Winner of PhotoModeler’s first Social Media Contest

By random draw, the winner of our first social media ‘like’ and ‘+1’ contest is Julio Cuenca Sanabria. The winner gets one year of free Maintenance Subscription for PhotoModeler Scanner (or equivalent value in discounts towards other PhotoModeler products, upgrades, etc.). No cash value. Note we will have another contest in 2012 and all still-connected […]

Amazing New PhotoModeler Examples

Our customers have shown us some very interesting projects recently. Some great PhotoModeler Examples.  First, we have a forensic application which is also an illustration of performing DSM scanning on a very small object using macro photography. One of the advantages of photo-based 3D scanning is its size independence. This example is a perfect illustration […]

New PhotoModeler Geology Article

A new journal article describes a technique using PhotoModeler for the measurement of inaccessible geological features. Details here – look for “Using Close Range Photogrammetry to Measure the Position of Inaccessible Geological Features”.