Tip 21: Align a PhotoModeler project to known external 3D points

Video tip for coordinate system setupThis video tip demonstrates how to set up a coordinate system in PhotoModeler from multiple known 3D points. 

This is useful when survey data or geographic data is available and you want the PhotoModeler project to be aligned (same position and rotation) as the external coordinate system. 

The 3D points can come from a survey, from maps, from GPS, or from another PhotoModeler project. In this video we show the points being set up manually, but they can also be imported from external files. 

In additioin if you know the positions of the camera when the photos were taken (an accurate GPS position perhaps) these can be used optionally to align the PhotoModeler project.

Lastly, a check table will show how well the external points and PhotoModeler’s points align (if using more than three points) with a residual error display.

Do you have some examples in your field where this might apply, or have further questions? Please don’t hestitate to contact us at sales@photomodeler.com. 

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