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Using digital images to reconstruct three-dimensional biological forms: a new tool for morphological studies
01/02/2008 | YLENIA CHIARI, BING WANG, HOLLY RUSHMEIER, ADALGISA CACCONE; Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Department of Computer Science, Yale University
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
Applications: All and Biology

Reconstructing the three-dimensional (3D) form of living organisms in their natural habitat is a challenge and, currently, there are no methods enabling reconstruction over a wide range of field conditions and animal sizes and forms. (see also example on PhotoModeler Scanner Application Examples).

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PhotoModeler 6 Review
11/02/2007 | Mike Hudspeth
Desktop Engineering Magazine
Applications: All and Magazine Articles

“Say you’ve just heard someone outside your office use the R word reverse engineer. Then in they come with a handful of photos and your assignment: Come up with a model of a product that happens to have been out of production for more than 75 years. (Dont laugh, it happens.) To make matters worse, all you have are the photos the only remaining sample is locked away in a dark corner of an obscure museum in Europe. Do you wish you had hidden under your desk or do you accept the challenge willingly?”

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10/01/2007 | H. J. B. Erwes, W. S. Prado: Instituto Militar de Engenharia; J. A. Fazan: Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística; E. S. Fonseca Jr.: Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo
XXI International CIPA Symposium, 01-06 October 2007, Athens, Greece
Applications: All and Architecture

Brazil is a consultant member of the Antarctic Treaty since 1983 the construction of the Brazilian Scientific Station Estao Antrtica Comandante Ferraz EACF began during Operation in January 1984.In accordance with the Protocol of Madrid of 1991, which regulates the protection of the environment, the members of Antarctic Treaty are required to document their activities in their occupied areas of the Antarctic Territories by maps, charts, etc. A photogrammetric documentation by orthophotomaps with a scale 1 : 50 of the EACF buildings faades has to be performed.

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The Variation Measurement of a Slope By Photogrammetry
07/01/2007 | Shun-Kung Chang, Fu-Jong Liang, Der-Her Lee
Proceedings of the Sixteenth (2007) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, July 1-6, 2007
Applications: All, Engineering & Science, Geology & Mining, and Surveying

Slope failures and landslides associated with earthquakes and typhoons are major natural hazards in Taiwans mountain highways. This paper attempts to apply photogrammetry technique to carry out speedy in-situ survey. We firstly create the three-dimensional (3D) model of a brick wall and validate that the average error is 0.28 mm in the measured distance. Afterward, the same measurement procedures are applied in an in-situ mudstone slope. The average error in the estimated distance is 0.41cm. Therefore, the investigating result guarantees the accuracy of applying Photogrammetry to investigate the geometry of in-situ failed slope.

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Analysis of Bell Vibrations
03/01/2007 | H. Spiess, B. Lau, P. Wriggers, Institute of Mechanics and Computational Mechanics, U. of Hannover, A. Schneider, R. Bader, Institute of Musicology, University of Hamburg, and M. Wiggenhagen, Institute of Photogrammetry and GeoInformation, U. of Hannover
Applications: All and Engineering & Science

The finite-element-analysis FEA of bell vibrations required an accurate 3D model of the bell under study. This modeling was done with PhotoModeler Pro and targets.

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Photogrammetry for the Preparation of Archaeological Excavation. 3D Restitution According to Modern Archive Images of Beaufort Castle Landscape (Lebanon)
03/01/2007 | P. Grussenmeyer, National Institute of Applied Sciences, Strasbourg, France and J. Yasmine, Republic of Lebanon, Ministry of Culture, Directorate General of Antiquities
CIPA Special Session - Low Cost Systems in Recording and Managing the Cultural Heritage
Applications: All and Archaeology

This paper presents the contribution of photogrammetry within the framework of the documentation of the Beaufort castle (South Lebanon), also called Qalaat el-Chaqif (12-17th century). The Lebanese government asked for a consulting firm (J. Yasmine, DGA consultant) to establish general tender documents for the restoration of the Beaufort castle. Many parts of the site were destroyed or buried because of the war. PhotoModeler was used to restitute both modern photography and photographs from archives.

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Semi-Automated Crush Determination Using Coded and Non-Coded Targets with Close-Range Photogrammetry
03/01/2007 | Dan Mills and Gary Carty, DCM Technical Services Inc.
Accident Reconstruction Network
Applications: All and Forensics & Accident Recon.

Vehicle crush measurement (which is typically used to determine vehicle speed (or change in velocity : delta-v) at time of impact) has traditionally been done with tape measure or a surveyor’s total station. Mills and Carty demonstrate a method which is low cost, flexible, automated and accurate using PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler’s coded targets.

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QA: Pushing Visual Limits of 3D
07/14/2006 | Brett Duesing. Interview with Matt and Danika Wright
Cadalyst Magazine
Applications: All, Film & Animation, and Magazine Articles

“In 1905, Catholic Bishop Edward J. O’Dea laid the cornerstone on what would become St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington. More than 100 years later, as the structure still stands its ground, the husband-wife design duo of Matt and Danika Wright have pushed the limits of modern design technology and recreated the intricate beauty of the historical landmark in stunningly lifelike 3D renderings.” …

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Close Up on Technology: Part Inspection – 3D Part Inspection Is a Snapshot Away
07/01/2006 | Joseph A. Grande
Plastics Technology
Applications: All and Industrial Measurement

“A non-contact inspection system uses digital photography for accurate three-dimensional measurement of plastic parts. Developed by Eos Systems, this method is being employed in application development by plastics companies like Bayer MaterialScience. A major advantage of the PhotoModeler system is affordability…”

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Photographs Generate Accurate Field Measurements
05/01/2006 | Frank Hartley
Offshore Magazine
Applications: All, Engineering & Science, and Industrial Measurement

Another method to collect field measurements for equipment in the field, and a direct way to generate new 3D CAD models, is to take some pictures. Shan Pehlman, design engineer with CDI Corp., says he derives accurate measurements from ordinary photographs through desktop software called PhotoModeler, developed by Eos Systems Inc. When consulting with oil refineries on replacing an aging pipeline, as-built drawings of the old infrastructure may not be available for his reference.

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