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Posts with PhotoModeler project examples from in house and customers.

New PhotoModeler Geology Article

A new journal article describes a technique using PhotoModeler for the measurement of inaccessible geological features. Details here – look for “Using Close Range Photogrammetry to Measure the Position of Inaccessible Geological Features”.

Mining and Reclamation Study

Mike Dunn, of The Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation, Pittsburgh, published his slides from a recent presentation on the use of Close Range Photogrammetry in Mining and Reclamation. See our updated Geology Page.

Modeling an Inukshuk with an iPhone in PhotoModeler

Since Eos Systems, the developer of PhotoModeler, is located in Vancouver, BC – the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, what better project to carry out than to model the iconic Inukshuk (the symbol of the Winter Games). Inukshuk are native Inuit statues made of large stacked rocks. They are stone landmarks used for navigation, […]

Interesting article on sail modeling in PhotoModeler

A new article written by a customer describes how they used four cameras and PhotoModeler to model sail shape (a spinnaker) in a wind tunnel and compared it to the design shape. See “Photogrammetric Investigation of the Flying Shape of Spinnakers in a Twisted Flow Wind Tunnel” on the Industrial Measurement Articles page.

New Customer Accuracy Study for a PhotoModeler Video Setup

A new customer-written article titled “Metric Potential of a 3D Measurement System Based on Digital Compact Cameras” has just been published on our site. See Articles. Customers that use multiple cameras simultaneously might wonder what sort of accuracy is possible. Multiple cameras are used with the PhotoModeler Video add-on (PMV) to track object movement or shape […]

Fascinating use of PhotoModeler Video

A customer used PhotoModeler and the PMV module (which adds the 4th dimension of time to measurement) to track changes in wing shape of micro unmanned aerial vehicles (muav). Read the project description at the bottom of the PhotoModeler Engineering Applications page. See photos and access links to their full papers discussing the technique and […]