New Marine Fabrication Resources Newsletter

Newsletter Sent: Oct. 26, 2021


Welcome to Fall!

Fall in the Northern Hemisphere that is! We are using this opportunity to share some interesting news in the marine fabrication field.

This newsletter was sent to PhotoModeler List members that have ‘marine fabrication’ as one of their newsletter profile interests.

Marine deck and canvas replacement projects may be slowing down in the Northern Hemisphere, and so this might be a good time for you to brush up on some new techniques and get deeper into PhotoModeler. In the Southern Hemisphere your boating season is beginning, and you may want to explore new technology to make your work more efficient and cost-effective. PhotoModeler could be the measurement tool for you.

New Resources for Marine Canvas

The marine canvas measurement page has been reorganized with new material.

New Resources for Marine Decking

We have added new documents and videos to the marine deck measurement pages. In particular, there are some useful troubleshooting resources: