How to Measure Boat Decks without Physical Templates

Do you want to improve your difficult measuring and templating tasks for boat deck replacement? PhotoModeler can help!

The concept

Boat Deck Replacement Sequence

Replace physical templating with digital templating by using your camera.

  • Place targets > Take photos > Load photos into the PhotoModeler software >
  • Solve project > Outline panels > Export to CAD/CAM

Special targets are temporarily placed on the deck (will not damage the boat), and then photos are taken. These photos are loaded into PhotoModeler. PhotoModeler calculates where the targets and hence the deck surfaces are in 3D space.  The targets can be purchased or even printed from your own printer!

In PhotoModeler you then use a tracing method to outline regions of the deck (such as the edge of non-skid areas).  The output is an accurate 2D drawing with all the deck areas in a cohesive CAD file.

The CAD file is exported from PhotoModeler and imported into your CAD or CAM software for additional cleanup, and tool path planning for each deck section.  The deck material is cut and installed.

Photographing a deck area.

Learn How to Measure Boat Decks without Templates

We assume that you are familiar with measuring boat decks using traditional templating methods and are already using, or will soon use CAD and CNC cutting. Here are an introduction video and document to explain the process:

When you are ready to try your first project and learn PhotoModeler please see the Learning Boat Deck Measurement page.

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