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Posts on the PhotoModeler tip videos.

Tip 32: Creating the New Plane type in PhotoModeler

In the PhotoModeler Tip #32 video we demonstrate a feature new to the 2013.0 release (Feb 2013). The new feature is called: the 3D Plane.  3D Planes can be created on coordinate planes, or fit to three or more 3D points. PhotoModeler has a number of surface types (single triangle, triangulated paths, lofts, sweeps, NURBS […]

Tip 31: Remove Gaps in PhotoModeler ID numbers

We have a short and sweet tip video for you this week. Just 41 seconds! Many objects in PhotoModeler – points, curves, edges, cylinders, surfaces, DSMs, etc. – have unique ID numbers. These numbers are set automatically by PhotoModeler. While working with your project, e.g. referencing points, deleting edges, etc. gaps will form in the […]

Tip 30: Using Sphere Targets and Laser Scan Data

This tip is a follow-on to the Tip 29 blog posting and video. In Tip 29 we showed how the new Sphere Target can be used in PhotoModeler to get precise photogrammetric marking and measurement. Some laser scanners, such as (but limited to) the Faro Focus 3D, can also use sphere targets for scan alignment. […]

Tip 29: Sphere Targets in PhotoModeler

Precise 2d marking of points in photos is key in a photogrammetric project to obtain the highest 3d accuracy. There a number of ways to get this marking precision. The highest precision is obtained when PhotoModeler can use a known target shape for sub-pixel marking. Sub-pixel marking means that the program can detect the position […]

Tip 27: Easy Control over Materials and Layers in PhotoModeler

This PhotoModeler tip video demonstrates shortcuts for working with Layers and Materials. Layers are user-defined groupings of objects in your project. Layers can be used to control visibility in the 3D Viewer or to control what parts of the project gets exported. Materials are used to apply colors, surface appearances and textures to the objects […]

Tip 24: Creating 3D Profiles in PhotoModeler

In this tip video we show how to create a 3D profile of a PointMesh in PhotoModeler.  A 3D profile is like a contour line but instead of being a line from a set of regularly-spaced heights, it is a single line at any orientation defined by the user. It is the 3D curve that […]