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Tip 80: Arranging your photos while referencing

While many aspects of PhotoModeler are automated, there are still times we need to use the manual point marking and referencing mode. This tip describes a method used in manual point referencing for arranging the photo windows different. It is called ‘Auto-arrange Photos’. When manually referencing points, it helps to open a number of photos […]

UAS / UAV Photography for 3D Scanning, Measurement and Modeling

With the proliferation of UAS/UAV (unmanned aircraft systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones) armed with lightweight cameras it has become much easier to capture, scan, measure and 3D model scenes from above. The technique is called photogrammetry. You no longer need to hire an airplane to take aerial photos or purchase expensive aerial photos of […]

Tip 75: Masking to Improve Orthophoto and 3D Textures

Did you know that photos can be masked to improve orthophoto and 3D texture output? Sometimes project photos have unwanted items or artifacts that can negatively affect the orthophoto or 3D texture output. For example, a moving car or person appears in a scene while photos are being taken, or a tree or bush is […]

Tip 73: Customizing Object State Colors

Did you know that you can assign color materials to objects, and customize the colors used to denote the state of an object in PhotoModeler? In this case, ‘state’ means an object is selected, or is being referenced, assigned, etc. Materials First, 3D objects in PhotoModeler like points, lines, edges, cylinders, and surfaces all have […]