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Newsletter Sent: Jan. 20, 2021

Happy New Year!  The staff at PhotoModeler Technologies wish you, your family, and your colleagues the best of 2021.

A few short announcements that may be of interest.

New Tip Video

There is a new tip video on how to work with marking and projecting data on light backgrounds so that the items are higher contrast and easier to see. This is a common issue in marine deck measurement projects: see Improving Visibility of Marks and 3D Projections on Photos on YouTube.

Marine Deck Training Course

For those working on measuring marine decks, we have a two-day online course coming up Feb. 22-23, 2021.  Get live, instructor-led training without travel and in the comfort of your home or office!

New Dot Tape Product

You may be aware of our new target system called Letter Sheets, and we have a new product called PhotoModeler Dot Tape to complement it. This green masking-tape-like product has high contrast circular dots and other marks that make it useful when you need a line of smaller accurate targets that are easy to apply and remove (valuable in various marine measurements and modeling tasks, as well as with kitchen/bath measurements).