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Tip 16: Paste PhotoModeler Table Data into Excel

A great way to analyze data from PhotoModeler is to display one of the many Table Views (such as the 3D Points Table, or the Photos Table), and export it to Excel. You can then use the power of Excel for sorting, analysis, etc. This video shows the easy steps to copy/paste from PhotoModeler to […]

Tip 15: PhotoModeler’s Camera Frustum View

PhotoModeler’s 3D Viewer is a great tool for viewing your 3D model, as well as viewing the positions of the camera(s) that took the photos. A new feature in 2012.1.1 now shows the camera frustums as well. A frustum is the volume the camera sees, shown graphically by a 3D wireframe solid. These are useful […]

Tip 14: PhotoModeler’s Curves Through Points

PhotoModeler can create b-spline curves (NURBS) in two ways. The first is by marking the curve edge in multiple photographs and referencing these curve marks. The second is fitting a curve through a set of existing 3D points. This tip demonstrates the latter technique of selecting one-by-one, or group selecting points to fit a curve […]

Tip 13: PhotoModeler’s Video Import

This tip demonstrates a recently added feature: Video Import. Video files can now be used as a source of photogrammetric information – stills are extracted from the video and used the same way photographs from a digital still camera are. The frame extraction can be done manually, with a small embedded video player in PhotoModeler […]

Tip 12: Linking 3D Views in PhotoModeler

This tip shows a recently added feature called ‘3D Viewer Linking’. For some time, you have been able to open multiple 3D Viewer windows and show different object types, different layers, and different rendering qualities (points, meshes, surfaced, textured) in the different windows. Now with multiple open 3D View windows you can sync their view […]