Fall 2022 PhotoModeler Training and Services Newsletter

Newsletter Sent: Aug. 30, 2022.


This PhotoModeler newsletter is about people helping people – training courses, 3rd party support services, a questionnaire for your input, and software and website updates.

This PhotoModeler newsletter was sent to you as you are on the PhotoModeler Marine or Forensics/AR sub-list.

Training Opportunities

Two courses are coming up:

  1. PhotoModeler Virtual Collison Reconstruction Course for AR and forensics. $785. Sep. 26-29, 2022. Virtual/remote. The course is filling up, so if you are interested, it is best to register now.  Click here for more information.
  2. One of our partners is teaching a Rhino CAD basics course for those learning CAD in the marine fabrication industry (canvas mostly). Note this course does not have specific PhotoModeler content – other than a small mention. $500. Sept 26th – 30th, 2022. Virtual/remote.

Feedback on PhotoModeler in Marine Deck Measurement

Are you using PhotoModeler to model boat decks for replacement products? We would love to get your feedback. You can receive a 10% discount on a future purchase of a new license, maintenance, or targets by filling in this survey.

Do You Offer PhotoModeler Services?

Are you an expert using PhotoModeler or CAD in marine fabrication (decking, canvas) or in forensics, and you are interested in promoting your services to other PhotoModeler customers? If so, please email sales@photomodeler.com describing your background and the service you’d like to offer. We would like to share this information with customers that ask – and we may publish a 3rd party support page on our site.

Recent PhotoModeler Software Updates

Since the last PhotoModeler newsletter, PhotoModeler version 2022.2 was released. You can find more details here.

The highlights of the changes are:

  1. A powerful way to merge two independent Coded Target projects (great for large boat decks),
  2. Multiple pinned imports (great for forensic import of moving LiDAR scans of cars), and
  3. Video extraction to an image sequence (great for importing security camera footage from a stationary camera).

Website Improvements

If you are in the marine fabrication business, you may be interested in our updated Marine Fabrication page, and the revamped Marine Canvas page.