Tip 41: PhotoModeler’s Different Ways to Select Points

Tip 41 Video ScreenAnother short and useful tip this week. This tip shows the different ways to select one or more points in the PhotoModeler interface.

Point selection is a key operation for many tasks such as getting measurements, referencing, moving, deleting, and triangulating points, etc. Often you need to select groups of points and this tip video outlines the short-cuts.

The selection methods demonstrated are:

  • single point mouse selection
  • multiple point shift select with mouse
  • multiple point rectangular-region selection
  • polygon-shaped region selection mode
  • ‘select all unreferenced marks on active photo’ command (useful for figuring out what remains to be referenced to other photos)
  • highlight of selected points on other photos (great visual feedback of references)
  • ‘select points shared on open photos’ command (useful for determining joins and sequences across multiple photographs)
  • selection inversion

View the youtube video (high def and larger on youtube as well):

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