panels that are smaller than can hold three normal targets. Also how to manually fix a panel without enough targets. [Apr 26, 2021]

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