Fall 2023 PhotoModeler Release and Pricing Newsletter

Newsletter Sent:  Sep. 19, 2023

As summer starts to mellow into the warm tones of autumn, we find ourselves waving farewell to nice beach days and backyard barbecues. We are back with a burst of energy after a little newsletter siesta.

With fall peeking around the corner, we’ve got some updates to pique your curiosity:

  • Software Updates
  • New Videos
  • Training Announcements
  • A Sale and Price Changes

Recent PhotoModeler Software Updates

Since the last newsletter, there have been three software updates. The latest version is 2023.3 (released Aug. 28, 2023). The interesting changes in recent releases are:


  • Outline Split: Split an Outline Line or Spline along its length – e.g. to add hinges.
  • Find Next Photo: Help find the next photo to continue doing Outlining or Surface Draw.


  • Outline Manipulation: Copy, Move, Rotate, and Mirror whole Outlines.


  • Interactive Height: Easier determination of suspect height in security footage.
  • Outline Fillet Improvements: Fillets add, and Set radius.

You can find more details here.

New Videos

There have been several interesting videos released since the last newsletter.

Training Announcements

Forensics Training Course

We will be holding an ‘Accident Reconstruction with PhotoModeler’ course this fall. Nov. 27 – 30, 2023. Virtual Online. $785 but early bird price to Sep. 30th of $695.

One-on-One Deck Training

We are providing one-on-one paid training for those learning to measure boat decks for floor replacement. While our technical support department is always available to assist (at no cost to those with active maintenance or subscriptions), and we have several training videos, sometimes you need a bit more guidance or more structured assistance. The training is usually done by Zoom and screen share (so you can be anywhere in the world). The cost is $150 usd/hr. (Now called Fabrication Measurement One-on-One). Details are here.

Rhino CAD for Canvas

One of our partners, AP Consulting, is putting on a course for preparing canvas in Rhino CAD. Typically, after one measures the boat with PhotoModeler, that data is exported to CAD so the canvas panels can be prepared for cutting. This 3rd party course is being run from October 16th to 30th, with engaging 4-hour sessions taking place from 1 pm to 5 pm MDT on Mondays and Wednesdays.

A Sale and Price Changes

Fall Premium Sale

PhotoModeler Premium is now on sale (permanent, subscription, and maintenance) until the end of the year for new purchases. The price reduction is approximately 20% and you can see the actual prices by visiting our online store. If you buy a subscription to Premium now, the sale price remains in place for future renewals, as long as you do not cancel.

Coming Standard Price Increase

The PhotoModeler Standard version will have a small price increase before the end of the year (approx. 15%). Note – if you have an active Standard subscription your renewal price will not go up. If you are considering buying a PhotoModeler Standard license, adding to your Standard licenses, or renewing your maintenance, the next couple of months would be an excellent time to buy! Even with subscriptions, if you buy now, the monthly or annual renewal price remains the same even when the price increases, as long as you do not cancel. That is a sweet deal!

Price Changes Summary

The next few months are a great time to buy PhotoModeler: Premium (because it is on sale), or Standard (because the price is about to go up)!