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PhotoModeler New Dot Tape

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The PhotoModeler Dot Tape is a sticky tape of 1″ (2.5 cm) width with a pattern of circular dots that can be used for accurate photogrammetric measurement.

The Dot Tape is used with PhotoModeler’s marking/referencing and sub-pixel marking system to generate accurate 2D and 3D point locations. Example uses are marine canvas and decking measurement, kitchen backsplash outlines, bath glass/wall interface locations, and vehicle modeling.

Each roll is approximately 50 m (55 yards) long. The tape glue is non-permanent, removable, and non-damaging (like painter’s tape). The tape is easily torn by hand. The color is a light green to help it stand out in photos. Great for use in combination with PhotoModeler’s Coded Targets.

There are four-roll and eight-roll product variations.

The four rolls would provide approximately 200 m or 565 feet total tape length. The eight rolls would provide approximately 400 m or 1312 feet total tape length.

The pattern on the tape is:

  • 12 mm black dot with a small white center dot
  • The PhotoModeler Technologies name and copyright
  • 12 mm black dot with a small white center dot
  • A single-width-sized vertical line with a marking cross
  • 12 mm black dot with a small white center dot
  • Double-width-sized vertical lines with a marking cross
  • 12 mm black dot with a small white center dot
  • Repeating

The repeating pattern of vertical lines, dots, and text provide a way to more easily identify which dot is which if doing manual referencing.

For those familiar with our previous dot tape offering, this new design has these differences/advantages:

  • The new tape has higher quality and sharper dot printing
  • The repeat pattern is slightly different
  • It has fewer specular reflections on the black ink (better for use in full sun)
  • It comes off the roll more easily
  • Smaller roll size (for a similar total length)
  • Less expensive
  • The new roll is slightly shorter at 50 m vs 55 m

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Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 37 × 26 × 8.5 cm
Number of rolls

(4) four rolls, (8) eight rolls