Amazing New PhotoModeler Examples

Our customers have shown us some very interesting projects recently. Some great PhotoModeler Examples.

Colorized cartridge point cloud First, we have a forensic application which is also an illustration of performing DSM scanning on a very small object using macro photography. One of the advantages of photo-based 3D scanning is its size independence. This example is a perfect illustration of that. The object is the end of a bullet cartridge and is less than a cm across. See full description at bottom of the Crime Example page.

Stream bed table scan Second, we have an interesting application in hydrology and geomorphology. This is scan of a stream bed simulation table. See full description here.

Large architectural scan Lastly, we have a large architectural project done with 50 photographs and a number of overlapping scans resulting with a point cloud of 14 million points. Included is an interesting video that starts with an apparent solid model and zooming in until you can see the detail in the point clouds. See full description here.

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