Tip 23: Define which photos texture a mesh in PhotoModeler


Tip 23 VideoIn this tip video we show how to define which photographs are used to texture meshes in PhotoModeler. 

The video first shows how Dense Surface Models (DSM) are, by default, assigned to one photograph for extraction of texture, and how this can lead to un-textured areas. A multi-photo texture material is assigned to the mesh so it can grab texture data from two photos. You can define which sets of photos to use or ask it to use all photos. There is a speed trade off to consider – if asking for all photos, it will take longer to search for the best pixel or combination of pixels.

Then another technique is shown where the mesh is split into two and the split sections are each assigned a different single-photo material. The end result is visually similar.

The use of camera view frustums illustrates strongly the relationship between photo overlap and texturing. Quite a neat use!


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