Competitive Photogrammetry Software

PhotoModeler History

PhotoModeler has a long history as a leading close-range photogrammetric tool worldwide. PhotoModeler introduced the concept of an accessible, commercial desktop close-range photogrammetry product to the world in 1993 and has been a leader in technology and support since.

The Competition

There has been a recent surge in photogrammetry interest with many new vendors entering and leaving the marketplace starting around 2005. Some well-known photogrammetry tools are Pix4D, Agisoft PhotoScan, Capturing Reality, DroneDeploy, etc. At Eos, we welcome the competition! It pushes us to try to find even greater benefits for our customers. We’ve been around a long time and understand real customer needs and we will continue to do that in the coming years. Our PhotoModeler product is very comparable to many of the offerings out there and at a reasonable price.


Photogrammetry was traditionally used for map-making (and still is) but there are many applications now for desktop photogrammetry (alphabetical): accident reconstruction, archaeology, architecture, biology, engineering, film, gaming and animation, forensics, geology, mining & aggregates, researchsurveying, and uav/drone. Some vendors focus on particular application areas.

How to Compare

With all the photogrammetry software options available today, we suggest you compare them via a demo or trial, and by talking to their sales teams. To talk to our sales team please email We look forward to hearing from you.

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