The latest tutorial and tip videos. Listed in reverse chronological order of publication.

Ray Pinning

Shows how to manually place, or pin to rays/2D points, a point cloud in a single photo project. [Dec 15, 2023]

Interpreting the Automated Project Processing Summary

There is a lot of useful feedback given by the processing dialog for Coded Target processing. This video show how to interpert that information. [Sep 14, 2023]

Find Surface Trace Photos

Help answer, "What photo do I continue my tracing on?" when working with Outlines and Surface Draw in a multi-photo project. [Aug 28, 2023]

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Outline Split

Split an Outline Line or Spline into two so other elements can be added, or assigned to different surfaces. [Aug 28, 2023]

Outlines Manipulation

Four tools to manipulate whole Outlines: Duplicate, Mirror, Move and Rotate. [May 15, 2023]


How to create annotation text and dimension lines on photographs. [May 01, 2023]

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Printing and saving photos with markings

How to print a photo (or save to an external image) with its markings, dimensions, 3D data and/or various zoom settings. [May 01, 2023]

Height Offset Dynamic Measurement

Single photo height measurement above a plane (often done in security camera perp height estimation) can now be done in a more dynamic way by dragging the point. [Jan 18, 2023]

Outlines - additional features

Three additional features for Outlines (multiple fillet, set radius, corner to fillet). [Jan 18, 2023]

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An overview of the Outline surface drawing methods and tools. CAD-like drawing capabilities for high quality tracings. See also Boat Deck Tracing. [Dec 12, 2022]

Marine Canvas in Rhino CAD

Demonstrates techniques for handling canvas measurement data (points, lines and bent tubes) in Rhino CAD to produce canvas panels. [Dec 09, 2022]


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