Boat Deck Measurement Targets and Photography

If you are measuring a boat deck using a camera and the special PhotoModeler targets, and you are sending your photos to a 3rd party that will be creating the drawing and possibly manufacturing the new decking for you, then this page is for you.

If you will be buying PhotoModeler and be running the software yourself, and not sending photos to a 3rd party, please see the Learning Boat Deck Measurement page instead.

Your Guide

The main guides for how to set up your boat for this measuring task are:

The 3rd party you are sending photos to may have additional instructions.

Equipment Needed

  • A camera (see note below)
  • Targets (preferably the Letter Sheets)
  • A method of measuring distances such as a tape measure or yard/meter stick
  • Optional selfie-stick or monopod for higher photo shots

A note on cameras: Almost any camera can be used to carry out this method but we recommend a good quality and high-resolution camera (and preferably with a fixed, prime (non-zoom) lens). You can use a mobile phone, a point-n-shoot, a mirrorless, or a DSLR camera.  One note on mobile phone cameras – they don’t all work as easily. Some of the more recent mobile phone cameras using OIS – optical image stabilization making accurate photogrammetry difficult. You can experiment with the demo version of PhotoModeler to test your equipment.

Where to get help

If you are unsure of the instructions or are having trouble with your targets or photos, please contact the 3rd party you will be sending your photos to.


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