Tip 54: PhotoModeler’s 3D Viewer Lighting Controls

Tip 54 Screen ShotWhen viewing 3D triangulated meshes in PhotoModeler – created by DSM or the new MVS – it can sometimes be difficult to see surface detail. The 3D Viewer renderer uses two lights – a head light (pointing from the renderer’s camera position straight forward – like the head lights on a car), and a side light (pointing perpendicular to the head light from the side).

When a surface is facing the viewer, and the head light is strong, the surface details get ‘washed out’. The intensity of the head and side lights can be adjusted. With a dimmer head light and stronger side light there are more shadows cast and small features in the surface can be seen.

In addition the position of the side light can be moved so it is not perpendicular to the head light – which might pick out additional details. Lastly, the side light can be locked to the object or scene so it moves as the object is rotated (more like a fixed sun position).

Watch the Youtube video of this tip to see how these lights can be adjusted.

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