PhotoModeler Tip Videos and Open Photos Showing Selected

Person at computer with PhotoModeler screen A PhotoModeler Tip is a short video introduction to one feature in PhotoModeler. We have published regular tips in the past, and we are getting back to that again.

PhotoModeler Tips are useful for regular PhotoModeler users as the tips describe some of the more useful, powerful, but sometimes hidden features of the program.  Tips can be useful to new customers and evaluators too, as a way to learn more about the potential of the software.  Tip videos are short and easily digested. This new one is 3 minutes long.

We start off this next set of PhotoModeler Tips with a tip on ‘open photos showing selected.’

Working with photographs, and understanding the relationship of marks across photos, is very important in photogrammetry. When you are looking at an object in a 3D view, table, or a photo you often want to know “in which photos is this object defined or marked?”

With the ‘open photos showing selected’ capability, you click on the object (in 3d view, table, or photo) and ask PhotoModeler to open all photos that show the object.  This can be helpful to look for errors, to see if additional references are needed, to find other objects close to the selected object, or to get context. This object can be a manual point, a SmartMatch point, or a Coded Target point.

The Open Photo Tools

Here is a description of the three main tools shown in the tip video.

Show Marked Point with Highest Residual

A residual is an indicator of how well a point is marked on a photo. A point with a high residual should be studied to see if there is a marking error.  This tool opens the photo with the highest residual point. It always opens a single photo.

Open Photos Showing Selected

This tool will open all photos (or a choice if more than nine) for the currently selected object or objects.  The variations of this tool are:

  • Open Oriented Photos Showing Selected – open just photos that have been solved and oriented, and
  • Open Photos In Use Showing Selected – open both oriented and unoriented photos where the photos are ‘in use’ – good for reviewing points when first setting up a project.

Open Photos Showing Projected

This tool will open all photos (or a choice if more than nine) where the currently selected 3d point projects onto the frame of the photo (whether marked yet or not) – useful for finding additional photos to reference a point.

Video:  “Ways to open photos showing a point”

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