Tip 38: Controlling how PhotoModeler Tables are opened

Tip 38 VideoWe have a short and sweet tip video for you this week.  If you use Tables a lot in PhotoModeler (tables are the spread-sheet-like data view), you may find this tip useful.

By default, PhotoModeler opens a new table view tiled with other tables. You can manually tab these views, or move the views around.

Tabbed Table ViewsHere we show a Point table and a Photo table tabbed. To look at each table, you click on its tab to bring it to the front.

You may want tables to always open tabbed to optimize your screen real estate.



Preference settingThe Preference called “Open table panes tabbed” when checked, will cause all tables to open tabbed instead of tiled. You can then manually tile them if you wish after they are open. If you deal with many tables this may save you a few clicks and drags for each table open.




Watch the tip video here (or on Youtube at a bigger size):

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