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PhotoModeler Store Policies

The following policies apply to the PhotoModeler Store at and its sub-pages.

Electronic and Physical Shipments
The majority of the products on this store are delivered electronically by email or from the website. Certain physical products are shipped by FedEx or other couriers.

Geographic Limitations
Physical products (which are few) can only be ordered by and shipped to customers from USA and Canada  (Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico included). Electronic/Internet-delivered products can be ordered and delivered to most countries in the world except those with exclusive reseller arrangements, and some government embargoed countries.  For other international orders, we have authorized resellers in many countries.

How much is shipping?
Electronic delivery is included in the price. Shipping of physical products will incur a shipping fee that will be shown on the store at check out.

How soon will my order ship and be delivered?
Some electronic delivery is immediate by email and/or shown during the ordering process on the website. If immediate electronic delivery is available, the product page will state this. Other orders will normally be processed and delivered within one business day, and physical products shipped by FedEx or another courier will arrive between 2 and 5 business days depending on location.

What currency will appear on my Credit Card statement?
All orders are processed in US dollars regardless of your location. If your card is with a non-US bank, the amount will be converted to your currency and will usually show the conversion factor. Eos is not responsible for currency variations between the time of order and time of posting to your credit card account, or for extra currency conversion surcharges applied by your credit card provider.

Are there any restrictions on shipping to my address?
The following applies to physical, shipped products only. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes, APO or FPO addresses. Orders must include a valid phone number at the delivery address for FedEx (or other couriers) to contact you if required. The ship-to address should be a location where the courier can obtain a signature for proof of delivery. Orders with different billing and shipping addresses are subject to additional verification before processing and certain restrictions may apply.

What other additional information may be required to ship an order?
The following applies to physical, shipped products only. Electronic delivery orders require no extra information. Orders over $2000 shipped to the USA require a tax ID (corporate federal tax ID or EIN). This can be supplied to us in advance for rapid customs clearance. If you prefer to have the package sent without your tax ID on the shipping documents, FedEx  (or another courier) will hold the shipment and U.S. Customs will contact you directly to obtain your corporate tax ID or your SSN for personal orders.

Will there be any other fees, taxes, duties or VAT owing when I receive the package?
Orders to the US and Canada will be delivered with no taxes nor fees owing. For physical shipments outside of North America, VAT/GST, import taxes, and brokerage fees may be payable to the broker (FedEx usually) during importation. These fees must be paid or the package will not be delivered.

Are there any other restrictions for sale and licensing?
Eos Systems reserves the right to refuse a sale or grant a license for use of the PhotoModeler software, or subsequently revoke a grant of a license for use of the PhotoModeler software (with a refund as appropriate) for any reason, and may do so without notice. Reasons for refusal or revocation include but are not limited to: a) use of the software for illegal purposes, b) the end-user not abiding by conditions in the PhotoModeler End User License Agreement, c) inability of Eos Systems to collect monies owed, or d) use of the software or a relationship with Eos Systems (dba PhotoModeler Technologies) to cause harm (or intent to cause harm) to Eos Systems Inc., its shareholders, its employees, or partners. We do not refuse or revoke license grants based on any protected class such as by gender, identity, or race.

What if I want to return my purchase, or want my money back?
Please refer to the Simple, Money-Back, No-Questions-Asked Returns Policy page for more information. If you have purchased a Subscription License please also see the return and cancellation policies in Subscription Policies.

What are the polices for Subscription Licenses?
Please refer to Subscription Policies.

How is information I submit on the store used by PhotoModeler Technologies and what is the Privacy Policy?
Information collected when building a cart of items is stored in an internal database stored on secured servers. Information provided to set up your account (name, address, other contact details) are stored in the same database. Passwords are stored with a one-way hash in this database. Credit card information (number, expiry date, and any cvn) is not stored nor it is known by PhotoModeler Technologies at any time. These credit card details are passed securely to a third-party credit card processor, who has passed the highest standard of PCI compliance for safety and security of your credit card data. A shortened form of the credit card number is stored in the main database to help customers identify which card was used.  In addition please refer to the PhotoModeler Technologies Privacy Policy page for more information.