Dec 2022 Newsletter – 2023 Release and Outlines

Newsletter Sent:  Dec. 15, 2022


All the staff at PhotoModeler Technologies wish you and your family the best of the holiday season. As well we look forward to a successful 2023 for all.

Note this newsletter was sent to those on the Software Releases and Marine sub-lists.

In this last newsletter of 2022:

  • New 2023.0 Release
  • New Outlines Feature
  • New 3D Canvas in CAD Video
  • New Dot Tape

New 2023.0

We have just released PhotoModeler 2023.0. It has one significant new feature and several improvements.

The new feature, called Outlines, is available in PhotoModeler Standard and Premium. Outlines are a form of surface draw that has been optimized for complex drawing tasks to provide CAD-like data. Outlines are a great feature for those working on boat decks and those doing 2D template and pattern digitization.

There are 41 improvements and fixes in this release. Other exciting improvements are new external command/script calls, a new external automation system, and a new way to handle image thumbnails efficiently.

New Outlines Feature

Outlines are a new class of modeling objects in PhotoModeler. They are drawn on surfaces, like Surface Draw, but with improved efficiency and quality.

Outlines are great for those doing boat deck modeling and 2D template/pattern digitization. Outlines provide high-quality connected data with C0 (connection) and C1 (smooth slope/first derivative) continuity. The Outline objects are Line, Arc, Circle, Spline, Polyline, and Fillet. The advantages Outlines have over Surface Draw are:

  • Better modeling and export quality with continuity in both position and slope/shape. Esp. with fillets.
  • Handy modeling tools: Arc, Circle, Spline, and Polyline.
  • The 2D/3D aspect is blurred, making it easier to work across photos.
  • Objects shown in photos match the photo’s distortion, making it easier to ensure correct placement.
  • Less rework in CAD.

Here is a video introducing Outlines and how they are used.

New 3D Canvas in CAD Video

For those working with marine canvas and interested in the 3D measurement workflow, we have an informative new video. This video is primarily focused on the CAD part (using Rhino). It is focused on when you are done with your 3D boat measurement and start working in CAD to produce 2D panels for canvas production. This is a great video for learning some aspects of Rhino.

The end of the video is interesting for client presentation of your proposed canvas.

New Dot Tape

Those working in marine measurement and other application fields often use dot tape to quickly place a line of circular targets dots in the scene. We have a new dot tape design. This new dot tape (compared to the previous offering):

  • Has higher resolution
  • Has fewer specular reflections on the black ink (better for use in full sun)
  • Comes off the roll more easily
  • Smaller roll size (for a similar total length)
  • Less expensive

The new tape costs $38 usd for four rolls and $68 for eight rolls. This is approximately half the price of the previous dot tape and yet is of higher quality. Here is the tape product link on the store.