Fabrication Measurement One-on-One Training

Do you need additional guidance and training on using PhotoModeler for your bespoke fabrication business? There are many ways PhotoModeler can be used for measurement in your fabrication business – potential areas include marine deck measurement, swimming pool covers, kitchen/bath glazing, RV graphics, window well covers, etc.

While our technical support department is always available at no cost to those with active maintenance or subscriptions, and we have several good training videos, sometimes you may need more guidance or more structured assistance.

This training is with one instructor interacting with one person via Zoom (any number of viewers from your organization can be on the Zoom call). The training is usually done via Zoom with face-to-face and screen sharing (your screen or the instructor’s screen). You can be located anywhere in the world. The cost is $158 usd/hr.

The training is driven by your needs but can include, for example:

  • how to use and layout targets
  • how to take photos correctly
  • how to review your fieldwork
  • how to load photos into PhotoModeler
  • how to prepare and do the initial solve and check
  • how to create surfaces and perform panel outlining
  • evaluating the accuracy and developing standard operating procedures
  • exporting to a CAD package for further enhancement and diagramming
  • troubleshooting

Contact us first at sales@photomodeler.com to see if this fits your needs, to set up a time and date, and to determine how many hours to book. You can then purchase a block of hours for this one-on-one training. Training is provided by Dan Mills.