Tip 27: Easy Control over Materials and Layers in PhotoModeler

Tip: Layers and Materials VideoThis PhotoModeler tip video demonstrates shortcuts for working with Layers and Materials.

Layers are user-defined groupings of objects in your project. Layers can be used to control visibility in the 3D Viewer or to control what parts of the project gets exported.

Materials are used to apply colors, surface appearances and textures to the objects in your project.

The PhotoModeler Toolbar has two drop-down controls that allow very easy and quick access to the material and layer settings for objects. You may want to change the layer and/or material for one or more objects, and having easy access and feedback makes it that much easier.  The drop-downs act similarly to the font or style drop-down controls in word processors.

The drop-downs not only allow easy changes to the currently selected objects, but as well provide easy changes and feedback for the defaults (that is, what layer and material the next newly created object will have). 

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