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Posts mentioning new releases of the PhotoModeler software.

PhotoModeler 2015.0 Release

PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler Motion have a new release: version 2015.0.0 – release date Dec. 3, 2014. PhotoModeler has always been used in a wide variety of industries, and recently there have been more PhotoModeler Scanner users in the geotechnical, mining, and land survey fields. As a result, PhotoModeler is being used more with […]

PhotoModeler 2014.1.1 Release

PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler Motion have a new release version 2014.1.1 (release date Sept. 15, 2014). There are a few interesting new features, and another goal is improved stability. The new features: Draw Mask Mode. A new Draw Mask tool has been added for drawing Masks directly onto photos. These masks can be used […]

PhotoModeler 2014.0.1 Release – More speed!

The focus of the new PhotoModeler 2014.0.1 release (March 4,2014) is speed!  That is, speed improvements in SmartMatch and MVS. A few areas in SmartMatch and MVS have been improved to use more multi-core processing power, and a few algorithm changes have the effect of additional speed increases – esp. with larger projects. The larger […]

PhotoModeler 2014 Release with MVS

The new 2014 versions of PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner, and PhotoModeler Motion have just been released! In addition, a new tutorial video demonstrating how to use the new Multi-View Stereo feature has been published. With this release PhotoModeler continues to cement its lead as the professional-grade photogrammetry solution for a wide variety of applications. The new […]

PhotoModeler Motion and 2013.0.3 Release

We have repackaged our product offerings and are: introducing a new product called PhotoModeler Motion, lowering the price of PhotoModeler Scanner by $100, and integrating all add-on modules into the three main products. PhotoModeler Motion brings time to 3D photogrammetric measurement – giving you 4D measurement in photogrammetry (3D / xyz + 1D / Time […]

New PhotoModeler 2013.0.2 Release

PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner 2013.0.2 have just been released. The focus of this release was stability and small improvements. There are 58 changes overall. You can see the complete list here. Beside the fixes and many small improvements there are a few interesting changes: PTS Export. The .pts file format (popular with point cloud software) […]

PhotoModeler 2013.0.1 Release

A new release of PhotoModeler is available. This new version is 2013.0.1. There are 26 fixes and improvements in this release. The major change is to PhotoModeler Scanner with an improved Meshing module (used after DSM extraction and for working with point clouds).  There will be an upcoming blog post that will go into more […]